Wentworth Miller Makes Rock Star Red Carpet Appearance in Germany

And this headline is REAL! HA!

He looks HOT! I am totally in HOT Went appearance overload. A few more times of showing up places looking like this and I just might stop teasing him about his “every day wear.” Oh Went, I love you…


Thanks wildchild!

UPDATE #2: And here’s an album of fan pics from Germany

Thank you Giulia and Mink!

UPDATE #3: Went is the fucking man…

UPDATE #4: Jared has HQ pics, enjoy! And yes, I am STILL posting on a weekend. If Went can show up then dammit, so can I!



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56 responses to “Wentworth Miller Makes Rock Star Red Carpet Appearance in Germany

  1. sonia

    I love went he’s so hot He’s so beautiful

  2. Juma

    ooooooh baby! Come to mama!

  3. You blogged on a Saturday? Fuck me.

  4. gypsiee

    I want the pics from that girl in the black T. She has the greatest ass shots there.

  5. Krissie


  6. Krissie

    *gets up*


  7. gypsiee

    Mr.Mr. has taken the naughty schoolboy look to the next level. This is where the slutty detention teacher undo’s her top 4 buttons on her shirt revealing hot pink and black lace. “You’ve been a naughty naughty boy Mr. Miller” She stands (hands on hip) in front of the erring student. He looks up …………………

    Sorry I forgot where I was.
    Rushes to Krissie with some vodka. Water wont help hun, now.

  8. wildchild

    I’m still hyperventilating, and it’s been a couple of hours now.

  9. bananne

    That is so not true, he is finally coming to Germany, looking sooooooo hot and happy and I am not there??

    Not fair, just not fair 😦

    But I’m glad for my fellow Wentaholics – post your close ups!! 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    So. Jealous. Of. The. Germans. Right. Now.

    Hey, German Girls! We want fan encounters write ups PRONTO!!!

  11. chicabell

    I wanna sop him up with a biscuit …. yummy

  12. LadyN

    Oh my…..

    I could seriously punch him square in the face if I was close….and totally let him punch me back.

    …. *feeling faint* Oh, just when I was normal again….

  13. sdg1844

    He looks very happy and 80’s in that black tie, white shirt and black pants. I dig that.

  14. shortstuff

    its not fair.
    i want one. 😦

  15. Erika

    Fuck.me.dead! He looks so god damn beautiful. I heard he won the award for male of 2007. They should actually change that to male of the century.

  16. SavMed

    I’d kiss every inch of his body. Tie him up. Tight. Fuck him hard….

    OK, now back to doing the dishes…

  17. Zoe

    You can leave the tie on.

  18. Linda279

    lucky lucky Germany!!!!!i am so fucking jealous!!!!!:)

  19. Linds

    *regarding MORE PICS* How does one become a professionaly brow wiper? Can I apply online?

  20. Mink

    Did somebody say ‘Rock Star’?

  21. Mink

    And Jared kindly found those WENN agency pics for us, and posted them without those irksome watermarks and in gorgeous HQ:


  22. shelley

    Now wait just a damn minute! Why doesn’t he seem quite as happy here at home? I guess here he’s not winning any awards or being applauded and screamed at for 2 minutes, but we love him too! Throw us a bone Miller!

  23. SavMed

    The third update should come with a warning. So loud. But “Guten Tag” never sounded prettier.

  24. WFW

    Shelley, I have long ago given up on the idea of him looking that happy, if he even shows up to shit, in the United States of America. That sad realization causes me physical pain. Thanks for bringing that up again! I’m off to kill myself…

  25. Jedi

    WFW, if he ever shows up to an event in North America, maybe seeing your bling buckle would cheer him up instantly?

  26. just me...

    I’m so happy to see him and so in love of course!!!

  27. Jan

    Oh Went, can I be your baby mama? Pleaseeee?

  28. Hm…wonder how much that towel’s goin’ for on E-bay…

  29. Cheeks

    Lucky women

  30. Maria

    Went’s interview from red carpet and award show in better quality


  31. Eshna

    WFW these pics are proof that Mr. Miller listens to you! As I recall you did advise him in a little post titled “Oh My…” to wear the outfit pictured there to an event and Went is wearing almost exactly the same outfit here! Clearly you have power over The Pretty. Use it wisely.

    And yes… he does look HOT!

  32. Van

    naughty.old.school.boy look IS TURNING ME ON!
    Thanks Went, now I suffer from High Blood Pressure 😀
    I just wanna grab him by his tie and MUAH!

  33. Jen

    Gosh. I am gonna drop dead now from the hotness. Why am I not there beside him!!

