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Wentworth Fans For Charity Project Update

Charity Project Update – May 22, 2008

We are pleased to announce that the amount raised by the project during April was $5,450. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who donated. This money will help save a lot of young lives.

Wentworth has also made his promised donation of $5,000, and of course we would like to extend our thanks to him for this.

For anyone who wishes to make their donation in time for Wentworth’s birthday, remember that you have until June 2nd to do so. Please go to the main project website to donate. Anyone who wishes to leave a birthday message for Wentworth as part of their donation can do so at either the LiveJournal or MySpace sites, or at any of the affiliated sites offering this service. We will make sure that these messages are passed on to him.

Also, a reminder that the LJ and MySpace sites have updates posted on an ongoing basis.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the project so far. Let’s keep up the momentum and make this project the greatest possible success.

***UPDATE: A Happy Birthday blog post for Wentworth can now be found on the UNICEF U.S. website.  Thanks Alisa!


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He’s Got Legs

And he knows how to use them.

Sheer Energy Leeeeeeeeeeeegs *ahem*

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Wentworth Miller in New York City, WFW is not

Is that Wentworth Miller in New York City for the FOX Upfronts THIS year? Is it? Really?

Yes, yes it is. One year too late…


Thanks Mink.




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Wentworth Miller Makes Rock Star Red Carpet Appearance in Germany

And this headline is REAL! HA!

He looks HOT! I am totally in HOT Went appearance overload. A few more times of showing up places looking like this and I just might stop teasing him about his “every day wear.” Oh Went, I love you…


Thanks wildchild!

UPDATE #2: And here’s an album of fan pics from Germany

Thank you Giulia and Mink!

UPDATE #3: Went is the fucking man…

UPDATE #4: Jared has HQ pics, enjoy! And yes, I am STILL posting on a weekend. If Went can show up then dammit, so can I!



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The return of the chick that doesn’t give head

It’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about b/c it might actually make the MiSa freaks TOO happy and since you simply NEED a place to talk Prison Break, you know that show that has lost its way (and this season, I will make no more excuses for it), here you go. Because this pic was the visual representation of my feelings about resurrecting the dead (no matter how beloved the character by some and here’s a rant that doesn’t belong: If you REALLY want to bring back a dead and beloved character, try KELLERMAN for fucks sake…), I decided to post it and open up the comments to Prison Break related musings.

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