He’s Got Legs

And he knows how to use them.

Sheer Energy Leeeeeeeeeeeegs *ahem*

Oh how I hate the Paps…

Hey you! Get a life buddy! !@#$%^&*(

*resigned sigh*

Well, if you must be here, a little something for the ladies…and the men.

Thank you for that Went. There’s nothing like waking up to a shot of your ass.

Thanks dinamite!



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49 responses to “He’s Got Legs

  1. Van

    I go away for one week and this is what I get on my return!
    Nhammmm nhammmm
    I wanna grab him by the legs like a little girl and never let him go…never ever…
    Those shaved/waxed legs are fucking my brains already…….
    *cold shower*

  2. just me...

    You can not imgine how I find nice a man who wears a short!
    But it’s even more beautiful when is Went who wears it!!!

    I like his style!!! 😉

    OoooOoh my God..he’s so sexy!!

    *I need a cold shower too*

  3. sarah

    Shame the shorts aren’t a little bit tighter (so we could see the ass in its full glory), oh well, never mind.
    I’ve just come home after a shitty day at work and now i’m feeling sooooooooo much better, thanks Went – looking beautiful as always!

    PS Nice legs!

  4. Anonymous

    his legs are not shaved

  5. fuushi

    yeah, Went (and WFW of course for posting this pics) made my day, too!
    And: He was wearing matching clothes -again!

  6. Jen

    That’s a rare sight. Thanks for posting up the pics. He should wear shorts more often so we could savor more of these.

  7. Krissie

    Yeah, he uses them to scare me.

  8. BJones

    Yummy! He’s the only guy in the universe that looks good in those shorts.

  9. Mink

    LOL, Van! His legs aren’t shaved or waxed – just as he has naturally hairless arms, he’s got naturally hairless legs. He really does have a lovely set of pins for a guy. *sigh*

    What am I saying? Of course he has lovely legs – he is the Perfect One. 😀

  10. LadyN

    I’d sooo love to rub some lotion on them puppies…see how much they can shine.

    *wearing sunglasses*

    Btw, naturally hairless?! He’s like a 12 year old boy—smooth like a baby’s ass!!! He’ll slip right off of yah!!! LOL!

    *cue the daydreaming*

  11. SavMed

    He’d make a nice ballerina. Strong, yet skinny legz.

  12. Eshna

    Ahh sexy Went legs. Definitely made my day too.

    Why does he have to look soooo sexy all the damn time. *sigh*

  13. Juma

    Only Went can make skinny legs so sexy!
    LOL! My first thought was that he shaved the legs too.

  14. sortaobsessed

    He looks mighty yummy!

  15. I bet those are worth the climb…

  16. Wentalicious

    Lol, I don’t know why these pics make me laugh, but they do! I think men in shorts always make me laugh tho! He has very good legs for a guy, I’ll give him that. But, is it just me or is he looking a little pastey as of late? What happened to my sun-kissed, mocha mocha burning love? Neverthless, he’s looking fit and sexy as per usual, and I’ve always liked a little Went hair on the Went dome. A girl needs something to hold on to after all…

  17. miz brisvegas

    Hubba-hubba! *air guitars to ZZ top*

  18. fuushi

    I always thought, that he´s a “no sports”.
    But these legs look really trained ….
    Maybe I should start jogging again…

  19. Rose



  20. Dannie

    I’m with Rose, Yay skin and what lovely skin it is, and lovely legs. He should wear shorts more often. LESS IS MORE, less clothes more skin.

  21. gypsiee

    Skin ………..

    And those sinewy rippling muscles and oh those hands. *Gotta stop reading porn*

    *Thud* … Is dead.

    Ummm – Do those shoes look familiar??

  22. Mama Bear

    When I look at these pics, only two words come to mind:

    Hot Sauce
    Bleu Cheese Dressing


  23. Kassie

    If I were a dog, I would sooo be humpin’ those legs… *rawr*

    (…and no “bitch” jokes, ladies)

  24. Kassie

    On second thought, I might just go ahead and hump those legs anyway!

  25. gypsiee

    I had to come back and look at those legs again. (Damn, I finally have a man’s perspective on Legs)

    What is it about this man.
    * He wears make up.
    * He goes to a face & body spa (Not that you need it hun).
    * He shaves his chest.
    * Wears brown ……
    And I still completely totally lust him. I mean love him. (Damn) Love. Right! Thats the word.


    ** Note**
    Incase you want to add on to this list about his “Other” likes and ‘Stuff’ …… Dont! Thee, hee I wont believe you. (repeats line like a 8yr old in pig tails)

  26. Mink

    Gypsiee, gotta take issue with you on a couple of those things (you know me 😉 )…

    He doesn’t “wear make-up” unless he’s filming or otherwise knows he’s gonna be on TV, which I personally think is fair enough.

    And he doesn’t “shave his chest” – his chest was only shaved for the tat in PB S1. Otherwise it’s common to see a flash of chest hair if his shirt is open low enough.

