The return of the chick that doesn’t give head

It’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about b/c it might actually make the MiSa freaks TOO happy and since you simply NEED a place to talk Prison Break, you know that show that has lost its way (and this season, I will make no more excuses for it), here you go. Because this pic was the visual representation of my feelings about resurrecting the dead (no matter how beloved the character by some and here’s a rant that doesn’t belong: If you REALLY want to bring back a dead and beloved character, try KELLERMAN for fucks sake…), I decided to post it and open up the comments to Prison Break related musings.

But first, a question: Now that your beloved Sara is back, MiSa freaks, where the hell are you? Last season there were petitions, website shutdowns and all kinds of drama and now, she’s back! Why are none of you saying “YES! I told you so! They listened! We won!” Have you all given up the hope that the rest of us would gladly give up too (that Prison Break will once again be watchable) if it weren’t for the fact that Prison Break is STILL the only way to get any Weekly Went (or any Went at all for that matter)?

When they cut off Sara’s head (and I laughed b/c not only was it a Se7en rip off, it was hilarious), some said the show jumped the shark but I propose that bringing back the headless horseman (AGAIN! She was supposedly dead in Season 1 too lest we forget, although her story line in Season 2 did make sense) is actually doing that…UNLESS we get a hot sex scene with an AT LEAST semi-naked and a fully tatted Went (not a double) out of this. IF WE DO, all shall be forgiven, IF IT’S DONE RIGHT. I don’t want any hint of chastity, no angst (well maybe a little), no holding back (which should be completely doable now that SWC is no longer preggers and puking based on the great chemistry in Season 1). I want hardcore (well as hardcore as network TV will allow), passionate, I-haven’t-had-sex-since-I-first-went-to-Fox- River (and Sara’s enthusiasm should ALSO say “neither have I”)-blow-your-motherfucking-back-out-I- can’t-get-enough-of-you sex. Now if you must muddy it up with some love and shit (“It was real” was actually sweet), I’ll take it but it BEST be hot or I am going to talk about you. Hell, we still have only one MiSa sex scene to date and I wrote that shit myself (Disclaimer: I don’t read PB fanfic, unless it’s Slash, so I’m sure it’s not the only one in the world but in the Universe of Me (UM), it is the only one).

My general consensus: We were too hard on Season 2. Season 1 was so good it spoiled us FOREVER and then the 2nd season came and we wanted perfection we didn’t get but Season 2 was actually good (looking back). However, there are no words for the suckiness that was Season 3 which with the exception of a few episodes that stick out in my mind for specific reasons (I remember liking Fire/Water, the ep where they finally get out was pretty well done, and of course, the unboxing in Good Fences), I like to pretend just never. fucking. happened. I didn’t even watch the whole damn season as evidenced by the lack of Live-blogging as the season wore on (Awww remember when Live-Blogging was FUN?).

Let’s face it, there’s only going to be a Season 4 b/c FOX has nothing else. But there is hope (hope you say?), of sorts, and that hope is sex, yes sex. The reason this very blog exists in the first place (b/c I want to fuck Went, it ain’t a secret), the thing that brings people into the world, the thing that SELLS. If you can’t successfully keep me interested in the story alone (and there are only so many govt plots and prison breakouts on the SAME DAMN SHOW that I can watch without wondering if death would be better), give me sex, glorious sex…The kind of sex that won Halle that Oscar. If the Season 2 finale of Grey’s Anatomy can do it, so can you. MAKE. IT. COUNT.

GIVE US THE LONG AWAITED AND HIGHLY OVERDUE HOT TO DEATH (maybe literally! HA! Sex so good it pops your head back off) SEX SCENE ALREADY and perhaps Sara wearing a thick black ribbon choker all season…at least it would be funny. Thoughts?

Boy when I start to ramble…



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32 responses to “The return of the chick that doesn’t give head

  1. LadyN

    What’s prison break?


  2. Beige

    “The return of the chick that doesn’t give head”

    The way PB deteriorated in S3, “Chick returns and does give head” is a real and scary possibility.

    Adds a whole new dimension to “Dick in a box”.

  3. SavMed

    “I want hardcore (well as hardcore as network TV will allow), passionate, I-haven’t-had-sex-since-I-first-went-to-Fox- River (and Sara’s enthusiasm should ALSO say “neither have I”)-blow-your-motherfucking-back-out-I- can’t-get-enough-of-you sex.”

    *le sigh*

    A girl can dream.

  4. Geisha


  5. Eshna

    WFW I totally agree. There really is no excuse for bringing back a dead character, after a fucking beheading no less, especially when the PB writers always took the stance that when characters die on PB they actually die.

    The show is really beginning to stretch the believability limits to say the least (2, count em, 2 prison escapes!) and yet I love the show despite it. Maybe it’s the lingering glow from season 1 coupled with the weekly Went fix. I don’t know.

