Wentworth Miller is the most gorgeous man alive

Every now and then, a picture comes along that deserves its own post. This, is one of those times.

Went, if you don’t stop, I’m GOING to have a heart attack.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another one!

*shock and awe*


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119 responses to “Wentworth Miller is the most gorgeous man alive

  1. niknak

    Thought I’d be the first to post on how INCREDIBLE he looks in this suit. I still think he’d look better naked… though this looks is a great 2nd choice. πŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous

    ive read two black jeeps were waiting for Miller at the airport. wheres the incognito company?

  3. wtever

    Love the suit and I’m even enjoying the shoes, but most of all love the MAN in that suit. God bless the Millers for getting drunk and having sex. Just wish this Miller would start having some too… any voulanteers? ME!!!

  4. Juma

    I don’t even know what more to say about this perfect man. This last days I’m having a Went love overdosis and I will die happy!

  5. SARAH

    he ‘s sexsymbol i love


  6. Van

    *rolls tongue*
    Just keep them going *drool*

  7. Kassie


    *New Wentworth doll wearing grey pinstripes in being rushed into production…*

    shhh… my favorite suit is STILL his ‘birthday suit’

  8. Kerry-Ann

    Love the suit but most of all love the man wearing the suit…..Went makes clothes look good.
    If only he started stripping……………

  9. s-m

    Please Anon 76 I don’t know who you are, but it seems you are a lot informed !!! lol

    Sorry for my english I am french girl and if anyone have informations in which hotel (Georges V or Crillion ???) in Paris, Went will be saturday, tell me.


  10. I think that we would like to know where he’s going for his press conference…

    I’m not interested to know where he’ll stay in hotel, I think this is a personal info and that’s not really fair to share with everybody.

  11. Just me...

    Yeah just like you WFW…
    If the beautiful Wentworth don’t stop all these apparitions, I’m going to have a heart attack too!!!

    What a lovely death πŸ˜€

    You are completely crazy…but it was too funny πŸ˜€
    I’m more than volunteer πŸ˜‰

  12. He’s just so…..looooooong.

  13. SavMed

    Tall guy, short cock, AJ.*gigglies* It’s our proverb, so it MUST be true.

  14. Mink

    *subbing for the Fashion Police*

    I still say this is a Chance at Perfection ruined by those Fucking Brown Shoes!


  15. Linds

    Um…I’m panting like a dog.

  16. Anon76

    According to sources, he is now not getting to Paris until Monday late due to a photo shoot he can’t do because of weather in Paris.

  17. Anonymous

    Anon76, whos dating Went, :o?

  18. Jen

    Nice suit. Great pic! DROOLS!!

    How tall is he anyway?

  19. Thanks Anon76 for this update, but where is he now? Does he stay in Israel till Monday?

  20. Chrissy

    WFW, with regards to your title. Tell me something i don’t know! Love the casual look he’s got going on in the subsequent pics. Blue jeans and and a shirt open at the neck. *Le sigh*

  21. Milica

    I like this man,and I hope that he loves to play bascetball?!!…or something else

  22. Anonymous

    Anon75, prove it!
    Anon76, whos dating Went, *sobs*?

  23. Van

    Hi people!
    I just found out that Went is wearing a red string on his left pulse, which represents the Kabbalah!
    I also wear one red string in my left pulse.
    What else can I say?!

    CHeck it out in this pic!

  24. March


    ANON76, your not pretty *sad*.

  25. March

    Ok, I’m aama from IMDB.

    For fresh news go:

    . IMDB, *big smile* (nobody needs to know about it)

    . http://wentworthmiller.bb-fr.com, for those who understand french (Soraya is an active member)

    . FCoWM, of course!!!

    . AND WFW!


  26. Is it really Went in Paris? Hey March are you there? Could you say us something more?

  27. March

    Yep, confirmed!

  28. but is Went there or just the paps??
    Thanks March πŸ˜€

  29. Kris

    Can we get some kind of a conformation on that, March? A link to pictures or an article or something?

  30. lj

    Give her a chance Kris. She’s telling us that she’s at the George V on watching with her own eyes and all the paps and fans are around the Crillon.

    She also told us that Soraya has pics and she’ s going to post it

  31. Mink

    March, are you actually in Paris and have seen this (Went + paps at the de Crillon) yourself, or have you been told about it some other way?

    If pics, please post. Thanks.

  32. Van

    I am freaking out here!
    I believe Went is in Paris πŸ™‚
    I hope WTEVER and all the girls that are in Paris can reach him!

  33. Mink

    March/Aama, you’re not actually telling us how you know about this apparent sighting of Went in Paris. Was the information posted somewhere (in which case please link it)? Or are you telling us that you are in Paris and have seen Wentworth at the hotel with your own eyes?

  34. March

    He’s at George V.

