Favorite Comments of the Week

That’s right, it’s back bitches and you thought it was dead!

lina said:

is great very good wentworth is very very nice i love you

And he loves you back…


Chainjix said:

Damn! Why, oh, why did it have to be children?!
OK, only for Went, I guess I can spare some money for the little monsters.
Can we pick HIV/AIDS prevention next time? Children freak me out and I don’t like them.
But The Pretty is getting more and more perfect every day. How does he do it, never ceases to amaze me..

Children: The little monsters that freak us out who we don’t really like BUT who can’t take care of themselves. Give Today.

Oh and the general fund (which is where I believe the donations are going) will also be routed to HIV/AIDS prevention for children. For more on what UNICEF does, click here. Yeah I totally went all serious and charitable on your asses; I’ve got layers.


Notthedoctor said:

aaaaad DONATION made!!
There was no mention of shipping fee but when will I get my little Kid?
I can’t wait to show him/her to my friends!
If it’s a boy I’ll call him Went, if it’s a girl Went… I don’t care about child trauma, she’s gonna have to deal with it.

Your Went will arrive in 4-6 weeks. Enjoy!


Eshna said:

WFW it’s really cool that you guys took the time out to contribute to this cause and it’s even better that Went took the time to send a message encouraging people to help.

I’m definitely in.


Yup. A lot of people worked hard on the project. Thanks for participating and Thank you Went for your blessing and participation.

sdg1844 said:

OMFG! I usually lurk here, but I gotta tell you WFW this is an act of sheer genius and it will go down in the Went History Book!

Flattery will get you in my favorites EVERY SINGLE TIME. *bowing* I try…


niknak said:

Well, it’s about fucking time, and it’s good to see that the meeting went just like we all hoped it would!

I waited so long, so nice for my patience to pay off. That man sure knows what he’s doing.


SavMed said:


He made a good use of that index finger.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *drooling*


blip said:


oh my god WFW, I LOVE YOU!!

Oh my god! I love you too!


wmitalia said:

OMG this is the best post ever!! :mrgreen:

Then I guess it should go under Best Of! DONE! And thank you 😉


Erika said:

If staying away from your blog for so long makes you come up with shit this funny, then please take another month or two off! 😀

Don’t tempt me…


ada28 said:

you used to be funny…..not anymore……that is just sad

Here lies WFW. She was funny once and now she’s not. She weeps.


gypsiee said:

You my love are sheer insane genious. That brain of yours needs its own fandom.

to which

Krissie said:

She has her own fandom.
Wait… Or is that just me?

to which

Mink said:

*linking arms with Krissie*

Oh, it is soooo not just you, Kris, and I think we all know that. 🙂

to which

Soiled Undies said:

Krissie: I started the fandom. Correction; I AM THE FUCKING FANDOM!

Lover: *GRIN*






I have a fandom! Fuck you, pay me.


raqs (aka puriTyranical) said:


*clutches pearls and averts eyes*

How DARE you!?!11!! You sully the very essence of my Lord and Master . . .

. . . by not having a Say-My-Name shot. Dayum girl! I demand a reshoot.

HA! You just might get one!


Wentworth said:

I am Wentworth Miller and I actually find this site amusing. And you all know that I would never talk the way the ‘imposter’ has spoken.

WFW keep it up!

Dear Wentworth,

How are you? How’s the family? How’s it hangin? I am so so happy you decided to show up and comment once again b/c you are my reason for living. You’re the love of my life. I’d love to know what you think about…stuff sometime. You are so completely awesome. Would you do something for me? Yeah, just like, role playing. *twisting hair nervously*

I just want you to say something for me, can you do that? What I want you to say is “On your knees…”

*whispering* Thank you.


NA said:

Screw the Haters (literally).
And after we all get some, we can heal the world.



Eshna said:

peen the world
make it a better place
for you
and for me
and the entire human race

Sounds like F.U.C.K.Y.O.U. is an organization I need to join. Let us come together to peen the world with love. 🙂

I like the way you think Eshna. You shall be our Ambassador of Peen.


Notthedoctor said:

Hater of Haters:

I eat Haters for breakfast,
but I beat them first!

mmm… delicious!

Need some salt and pepper? *passing it*


A-Jizzle said:

Horray for PSA’s!!!

This message has been brought to you by the letter “P” for “punch you in the fucking face if you don’t put down the haterade, and get on board the love train, bitches!”

Woohah! Gotchu all in check!

Start loving each other or AJ and I will punch you in the fucking face. Yeah, that’s how we do.


Mink said:

You know what worries me? It’s the delusional shit from people who believe he is reading what they are writing. That is the truly alarming stuff.

