Wentworth Miller: Gay by Default

In a tribute to one of my favorite blogs ever, The Gilded Moose, I will be doing fake news stories for a while. Yeah I know, I disappear and then I come back; It’s madness!


In a scientific study done by the Institute of Damning Irrevocable Omnipotent Truth (I.D.I.O.T.), it has been proven that having gay friends makes YOU gay.

Before Luke:

After Luke:

Yup, I see it! Do you?



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37 responses to “Wentworth Miller: Gay by Default

  1. Krissie

    OMG! The I.D.I.O.T.’s members are totally right!

  2. antoinette

    Yes it is true wentworth miller has become gay by default because he has a gay friend! There is no limit to human bullshit.

  3. Well then, if that theory holds true, than A LOT of us are assholes.

  4. BJones

    Gee, I didn’t know that! I mean, what a shocking reveal! The I.D.I.O.T.s are truly worth their name.

  5. Beige

    For Wentworth it was a real shock
    Those gay friends make guys like cock
    He said in surprise
    Luke, who could surmise
    An ass’ such a good place to dock?

  6. WFW

    It isn’t your friends that make you gay; It’s being a guy who likes dick.

    Now there’s a T-shirt.

  7. Mink

    Hey, WFW, when did you drop sarcasm from your repertoire? Oh, wait…

  8. LadyN

    *shakes head* Fucking idiots.

  9. Wentworth

    Hell No!!!….I’m not gay(lisp)

  10. LadyN

    btw, lmao, Nic. Then there MUST be an AA (Assholes Anonymous) right across the street from the I.D.I.O.T.’s….

    …I’d say I’ll be joining it tonight but it’s anonymous. :-/

    Dammit! Where’s my asshole frownie!!! *pouts*

  11. LadyN

    Awwww, Wentworth. The idiots have made an experiment and everything…you’re screwed….and quite literally hun. *nods* *shrugs*

  12. Eshna

    Wow, that’s amazing! That totally makes sense! It’s a shame we all can’t be I.D.I.O.T.S. then this theory would have made sense ages ago… wait, does having friends of another race make you that race too? They should do a study on that. Lord knows what genius theory those I.D.I.O.T.S. will come up with.

  13. antoinette

    hey wentworth change your name please disrespect to the true wentworth miller.

  14. Noname

    To antoinette : I agree with you, everyone knows that the stars don’t post on blogs.

  15. niknak

    Glad to see the I.D.I.O.Ts have come to the rescue again! I have been desperate to know whether or not I should continue to hang out with my gay friends. Now, I know!!! I wish someone had told Wentworth in time…

  16. I have plenty of gay friends and I haven’t had the urge to lick a twat yet, guess that theory is blown.

  17. Juma

    So… I guess that makes me gay too.
    Oh well, lets just join the party and go along with the flow, I might get some fun out of it!

    *singing and whistling* “always look on the bright (gay) side of life”

  18. Van

    I agree with Juma, lol

    And, what if Went didn’t knew that Luke was gay…
    Does that count?!
    Does that still make him gay?!
    Maybe it makes him gay without he even knows.

    Did the scientific study done by the I.D.I.O.T.s included that hypothesis?!

    Anyway, Went’s choices have no effect on me. Gay or not gay, he still is Wentworth…it doesn’t change anything.

    Peace & Prosperity people 😆

  19. miz brisvegas

    An open letter to the idiots at I.D.I.O.T.

    Dear idiots,

    Wentworth Miller is NOT gay.

    His boyfriend IS.

    Not that it matters.

    Miz Brisvegas

  20. Erika

    The before and after pictures were so helpful. I would have had no idea that he’s gay if you didn’t post them.

  21. ana

    i love him! his gay!

  22. antoinette

    if girls have decided not to ask the question and see him as a actor out of respect for wentworth miller? each of us has his opinion ok. Only God and wentworth miller know the truth one day we will know it. pending love as an actor that’s all.Personally I am starting to find the subject boring

  23. Krissie

    LMAO @ Miz Brisvegas
    You win!

  24. Bel

    I can see it. Definitely.

  25. yael

    As much as I am bored of this subject allready, I have to say, it is the old say: “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”. Only, having friens of all kind can’t simply meen you are a nice and open person? Anyone else feels this “scientific study” was essntial in his life?

  26. Linda

    i think thats totally not true!!!!only if someone have got friends lesbians or gays does not mean that i am gay or lesbian too!!!thats so wrong to say something like that!!!!and so what!!!if he is gay thats not our business!!!he can live his life in the way he wants!!!
    :)leave the guy alone!!!!


    I totally agree with Linda. LET WENTY ALONE!!!!

  28. Rollanda

    But that’s what yael said: Having friends of all kind (gay or whatever) can simply meen that you are an open mind person. In that sense – the old saying is not so wrong. I have friends of all kind, I really never cared much about their sexuallity, and I think it does say something about me. I simply consider myself as a very open mind person, nothing more.

  29. So Sad

    Reading some comments I feel the need to repeat my opinion: WENTWORTH EARL MILLER III has surely more sense of humor than a lot of his fans…

    WFW I love you! You know, I’m a female but I have a lot of lesbian friends!

  30. Wentworth Miller

    Thank you, ladies, for sharing your concern and many deep thoughts.

    One thing though, kindly leave the exclamation mark key be.

    It is very annoying.

  31. Well, fuck me straight! Wentworth’s caught the gay. How wonderful. He’s definitely got that “I’m fucking another man” glow in the second pic – Y/Y?

  32. notthedoctor

    How on Earth did I see it before NOW???
    I’m flabbergasted! (:O)
    Thank you I.D.I.O.T.S.!!!

    Please, WFW, keep us updated on their next study publication. I’d love to know if having stupid friends makes one STUPID.

  33. BB

    Im in. I have gay friends (male) and when im with them i want penis!

  34. BB

    *skips away singing it’s fun to stay at the ymca*

  35. Krissie

    I’d love to know if having stupid friends makes one STUPID.

    I want to know that too cuz… Well, let’s not point fingers now.

  36. Shinodan

    Guess who was right!

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