  35. Kris

    OK, March, I will ask you to stop posting stuff unless you can back it up with some links to pictures or videos or articles. Thank you.

  36. March

    LOL, tks lj, :-)!

  37. Kris

    Hey, I appreciate people posting news here, as WFW asked them to do, but I would just like the news to be backed up. That’s all.
    Creating frenzy w/o legs to stand on is just absurd.
    That’s that. Let’s move on.

  38. Van

    Thanks girls for the last link.
    Can’t wait for pics of WENTPARIS!

  39. Soraya for president!! πŸ˜€

  40. Kris

    Thanks to Gulia, here’s a picture.

  41. ilurvemv

    Whee, new pics! So glad to have a chance to see him in something since I gave up watching Prison Break long ago. *ducks tomatoes*

  42. Van

    Nice pics in JJ πŸ™‚
    The Man looks BIG!
    The girls in the pics are wet from the rain.
    And HEY no brown shoes.
    He looks gorgeous!

  43. Susa

    Hey, new Wentworth in Paris pics here: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2008/03/15/wentworth-miller-paris-prison-break/

    He is such a cutie πŸ˜‰

  44. SavMed

    He’s tall, handsome and apparently smells like lemons. Who knew. But now we have even that VITAL information.

  45. I’m glad to see that the French fans met him in Paris! πŸ˜€
    We hope to have the same lucky in a few days, but we don’t have any information about his trip in Milan. Please Anon76, if you are still here, help us, please tell us at least the exact day Wentworth lands in Milan. πŸ™‚

  46. Susa

    More Went photos at JJ: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2008/03/16/wentworth-miller-jerusalem/

    Who is that black woman by his side? I think she was already with him at the airport in LA…?

  47. Any new Informations? Please?

  48. Rose

    You’re So Hot!


    You know you’re made in heaven

    The way you walk
    The rhythm when you’re dancing
    Every inch of you spells out desire
    You’re such a rush
    The rush is never ending
    You got it, you’re


  49. Van

    I wish GOOD LUCK to Swedish fans on finding Went today!
    I have no information on Sweden or Milan, sorry.

  50. lan

    Wentworth Miller Arrives In Paris and Signs Autographs : http://youtube.com/watch?v=TIE3i4kxWhk

  51. Van

    I wanna leave a message to the ones that are having doubts about the red string on Went’s pulse.
    I can assure you that this is true!
    I have one MYSELF at the moment.
    It is a red string made of pure wool and Kabbalah followers should wear it on their left pulse.
    Only a person that you love or is dear or near to you must

  52. Van

    *sorry, I hit submit button without finishing my comment*

    Only a person that you love or is dear or near to you must attach it to your pulse.
    According to Kabbalah, this string cannot be cut off. It has to fall by itself.
    If there is any questions I’ll be here to answer.
    PEACE & PROSPERITY to all!

  53. Nika

    Look at his unbelievably charming smile after taking photo with the blonde lady. It seems like he’s smiling right to me. He is the most gorgeous man I’ve ever imagined there to be!!!

  54. Susa

    Who is that black lady that is always by his side?

  55. Van

    That lady is Pam.
    She is a Prison Break Promoter, I guess.
    So she basically follows Went when he is promoting PB somewhere.
    I am so jealous of Pam, lol.
    Hey Pam, if you read this: I could be your slave girl and assistant πŸ˜›

  56. Susa

    Oh yeah… I’m jealous of Pam too – what a lucky lady πŸ˜‰

  57. LaLA

    Pam’s job entails PB foreign press among other things.

  58. sonia


    tanks you for you blog

  59. sonia

    sorry for my english . I am french I love this blog because you respect really wentworth miller a great actor and a great man . I love this man (gay or not it’s not essential) and I hope to see wentworth miller in other movies after prison break.BISOUS

  60. Kassie

    Van– if Went got the red string in Israel, who was ‘the person he loves who is near and dear to him’ who tied the string???? Is he not travelling alone?

  61. siam

    more fans kisses wentworth miller in paris: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRMoLTMsX4Q

  62. Melm

    Excuse me, when did kissing Wentworth Miller become authorised???? He comes to France and, polite as he is, thinks he should accept the local custom of kissing people on the cheeks. In Sweden, someone should tell him that the local custom is bathing naked with strangers. Where does he draw the line?

  63. O.M.G. He is so freakin’ accommodating!
    Is that all I have to do? … become european to get dual kisses! Us american girls can’t get away with that! *crying* *jealous*

  64. Kris

    Downloadable version of the Stockholm Radio Interview. Thanks to AHHH in cbox.

  65. Van

    “Van– if Went got the red string in Israel, who was β€˜the person he loves who is near and dear to him’ who tied the string???? Is he not travelling alone?”

