I met Wentworth Miller!

Being the stalker that I am, I flew myself to L.A. because I heard Went was back. I went down to his local Starbucks (where there were still Christmas decorations up which was odd) and THERE HE WAS! He even had on the suit from Season 2 of Prison Break! It was like he stepped right out of the picture!

So, I walked up to him and before I could speak he said “You wet for me?”

And I said “Shit yeah.”

And he said “Prove it…” and what happened next was…Orgasmic. I’m not one to kiss and tell but…

And after all that, the fan pic turned out blurry…Shame.


You totally believed it…

Disclaimer: No dolls were harmed for this post but they may have been aroused.



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107 responses to “FINALLY!

  1. sdg1844

    OMFG! I usually lurk here, but I gotta tell you WFW this is an act of sheer genius and it will go down in the Went History Book!

  2. niknak

    Well, it’s about fucking time, and it’s good to see that the meeting went just like we all hoped it would!

  3. wtever

    Can I bring my own dolls and join the party?

  4. Luci


  5. DBN


    This post is made of 69% genius and 69% win!

    (The math works, trust me – I’ve almost completed my doctorate in pornometrics.)

  6. Genius.

    You’ve lost your mind, but most geniuses have.

  7. Anonymous

    I had initially given you (sponsor or hostess) the benefit of the doubt, but now, I’m certain that you have absolutely no self respect. And I don’t think you have any for Wentworth either.

    I visit this site every once in while because it usually has the latest news about Wentworth before the other sites that I frequent. But as of late, that hasn’t been the case anyway. I cannot believe this $h!t, such impropriety, absolutely no class nor decorum.

    It’s embarrassing!!! What’s so bad, is that I’m far from a prude, but even I can’t take this.

  8. StukOnPretty

    Oops, I forgot to put my name in the field.

    I posted the message above!!! 🙂









  10. This is fucking brilliant…and proves that you were closer to Went than Johanna will ever be!

  11. miz brisvegas


  12. shortstuff

    you are lord.

    happy april fools day 😛

  13. Notthedoctor

    I’m keeping this pics as proof of my insanity… It’s for my trial…

  14. Ber

    I think the post a few spots up is hilarious. Ok, the website is called “Wet for Went”. Shouldn’t that tip a person off about what the context is going to be like. I think this was absolutely Hilarious. It made me laugh out loud (which isn’t really a good thing considering I’m at work) but Kudos to you WFW!! Good stuff!!

  15. It’s a shame that some people don’t have a sense of humor…especially on a site that’s as deliciously raunchy as WFW.

  16. Kassie

    OMG, WFW!!!

    This will go down (pun is intended) as a classic!!!

    Can’t wait for the feature length film from pixar studios!!!

  17. ladiuvernuà

    *dies in envy*


  18. Juma


  19. SavMed


    He made a good use of that index finger.

  20. BB

    Bwaaaaaaahahahahaha. Is it wrong that this totally turned me on!?

    And to the haters that will definately hate.(from a board that shall not be named) THIS IS A JOKE…… YOU KNOW HUMOUR….

  21. Van

    I can’t believe how hilarious this post is, LMFAO!
    I love the 2nd pic where Went has WFW’s skirt on his head, AHahahhahaahhahhaha
    I don’t know how you didn’t break the table with all the friction between you two 😛
    These dolls images will be on my mind forever…feeding my sick fuck pervert mind!
    This post is 5*!!!!!!
    Keep it up WFW 😛

  22. sarah

    WFW you crack me up!
    Your best ever idea, but totally pornographic at the same time, keep it up (no pun intended!!).

  23. blip


    oh my god WFW, I LOVE YOU!!

  24. Krissie

    I once read about a girl masturbating with Barbie’s legs (yeah, I read about it) but this is a whole new level of playing. You turned “How to play with dolls for girls” into “How to play with dolls for fangirls” in four simple steps.
    And I bow to your genius.

  25. Mink

    LMFAOff! This may be the funniest post not just in the history of this blog, but in the history of blog posts eva!

    I particularly enjoy the little details; like the placement of the panties (around ‘your’ ankles and ‘Went’s’ head and nearby on the floor). And the placement of the limbs is perfect in all shots. It’s the attention to detail which sets you apart.

    You are a comic genius, no doubt about it, and I worship humbly at your extremely dainty feet.

