Went is in Israel

He is! He is! He really is!

If you are too, bring us news dammit!

Happy birthday to me! Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Unfortunately, I will not be available much during this most exciting event as I’ll be leaving for Canada (Toronto and Montreal) tomorrow but if you have news, feel free to post it in the comments and discuss it in my absence. A couple of you have said that you’re in Toronto. If you want to meet up while I’m there (or in Montreal in a few days) shoot me an email with your number and I will call you.


Thanks Rona!

source and source

UPDATE: Went is all smiles! πŸ™‚ He looks so cute!


*singing* More More More! How do you like it? How do you like it?

source and source

And even more pics at Church!



And now…We have pics of him leaving LAX,

VIDEO! (click here to download)

and Season 4 Prison Break News! HOLY SHIT!

Thanks dinamite and satinfee!


Were you going for this?

Oh baby, I approve. I really REALLY do!


Thanks leeloo!


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67 responses to “Went is in Israel

  1. Krissie

    Went, baby, get yourself a 1st class seat next time so you have the room for your loooong legs!

  2. just me...

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!
    He’s so beautiul and he seems so happy…
    Love you Wentworth!!!

    PS: Youhou…Happy birthday to you WFW!!!

  3. Van

    Looking HOT!
    Finally some news on Went trip to Israel!!!
    Thanks to RONA, our cbox correspondent in Israel!
    I can’t wait for more details of this trip πŸ˜‰

    Maybe Went will give you some kind of sign while he is at Israel πŸ˜†

  4. OH! You with your cute liitle watch and hot boots and stupid aviators that ensentuate your lovely face with your new hair cut!!! I HATE YOU WENT!!!!

    *breathes* I promised myself i wouldn’t get excited…

    *cries* I’m all giddy now…

  5. WFW

    Thanks for the birthday wishes justme and Van!

    His legs do look a bit awkward don’t they? lol

  6. Van

    Is that the sign?!

  7. lol they do….he still has the I-just-got-out-of-the-car pose….with his cowboy boots.

    I notice thats his “dress up” look. Clean dark jeans and his brown boots. Bless his heart!

  8. just me...

    Wentworth what this famous pose which you makes us?

  9. Bugsy

    Happy birthday wfw. Wentworth,please cum visit cape town,south africa next

  10. Gah!
    Newly shorn hair, all smiles……………….mmmmmmmm.
    Tis a fine day!
    Happy B-Day WFW! πŸ™‚

  11. Jackie0

    happy b-day WFW, n omg these pics look sooo hottttttttt .Where in canada r u going? Come to toronto it’s the best lol πŸ™‚

  12. WFW

    Thanks and Toronto is my first stop πŸ˜‰

  13. lala

    Happy birthday WFW, xo!

  14. shelley

    I see Wenty got a haircut for the occasion…

  15. Buon compleanno WFW!!!!!!!! What’s better than new cute pics of Went for your Birthday??

    Btw I heard that Went could be go to Paris in the next days after this trip in Israel! is that true? *faint*

  16. WFW

    I have heard rumors of a Europe stop but I’m not sure if it’s true. I certainly hope so! If it happens immediately after though I will miss it so please post news in the comments if there is some! Thanks guys!

  17. According with Liron, Wentworth will be in France this Saturday!!!!!!

    Ok I go to hit my head on the wall! 😦

  18. WFW

    That’s awesome! Why am I not in France? Why? *weeping*

  19. Eshna

    WoooooHoooo let Wentsreal begin!!! And then Europe too? Dammit I’m just too far away.

    Wow can this man ever not look good?! He’s just so cute, and he got new shoes!

    Oh and Happy Birthday WFW!!! Have a splendid time in Canada. You continue to give us the gift of Went and for that you deserve all the best things life has to offer. And you’re so funny and creative with it. I only recently discovered your blog and I’m completely addicted. You (and Went) rock!

  20. gypsiee

    Will you look at those T..ts.

    Happy Birthday Wfw….. Happy Birthday indeed.


    But like I said….atleast he’s out doing something in public…besides getting coffee!