    Well I don’t have the answer to that question, Kassie.
    But maybe it was the one who spoke to Went about Kabbalah while in Israel.
    Maybe that person was the one who attached the string πŸ˜‰
    Or it could have been Pam. I don’t know how close they are.

  66. Van

    Kassie, I just realised that this person has to also be a Kabbalah follower…so maybe Pam couldn’t do it πŸ˜‰ unless she is Kabbalist.

  67. Fada

    This picture, HE was in my dreams.

  68. I wished he kissed me, and I’m not even French!

  69. Lizzy

    I bet it was just a gift from a fan or something or maybe from YES, I seriously doubt he is a follower.

  70. yael

    To all of you who are asking about the red string. You really don’t have to even know what Kabbalah is to have it. You see, if you are in jerusalem and visiting the old city and especailly when you visit the wailling wall, people, very old people, sell it for nothing and kind of giving you a blessing with it. I’m guessing went got it (for free) from some nice old man who sells it and saw a famous persona. Hope the blessing had somthing to do with love…

  71. Van

    Thanks Yael, for the information πŸ™‚
    The information I wrote was taken from my pocket book of Kabbalah.
    I see now that, people in Jerusalem, sell these strings on the street, making it more like some kind of interesting “souvenir” and I think that I agree with you, and maybe he got it from a nice old man on the street.
    In my book it says that a close/dear person (follower of Kabbalah) should attach the string on your pulse while blessing in silence your string.
    The string should be attached with 1 first knot followed by 6 more knots, making a total of 7 knots.
    Here I have to buy the string in real kabbalah stores…so I thought that in Israel it happened the same way as here πŸ˜‰

    Anyways, Here is some information:
    “Have someone you love to tie the Red String to your left wrist. First, have them tie the string closely around your wrist with a simple knot. Repeat by knotting the string six more times for a total of seven knots. Now make a promise to yourself that you will refrain from negative thoughts or talk about others. This harmful behavior will interfere with your effort to gain personal fulfillment and protection. Then have the person finish by saying the Ben Porat Prayer which prevents others from giving us the evil eye.”

    Full information here:

  72. Van

    OMG!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    PLEASE, Italy girls go hunt him.
    For the sake of us all.
    For my fucking sake!
    Ohhhhh I wish he could come here too 😦 😦 😦
    I wanna say that Lè, from cbox, will be tracking him down and stalk a lot!!!
    Thanks, Giuliettonzola at Church, for this information!

  73. Van

    Where is WFW?! πŸ˜›
    Because now we know “WHERE IS WENT” !!!
    WFW I miss you, gorgeous!
    Please come back!
    I wish you were here to HEART ATTACK WITH ME!
    I hope Went doesn’t freak out with all the prety Italian girls.

  74. Van

    It ain’t funny at all posting it so many fucking times.
    Thank you!

  75. How can one man be soooooo beautiful.

  76. Susa

    Is Went in Sweden now?

    Look: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=zRHiBfj1pYI


    Obviously this Swedish TV Awards thing happened on Marth 18th

  77. Susa

    Well, I’m not sure if my last comment was lost –
    so again: I think Went was in Sweden fot some TV award thing on March 18th. Just look on youtube for “Wentworth Miller Sweden”.

  78. Van

    A group of Italian girls are at the door of the hotel where Went staying in Italy. *giggle*
    He is going to meet with the girlies any time soon.
    Our cboxer, LÈ, is there and she has the camera ready for some action! πŸ˜›
    I am dying with anxiety here……


  79. What an amazing blog!!! Really surprising and so funky!!!
    I agree with each line you wrote of course!!!
    He’s The Man, The one, in whose arms we ‘ll dream to “libertango”…

  80. SavMed

    WFW, where are you?

  81. Chaya

    SavMed, she is in Canada right?

  82. Swweet

    Has she given up on the blog? Can’t believe there is no internet in Canada? WFW are you truly missing all of this?

  83. maria

    It seems to me you girls are true Went girls,all of you .Where is Went now,anyone has an info?

  84. Lizzy

    Maria…l would hope home in LA and sleeping. I am tired thinking about all that travel!

  85. Crazy for Went

    Is it normal to be crazy in love with an artist??? i am really in love with this guy. By the way I haven’t heard from him in a while, WFW could you publish some stuff about our man???

  86. Crazy for Went

    Love you Went!! definitely the man of my life!!

  87. WFW

    I’ve been very ill since returning from Canada so I’m just getting back into the swing of things. Thanks everyone for your concern. So, what did I miss? lol

  88. Bugsy

    Hope u get beta soon,wfw..le and the fence pics,thats a classic.

  89. Kassie

    @Laura: “I wished he kissed me, and I’m not even French!”

    …well, I wished he kissed me… and I wish it was French!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  90. Anonymous

    Girl sorry for you if you only wished his kissed 😦

    Because I wish ALL HIS LOVE for me!! πŸ˜€

  91. Just me...

    Girl sorry for you if you only wished his kissed

    Because I wish ALL HIS LOVE for me!!