  34. Anonymous

    anything you say about went is so little!there are no words strong enough to describe him.
    so…i won’t say anything because i’m saying everything

  35. Rosi



  36. Rosi


    Thank you WFW for the pics and the video.

  37. corinutz

    New interview with Went !

    obel hotel „ Bavarian court “ in Munich: Carelessly leaned back there sits Wentworth Miller on the couch of the suite 725 (1,951 euros the night). Some years ago still absolutely unknown, he plays since 2005 in the TV series „ Prison of break “ – and now enjoys already a status as a Hollywood star. BILD.de met the women’s dream to the interview

    His name provides for tongue twister, his appearance for Kreischanfälle. With this year’s „ Bravo! supershow “ on the past week-end got Wentworth Miller the ” golden Otto “ as a “Shooting star”. Also pop icon Mariah Carey found already once fallen in the pretty actor and engaged him in two her music videos (“It’s Like That” and “We Belong Together”).

    However, the role of his life is in the TV series „ Prison of break “. As a more enigmatically young man he proceeds in mortal danger to save his brother before the capital punishment. In the true life the 36-year-old is a winning gentleman. No miracle that the women to him lie worldwide at feet.

    BILD.de: How is it for you to be a sex symbol?

    Wentworth Miller (laughs): „ I have not counted on it! I thought that Dominic Purcell (plays his brother Lincoln, editor’s note.) the standard good-looker would be. But my character Michael is on noble mission, wants to save to his brother the life. I think that he arrives safely, so, so.

    BILD.de: would be you also so courageous in the true life?
    I would die for my love, no question. However, I do not think that I was so imaginative as he.

    BILD.de: Can you already say what it go on in ‘ Prison of break “?

    Wentworth: On the 20th May we start the shooting of the fourth relay. Michael will remeet somebody whom he has searched long. He will try to return in his life before the prison. Of course the conspiracy is further uncovered against his brother. “

    And how does it look in the matter of love? That knows only Wentworth Miller itself, because with this subject the man with the bedroom look nicest at the moment of Hollywood keeps himself overcast.

    You can also see it here: http://www.bild.de/BILD/entertainment/TV/2008/05/06/wentworth-miller/interview,geo=4460176.html
    but it is in german !

  38. fuushi

    Danke für das Interview! Es ist super!!

  39. LadyN

    uhhhhh pretty icons! ———————–>


    Back to Went….


    *hands on chin — sigh* I’d like to lick his teeth.

  40. just me...

    Does someone know if he still in Germany or if he is back to L.A?

    Um…yes LadyN, nice icons but I much more prefer it with the Wentworth face!! 😉

  41. corinutz

    Went says in this interview in a sweeden radio in March 2008:

    “When I have a son on my own I’ll think give him Wentworth as a middle name….”


  42. BJones

    I’m speechless! This must be the hottest outfit ever!
    But he could also wear a kilt afterall, I don’t care.
    Oh my god.
    Is there a doctor in the house??

  43. @ BJones

    I know of at least two doctors that tend to hang around here.
    They would have left long ago if they had been any good. They never seem to get any better.

    There is no cure for lust.

  44. Bel

    Lust is curable. Just not in a very nice way, O my brothers.


  45. fuushi

    What for?
    . . * . . . *
    .* ..*.*…..*

  46. LadyN

    Oh no,
    In what way Bel?! *really scared*

    Is it as bad as curing a rash?!
    It think we need a second opinion…

  47. BJones

    LadyN, I think it’s worse than that. *pesimistic look* Yeah, guys, we’re all gonna die of lust if we don’t do something. (Grrr, it’s all Went’s fault!!)

  48. Krissie

    Bel, a very wise song says:
    No medication can cure the lust
    So say a prayer for the sickly
    I buy it. And I’m praying to OLP.

  49. Anonymous

    when will he come out of the closet 36 and looked this hot and 3 years since he bursted into the spotlight no girlfriend. come out of your gay closet sweetie

  50. fuushi

    not again. i hate that discussion …

  51. miz brisvegas

    @ Anonymous 3:27pm —

    *yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn* Boring.

  52. Mama Bear

    What Went was thinking during his meet and greet:

    “Yeah, I’ve FINALLY made it…I’m bigger than The Hoff.”


  53. Maria

    Actually, speaking of Europe and gay, have you seen the pics at http://www.w-miller.net ->gallery from March 21st 2008, when he has dinner with ome friends in Italy?
    When he kisses the girls “goodby”?
    That is pure lust and longing in his eyes. He´s definitely not gay.

  54. Amaryllis

    Of course he’s gay, but thats ok

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