Wet For Went – Final Days

It’s odd to be saying goodbye to almost 2 years of my life. This hobby of mine used to take up all of my time. I remember not sleeping, not eating, not watching TV, not leaving my computer to hang out with my real life friends so that I could hang out with you guys and hear news of my precious Wentworth Miller. Over the last few months my life has changed dramatically and it seems our time together has come to an end. Wet For Went is closing its doors shortly after the charity drive ends.

The cbox will remain open since it’s paid through December 2010; You’ll be able to catch me there sometimes. Comments will be shut down sometime in July and wetforwent.org will expire in February 2009 so the site will thereafter only be accessible by going to wetforwent.wordpress.com if you want to view the archives.

I had a great time and I will miss you all…



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  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *breath* ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LadyN

    It’s all Went’s fault!! >-| I KNEW IT!

    Fine, I don’t have to like it….but i get it.


    Love, Peace, and Hair Grease… *sigh*

  3. sonia

    wet for went thanks you for your blog .
    “my life has changed dramatically” sorry I am french and you mean you had a problem in your life?
    i hope that you find solution.
    but you still loves wentworth miller ?
    because I know he loves his fans
    thank you again for your blog and for the respect and love that you show to wentworth

  4. Mink

    End of an era, WFW. I’m sad, but I know this has been coming for a long time.

    I mainly want to say a huge thank you for the fantastic laughs so much of your posting has given me. There have been some posts where I have truly laughed until tears were running down my face. You have a true gift for bawdy comedy, and the Wentworth fandom was incredibly lucky to have you for as long as it did.

    Thanks for the memories. Indeed, thanks for everything, honey. Your presence will be missed.

  5. WFW

    Awwww Nic, you knew this was coming. Don’t make me cry…

    Thanks Geisha. *hugging back*

    N, you know you’ll catch me in the cbox.

    Sonia my life has actually changed for the better but your concern is touching. I quit my job of over 8 years and I work from home now. I’m also going back to school in the Fall so there’s a lot of change going on.

    You’re welcome Mink and thank you for embracing me with open arms from the beginning; I never forgot it.

    I will always love Went. It would have been great to meet him but alas it was not to be…

    I will cherish this experience always and the friends I’ve made here. *tearing up*

  6. sonia

    thanks for your response. For me the closure of your blog is like losing a friend but “c’est la vie”.I wish you a lot succes in your study and your job and may be you come back
    God bless you and bless also beautiful wentworth
    kiss (bisous bisous in french)

  7. shortstuff

    aw, say it isnt so!! 😦

    ive had many a laugh on this blog and will really miss your crazy, awesome, hilarious posts. you are truly amazing, and i wish you all the best in your future endevours.

    if you ever do get to meet went, i definitely want to hear about it!

    take care, hun! *kisses*

  8. Krissie

    Uh… let’s see…

    To NOTTHEDOCTOR, NICBEAST, MAMABEAR, SMOOTHBELGIAN, SOILED UNDIES, AJ, MILLER_THRILLER, MAICHAN, MINK, VAN, LADYN, JEDI, BRITBIRD, SAVMED, ROSI, FEVER, PUP, BLUESTEELFAIRY and to all of the other people I might have forgotten but who made this place as special as it was: THANK YOU.

    WFW… What can I say that I haven’t said so many times before? You gave me hours of fun, lust and laughter, but above all, you’ve become my friend. I will miss this place. I just hope I won’t have to be missing you.

    From the bottom of my heart,
    I love you.

  9. Deadbeat Nymph

    Thank you for all the hilarity and naughtiness over the past two years. We’ve had so much fun, and you have always been a credit to the fandom. You’re one of the most delightful ladies I know.

    I’m sorry to see the era pass, and I hope that we still hear from you, in whatever format, from time to time.

    Gigantic hugs, baby. And maybe a little grope.

  10. Jedi

    WFW, thank you for all the laughs and shenanigans you provided. I met soooo many great ladies here, and I will continue to keep up correspondence with them. What a ride its been!!

    It was my pleasure too to help out with the charity project. I didn’t play a huge role but I was honoured that you guys asked me to lend a hand.

    WFW.org will be missed terribly!

    Please keep in touch! You know my door is always open for another visit to Toronto! We still have more sasquatch hunting to do!

    Luv Jedi xo

  11. bananne

    I am very sad, too, but I’m also glad you found your real life again. You really have a big talent and I wish you all the best for the future!!

    Hope to read or hear from you sometime again! 🙂

    Thanks for so many high-class funny moments!!

  12. Laure

    I’ve been reading this blog for over a year and laughing so much, from your hilarious articles to the wacky comments…
    So really, before you shut the blog down, I too wanted to say thank you and wish you luck for all your future endeavours… (sorry if this sounds a bit stiff, but I’m French so I do my best ^^)
    Bonne continuation et merci :))))

    I’ll miss visiting… 🙂

  13. Fairy

    Dear WFW,
    we’ve all told you how awesome you are a million times already, but it never hurts to hear something like that again, so:

    Thank you for using your incredible dedication and creativity to entertain us all for such a long time in so many different ways and for creating a place where we met so many amazing people. I wish you lots of luck and I hope you’ll have an opportunity to use your talents in your new job and that it will make you happy.

