First Glimpses of Prison Break Season 4

That you saw like a year ago but I haven’t so…It’s new to me!

Sweet Jesus Wentworth. Mmmm mmmm mmmm…Yeah, I’d still hit that, til I knocked the bottom out of it! And now a trailer for Season 4 b/c I know you can’t wait for all of the non-tattooed, unrealistically chaste, goodness that it shall bring.

OK OK, that did look kind of good…

Thanks Wild child and Minkalicious!



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22 responses to “First Glimpses of Prison Break Season 4

  1. Juma

    Ooooooh! Went has a big gun! πŸ˜€
    I love him acting all bad ass. Sexy!

  2. Van

    That suit pic is amazing.
    You should see the one he is dressed up as a waiter. πŸ˜›
    And the trailer is hot.
    The fake Went in the begining is lame and so is the missing tattoo.
    But I must say me loves that man holding/pointing a gun!
    I guess he could aim his gun at me.

  3. synta

    oh i love him

    I am anxious that prison break back

    he’s so cute

  4. Krissie

    That looked so good that I’m honest-to-God excited about the upcoming season.
    And yes, I’m ashamed of myself.

  5. Mink

    “…b/c I know you can’t wait for all of the non-tattooed, unrealistically chaste, goodness that it shall bring.”

    OMG! LMFAO! (Seriously, I am shuddering here.) It’s good to have you back, WFW. Don’t fuck off again, ya hear!

    Anyhoo, update on that clip. Apparently it has now been seen in HD and the guy at the beginning by the window IS wearing the tats, and thus is evidently supposed to be Michael. (I know, I know, it’s almost entirely impossible to believe.)

    I’m fairly sure that wins the award for Most Unconvincing Body Double Ever.

    At least his refusal to put on the tats and not do the shot is just Went being his usual lazy ass self, rather than something even more weird.

  6. Krissie

    I’m fairly sure that wins the award for Most Unconvincing Body Double Ever.

    Oooh, let’s find out who he is AND who hired him and make macaroni sculptures and award them for the outstanding achievement in trying to sell us BS! (Well, MORE BS than we’re taking already. *coughzombiesaracough* Aah, there goes my excitement…)

  7. Mink

    I suppose at least this time we won’t have some long and rambling ‘debate’ about whether that is or is not Went. Only blind people could be convinced by that effort (no offence to blind ppl, obviously).

  8. Krissie

    LOL Mink, I’m pretty sure they’re not reading this.

  9. Mink

    You mean there’s no braille version of “”? Travesty!

    (Okay, I’d guess we’d better take this to chat before WFW gets annoyed with us. *slinks off*)

  10. Linda279

    season 4 ……mmmm….went is a bad boy there!!!!gun and stuff like that!!!!awww…i hope that we will c there: went+sarah=love scenes
    hope so : )

  11. LadyN

    *Hyperventilating* I think i love him all over again!!! β€”OH NO, not the wife-beater-big-arm-tattooed “Mike” but the Mike with the suit! (in case you were confused as to who i was referring to.)

    Heeeyyy, we love Zombie Sara! She’s the “essence” of season 4!! Didn’t you know?!?! We should be grateful!! Even the blind prob are!!! >-|

  12. Beige

    Blind people hire Popeye as body-double.
    It does not bode well.
    I have a very bad feeling about this. Clearly clueless minion ghost writers are already busily at work.

    *looking into crystal ball*
    Season 5: Return of the Dead.

    Epi 1: Veronica zombies back into Linc’s life, partially anyway…

    *off to buy needles for Fox executive voodoo-dolls*

  13. Chainjix

    Ehh.. That suit photo…
    Despite all the idiotism of the writers (here’s a good reason why never give them a break – they start writing bullshit when finally back at work), the new PB season seems to be rather likeable. I mean – full of Went and so..

  14. miz brisvegas


    Totally agree with Juma 3.15: W. Miller is oh-so piping hot as a bad ass. I! Can’t! Hardly! Wait!

  15. shelley

    I, for one, am just grateful that this season shows promise of showers and clean clothes. I nearly stopped watching last year when I could no longer imagine myself bathing Went with my tongue due to the apparent lack of good hygiene at Sona…

  16. TRAMPoline

    God! He looks absolutely fabulous/delicious/superduperhot/and many other adjectives that I can’t think of right now. I’m actually looking forward to season4.Especially to see Lord Went playing badass again. And I’m kinda curious to see how Sara gets worked into the show again. I hope it doesn’t blow πŸ˜‰

  17. Anonymous

    I swear he gets more and m0re delicious by the day!

  18. Jedi

    The above comment was left by “yours truly” – i’m challenged by technology as you can see!! hee hee Oh, and keep up the good work WFW! I know its been a while since we’ve touched base!

  19. gypsiee

    I like the arms ….

  20. Mama Bear

    You know you’ve made it to the big time when you have a body double for tatoos.

    About the suit, I’m digging it. The man cleans up very well.

  21. Kassie

    Drool-worthy pic and video…

    Season 4–bring it on, baby!!!!

  22. shortstuff

    you’re alive!!

    hooray for tat doubles!!


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