  26. Ramona

    Hahaha this is just way to funny lol

  27. Rose

    God I am so desperate Barbie Went turns me on!!

    I love it!!!

    I mean his right hand in the first pic!!!

    WFW I love you!

  28. Chainjix

    Sick and awesome.
    You are insane and I love it.

  29. Snowflake

    LMAO until I cry!!!

    The panties on Barbie Went’s head… Baaaawaaaahhhhhhh!!!

  30. Eshna

    This post is pure comic genius!! LMAO for sure.

    WFW your creativity is unmatched and we love u for it.

  31. shelley

    WOW, you should win some sort of award for this piece of ass, I mean, genius! Brilliant!

  32. maria

    dear God, that was genius .I’ve laughed my ass of.And Went was so into you.I hope he liked the b..w job.LOL

  33. Went-Two-Three

    You truly are an artist! The placement of Went’s hands pleases me… So natural 🙂
    This post of yours made my day, WFW, thanxxxxx!

  34. April

    LOLOL, WFW is back at her best , *clap, clap*, :-)!!! I’m crying, I’m crying, lololololol.

    They should have hire WFW instead of SWC!!!


  35. Geniuosity! I second Mink’s post!
    Also, WFW, your Blow Job skills must be awesome considering you blew his tie right off his chest! LMFAO! *bowing to your greatness*
    You must do this for a living!!!!!! This is your calling!!!!

  36. Anonymous

    like he said: “long, hot and dirty”

  37. suzi

    hahaha this is fucking hilarious, u fuckin rock wfw

  38. Jen

    HAhahah!! This is so funny! Love the dolls pose.

  39. azer

    i love it ah ah ah

    very good

  40. lick

    make a movie, a tv show, anything out of this!! i fucking love it, you’re insane WFW!! hahahahahahha!!

  41. OMG this is the best post ever!! :mrgreen:

  42. That’s not you, WFW! This doll actually looks good and we’ve all seen your pictures…I mean you’re funny and all but you don’t look like a model…

  43. WFW

    I beg your pardon Missy! BarbieMe and I are IDENTICAL!

  44. Just me...

    The first thing that I saw is the…
    “FINALLY!… I puts Wentworth Miller!”
    I had a smile until the ear so much I were happy for you!!

    I go down to read the meeting and I fall on dolls pornographic photographs represented you with Wentworth!!

    What a post!!….BaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa….
    You are completely insane and I like your delirious jokes!!

  45. Giulia

    @Mr Maichan April 1, 2008 at 11:01 pm : yes this is a humor thread and I’m the first to say that those pics are so damn funny but one of your previously comments here was really inappropriate and I don’t want to create a “flame” but I would like to just let you know that. Peace!

  46. Melm

    LMFAO WFW !!!!! I knew that when Went started kissing French fans, there was no more stopping him. Is this his new greeting standard for LA fans… you know, a happy hello after a few Starbucks “straight-up” shots in the morning?

  47. Ah! Ah! ^^
    You’re juste crazy WFW!!
    You’ve cracked up….????!!
    :O Wentworth will probably go red if he gives a look :p

  48. Erika

    If staying away from your blog for so long makes you come up with shit this funny, then please take another month or two off! 😀

  49. Erika

    By the way, I’m totaly turned on by the dolls. This is better then watching The Hour.

  50. Leah

    hahahahaaaaaaa love it x

  51. niknak

    WFW, we bow to your brilliance, and anyone who has an issue with anything you post on your own fucking blog can suck it! SOH failures will not be tolerated, especially with regards to such a genius post!!!

    mink, I totally said the same thing to WFW last night re: the panties around the ankle, on the head, and kicked off to the side… but I must ask, “What was WFW Barbie doing wearing panties in the first place?”

  52. Libby

    Very, very tacky.
    Certainly its good and obvious that WFW is desperate and angry with the chase, what else could explain such behavior. While it may be funny in a closed arena, here its outrageously poor taste.
    But then you all knew that.

  53. reen

    LOL… i hope went dont see this…

  54. LadyN@Cali

    I leave for a few days and i miss all the action!!!


    O0H my Haysoose!!! It’s a master piece!!!
    Is it bad that i’m actually turned on by dolls?!?!

    *hides in shame yet takes a peek through fingers*

  55. LISA

    LOL at the Pentagram on the table.

  56. Mink

    LMAO, WFW! It’s going to be the new mark of ‘genius’ – exactly how hard you can piss off the self-appointed Wentworth “Fandom Police”.