    I think it’s reasonable for him to go and get a facial or whatever. He’s in the entertainment biz, so has to look after his appearance. And he may well be mindful that he’s about to be filmed in HD for months on end…

    He does wear brown, though, I’ll give you that. That is just a cross we have to bear. 😉

  27. gypsiee

    Hiya Minkie. How is u? Actually that bit was for me …… That I lust after (dang, again) LOVE a man in makeup. Does that make sense. Lol. But he does primp up nicely doesnt he.

    Oh and I may find the brown questionable, but it is by far the only and ONE reason I love bb. Its the brown and the grey and the grandfather checks and those ugly shoes that made me fall flat on my face. Yes! I am that shallow. I like the man for his sense of style, or for the lack of it. Yea! that and the snark. The exercizing, the hiking, the swimming. 🙂

    Now back to those legs in question….

  28. BB

    Lets see more skin, i am campaigning for tighter, much shorter shorts, in fact hell lets go no shorts!

  29. Charlie B

    all of have to say is OH MY GOODNESS! Just when i think my 3rd grade crush on this guy (with some pretty perverted fantasies attached) is over, he just has to do something like this! Who knew he had cute legs like this?!

  30. Maria

    What was it again, that he doesn´t have hair on the arms (and legs?)?

  31. Darci

    Nice toes! and knees!!

  32. darc

    aha hes legs are so slim lol hes soo cute i lvoe him hes soo fukin sexy i want him

  33. bleuciel

    Lets see more skin, i am campaigning for tighter, much shorter shorts, in fact hell lets go no shorts!
    what she said!!! I’m starting a petition. And hey, maybe we’ll have the same luck as the MiSa fans had *fingers crossed* :mrgreen:

  34. Linda279

    legs!!!!!!finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Beige

    Got legs?
    Going all ZZ-topsy?
    Can’t wait to see the comments when he grows a beard…

    *running for the back door before getting pounded*

  36. Maria

    Actually, I am still surprised: shorts and shirt are matching plus he wears flip-flops with it. no shoes plus socks or other fashion catastrophies.
    flip-flops! This summer these are the hippest shoes for men (at least in Europe).
    *shakes her head in astonishment*
    Who is picking his clothes??
    Who is making him show some skin??

  37. Maria

    Well: Thank you! Whoever you are!

  38. Me

    Beautiful man! He really is.

  39. TRAMPoline

    Oh my,look at him. Could he look any cuter?!
    No,no he couldn’t.

  40. Y’know, I never thought I’d say this, but apparently I’m not all that attracted to legs that aren’t bowed. Ahahahahahaha *snort*

    But, dammit, I’d still hit that.

  41. The Queenie

    Can i snicker a little before i start gushing…?
    *major snickering*
    *and some more*

    Yes, that should do it… i think.

    Awwwwwww…!! Skinny legs. Of course. One should have known. I mean, i was one of the people, if not the only one, complaining about his way, way too skinny thighs after the photoshoot for the Not-To-Be-Mentioned company… (something about “poles” and veggies in the name, i think…?? 😉 ) So figures that the rest of the Perfect Ones legs should follow suit.
    Oh well… i guess he didnt take my advice about grabbing a muffin to go with his fancy-pansy coffees… *tsk*
    But i do thank for the nice ass shot..! 😉 Were you thinking of us Wentworth? You do know we know the value of a good ass shot when we see it. So cheers babe, much appreciated!
    (btw, does anyone remeber the good old days of the Crotch Shot?? Anyone called it out in a while? Hmmm…?? Mistress, maybe you should remind us all…?)
    Kisses to all and sorry for being MIA. This dragged my sorry ass (nothing quite like Wentworts let me tell you…!) back in so i guess you´ll see more of me… xxxxx

  42. Rose

    @ gypsiee
    ewww horrible “just walking with Luke shoes”
    Throw them in that dumpster honey!

    Just kidding.

    He is absolutely gorgeous darlings.
    Those fucking sunnies …. holy shit!

  43. Bel

    Why is it that all I see when I look at those pics are the flip-flops? Men should never wear flip flops. Ever.

  44. Fashion Police

    Ahhha!….HELL-NO….thats the worst thing I’ve seen him wearing in a long time. Please kids don’t try this at home….dressing without supervision is dangerous.
    Lord forgive him for he knows not what he does….amen!

  45. Cheeks

    Nice legs, why does he hide them?

  46. Cary Miller

    Do you think with his ethnic background, being that his father is black, he has a fat long beautiful cock? I’ve always had a keen sense of how a man’s penis will look, I guess you can say I’m psyCOCKic, and I’m pretty sure he was blessed with the black penis genes. *crosses fingers*

    Oh Went, how I love you!

  47. Chainjix

    Hmm, I sort of think there’s nothing wrong with the flip flops..
    And I definitely like him wearing shorts.

    I guess there are two explanations – I have no taste in clothing/dressing myself, or I don’t care about the outfit as long as it has Went inside of it..

  48. Cindzs

    Oh …..my….. soul…..Went…………thanks for refreshing my brains.mncwa mncwa mncwa

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