  22. WFW!
    canada, CANADA!
    darn, we should have made plans to meet up and travel to israel to steal Went.
    haha, i doubt you will be visiting Nova Scotia anyway. =[

  23. someone get me away from this blog!!!!!

    Love him in SLACKS!! finally a boy gets dressed nicely!!

    *waves to carla*…lol!

  24. Gbaby

    Me thinks this is a wonderful birthday present for the blog mistress, congrats.
    Excuse me while I am totally indulging myself in Wentsrael.
    France is going to be a madhouse, lucky fans.

  25. Lizzt

    He looks happy, well rested and all, wait did he just arrive or has he been there a day or two?
    I mean how long is the flight? How is it that he looks so hot still after a billion hours on a plane!
    So hot!

  26. Baby boy is hotter than ever! He looks sooooooooooo good!
    And as for all the Yes bubbles behind him in those pics from the church…
    We bow to your greatness! *drool*

  27. I pity the men that have to stand next to him! πŸ™‚

  28. In love with Went

    He looks so happy! i am happy too, his hapiness is my hapiness =). Happy Birthday, WFF!! thanks for keeping us informed everyday about our Went.

    Have fun in Canada!!

  29. shortstuff

    holy shit… breathe… breathe….

    in…out.. whooooooo….



    b) wfw, youre coming to toronto???? i live in toronto!!! when are you gunna be here? any chance i’ll get to meet the genius behind the afro??

    c) happy birthday! hope its awesome!:D

  30. shortstuff

    is he wearing skinny jeans in the first pic…?? o.O

  31. wtever

    Perfect!! everything about him is just perfect. Love the Forest Gump’s legs the most! Run Wentworth run…

  32. shelley

    Love the well fitting trouser pics at the Church, VERY flattering! It’s even appropriate that there are 50 yes’s behind him!

  33. Juma

    Look’s like I lost my bet. And I’m happy about it! OMG!! He looks absolutly gorgeous! All smiley and beatifull!
    What a great birthday present WFW. Happy Birthday WFW and have fun in Canada!

  34. This is a message for Anon76: Please if you know something about the location and when Wentworth will be in Milan, let me know, because you said that he was going in my country few days ago!! πŸ˜€ Help me please!!

  35. Angel Eyez

    I was so happy to see all the new Went pics earlier. He’s so frickin’ adorable! I was starting to have withdrawals since the pics from Saturday! God, how I love this man (note: I’ve come to realize my obsession isn’t all that healthy so I’ve decided to take a vitamin & drink 8 oz of water before getting online to help)! Did anyone notice how nicely fit that plaid shirt is – geez I could lay my head on his chest & drift off into Wenter Wonderland, which is where I am most of the time anyway! I think I’m gonna’ camp out @ Starbucks until he returns then ask him to marry me. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just beg him to let me iron his shirts once a week =) That HAS to work b/c it’s obvious he’s WON’T do it!

    Happy bday, WFW. Enjoy your trip =)

  36. SavMed

    Holy crap, so I lost my bet!

    And I’m happy ‘cos I lost it. lol

  37. Gbaby

    The link does not work for me. The video is also available on Youtube; search “Wentworth in Israel”.
    coutersy of wentworthmiller.de.
    Danke SchΓΆn (thank you).

  38. italian Went's wife

    first of all,happy birthday WFW!!!
    God bless you,Went!
    he looks happy and he’s getting even better!
    can’t wait for Went in Italy….oh my God…I’m dyin’…

  39. niknak

    So it seems Mr. Miller really wanted WFW to have a happy birthday!!! As for the panty river, how is this news??? The damn blog is called “WET for Went”… the Nile was a given.

    I am SO thrilled to see new pics of our boy looking happy and healthy, and being out and about! Now he just needs to come to my neck of the woods…

  40. Kassie

    OMG!!! Went is so beautiful, as usual…

    Thanks to Israel for being fans of Prison Break and inviting him…

    And of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WFW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. miz brisvegas

    … !

    … !

    … !

    Oh, God! It finally happened! I am speechless – W. Miller candids after a long, long, LONG drought can do that to me.