    Even though I’m not sure it could get funnier than this, I’d like to see you go even more outrageous, to see if you can get their heads spinning so fast with ridiculous and totally unnecessary outrage that they just spin right off. 😀

  57. simona

    i was stunned when i saw this.
    i coudn’t believe it.
    there is no such humour in it, and believe me i ‘m the kind of person who has it.
    i’m spechless.
    all i can say is i’m sorry,wentworth if you’re seeing this by mistake.

  58. Beth

    You are sooo amazing!!!
    I’m still laughing over this and i saw it last night!!
    When i was growing up my mother scolded me for playing too much with dolls. You justify my choices!!!BOUAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

  59. xoxo

    seriosly people come on, if you dont like wath u se on this blog then dont fucking read it, wfw is free too post anything she wants its her blogg and this is funny shit, and simona u say u have humor? I dont think so… its fucking DOLLS!! come on ligthen up!

  60. libby

    [deleted b/c it was stupid]

  61. WFW

    Seriously, I don’t know what you’re doing here, lol. This blog, and I, have always been EXACTLY the same. If you don’t like it, you know what you can do.

    Take a look under Best Of for a reminder of just what this blog really is. The time WFW lost? Hell, I’m adding this shit to Best Of right this minute! LOL I have no wish to impress Wentworth Miller (he’s my PREY now? AHAHAHAHAHAHA) as I am not under the deluded impression that it will change my life in any way.

    I started this place as a tribute to him and over time, the audience grew, but it has always been, and will continue to be a place for me to amuse myself. That’s what happens when it’s your blog, you can do whatever the hell you want.

    Point in horror if you must but I will continue to laugh right up until the end. Choke on it.

  62. SavMed

    Sod off. You know who you are.

    And WFW, honey! Why no bondage?! As I said in the c-box, it’s a perfectly nice tie… *wink*

  63. Mink

    *quaking in my boots*

    WFW, do you have any idea, ‘cos I don’t… who the hell these people even are who have appointed themselves as the “Fan Police” to ‘protect’ Wentworth from any kind of snark or criticism?

    I’ve been in this fandom and supporting Went for over two years now, and I have no idea who most of these people are or why they insist on bringing such hatred to this fandom.

    This fandom used to be full of such a great bunch of people, who loved the wit and the snark and the funny, and were fully aware we’re just having fun with our hobby of supporting an actor! I cannot believe for a second that Went would give a damn about a ‘faux’ porny post using dolls! Note that word and what it means people – dolls! D.O.L.L.S. It means it’s all pretend!

    As are the pics we have fun with, and the other stuff we completely make up.

    I don’t understand how this fandom got invaded by people who just seem to want to be involved in order to hate on other fans. It makes me sick. People at the FCoWM board and here have said until they are blue in the face: “IF YOU DON’T LIKE A PARTICULAR SITE, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO VISIT IT!” What on earth is so hard to grasp about this concept?

    I know there are a lot of great people still left in this fandom (thank God!), but the haters who insist on spreading their bile around are really fucking it up for everyone.

    Please, people, if you don’t like a particular site, just don’t visit it! There is no penalty for not doing so, but the hatred you are spreading by your intolerance and obsessive bitching about people you do not know has got to be making you feel ugly inside, it just does. For your own good, as much as anyone else’s, please consider giving it a rest.

    Oh, and on a final note (‘cos, yeah, I’m still a stickler for facts, even though I realise that’s not generally appreciated), re. this:

    At your age, being who and what you are, remember that this will be on the internet forever and as it relates to your prey, no taking it back, no matter how many posts come after.

    Um, well, no. You might want to learn some basic internet facts before using it. This being WFW’s blog ‘n’ all, she can actually delete whatever the fuck she likes, whenever the fuck she likes. She can delete the whole blog in a minute if she wants to. Of course she doesn’t want to (hopefully), but, yeah, nothing on the internet is actually permanent. Part of it all not being real!

    Now haters, please go and take a chill pill, have a large drink or whatever the hell else it is you need to do to get some perspective, because all you are doing at the moment is screwing with Went’s fandom – and when you do that, we all lose, including Wentworth.

  64. BB

    Milla wrote April 2, 2008 at 12:10 pm ‘That’s not you, WFW! This doll actually looks good and we’ve all seen your pictures…I mean you’re funny and all but you don’t look like a model…’

    LMFAO Yeah and like the Went doll really looks like Went duhhhhhhhhh

    And Libby WTF? I actually did not understand your post!