And then they get all up in arms about what other people say in case they hurt his feelings. Man, that’s just taking it all way too seriously.

What is it about Went that makes people so loonytoons?

I feel like there should be a new rule that before you get accepted to the fandom you have to place your hand on the bible and repeat 100 times…


…until they fucking believe it.

Mink, I resent this. EVERYONE KNOWS that Went checks this blog, daily, and that we WILL fuck one day and no you can NOT tell me ANY different. NO ONE CAN! *arms crossed in defiance*


So Sad said:

So sad! ALMOST ALL sites about Wentworth are so boring now… people fighting, sites with the gay flag, sites with the straight flag and so on…
Thanx WFW for your dolls post (and for your blog), the only funny (and not boring) site TO ME.
I suspect that Wentworth is more funny than the majority of his fans!

I post b/c I care and you’re right; We shouldn’t fight. I honestly believe Went is not as “sensitive” as people believe and doesn’t need to be protected. Now, Peen the world everyone; I said PEEN THE MOTHER FUCKING WORLD GOD DAMMIT!

Thank you everyone for your comments. I always enjoy reading them.



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28 responses to “Favorite Comments of the Week

  1. Krissie


    Holy shit, she is back, she is really really back.
    And it is good.




    *whispers* even if I am after the unholy one.


    LOVE YOU LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  3. gypsiee

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …. AND she is back.

    I’m sorry WFW. Did I say ‘needs’ before….. I meant DESERVES.
    Fandom! Hell Yea, Count me in.

    Oh and seriously, next time……. Could there be bondage.

  4. Mink

    Bwahahahaha!!! Fantastic. And as CotW have now returned, I am beginning to believe you might actually return to regular posting. Please don’t leave again! *hangs on to you tight*

    (And SU, I realise that you find it really tricky to make any post here without referencing me in some way, but really there’s no need. I get enough internet ‘press’ without your contribution, welcome as that is.)

  5. ada28

    let’s just forget the nasty fight between forums. it is just stupid. just makes me ….bored. wfw, get your humour back, i would love this… u used to be queen of sex when it comes to went. sorry if my english is not perfect. i just loooooong for some wfw in the original version. u know what i mean.

  6. ada28

    soiled undies, u rock!!!! i just had to mention that.

  7. BB

    In all the shit that has gone on, it’s great to read some good comment… I love you guys!!

    Haters be gone *waves magic wand*

  8. LadyN

    It’s nice to witness the COTW post. I wasn’t here the first time around (or too scared to comment)….but here i shall stay. 🙂

    Though my comments will most likely suck, I shall surely stay! 😉

    Group hug anyone? Went in the middle!

  9. ada28

    oh. come on!!!! the haters???? really! i think it is best that we can lurke on how sites there are on right now, come on!!! don’t hate the ex, they are just fun and if you don’t like, well just don’t lurke…..but u know u are gonna…..

  10. Erika

    I made it on COTW… oh wow!

  11. Chaya

    I love you WFW! I even almost love you more than I love Went!

  12. notthedoctor

    CoTW!!! I can’t believe IT!

    I am so excited all I can do is LYNCH!!!!! LYNCH LYNCH FUCKING LYYYYYYYYYYNCH with LOVE!

    ROCK LOVE & … for all!!!

    damn, feels like old time.

  13. Glad to see you back girl – I’m now so regretting throwing my dolls away at such an early age – is it too late for me?

  14. *rubs eyes*

    Is it….? Is it really….? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, CoTW!!! Muthaphuckin’ wooooooot!

  15. niknak

    Yippppeeee! I do love me some COTW. Welcome back, WFW!

    Hey, since we’re bringing things back, I was wondering if I get my New Kids dolls out of storage, can I send them your way for a NKOTB-WFW-WM orgy/gang bang?

    It’ll look like alphabet soup!





  17. Van

    I love all the comments….but the one: “Children freak me out and I don’t like them” is the best one AHAAHAHhahahahahah
    I am actually using this quote a lot now…in a funny way!
    KEEP IT UP! 😀

  18. Bel

    So there ARE still some certainties left in this world?
    I can’t believe it.
    *stumbles out all confused*

  19. Jen

    I Love you WFW for making my day a enjoyable one reading your entries!

    Screw the haters! Keep up with the spread of love for Wentworth!

  20. Jedi

    WFW, I really can’t find words to describe what I’m feeling right now, I guess by grin from ear to ear says it all!?

  21. sarah

    It’s a shame there’s hatred between fans, i mean, after all, aren’t we all interested in the same man?

    It should bring us together, not keep us apart.

    Having been lurking here for ages, i think i can say with total honesty that WFW has one of the best sites on all things Wentworth, it’s a shame some people don’t get her sense of humour, her posts make me lol!.

