And you thought he was dead


Go see Jared to see Went out and about all scruffy and gorgeous. While you’re at it, check out a new interview at Church in which the words “seven seasons” are used in association with Prison Break and there’s even new shit in it! Wow! You’d think it was my birthday or something!

UPDATE: And here he is the next day…

UPDATE # 2: And here he is the day after that! Holy Shit Went; It’s like I’ve been underwater and I’m coming up for air. Three days in a row! I love you!


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36 responses to “And you thought he was dead

  1. Snowflake

    Mmm… Went with stubble and longer hair…
    I love it!!

  2. Anon76

    According to sources:
    He is indeed going to Israel and will also be in Sweden for the Swedish Emmys and the other places mentioned were France, UK, Italy. Not sure about those but he has got to be getting out there real soon, Israel should be next week.
    Lots of pictures folks and maybe interviews? What I can’t find out is if this is personal or work time.

    WFW: Thanks for the info Anon ;) Keep it Comin!

  3. Sita

    He’s going to Sweden? *spin around making weired noises* Maybe I should find a reason to go there then..

    GORGEUS.. Simply gorgeus!! *sigh*

  4. Just me...

    Yeah Went with stubble….I love it too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m really, really, really happy to see him again.
    But I must confess that I’m worry for him, he looks so tired (maybe because his project film?)

    Oh Please Wentworth make me a favour…


  5. SavMed

    Hair! *tearing up*

  6. miz brisvegas

    Awww, maaaaaaan! This outfit’s done to death, Went! Get some new threads, would ya?

    *stage whispers* … But your fans STILL love you!

  7. Kassie

    Oh yeah he’s alive! It must be warming up in LA if he’s going around without a hat…

    Wanna run my fingers through that HAIR!!!

  8. Angel Eyez

    Why must he be so beautiful? Walking around the streets of LA taunting me, teasing me? God that man! I’m smitten – take me, Went =)

  9. shortstuff

    im loving the scruff…. rawr.

    “Youโ€™d think it was my birthday or something!”
    it almost is! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. In love with Went

    Gotta love your long hair, beautiful!! god i missed you

  11. @Anon76 March 7, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    What? Where did you read “He is indeed going to Israel and will also be in Sweden for the Swedish Emmys and the other places mentioned were France, UK, Italy.”

    Would you want me dead???

  12. Krissie

    Sweet mother of God.
    Come clean my pipes, baby.

  13. Just me...

    Go see JJ’s blog
    Today there are more Wentworth news!!

  14. Bel

    Scruffy looking Went is pushing all my buttons, from mommy ‘ll take care of you to hor mode… Gotta love the grey in teh hair… rawr!

  15. MiSa

    Aww im luvin his new haircut…sooo frekin yummy…….wanna run my fingers through it..then let my fingers run elsewhere!

  16. italian Went's wife

    hi ev’rybody,this is my first post here and want to apologize for my english(not so good)
    Baby boy is gettin’ even better but he looks not so happy….anyway,we’ll see…
    happy women’s day to all of you!!!!!

  17. Gypsiee

    Is it wrong that I really like what he’s wearing?

  18. BB

    OOOOH Went u have bits of grey in yr hair, sexy!! Fuck the therapy come see me. Like Amy Winehouse

  19. Jedi

    Italian Went’s wife is right, he does not look too happy. I wouldn’t be either with people taking pics of me just doing my thing.

    Happy Women’s Day too!

  20. Lizzy

    Considering that he is in some non-descript, tiny part of Los Angeles and yet there are still cameras, I would not be happy either, must suck really.
    When I think of all the things I do and places I go, not good to be photographed every single place you go.
    Just cuz he went into that clinic, people are wondering what is wrong, which is reallllly personal. I mean he could be being vitamins who know and it shouldn’t matter and it shouldn’t be shot.

  21. LadyN

    *whispers*…..the grey hair…..

    *…will loose control in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…*

  22. Juma

    I just saw the latest photos at Jared’s and I’m much more happy now. Because he looks happier and even smiled to the cam!

  23. Rose

    Holy Fuckola!

    If I saw that walking down the street I would be wetter than a teabag ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Just think, last year this time…he didn’t show…

    Sniff, sniff….ah the memories…

  25. anon_lower_case

    His hair’s biracial. Not turnig grey. XP

    And damn, please Went – don’t get fat. Oh please, don’t. Not at such a young age. Here’s a picture of Daniel Craig’s body. Here, look!

  26. Lola

    He’s so beautiful when he smiles!

  27. everlyn

    the hat is off yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay see u look much better without it. damn theres a guy in my school that looks amazingly like him ……i should hook up with him right lol.

    but hes just not went and anon lower case i kinda noticed that he gained alittle weight too but still he looks hot lol …..daniel graigs i just couldnt love him soz lol

    u guys rock i love reading ur comments

  28. JustMe....

    He’s packing for Israel this very moment!
    I can’t wait to see him!

  29. Van

    My oh My!
    Looking good…looking sexy… ๐Ÿ˜›
    If I saw him on the street I would colapse, literally.
    He is gorgeous mmmmmmmmmmmm
    Went keep coming out and pose for the cams, lol.
    Weeeeeeeeeeeeee ๐Ÿ˜†

  30. Kerry-Ann

    Simply gorgeous with his grey hair. I checked the just jared site and in all the pics he’s carrying two cups of coffee. Who is the 2nd cup for??

  31. LadyN

    “His hairโ€™s biracial. Not turnig grey.”

    *rolls eyes*
    …didn’t know “biracial” is a hair color….

  32. wtever

    โ€œHis hairโ€™s biracial. Not turnig grey.โ€ That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! Having said that.. baby boy looks so hot with the GREY hair but it makes me feel sad we didn’t get to enjoy watching him grow old from the start.

  33. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday WFW, xoxoxo!

  34. Dani

    Welcome to scruffy-ho hour.. Went candidly soliciting his dirty body to all on the street who will take notice..

    You filthy *SLAP*, dirty *SLAP*, smelly **SLAP** whore, WENT! ..Now go to my room for a thorough violation of your flea-ridden body—->>>>

  35. Eshna

    OMG Went looks gorgeous as usual! The grey hair is unbelievably sexy. But am I the only one who noticed that he was carrying two beverages in the last two pics…two coffees, two sodas…wonder who he’s going home to quench his thirst with? *me*

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