Wentworth Miller going to Germany?


My favoritest German teenie mag BRAVO presents the return of ‘on duty Went’ on the 3rd of May. They seem pretty sure he will indeed attend their “Super Show” in Nuremberg since they announced it in their latest issue.

There’s also talk of him being in Cologne on May 6th.

Germans, Get that stalking equipment ready…

Thanks satinfee!



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19 responses to “Wentworth Miller going to Germany?

  1. fuushi

    Wow! It would be cool, if he´d be in Germany. In Nürnberg (where the Bravo Super Show will be), there are not so many places/hotels where stars normally stay. Good chances to see Went!!!!!
    I am so excited!!
    The show will air on Sunday May 4th, 20:15 German time (=Greenwich time +1h) on RTL II. As far as I know, you can watch that channel on the internet, too.
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  2. Van

    WOW fuushi!
    OMG…he is coming to Europe again.
    I hope German get ready for our boy!
    Good luck!
    Any chance that we can have the link to that channel broadcast Fuushi?

  3. fuushi

    Try: http://www.rtl2.de/13829.html
    It´s the ad for the RTL II Supershow.
    I´ll also try to record the show and maybe I can link you to it and/or the part in which Wentworth is in.
    Lots of Love from Germany.
    P.S. I´ll call a good friend of mine, who´s a big fan of Went and happens to live in Cologne …

  4. ste

    yes,it’s true!!!i’m an italian fan and i know for sure that he is coming to europe-germany!!!

  5. Simone

    Yeah Baby, we are waiting for you :-))

  6. Linda

    lucky Germany!!!come & visit me to i live in Europe- Latvia!!waiting 4 u hottie!!!

  7. Yes, Wentworth will be in Germany on 3rd May on the Bravo Supershow in Nürnberg.

    You can read more here : http://www.wentworthmiller.de/thread.php?threadid=1297

    and here:

    It´s in english – International Area Wentworth Miller VIP Fanclub Germany

  8. just me...

    YOUHOU… 😀

    I’m going to see him in Germany this weekend!!! 😉

  9. miz brisvegas

    Yey! Hopefully this means fresh interviews and fresh photo ops!

    Ja, das ist gut!

  10. Juma

    Fresh news and pics of Wentworth!? YAY!
    I’m drooling already…

  11. shortstuff

    as much as i love a went photo-op.. WHY WONT YOU COME TO CANADA?!

    *sobbing uncontrollably*

  12. Van

    THanks Fuushi!
    I hope you can record the part where our boy appears! 😉
    Go go go go …..
    You lucky German girls, good luck on the “hunt” 😛
    Went if you ever read this:

  13. Dannie

    Not to be greedy but it’s been at least 16 months since his been here, come back Went, Australia misses you or is that just me? I was indisposed on your last visit and was unable to make it to Sydney, but Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley are beautiful places, consider this an official invite.

  14. Chainjix

    The Pretty seems rather fond of Europe..
    Well, I can’t think of a better thing for him to do than do a “Went-rope”(hmm, came out naughtier than I intended..) tour – visiting all the European countries and blessing the fans with his presence.

    And with “blessing with presence” I don’t mean a wave with hand out of a hotel room window. I mean real hardcore porn-like meetings eye-to-eye (or rather any other body parts).

    As for the invitation to good ol’ Latvia – I am prepared to cancel all my plans for the good of kidnapping him if he ever comes 😀

  15. milana

    does anyone know where exactly online you can watch the show?


  16. BB

    Any Germans willing to put a very small english girl up?

  17. Rosi

    *jealous at the germans* lol

  18. SavMed

    He’s like… the Pope, right? Only, he could get laid, if he wanted to with his fans…

  19. Susa

    Yay! It’s true – he is in the Bravo Super Show and we can watch him on sunday on TV: http://www.bravo.de/online/render.php?render=13042

    Or meet him in Nürnberg 😀

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