Wentworth Miller in New York City, WFW is not

Is that Wentworth Miller in New York City for the FOX Upfronts THIS year? Is it? Really?

Yes, yes it is. One year too late…


Thanks Mink.




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33 responses to “Wentworth Miller in New York City, WFW is not

  1. Mink

    Awww… WFW!

    It totally sucks that he’s there this year when you can’t make it. And we know the hotel and everything! 😦

    I am, however, very much enjoying that his beanie co-ordinates with his trench coat, and the stripe in the beanie co-ordinates with his shirt. I am still all overcome with Fashionable!Went.

    More pics at JJ if ppl want them:


  2. LadyN

    Ohhh noooo. What an asshole!

    You should soooo get even by flying to NY and punch him square in the face after you stomp on his stupid beige jacket…then take him down an alley with his beanie covering his face so he can’t see where you’re taking him and FINALLY have your way with him!!!


    He deserves it! >-|

  3. Krissie

    Count on Went to start matching colours just when we agree that rainbow is the new beige. *sigh*

    And Went, I want to bitch slap you for doing this. I mean, showing up – yay, but seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?! That’s not fashionably late, man!

  4. just me...

    Oooh he’s so beautiful!!

    I’m really happy to have his news, I miss him so much!!

    That said … I’d like to know what time the pictures of him was taking?!!..He looks so tired!!…Sweetheart I don’t know what you do whit your nigth, but you need to sleep!!

    Given the small eyes he does, he would certainly be very early or very late! 🙂

    WFW, you gonna have another opportunity to met him!! 😉

  5. SavMed

    It wasn’t meant to be! Fuck you Universe!

  6. SavMed

    *squats, hides behind a tree in fear of Universe kicking her ass*

    I am sometimes ashamed to call myself an atheist…

  7. hey all:
    my name is walaa…and your not allowed to talk about my love wenty like this(just kidden)its your openion and i cant change it.soimage your self ineasted of wentworth miller your actor you have lots of fans and wentworth was a normal guy that he is fan of yours or fan of another staar that he’s against you its just an example and he left a comment that it bothered you a lot and since then you dont trust in your self because you didnt do enough work to make for your self enough fans that will like destroy your hole career life that a way to destroy someon’s career lifether’s a lot of ways but some of actors stars or singers dont care about what people says about them and thats a great way to make people love them but a lot of them care and that Impact on the mental state and thats not good not just mental state thats will be something not good at all for him…so i hope you’ll undertsand me and thank you but if you didnt email me
    with love:
    walaa hijazi

  8. i love that went goes to new york when the show is waning and the upfronts are scaled back in a big way. oh well…

    hey WFW, didn’t I take that picture?

  9. WFW

    Oh Wentworth how you torture me…

    Oh and OD, You sure did!

  10. Twinkie76

    Hey WFW I’m so sorry to hear that you missed him again!! I know that you will get your chance and it will be magical 😉 If all else fails just go to the starbucks in LA near where they will be shooting and I guarantee you will see him there.

  11. God Damnit! What is it with that guy!!! AND WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BEANIE!!!!!

    Oh, and WFW… July you say…

  12. Linds

    WFW, when I read this today on JustJared, my heart hurt for you. 🙂

  13. DOC in France

    Calculating with the force of gravity, the Earth velocity, the air resistance, the acceleration of particles, the melting speed of a pink marshmallow at 360°F and the distance France-NYC, I estimate that my Rocket ROCKS will LYNCH Went in approximately… 3… 2… 1…



  15. Geisha

    Hell to the fucking no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. shortstuff

    :O how dare he?!
    as soon as i saw these pics i immediately thought of you… 😦
    NYC… so close, yet so far away..

  17. shortstuff

    might i add that i almost forgot how rediculously good looking amaury was with that scruff… rawr. cant say that trip was a total loss, can you.. 😛

  18. Jen

    Damn! That’s one year too late!

  19. G

    WFW I thought of you yesterday when I’ve read Wentworth at Upfront! But you didn’t miss nothing special, one of my friend was there and nobody of them interacted with the fans. They just saw him and the rest of the crew for a nano second. I hope you could have your occasion to meet him soon. Just have faith WFW. 😉

  20. Juma

    One year late… bastard!

  21. Kassie

    Gawd the man is beautiful…..

  22. fuushi

    Man, who bought him these nice clothes!!!
    I would not have thought, that he could improve in looking hot. But he did. Heaps.

  23. sortaobsessed

    WFW, sry you had to miss out. But I do believe someday you will meet him.

    Like someone else said, go to L.A. near where the film is shot and just chill at Starbucks. He WILL show up there. Trust me!

  24. TRAMPoline

    Oh please Went! One whole entire year late?! Be ashamed,Pretty,be very ashamed.I feel really sorry for you,WFW.I can imagine how badly you wanted to meet him (well,you know meet him,touch him,lick him and of course eventually fuck him) But you will get your chance someday.

    I actually wanted to tell you how much I *heart* this blog.I’m sure you hear this loads of times but I guess a girl can’t hear enough of that,right? You’re so fucking funny.And not just HaHa-Funny but Fall-Off-Your-Chair-And-Pee-Your-Pants-Funny!!And that’s really good.Believe me.Be proud 😀 *pats on the back*

  25. Bel

    Don’t count on my sympathy. You got to see Ammowrrrrry after all.

  26. anon ****

    nice pic..

  27. Mama Bear

    Wow, what a news flash…Went is still a fucking tease. *limply waving a solitary pom-pom*

  28. gypsiee

    So he’s just 1 revolution of the sun late….. Dnt worry hun. You’ll meet him for season 6.Return of Prison Break…… Michael Scofield travels in time to break Al Capone from Alcataz … and then every other season where he’ll travel in time to spring every known criminal known to mankind. And this is where I should shut up.

    Thank you ladies and any gentlemen present.

  29. gypsiee

    O look …. he’s in brown again. And checks. Gushing.

  30. BB

    Hey sexy mama was here.

    Poor WFW when will your hard fangirldom be appreciated?

  31. Maria

    @BB: I bet, after changing his style he will also change his attitude to his fans
    => one day (I always imagine a cloudy saturday morning – don´t ask my why) he will ring the bell at WFW´s door and ask for her allowance to thank her for beeing such a loyal fan und running such a good homepage. He will be a perfect gentleman (unfortunately) and will have a long chat with WFW on her couch having brought some coffee with him.
    *sees this scene very clearly*
    You deserve that WFW!
    I hope we get pics!!

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