Frappuccinos Cause Gorgeousness

“They may add a few pounds to your mid section but Frappuccinos also cause gorgeousness,” Sugar Colonic reports. “Just look at Wentworth Miller! I mean, before Fraps, he was just that guy from that video and now he’s a GOD!”

Without Frap:

With Frap:

You decide.



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19 responses to “Frappuccinos Cause Gorgeousness

  1. miz brisvegas

    Wow! I knew caffeine had benefits!

    *chugs Fraps by the bucket load*

  2. Krissie

    Oh Frappuccinos totally make him a god and now Starbucks is cashing it in!
    See for yourself!

  3. gypsiee

    See …. I knew you’d post the handcuffs …. hEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

  4. LadyN

    Uh! uh! *raises hand* I say the secound! 😀 cuz along with the frapp you get hancuffs, a dirty tee and a fiiiinnneee asssss Wentsmirk! YUM!

    Oh! and yes, like I’ve said before and will always say… 😉

  5. Wentworth

    Whipped Cream…yummie,yummie….I could suck it from the can!!

  6. LadyN

    Uh! uh!…suck it off of me WENT!!!! *lifts shirt over face* 😀

  7. NotWentworth

    That’s more interesting than the previous scientific study. As I’m extremely ugly, I’ll immediately go to take a Frappuccino !

  8. Mink

    LOL! Not entirely sure that ‘After’ pic is the best demonstration of the rejuvenating properties of Frappes, WFW, but as long as you like it… 😉

  9. Now come on ladies let’s be honest. I love frapps like no body’s business, but that man could drink straight out the toilet for the next year, starbucks be damned, and still be the Hottest MOFO on the PLANET! I love you went!

  10. Juma

    I wonder if Wentworth tastes like frappuccinos…
    Yummy! Wentppuccino!

  11. fuushi

    I say:Went, not without a Frappuccino, but maybe without the sunglasses … the hat … the shirt … the
    *starts dreaming*

  12. Anonymous

    @ Juma 3.30am

    LMAOff! There should be an experiment done so we know for sure. I’m sure all it’ll take is one looooooong lick …

    *raises hand to volunteer*

  13. Van

    AHahahhahaah Wentppuccino!
    Bless the Frapps for their benefits *bow*

    *thinking that she wants to lick went now*

    Btw, WFW it’s good to see you posting girl 😛

  14. Eshna

    Good one Juma, Wentppuccino, I love it!
    If Starbucks knows what’s good for them they would start the ad campaign immediately! I’m sure Went would be delighted to be featured in an ad campaign for a starbucks frappacino named in his honor. That would mean lovely, glorious Wentpics of him sipping happily and looking delicious. I’m getting chills just thinking about it!

    *thinking of slowly licking Wentppuccino flavored whipped cream off Went* Yummie!

  15. Eshna

    sorry, meant frappuccino

  16. Do you want an autographed Went`s picture?

  17. notthedoctor

    LAMO & NATO @ Krissie!!!

    WOW! I’d order that Frappuwent everyday if I could get my hands on it!


  18. BB

    *runs quickly to the nearest starbucks*

    In order to

    A. Meet Wentworth (it could happen…)
    B Not look like that in 10 yrs time.

  19. gem uk

    wtf av u done to wents boodiful face? tht man will never grow old,he’ll b 4ever young and handsome.
    my god im stupidly in love,get a grip woman 😦
    yeah id love to right round his glorious manhood haha

    please stop with the whole gay thing,he jst isnt x

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