    Nevertheless the only purpose I can see to season 4 would be some sort of redemption for Micheal, redemption in the form of a MINDBLOWINGLY HOT SEX SCENE, or even better, MULTIPLE SEX SCENES, with full tats, between Micheal and Sarah. Full of all the pent up anger, frustration and desperation the characters must feel because of the situation they are in. It must not just be hot, it must be sizzling!Went has had enough reprieve from donning the ink. It’s time to give the people what they want dammit! After that they can sail off into the sunset or whatever. Just make it believable please.

    If that happens I’m pretty sure that fans will at least be placated with the lingering memory of naked tatoo covered Went skin. Otherwise God knows what we have to look foward to plot wise. There certainly cannot be anymore prison breaks. That would be ridiculous! But they may surprise us yet, you never know.

    While they’re at it they can even throw some action Linc’s way, since Dom has been complaining about his character’s lack of action for so long. Double dose!

  6. Krissie


    ‘Tis all. Cuz I can’t even begin to think about it seriously.

  7. Mink

    But first, a question: Now that your beloved Sara is back, MiSa freaks, where the hell are you? Last season there were petitions, website shutdowns and all kinds of drama and now, she’s back! Why are none of you saying “YES! I told you so! They listened! We won!”

    Are you kidding??? They have been saying that. All over the damn place. Just take a gander at the relevant threads at TWoP, or any of the MiSa sites. Me thinks, WFW, you haven’t been lurking in the right places. 😉

    As for the sex thing, I am totally with you that actual HOT sex, with much nekkid Went-skin and some actual fucking chemistry will = All Is Forgiven. However, I make the odds on this happening approximately 10,000/1. Any takers?

  8. ste

    the comeback of the poor dead!!that sounds terrible to me!!they can’t do that!!!i was hoping to see some hot sex scene beetween michael and gretchen!!!i mean,something really amazing!!!the writers have gone crazy or they’re really getting short of ideas….

  9. Dear Nick Santora,

    You are not Eric Kripke. Knock it off.


    P.S. If the sex is hot enough, I may be tempted to watch it on YooToob after it airs…maybe.

  10. hmb

    I totally agree WFW! Season one did spoil us rotten to anything of a lesser standard, and now that Sarah’s coming back… It raises possibilities. I don’t know why, but I feel like this may become a whole new show, like PB:Bonnie & Clyde. Except these two are runnin’ from the bad guys and not robbing people along the way.

    As far as the sex scenes go, I just hope they are full of passion and actually believable. Sarah the actress is really good, and I think she really helps the show, but these plot twists are getting really ridiculous. I agree with some of the other posters here- bringing back Sarah is VERY far fetched, even if it may help the show. Who knows? All we can do is wait, and hope there’s some good lovin’ to rescue some crappy plot twists.

  11. Jen

    Totally agreed too. I am so in love with season one that the rest of the seasons are quite disappointing since it wasn’t on par. The title Prison Break seem to have lost its significance with them breaking out. Not sure where the plot will carry off from Season 4.

    I’m glad Sara is back though. Time for some hot sex!! Or We’ll need to petition for it. Lol!

  12. miz brisvegas

    Yup – bring on the hot MiSa sex scene and don’t skimp on the baby oil!

    Seems like I’m the only one who loves all the episodes in all three seasons. Crappy plot twists and beheaded people giving head notwithstanding, it’s still W. Miller’s show!

  13. Kassie

    As a “MiSa freak,” let me address this issue:


    Sara’s coming back !!!!!!
    There will be sex!!!!!!!!

    You all must recognize this as fact: SHE WAS NEVER DEAD. It was a trick that Gretchen played on Dom, the not-too-bright brother. So go forward from there…suspend disbelief…keep a change of panties handy…

    If anyone wants to start a petition for hot, well-lit MiSa sex with tats, I will gladly sign my name to it over and over again. Over and over again…*heh heh heh*

  14. Juma

    WORD WFW! You said it all.

  15. Linda279

    if there won’t be sex then whats the point 4 Sarah coming back???Ridiculous!!!!sex or Sarah out!!!!!!

  16. LadyN

    Sara HAS to some back if we want sex. Micheal won’t do it with another women. He’ll have to get to know the other women…date her…move in together…buy her chocolates and flowers…a burrito…blah blah (of course all this while on the run)…

    He’s loyal. He’s a gentleman…’member?! 😉

  17. Linda279

    yeah!!!that’s really the way he is!!!!gentleman!!!!but gentlemans wants to have sex too!!!or maybe i am wrong?

  18. ilurvemv

    You all do realize that the show is on Fox, right? Not HBO? Heck, not even Fx! Major networks are total wussies and will never show hot sex.

    Kellerman = no body shown = not dead.

  19. bananne

    What a speech 😉

  20. just me...

    I realise that I’m the one here who really love all the three saison episod!!!!

    I’m absolutly not happy that they bring Sara back! She’s dead, let her be!!
    And nooo I don’t want sex scene on the show!!