    …it seems right that you all go down at the same time as people no longer laugh with you but point and laugh in horror at you…

    Errrr only you and a couple of other losers are not laughing…..’Mr M’ and ‘M’ I presume are Maichan and Mr Maichan who have absolutely nothing do do with this blog or post….. And Mink can park it? wtf? Mr M looks fantastic under his coat Mrs M told me 😉

    Now Libby stick to the point of the post and oh, FUCK OFF just sayin

  65. miller

    that is sick!!

  66. WFW

    Someone call the cops!

  67. Rosi

    OH WAWWW WFW!Hahahahah i love it.I was looking the pics and i wanted to see more and more lolol,where is the TO BE CONTINUED sign ;)Please say this is not the end.
    I lovee lovveee the post.LOL CRAZY!

  68. gypsiee

    You my love are sheer insane genious. That brain of yours needs its own fandom.

  69. Krissie

    She has her own fandom.
    Wait… Or is that just me?

  70. Mink

    *linking arms with Krissie*

    Oh, it is soooo not just you, Kris, and I think we all know that. 🙂

  71. miz brisvegas

    An open letter to this site’s haters:




    Proud supporter of WFW.

  72. niknak

    OOOOHHHHH… and ‘unholy 3’??? Can I play too? I want to be part of that fun club. Of course, if I joined, we would have to change our name to the “Depraved 4” or the “Profane Quads”…

    WTF? Anyone who is offended by something overtly sexual on a site entitled “Wet for Went” needs a Thomas guide and a fucking lobotomy (please ensure your doctor notes on your chart to also insert some sort of sense of humor).

    But, as I am a giver/helper/all-around charitable soul, I will explain this for anyone who may be unclear as to what this site title entails, and thus unclear as to the type of site it is.

    Wet: adj. when a woman is sexually aroused and thus begins to self-lubricate in the vaginal area of her body.

    For: prep. in this instance meaning aforementioned vaginal lubrication resulting as a cause of

    Went: noun. well, if I have to define that one, you’re really in the wrong place!

    Therefore, this is a sexually charged site. Nothing has changed!! It is the same bawdy, blue humor that those of us who visit regularly have come to LOVE. If for some reason you don’t like what she has to say, then maybe you shouldn’t be visiting her blog!

    If for some reason Wentworth meanders onto this site, he has the same option as the rest of you to leave it if he does not like it. However, unlike those of you who are members of the “Fan Police,” we believe that WM has a sense of humor, probably has the ability to know fact from fiction, and definitely knows not to continously visit sites he finds offensive. Take a cue from your deity, why don’t you???


    Krissie: I started the fandom. Correction; I AM THE FUCKING FANDOM!

    Lover: *GRIN*






  74. Notthedoctor

    I feel an urge rising in me… it’s been so long since my last victim. I’ve been fighting it so hard… been sober for months now… but the little voice is screming in my ears and I. CAN. NOT. RESIST.


    Team WFW t-shirts anyone?

  75. Notthedoctor

    you want some Team WFW Rocks with you t-shirt?

  76. Notthedoctor

    you can Super-Size Rock it too!!

  77. DUDE! If this is what you do with your acshun figures, then I’ma tell MT to ship Plastic!Priestly to you, PRONTO! God, could you just imagine that threesome? And I fully expect to see a pic of someone’s head (either barbie WFW’s or Scofield’s, cuz I ain’t picky) up UNDER that kilt! For serious.

  78. Kassie

    …I’m feeling a whole lot of hate here, and it’s just not funny anymore 😦


  79. ws

    C’mon people can’t we all just get along? How can a man who has so much love in him generate so much hate? This squabbling back and forth is getting tiresome and is doing no one any good. At least try and co exist. With all the divisions within the fandom you have all still managed to show some goodwill with the charity project. Imagine the prospects if we all unite!! Peace and prosperity indeed. Usually I’m a big shit stirrer but this is just sad (literally).

  80. WFW

    That’s right Doc! LYNCH ’em all!

    A-Jizzle, my nizzle, if Priestly were in my very capable hands, he and WentKen would have definitely made sweet, sweet love and I may have thrown BarbieMe in there too, McLovin style.