    I love you darling, and it’s been real.

    Also, swallowing is OK, really. 😀

  14. miz brisvegas

    Thanks for the laughs. You’ll be missed.

  15. OK. Well since you’re all about change, does that you’ll be moving to California??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I have lurked for a long time, but this post has caused me to make an appearance. Real talk? I will miss your wit, charm and your devotion to Mr. Miller. You’ve made me smile and laugh so much. I’m truly sorry that your time has ended on this site, but I understand.

  17. maichan

    ‘Tis the end of an era, indeed. This blog has been the source of countless hours of ribald entertainment and has also introduced me to some of the most brilliant and mercilessly funny women around. And for that, I will be forever indebted to this place.

    My sincere thanks to you, WFW, for all that you have contributed to the Wentworth fandom. *smishes*

  18. AJ

    The end of an era, indeed…

    I remember a time when I used lose HOURS at work in the c-box, chattin’ with you crazy hookers about life, love, and the pursuit of Wentworth Miller. This page was ALWAYS open in a tab, and I would just refresh and refresh and refresh and refresh some more to check up on what was new and to read all the crazy comments…and of course add my 75 cents. Fake interviews, britspeak, handless masturbation workouts, cliterature, catfights between Went’s notgirlfriends, girls who pretend to date boys who look like Mr. Potato head while performing emegency heart surgeries, Today- in ppl WFW hates, Went marrying Korea and becoming its beyotch, “lolz WHATEVS!”, horrid beanpole ads, singing to coffee cups…sexily, not showing up, fighting haters from other boards, CotW, Wentstralia, kinky cock-eyed doll sex, man mustard, monthly anniversaries, c-box explosions, ROCK, LOVE, … and yes…even the great gay debate.

    What a ride, y’all. 😉

    And just to echo K, MT, Jedi, maichan, Krissie, Bel, Fairy, Pup, Rosi, Mama Bear, BB, Mink, Nic, Doc, Fevah, SM, Vannie, Neri, SU, and the rest of you crazies that I worship and adore …I am so grateful to have met you guys. And I just hope that one of these days, we all get to meet face to face. Thanks for all the laughs, y’all. It has been oh so real.*mwah* Love you all!

    WFW, I think it’s safe to say that we all owe you one pretty big thanks for giving us the opportunity to not only meet so many amazing people, but also for giving us this place to truly let loose and be our unapologetic, grownass, horny, trash-talking, Went-worshipping, selves. Fandom needed a place like this. And I, for one, feel particularly lucky to have found this place. And I feel even luckier that I was able to be a part of it. Your brand of snarkasm will truly be missed.

    So, whattya say…Cosmo’s Saturday night? I’m in the mood for some Steel Blue Blue Steel, maybe Ten Grand, and some Key Lime Pie – Y/Y? Cuz really, who doesn’t love reminiscing about the Glory Days? 😉

  19. Thank you SO much for your wit, fan fic, impressive use of dolls (and Christmas carols), poetry, hater-slams, Wentastic homages, and generally awesome exploration of the many joys and nuances of PURE… WENT… LUST!

    You will be missed!

  20. P.S.

    Congratulations on taking the plunge and making those changes in your work and educational plans! Change is … interesting, as I have learned the hard/weird/blessing-in-disguise way. I hope the changes in your life are full of in-your-face blessings, and may you finally meet Wentworth E. Miller III (because if ANYONE deserves it … after me, of course … it’s you!).

  21. Darci

    Oh no! Will miss you:(

  22. maricruz

    i lurked here may times…i think it’s bad news for went, too (he surely lurked and enjoyed your posts)
    you need to make a last wet, crazy, went-about epilogue….retreat in glory

  23. Juma

    WFW, thank you for all the fun moments, all the laughs, the chance to meet the great girls that hang out here.
    Can’t say I’m not sad, I’ll miss you and the blog. But I’m wishing you all the best for the new times you have ahead.
    Peace, Prosperity and love.

  24. CT

    Really it is a bit sad hearing WFW closing the door!

    However, as many friends have said here that this kind of things do happen! I do respect WFW’s decision and hope to express my heartfelt gratitude to WFW for bringing us laughter and happiness thru the website as well as the chatroom! wish you all the best for the days to come.

    I will treasure all friendship I have gained here and hope it will last forever.

    WFW, may I take this opportunity to say thanks to you again, for what you have done to us, and surely for Wentworth!

    Big hug to WFW!

