Wentworth Miller’s World Tour?

Rumors are circulating about a possible Europe stopover before Went’s return home and it looks like we may have some dates:

Paris Sat/Sunday (3/15-3/16)
Stockholm Monday late (3/17)
Milan Wed or Thurs (3/19 or 3/20)

And I will miss it all! BLAST!

But you won’t! Calling all Prettyphiles, Went Addicts, Fanatics from around the world! It’s your time! Go get him…

Oh and tell me all about it in the comments (And feel free to stop by the cbox and squeeeeeee, throw your panties, cry happy tears, do cartwheels, weep, beg for your mama, long to have Went’s children, promise to do ANYTHING for just ONE shot, etc)! Happy Hunting! Play nice and take lots of pictures!


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27 responses to “Wentworth Miller’s World Tour?

  1. just me...

    I have to go in Paris this week-end!!!!!

    Ready to welcome Went in Milan!!!
    I have just to ask for a vacation from work

  3. Kim

    Gah, why not the UK!!! So near, yet so far!!

  4. Van

    This is such great news 🙂
    But why can’t he come here too?!
    Anyways, I am very happy to see that he is out there!!!


    WFW, enjoy Canada!!!!
    I will be enjoying pretty boy!!!

  5. shortstuff

    how bout tacking toronto onto that list went?? WFW will be there and so will I! pretty please?? you can stay at my place 😉

  6. Sophia


  7. Juma

    I’m hopping he makes a “small” detour and come here also!
    Anyway, I’m glad he’s taking this big tour so we can see lots of hot pics of the most beautiful man in the planet.

  8. God! Went in Italy….I have to do a lot of things before Wednesday, for example buying sexy underwear, shave my legs (yes Lady N, I’ll do it!), studying a lot of sexual positions….oh, I’ve no time to do everything! ahahahahaha!

  9. LadyN

    WOW! Lucky hos!

    If you live near any of these, girls— start preparing now!!

    Shave your legs, your mustache, your tra la la, pluck the eyebrows, douche it up, exfoliate, moisturize, wash the hair, buy matching underwear….um…..buy cosmo for ideas, talk to a therapist and FINALLY take your vitamins!!!! 😀

    (That’s right Lé, you go girl! 😉 )

  10. Kerry-Ann

    Lucky girls, does anyone know if he’s ever going to come to South Africa??

  11. Bel

    WHY? WHY? *laments* WHYYYYYYYYY?

    Why does he always dangle his presence in front of me? There where I can almost see it? WHY?

    My heart cannot bear it…

  12. Gbaby

    Just saw the video on youtube.
    Most memorable comment from Went:

    Religion, dating, family, finances, politics are nobody’s business.

    Yeah, you tell them, baby.

  13. Kris

    Gbaby said: Religion, dating, family, finances, politics are nobody’s business.

    Yeah, you tell them, baby.

    Um yeah, and then we can talk about the tattoo some more.

  14. BB

    Booking flights to paris, Milan and Stockholme, and making sure that my camera is fully charged, and my breath, minty fresh!

  15. Marleen

    Why doesn’t he come to The Netherlands? Grr!!!

  16. Am I dreaming? I still can’t believe that’s true!
    Wentworth we are waiting for you here! 😀

  17. Gbaby

    LOL, Kris,
    I guess it is a flaw in my character. I am so superficial. I do not have to know everything about him to love him. I just love/ admire him. The mere sight of him makes me happy.
    He cannot prevent people from asking (what he considers) impertinent questions. He is however free to choose to answer or not to answer those questions.

  18. Mary anne

    id rather listening to him talk about the tattoo, than to see him get uncomfortable, if youre his fans and you “care” about him in some way, the last thing youd want is for him to feel uncomfortable.

    of course i wanna know him in a more personal basis. but if he doesnt want to discuss something, its his decission and its still more than ok.

    ps:just in case didnt want to offend anyone just wanted to give my 2 cents 🙂

  19. Kassie

    ‘Went does Europe’

    You lucky Euros!!!

    Now, if he’d just return to L.A. via Asia…. !!!!!

  20. silver

    Where? Where in Milan!!!???? Please, please, someone!? Help! it’s about 6 hours drive from Zagreb, Croatia! I’m gonna go see me man! My pretty gorgeous Angel!!

  21. Hi Ladies,

    any new Informations about Wentworth in Milan?

  22. Kassie

    Is Went in Sweden now? Do any of you Swedish fans have info for the rest of us?

  23. Mooky

    Where the heck IS HE?
    I am about to go out in Stockholm looking for him. Anyone knows which hotel he stays at?

  24. Alison

    Fuck me, why couldn’t I read this two weeks earlier?? I live in Finland and it’s really close to Sweden and I would have so gone there if I’d known. Shiiiiiiit. Now I’m depressed.

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