    Oh and as touching as the support for me is (thanks) and as amused as I am by the hate, let’s try and stay on topic people and the topic is red hot doll sex. I have a delete button and I’m not afraid to use it.

    BarbieMe and WentKen sittin’ in a tree *humming*

  81. Krissie

    BarbieMe and WentKen sittin’ in a tree *humming*

    Surely you meant *cumming*.

  82. ws

    W4W have your ever considered being a choreographer? People need your skillz woman, the entertainment business is sorely lacking a talent.

  83. WFW

    Now there’s a profession I’ve never considered. My day job is boring so I’d pretty much be down for anything, which I’ve always said.

    hint hint to anyone reading who may want to hire me

    LOL seriously though I just post what I find amusing. Thank you for the compliment!

  84. Jackie0

    ahahahaha oo man this made my day …WFW your jokesss..then i’m the bottom of the photo- dolls were not harmed in the process hahahahahahaha lol

  85. Dannie

    Does it mean I have a problem if I find even Went/Ken a turn on?, especialy in those pictures.

    WFW, you do what others only think about, crack me up, I love it and you.

  86. Wow.


    This sure beats the punk hairdos and tattoos I used to give my dolls.


    Seriously WFW… you are very creative, ’cause I never would have thought that Cross-Eyed Went Doll could ever become an object of fantasy.

    I stand corrected. 😉

  87. noelanimahana


  88. ada28

    you used to be funny…..not anymore……that is just sad

  89. Linds

    Jesus Christ, people. Lighten up! This is hilarious! If you want good taste go to the effing symphony – this is Wet For Went. Let us not forget what the site is actually CALLED. We are a horny ass fan community dedicated to the daily fantasizing about one Wentworth Miller. Praise you, WFW!! This IS absolutely obnoxious, which is what had me laughing so hard that I cried, and then my contact popped out. Now that is some funny shit.

  90. Cheeks

    I think this is brilliant. WFW has such a fantastic imagination and sense of humour that I had referred all my friends to this site. Its a cheer me up during the day and a laugh a minute. Like some of the ladies said in earlier poots, if you don’t like this site, don’t come to it. Leave it for the fans that have a sense of humour. WFW keep it up.
    Faithful supporter…..cheeks SA

  91. Cheeks

    Sorry I meant posts.

  92. gypsiee

    Did someone mention bondage???
    So when is the sequel due.

    Team WFW T-shirts. Sign me up.

  93. Chrissy

    Oh…..My…..God! Don’t y’all just wish y’all knew whether or not he visits this site? Cute WFW. Real cute.

  94. raqs (aka puriTyranical)


    *clutches pearls and averts eyes*

    How DARE you!?!11!! You sully the very essence of my Lord and Master . . .

    . . . by not having a Say-My-Name shot. Dayum girl! I demand a reshoot.

  95. Ooooh Damn I’m Soooo Jealous lol

  96. Pingback: Favorite Comments of the Week « Wet For Went

  97. Bexsty

    Hahaha thats soo bloody funny, you always know how to make a girl laugh dont you women, i would love to see wents face if he was to come across these pics and this brilliant website… keep up the good work chick…

    bexsty xx

  98. Mama Bear

    I’m still cleaning off the Starbucks spew Starbucks from my computer monitor. Bloody-fucking-brilliant, WFW! Screw the haters – they’ve obviously never played with their Barbies quite like you’ve done here! 🙂

  99. Geisha

    OMFG!!!! Aahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!
    Tears were rolling down my cheeks.
    Gurl…… I am soooooooooooooooooo jealous!!!!
    I can never look at dolls the same way again.
    This totally made my day babe.

  100. touched

    Sheer, unadulterated genius!!!

    I swear I choked on my apple juice. Barbie never had it so good.

    With that being said, dont’t be selfish, how about a little “menage á trois”.

  101. Wentalicious

    That is the funniest shit evah!

  102. sugalicious


  103. OMG!!!!!!!! This must be the funniest thing I have ever seen. It must have taken you hours to get the positions right. This is a work of art!!! BRAVO

  104. welovewentworth

    Y’all should leave Wentworth alone right now, because he is not porn or a sex object! He deserves respect! Thank you!

  105. Chainjix

    Well, hun, we DO respect the man.
    See, the thing is – he can’t help but BE GODDAMN SEXY! And who are we not to celebrate it 😀
    Anyway – I don’t really think Went is very offended by this page, do you really think he reads all this?

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