    It was my comment :/

  92. shanti66

    Welcome back, WFW! I wish you get well soon. I missed you and kept on thinking that Went Europe tour would have been so much funnier with your posts and comments!

  93. shortstuff

    wfw: so what did i miss?


    so true, the went-europe tour would have that much more fantastic with you running commentary…

    yo, did y’all hear about sara(h)…??

  94. antoinette

    where is went? in L.A ? New York ? Europe?

  95. Eshna

    Ok so MiSa fans prepare to squee…

    The powers at be over at our man’s show are bringing back Sara Wayne Callies on PB!! As Dr. Sara Tancredi!! For the whole of season 4!!! For real!!

    If you don’t believe me check out Ausiello Scoop at tv guide.com. The link is http//community.tvguide.com/blog-entry/TVGuide-Editors-Blog/Ausiello-Report/Ausiello-Scoop-Prison/800036399. What do you guys make of it?

    Wow, Went just looks soooo good in those pics πŸ™‚

  96. BB

    *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* That is all

  97. SavMed

    Dear God. *shaking head* That is all.

  98. What happened to people on PB who die stay dead. Maybe it will turn out Sara is a part of the company and a traitorous bitch and her dad was a “Company” man too and that’s how she got involved just like Mike and Linc’s dad (by the way, is he really dead too). She is just trying to make her way up into the ranks and will force to Michael have to kill her in the end. BUT on Mike’s hard drive he threw into the water, were detailed files an Sara, and he knew she was a traitor too and they are playing each other!

    *sigh* I don’t know… Oh well.

  99. Sara4Went

    that would just be bollocks and i would no longer watch it….apart from Scofield scenes…which practically rules what i just said out completely. haha..

  100. wentaholic113243124

    OMG! :)))))))))))
    http://www.eztv.it/index.php?main=tvnews&show_news=1768 (warning: major spoiler for season 4)

  101. Kassie

    Sarah/Sara’s coming back!!!!


    *singing* …”heaven, I’m in heaven…”

    Praise the lord and pass me a fresh pair of panties!!! πŸ™‚

  102. TT

    Sara(h)Β΄s coming back. No wonder after the bad quotes that s3 got. I am dissapointed, that they didnΒ΄t come up with something more unforseeable. But on the other side, I am looking forward to MichaelΒ΄s face when he realises that sheΒ΄s not dead. πŸ™‚

  103. TT

    and by the way … the second pic from above. Where and when is it from? it must be a quite new one, because heΒ΄s wearing his new watch (I think)

  104. Van

    I think I don’t want Sara back. lol
    Now that Micheal was going to hunt Gretchen and have revenge sex and after it kill her!!!
    What is the point of bringing Sara back?! I don’t really get it.
    But SEX SCENE is a MUST of PB4!!!
    Dammit I want a PB sex scene!

  105. shortstuff

    true say. if theyre gunna go through the trouble of bringing sara(h) back, there damn well better be a sex scene!!

  106. Rose

    This better be one Mother Fucker Sex Scene that requires beautiful Wentworth to have every millimetre of that damn tattoo applied.

    I personally cannot stand the silly Doc. I mean
    A) is she really that stupid to go along with Michael
    and then
    B)leave a fucking motel knowing that he is just a door away, NAKED!!! in the shower. hmph

    This sex better be so full on they need to change the time slot and my knickers.
    I want all the Uh Uh Uhing and I want hear when “Mikey” spills his load deep inside her.

    Yes FOX no crappy music I wanna hear panting and sucking and coming and wet noises and moaning *taking a deep breath* From start to finish.

    Fuck this blog brings out the dirty bitch in me!

  107. Kassie

    Rose, my dear, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you…

    FOX does violence better than sex…

    HMMM…maybe some violent sex…???!!!

  108. shortstuff

    rose, all i have to say is a big fat WORD to everything you wrote! *applause*

  109. wentaholic113243124

    Well my girlies, obviously Prison Break writers read our blogs and boards – we cried when Sarah “died” so they’re bringing her back. Now if we scream for Wentsex long enough, I think they just might listen to us… soooo…..

    WE WANT WENT AS NAKED AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. lizzy

    I am concerned has this blog been deserted? WFW are you too sick to even update your own blog? You are at the church, but not here? OK..

  111. Rose


    Went Sex, Went Sex, Went Sex, Went Sex, Went Sex, Went Sex, Went Sex, Went Sex,


  112. Went-Two-Three


    Nude, sweaty & horny Scofield (with his tattoo applied, of course) having super hot uncut sex scenes with Sara (and that could last for many episodes, I wouln’t mind some repetition). That just can’t be too much to ask, now can it? If Sarah hesitates, I will be awailable!

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