    It’s Prison Break…I need to see the revanche of Michael. I need to know the other side of Michael(and what can Wentworth do) not the sex side, but the evil side!!!

  21. WFW

    Evil is good. I also vote for evil.

  22. Cheeks

    I’m also not happy that Sara is back. Her head was severed, we all saw that, now why the hell bring her back??? I agree with WFW, we need to see that tattoo in season 4, we are deprived. Seeing that tatoo means we see his chest more…..Sara is boring, we need a freak in season 4. I think I don’t like her for the fact that she got to kiss the pretty.

  23. Van

    Well I actually think that Kellerman will make his return on the next season. I was hopping he would return on PB3, though. Kellerman should come has a savior or has a “company guy”. It would give new emphasis to the show.

    As for MISA, I was one of the followers of their romance, but I don’t think Sara deserves Michael. All she does is talk and kiss. I mean, she never even jumped over him ONCE?!?! All that talk and kiss thing got me really bored.
    SEX, people, we want sex!
    Now bringing Sara from the dead is really not a smart move (?!) It will break the context of the show’s continuance.
    What happens if Sara comes back?
    Epi 1 – Sara returns and Michael stops chacing Gretchen;
    Epi 2 to Epi 22 – Michael and Sara in bed all day!

    And if we are ressurecting old characters….let’s bring Twener, because poor guy was shot in the back…wait, no…it was all a fake, he is still alive and he is gonna kill Mahone in the next season. This is the way writers are thinking. They should leave Sara subject closed.
    Sara is dead and now Michael is hunting Gretchen…who can bring more action to the show.
    Angry Mike should RAEP (rape, lol) Gretchen and then punish her like she deserves it…lol
    OK….At least if Sara will indeed return PLEASE LET THERE BE A SEX SCENE BETWEEN MIKE AND SARA, for our sake!



    So in conclusion, for the next season:
    – Kellerman can return;
    – The tat must come back;
    – Linc can fuck Sofia (that would be interesting too);

    And one (or more) of the following sex scenes:
    – Sara can return ONLY IF she bends over for Michael (please PB people, don’t forget to include that note on her contract);
    – Gretchen can be raep by Mike;
    – Michael’s wife returns and they get laid;

    Although I liked season 3 my favorite is still season 1. 🙂

  24. Rose

    Sara can come back only as someone for Mike to fuck!

    You see Wentworth Miller said that the potential “Molly” was a bullshit idea because It has only been, what 1 week since Sara died and for Michael to move on from Sara that fast would be direspectful and unrealistic. Good one Went!

    So the writers have gone,”well fuck now how are we gonna make those fan girls happy with a sex scene oh lets bring back the headless Doc.”

    If you were SWC would you come back?
    I guess if you had Wentworth Miller dangled infront of you, you would!

  25. Kassie


    “If you were SWC would you come back?
    I guess if you had Wentworth Miller dangled in front of you, you would!”

    WORD, lady!


  26. Bleh.

    You’re all grossly missing the point of PB.

    the reason there has never been sex in it before, is because it’s really got anything to do with the storyline.

    Plus it would look like a sad attempt to please the MiSa fans, which would fail…

    So i guess it really only appeals to people who get high of WM… good luck guys…

  27. just me...

    I agree with you Bleh. !

    It’s really sad what they intend to do to attract the attention of people who drop it!

    And we in all that?
    I have watching the show since the first episode and looks forward to the season 4!
    But the return of Sara doesn’t make me happy!!

  28. LadyN

    So i guess it really only appeals to people who get high of WM…good luck guys…

    If Went was a huge blunt….I’d sooooo smoke him. *smirk*

  29. Mama Bear

    “If Went was a huge blunt….I’d sooooo smoke him.

    LadyN, what do you mean if?

  30. shay

    I’m one of those who didn’t care for the return of sara either. But it was going to happen. If they do a sex scene, as long as it doesn’t cross the line into reality, i’m not bothered. Seems to me that the MISA fans really want WESA to happen in real life as well; forgetting that it’s all made up. Went has never called Sara anything more than a “good friend” and she has said that her life is “michael free; not wentworth free”. So they are friends and nothing more.
    Bringing back a beheaded character is a stupid idea but I also believe sarah w. callies could have did her last 13 scene’s and moved the hell on. I would have since the middle of season 2 was shot to hell. I understand being attached but her reaction was just rediculous. Then the writer’s strike happened and season 3 could have been the sara’s season. We wouldn’t have remembered anything else that year.
    Dominic deserve’s a sex scene with a hooker or something; sofia is such a “little girl” compared to the rest of the women on the show.

  31. LadyN

    Mama Bear
    May 20, 2008 at 6:05 am

    “If Went was a huge blunt….I’d sooooo smoke him.

    LadyN, what do you mean if?

    *4 months later* LMFAO!!! You’re right MB, what the fuck was i thinking?!

    I’d still puff him up if I had the chance. ONE CHANCE WENT, ONE!!!

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