Wentworth Miller gets a New T-Shirt

And vows to never take it off


pic by Evelyn (I miss you)



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28 responses to “Wentworth Miller gets a New T-Shirt

  1. Linda

    yeah looks kinda cute!!!!black would look better!!!it’s written there NEVER.TAKE.IT.OFF.
    u know what!!!i think he should take it off, because i want to see his sexy body!!!!!!!!!!!!take it off!!!!!: )

  2. Eshna

    That’s right baby, don’t ever take it off… unless you prefer to be naked. I think even WFW will make a concession for that!

  3. Krissie

    And he tucks it in a little. Pointing the way, methinks.

  4. Chainjix

    He sure does have a sort of determined expression on his face..
    Oh, we all know we want him to take it off t-a-t, but I bet he’ll never wear other t-shirts πŸ˜‰

  5. Rosi

    OMG!The best outfit ever!

    mmmm sexeyyyyy

  6. notthedoctor

    Wentworth ROCKS the WFW t-shirt!!!

  7. agnieshka

    awful shirt ever!

  8. Beige

    Is there a message on the back of the t-shirt?
    Bet there is…

    Probably “Back off, Bitches.”

    Now that would explain the expression on Wents face, WFW.

  9. shortstuff

    AHAHA i love it!

  10. miz brisvegas

    Wowee! Nice shirt, Went!

    And, my, my, my – what a biiiiig … erm, … wallet you have! I couldn’t help noticing …

    @ Beige 8.19pm: LMAOff!

  11. Jen

    The shirt will look fantastic with a black tone. Sexy, I’d say Haha!

  12. SavMed

    Hell yeah.

  13. darc

    is it real like does he really have that t-shit did you sned it to him hahah prob the biggest and sillyest question but im dumb so hahahha

  14. Linda279

    waiting 4 him to be in the chatbox again!!!!i can see that he have got big wallet in his pocket!!!maybe full of money!!!

  15. LadyN

    …and look! It ain’t beige!

    Though, I wonder if he has it in a wife beater…


  16. Cool WFW very cool!!

  17. antoinette

    In an interview Perez Hilton said again that Wentworth Miller is gay. I think that is true and I forgive Wentworth Miller’s lies. I hope that other fans will do the same.
    There are worse things in life

  18. WFW

    I saw it.

    Gay or not, he’s still Went and the subject is over-emphasized in my opinion. Sexuality is just a part of who someone is and while I can understand why it would be highlighted when dealing with issues surrounding discrimination (and I am NOT saying a gay person should not be just as proud of their sexuality as anyone else although I don’t often think of how proud I am that I like dick, I realize I’m not in the minority so I couldn’t begin to really understand what it’s like to be a gay person), it’s just another thing. Multi-racial, private, polite, obstinate, gorgeous, deliberate, gay (maybe), tall, etc. When we all stop worrying so much about it, maybe tolerance will follow. Power to the people.

  19. Beige

    @ Antoinette 1:36:

    Are you WFW’s evil twin?
    Or are you the good twin?

    I can’t figure it out.

    But then I can’t figure out why anyone would read anything by or about Perez Hilton either. That creature is filth. If you read Perez Hilton you support his mean, vicious, smearing of people way more deserving of celebrity than his “I-gave-the-butt-a-face” appearance.

    Who cares what Went is humping as long as he is getting some.
    Bless you all.

    *getting off the soapbox and heading out for fresh air*

  20. WFW

    But then I can’t figure out why anyone would read anything by or about Perez Hilton either.

    4 words: Wentworth Miller Google Alert

  21. Beige

    @ WFW

    I hear you.
    Wentdeprivation causes a constant craving.

  22. antoinette



  23. Juma

    ooooooh! He looks sexy in that shirt!

  24. Cheeks

    I would love to take it off

  25. Van

    Wow! He’s a fan too!

  26. Mama Bear

    Well, would you look at that…he’s making a statement without saying a word. πŸ˜‰

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