  42. Kerry-Ann

    Happy Birthday WFW, hope you have a fabulous birthday and thanks for a wonderful site. If you ever come to Durban, SA give me a call. I hope Went finds whatever he’s heart desires and I hope he can be happy as he looks right now forever. And as always, absolute perfection, he’s killing us. When are we going to get a nude shot??

  43. Gemini

    Alleluya !!!!! Il vient en France !! Angelboy comes to Paris, on Saturday ! Love is in the air !
    Oh my god, I will be in front of Hotel Crillon (it’s here Dom and Robert were…)on Saturday, all day long… Sorry, but i think we are going to stay him in France…. Yes, we are !

  44. anon lower case

    *psst* Went, lose 10 pounds before you wear a shirt that tight. *sighs* Ahh, well, I can always move on to halfwit Jensen Ackles.

  45. MiSa

    awwwwwww…soooo freakin sexy….
    i luv ur haircut wenty……keep it like this……its soooo worth it!

  46. WFW

    Thanks everyone! A couple of you have said that you’re in Toronto. If you want to meet up while I’m there (or in Montreal in a few days) shoot me an email with your number and I will call you.

    Breaking news: Season 4 is the last season of Prison Break and Wentworth Miller is still the hottest piece of ass on earth!

    Have a great week everybody and keep commenting here when Went moves on to phase two of Operation Come Out of Hybernation World Tour for that Ass (OCOHWTA). That’s pronounced Oh So Hot Ahhhhh.

    Mmmm mmmm mmmm yes he is…


  47. Susa

    Hey look! I think I know what our WFW is doing right now! Yehes, she said she is leaving for Canada… BUT if you have a closer look at the new Wentworth Miller Photos, you’ll see what she is doing!!! She is dating Wentworth Miller and having a nice trip together with him!

    Wanna see?

    Aaaaand here:


    Happy birthday, WFW πŸ˜‰

  48. cocot13

    wow, a girl comes back from vacation and to all these goodies, I feel like it’s my birthday too.

  49. Anon76

    Paris Sat/Sunday
    Stockholm Monday late
    Milan Wed or Thurs
    Will do press in each.

  50. Susa

    Ooops, no links?
    Next try:

  51. anon 76: thanks so much I don’t know what to say!! thanks from all the italian fans!!!

  52. Pingback: Israele: giorno 2 « il primo blog italiano dedicato a Wentworth Miller

  53. SIMONA

    wentworth thank you for sharing with us a little bit from your time and thoughts.
    you are extremely kind and pacient and for this matter i believe there is hope for all to become a better human beings. because you generate peace, respect, love and kindness.god be with you in every moment.

  54. Reut

    Hi, just came to bring you photos from Israel. But you have almost all of them already. πŸ™‚
    Check here for more:

    It was half an hour video chat with him, very nice. They promise to put video shortly. I’ll inform you when they do.

  55. WFW

    Thanks so much Reut. Viva Israel!

  56. Reut

    Thanks for the video, I was really touched by his wishes to my country.

  57. Just me...

    I would like to thank you all for these splendid photographs of the beautiful man in the world!!!

    Wentworth is absolutely not conscious of the happiness that it gives in this moment to thousand of people everywhere in the world!!

    Wentworth I love you so much…
    And thank you for all this happiness πŸ˜€

  58. Jen

    Damn. He’s hot. I just discovered this site yesterday and I must say, I love every bit of it along with the pictures and posts.

  59. Rose

    Naughty school boy!

    Just when I think he can’t get hotter!….

    *fanning myself*

    The climaxes just intensify!

  60. Kerry-Ann

    Absolutely adorable, thanks for the videos and pics ladies.

  61. Reut

    Video of chat on the site of “YES” (the company which invited Went to Israel):

  62. BB

    Yay In love it when Went leaves his house! (its so very rare, or so it would seem……)

  63. fuushi

    Checking, if he can float in the Dead Sea???
    Went in swimming wear ???
    *canΒ΄t breath*

  64. Reut

    Few more pictures, from the Old City of Jerusalem, Wester Wall and market:

  65. Alison

    I just goddamn love him. ❀

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