Wentworth Miller Moves to Korea

To be closer to his shrine



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8 responses to “Wentworth Miller Moves to Korea

  1. Krissie

    All I can think of now is: poor guy all the way on the right, he’s apparently so stupid he doesn’t know what “Turn to the right, everyone!” means.

  2. Juma

    Are those his roomates in Korea?

  3. Van

    I would steal that Went French Cafe ad and put it in my living room!
    Then BF would kick me out, aAHhaahhahahaha

    I guess that Korean guy feels powerfull holding that cup next to Went, lol.
    But why is he offering his ass to Went?!

  4. Linda

    lmfao!!!just like always went looks damn good!!!!good is not the right word . i wanted to say fuckin good!!!!!!!!someone for 100% will steal that went french cafe !!!!for sure!!!i would!!!!: ))))i am a bad girl!!

  5. miz brisvegas

    Hey, buddy! Don’t you know the proper way to greet a god is by genuflecting?!

    Get down on your knees, boy, and say AMEN!

  6. Jedi

    Where can I get me a life-sized cardboard cut out of the most gorgeous guy to ever sell coffee? He sure as hell beats the Nabob guy!

  7. BB

    Is that guy mad? Why have ur photo taken next to a sex god? U are just asking to make urself look very very bad.

  8. Jen

    I need to find some way to sneak that life size poster home!! I wonder if anyone will steal that home.

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