    Oh, and WFW, after you’ve met and fucked Went, can you pass him on down the line, ’cause there’s one hell of a queue forming behind you!
    ( Please rememeber, there is no need for pushing and shoving, everyone will get their turn)

  22. Chainjix

    It is always a pleasure to not like children (although it might be easier if they’d stop freaking me out), anyway – have fun!
    And thank You, WFW, Your blog is my sunshine on rainy days (many here, in NY, where I’m now).
    If You’ll give me more reasons, I’ll entertain you, folks, with some more gingerism 🙂

    Have da fun, see ya!

  23. SavMed

    WOW! I made it, I’m in!
    *feeling ubercool*

  24. Eshna

    WOW! I made it in too! Thanks for the love WFW, it shall always be returned.

  25. Eshna

    Oh, and I graciously accept the post of Ambassador of Peen. During my term I shall make it my duty to ensure that the world is peened with love.

  26. jailbird

    Got this off Just Jared…enjoy!

    # 21 Sara @ 04/10/2008 at 2:57 am

    OMG! This was one of the best nights of my life!!!!!!!! You guys cannot fathom how excited I am!!! OK please bear with me b/c my hands are shaking!

    My friend Mayra & I were chatting while she sat in Starbucks today around 5:15 or so LA time. She was just about to get in line when she says “OMG Laila it’s him!” I answer “What do you mean it’s him?” She says “It’s F**king Wentworth!” I say “No frickin way! Are you gonna say something?” “She says “I don’t know what to say! How do I approach him?” I tell her to just get in line & say something… anything! She does & says “Hi, Wentworth?” He replies “yeah, Hi!”. She asks if he has a minute & he tells her “Yeah, I’m kinda in a hurry, but sure.” She tells him she’ll wait until he’s done with his order & she goes outside to wait for him.

    She tells me she’s gonna ask him to talk to me but I’m freaking out. I wanna to talk to him SO frickin’ bad but I truly do not know what to say. After a few minutes she says “here he comes!” He walks out & says “hey!” She says “OMG Wentworth, I’m so happy to see you! My friend Laila is on the phone & she’s a huge fan of yours. She’s from Louisiana. Can you talk to her?” He says “Absolutely. I’d love to.” I hear the phone shuffle a little bit then this beautiful, sexy voice says “Hi this is Wentworth!” I pull it together & quickly say “OMG Hi Wentworth. This is Laila. I’m so excited to talk to you!” He says “Hi Laila! I’m excited to talk to you, too!” He said my name ARE YOU FRICKIN’ KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said “ahh you’re such a sweetheart!” He said “So are you.” AGAIN!!! I was completely enraptured by him ear F**king me with that voice of his!!!!! I told him that I didn’t want to keep him on the phone long b/c my friend said he was in a rush and he said it was no trouble at all! I told him that I love him & I’m a huge fan. He replied “Well, I love you, too! Thanks for watching the show. It means a lot!”. I said “ahh thanks so much!” He said “well it was really nice talking to you, Laila.” (he said my name again!!!!!!!) I said “it was nice talking to you, too.” He says “take care.” I say “you too.” And we both say “bye bye”.

    My friend asked him to hold the phone b/c she had some gifts for him in her car! he laughs & says “so you just happen to have this stuff in your car, huh?” She says “yeah, I wanted to make sure I had it so just in case I ran into to you somewhere!” They laugh & she remembers she had her camera so she asked if he could take a pic w/her & he obliges. He asks if it looks ok for her or if she like another one. He took the camera from the lady that took the pic & looks at it & says “yeah let’s take one more” ALL THIS WHILE I’M STILL ON THE PHONE! He removes the aviators for the second pic & then hugs & kisses her… she kisses him back & says “oh let me get the stuff – I think they’ve forgotten about me at this point!

    She starts pulling out stuff & he laughs & says “is all that for me?” She laughs & says “yep”. She starts pulling stuff out & telling him what he’s got & why (just so he knows it not just random stuff w/out reason! He says “wow, WE is really sweet (he said “we” b/c she was explaining that everything was from the two of us) & I thank WE very much!” They said goodbye to each other & walks away!

    When someone says this man is beyond sweet & adorable, it’s an understandment. You have no idea! To say he was in a rush, he wasn’t pushy at all. He didn’t sound rushed when talking to me. He was patient & laughed at the stupid crap I said! He smiled the entire time we talked & it was genuine… the guy is amazing. And he seemed excited to talk to us both & spend the time he did with my friend. He’s very kind & really genuine! I’m more in love with him than I was when I woke up this morning!!! One of the best days of my life!!!!!!!! Enjoy the pics!

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