The Color Beige is No More

Everyone, I have some very sad news: The color beige was outlawed today in a unanimous ruling by the Fashion Police of America. We will now go to the color beige’s biggest supporter for a reaction…

*holding up a lighter*



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48 responses to “The Color Beige is No More

  1. Bel

    Poor Went! What is he going to wear now?

  2. Bel

    Hey, I know!


  3. fuushi

    Yeah, NOTHING!
    great idea

  4. LadyN

    Went, cheer up darlin’…there’s always light brown. πŸ™‚

  5. Krissie

    *holding up a lighter*
    My heart goes out to Went.

    My evil laugh goes out to Beigette.

  6. WFW


  7. Beige

    Breaking news:
    Wenthworth Miller has been granted asylum in the autonomous republic of BOOB (Bedroom Of Omnipotent Beige).

    Know it and weep, bitches!

  8. Wentworth

    BEIGE!!!…..that’s the shade of my penis.

  9. Juma

    Wentworth! You tease!
    Talking about your penis to us horny fans!

  10. Darci

    Went darling, don’t cry…there is cream and mocha!


    wentworth CHANGE YOUR NAME!!!!! please

  12. Linda

    red suits him fucking good!!!!

  13. LadyN

    Hey, Antoinette, are you by any chance an employee of the “I.D.I.O.T’s”?

    …just curious. πŸ™‚

  14. Fashion Police

    I never knew I had so much power:)

  15. I think he looks hot in black. Classy sexy.

  16. Jen

    Agree with you babe1973. Black looks sexy on him.

  17. Beige&Proud

    I totally agree with Antoinette. Wentworth is a stupid name. He should change it.

  18. Krissie


  19. Thanks Jen. I am glad to see other girls seeing how hot he looks in black.
    Lol @ Beige&proud.

  20. ilurvemv

    Buuuuuuuuuuut bucket hats and brown shoes are still okay, right? πŸ˜‰

    Oh heck, the boy could wear overalls made from discarded banana peels and he’d still be the hottest thing evah!

  21. I thought his name was Worthington…? *confused*

    Well, since beige is out, I think he should start dressing like a big flaming rainbow. Numerous shades of red and blue and green and orange and yellow and LOADS of purple….all together. People will instantly get happy when they see him coming down the street. Cuz really, who doesn’t love a rainbow?

  22. faraday

    That would be the distinct choice of the creme, the bone, the white, the off-white, or the ivory, now that the beige is no more.

    Wenty shaped cookies to anyone who knows the reference πŸ˜‰

    But Wenty in nothing is fine by me. :D:D

  23. notthedoctor

    I looooove RAINBOWS!!
    but do you know what I like more than Rainbows?



    But you knew that.
    What ROCKS have to do with Beige and Wentworth, you ask!


    Who needs Beige when they have ROCKS! And they go with everthing.

  24. LOL @ a-jizzle. I remember in the beginning of Prison Break… I never knew his name right. Took me some time to memorize it.

  25. ROCKS, FTW!!! I’ma go grab my fingerpaints and some ROCKS and get to painting. Then I’ma send Wellington a box of rainbow rocks so he can accessorize properly. Mmm hmmm.

    Seriously, is it Wellington or Worthington?

  26. fatsurfer

    It’s Wentington Worthington. Hummmm, you’re not a real fan as me.

  27. Krissie

    It’s Wellington in Australia and Worthington everywhere else. Duh.

  28. Lily

    Isn’t there a dish called Beef Wellington? Anyways I think it would be good for Went to wear more colors.

  29. Spiderfan

    Yep, that’s true :

    There’s new pictures of Wentington here :

    He is in a new situation, never seen before and without beige.
    1/He walks in the street.
    2/He’s in a airport.
    3/He takes a frappuccino.

    More than one answer may be correct at the same time.

  30. AJ, would those rainbow rocks be in ‘pride’ colours??

    I think they should be πŸ˜‰

  31. Thanks for the clarification, Kris. I knew I could count on you. πŸ˜‰

    And MT, course they’re gonna be pride colors…to match his new amazing technicolor dream wardrobe. *imagining Worthington skipping down the sidewalk in his new multicolored outfits sipping on sugar in the form of crappucinos. Mmmm* Sounds magically delicious, no?

    *whispering* Taste the rainbow…

  32. Krissie

    *imagining Worthington skipping down the sidewalk in his new multicolored outfits sipping on sugar in the form of crappucinos. Mmmm*

    Worst mental image ever! Of Worthington blended into one with Donny Osmond in his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat singing gayly in the desert!

  33. BWAHAHAHAHA Kris! Seriously, if Worthington wore that every day, i would return to this fandom.

    I want to see Michael Scofield going for revenge wearing that ensemble. Then PB will be back to its former glory, Y/Y?

  34. Krissie

    Y, FY!

    Say to Beige: never more!
    Rainbow is the way to go!

    Say to Beige: never more!
    Rainbow is the way to go!

    *marching with conviction*

  35. And now I need to see Went come out of the closet, with gusto, singing the lyrics “I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain….”

    Would be fabulous, no?

  36. Krissie

    Beige = closet.
    Rainbow = out & proud. And singing, apparently.

  37. notthedoctor

    BRAVO! All I say is BRAVO!
    I love all the enthousiasm, but I need to make something clear.

    *clears voice*


    end of statement.

    ps: I’m not sure about the sexuality of colorful Rocks though.

  38. Dannie

    You guys are bent, I love it. I agree with ilurvemv Wenty would look hot in anything, personally I like the bucket hat and brown shoes, nothing says Went like a bucket hat. A little colour every now and then wouldn’t hurt.

  39. Van

    Let’s spicy it up….I go for Red Hot!

  40. Linda

    u know what!!!i think the best he would look wearing NOTHING!!!!!!!!: )

  41. BB

    *sings* I can see a rainbow see a rainbow, see a rainbow toooooooo

    Loves it, whether it be Wellington, Worthington, Wentworth or not the Wentworth (*cough* Antoinette) Its RAINBOW FTW!

    And Kris I love yr fun side!

  42. Krissie

    Awww BB!

    I let it out to play when there are fun people to play with!

    Okay, that was off topic so…
    Say to Beige: never more!
    Rainbow is the way to go!

    Say to Beige: never more!
    Rainbow is the way to go!

  43. Darci

    Went in beige= closet
    Went in rainbow= gay
    Went wearing nothing= my lucky day

  44. antoinette

    to ladyN=>No I don’t want to be your colleague.

  45. LadyN

    bwahahaha. Hey Look! Antoinette made a funny. I guess she does have a sense of humor after all. *claps*

    …you should use it more offen. *nods*

    But remember, I’m in AA recovering right across the street from you. *waves from the window* πŸ˜€

    It’s ok everyone, at ease…SHE HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR!!! *relief*

    ::back to your regular programming::

  46. antoinette

    what? you think that I haven’t a sense of humor?well I have a sense of humour but it’s FRENCH.

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