Wentworth Fans For Charity Project Update

Charity Project Update – May 22, 2008

We are pleased to announce that the amount raised by the project during April was $5,450. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who donated. This money will help save a lot of young lives.

Wentworth has also made his promised donation of $5,000, and of course we would like to extend our thanks to him for this.

For anyone who wishes to make their donation in time for Wentworth’s birthday, remember that you have until June 2nd to do so. Please go to the main project website to donate. Anyone who wishes to leave a birthday message for Wentworth as part of their donation can do so at either the LiveJournal or MySpace sites, or at any of the affiliated sites offering this service. We will make sure that these messages are passed on to him.

Also, a reminder that the LJ and MySpace sites have updates posted on an ongoing basis.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the project so far. Let’s keep up the momentum and make this project the greatest possible success.

***UPDATE: A Happy Birthday blog post for Wentworth can now be found on the UNICEF U.S. website.  Thanks Alisa!


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27 responses to “Wentworth Fans For Charity Project Update

  1. sonia

    it’s a good news ! this money could be used for victims in asia

  2. Linda279

    i am so happy!!!very good news!!!!

  3. sonia

    can you tell me if this result applies just to the USA? are there any other country (ex france)?thank you for your reply

  4. just me...

    It’s a good news!!!We must continue like this!!

    But I have a question…

    In the $5.450, is there also the donation of $5.000 that Wentworth made?

    Because if they are in…It would say that we only donated $450?!(no so much!!) 😦

    PS: Wentworth thank you for your donation.
    Your participation means alot for us(for me it’s the case!) 😉

    Oh my God what a man!!…Whos gonna be the happy and lucky girl whos gonna have the honour to say “That’s my man”?!!

  5. WFW

    The figure does not include Wentworth’s $5000 and includes all countries with working donation pages. France was not included b/c there was a page malfunction so we are not sure how much they contributed, unfortunately.

  6. sonia

    it’s great 1450$ for the month of April. there is a great fan community around wentworth miller thank you for your reply and thank Mr miller for you donation

  7. sonia

    sorry 10450$

  8. Van

    It is a great achievement thanks to Wentworth fans 🙂
    I sure know that he will be very happy to know that his followers care about society problems.
    I cross my fingers so that the total amount keeps rising until his birthday.
    Let’s make a child smile! 🙂
    Let’s donate!

  9. Maria

    Ahh, nice pics!
    I am getting more and more excited about season 4. Hopefully they don´t screw the hole thing.
    I like the new suit. That´s nice – for a start …

  10. sonia

    happy birthday wenty
    all my wishes of happiness and success in your career and in your love life
    I love you wenty and god bless you

  11. Erika

    Well done to everyone who contributed from the organizers, to those who spread the word and the donaters. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENT! LUV U!

  12. Susa

    Is this blog here dead?


  13. shortstuff

    no birthday post for went? 😦

    happy birthday my dear wentworth.. you age like a fine wine….

  14. Anonymous

    happy birthday Went

  15. Kassie


    Please everyone, continue to donate! There is so much need in the world, and our donations honor Wentworth!

  16. Dannie

    Again, no post for Went’s birthday? What is this coming too? Well, Happy Birthday Went, you big spunk!

  17. Eshna

    Yeah WFW, I can’t believe you didn’t do a birthday post for Went. Nevertheless,


    Hope you had a great day 🙂

  18. TRAMPoline

    No bday-post huh?
    Oh,well! I just wanted to say:

    I *heart* you!! (but i’m sure you knew that already)

  19. WFW

    This doubles as a b-day post since the project is going on during his b-day. Blame extreme change in my life for lack of new posts and while we’re all wishing him well:

    I hope you had a great b-day Went and by great b-day I of course mean, I hope you had great sex.

    Love Always,

  20. Wentalicious

    Haha, happy belated birthday Mr. Miller! I’ll raise a frosty coffee beverage in your honour, sir, lol!

  21. Chainjix

    OK, here You have it – I tried and tried to hold back, but… The birthday of The Pretty just touched me and I got all soppy and pathetic.
    So, I went way down on my scale of self-respect and donated to the darn, darn children.
    Rrrr, ok, what’s done – done, I can only try to compensate and be especially mean to the children in my neighbourhood.

    It’s all Your fault, WFW, You and Your blog.

    *throws rotten tomatoes at a child*
    *needs more to like herself again, so she takes off to drool over some wentpics*

  22. lorie

    beautiful action i ‘ve done thanck to all

  23. Susa

    Well, i guess i can delete this site here from my bookmarks. It’s dead, right?

  24. Chainjix

    I wouldn’t be too hasty.
    WFW has done this before – she leaves for a looong period of no-Went-in-my-virtual-or-real-life, and then appears with something genious.
    Like that doll thing.

    So, I’d say – stick around for a while, You never know when WFW will return, she’s a sort of a partisan.

  25. SavMed


    i love it how they wrote “wetforwent (!) “

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