  25. Good luck with your life baby – you will be sorely missed.

  26. Van

    I know this topic was discussed so many times before over the cbox, and I guess I never really thought that one day it could really happen.
    I can’t say this took me by surprise but to read the happening and the comments lead me to tears.
    I wanna say that I trully understand your decision.
    But to know that the moment is here and now is so sad and I already feel the emptiness inside me.
    Most of all, I am so happy for you, WFW!
    I whish you professional and personal sucess and all the best!
    I will never forget what your space provided me for more then a year and half, either if its laughs or meeting so many interesting people from all over the world.
    I can only hope that this sisterhood will continue after the shutdown because I love my girls!
    Thanks Krissie and AJ!
    I really meet special people here, you all know I love yous hos!
    Anyways, could I maybe suggest that you could still hit us with your awsome creativity by email?!
    Think about it WFW 😛

    And now a tribute to all my putas:

    AJ – I know we haven’t talk much for a while now but I remember our talks on cbox. Funny and positive vibes and master of “pretending to work while on cbox” AHahahah it was whorrible! LMAO! Miss you!

    Aniela – I miss you so much. We had hilarious moments together! MR. HURRICANE!! AHAhahahaha I hope you are doing ok, hun.

    BB – When you enter cbox the first thing that comes to my mind is: OMG here comes the FUN! I have so much fun with you…even when we talk about epilators and hand creams, lol. Miss you too BB! 😛

    Jedi – You are a special one, if you know what I mean 😉 We share so many things You are a very sweet person and I like you so much and Cap. Sparrow too, lmao!

    Juma – My PORT love! I love you and your humor 😛 and of course your home made marijuana cookies, EHehheh! I hope we can meet again darling!

    Kat – My dear friend Katjus, aka the Queenie, I miss you so much and I hope you are ok. I love the good moments we had in cbox, lol

    Krissie – You helped me with my knowledge in Went history…thanks to you my lust has grew! Thanks for teaching me so many things. Most of all I love your ironic humor…few words and major impact, AHahahah. RAEP! 😛

    LadyN – We shared so much fun together being retarded and shit, AHahahahah! I like your avis and your imagination

    Lè – My lucky girl with a fence and Went’s kiss on the cheek. I miss our fun days too. 😛 Thanks for the thrill when Went was in Italy!!! *faints*

    Maichan – I know we don’t talk much but I must say that your Wentmas postcard was the best card I got in my life!!! And I still remember the BIG package you send me, full with Macadamia nuts, yumy! Big thanks! 😛

    MT – My baby! I miss you too, even though you are a Satan’s bitch now, EHEHEEH! I missed the funniest moments ever and we still need to practice our PORT lessons! ROTFL!

    Rosi – My driver bitch! I haven’t seen you for quite a while now. You are a unique person. Thanks for making me laugh when I was down…WORD PUNANEEEE!

    SavMed – SAVVVV! OMG one of my most hilarious moment in cbox was with you! I mean FUCKUMBER and giving birth to sausages is something I will never forget in my fucking life! Thinking back to those moments makes me wanna LOL!!! *laughing and showing her rotten choc tooth* 😛

    Sita – I miss our morning talks. You are a sweet heart! I whish you the best 😉

    WT – You are my cbox mate. We jinx all the time and we share a naughty mind…I love you sharmota! AHahaha

    WFW – Thanks for existing and for providing this in my life, thanks for being FABULOSA and running naked through the cbox, ahahahaha. Sad we couldn’t met in Gibraltar but I still hope one day we will

    Zena, Angel, Fever, MamaB, NotTheDoctor, Angie, Bel, CT & Fairy – OMG I miss you girls so much!! Please come back more often!

    I hope I mentioned all my lady friends, lol.
    It was great meeting you all!!



    *feeling better now *

  27. Beige

    Outrageous, uncircumcised, wicked fun.

    Of all the blogs in all the world, I feel I’ve been blessed to stumble into this deranged and devoted blog.

    This is my favorite play pen and though it makes me sad to no end to see it close, knowing when to stop and move on is precious.

    Thank you, WFW.
    Thanks for playing, all you hos and Millermen.

    *running off to get unceremoniusly stinking drunk for the occasion*

  28. Kassie


    Adieu, bon chance, merci!
    You’ve meant a lot to me…

  29. Chainjix

    I haven’t been much of a talker or anything, I joined much too late.
    I knew this would end someday, and lately WFW has even prepared me(rare entries and so..), but that doesn’t make this much easier.
    I’m a sucker at goodbyes, I usually don’t know what to say – like now – but I guess I’ll miss you in my own ginger way.
    I just wish I had found this earlier.

    See You someday in the cyberspace – wherever there are some important news about the Pretty, I guess 😀

    I salute you, WFW!

  30. Dinamite

    Never posted, but read it all. Thanks for the laughs, Wentworth’s fandom will be the poorer without you.

    Good luck for the future.

  31. LadyN

    wow, i feel like i need to do some shout outs too…LOL!

    Ok, brb, gonna go type up my farewell on word….WORD! What, whaaaat?! 😉

  32. Bel

    Yes, it is me, ‘smoothbelgian’ 🙂
    Wow, seems like yesterday that I thought up this nickname in .01 seconds just to be able to put my two cents in.

    WFW, you’ve done a great job keeping us up to date and entertained.

    This feels like the end of an era, but two years is a long time and lives change…

    I’m somewhat ironically happy that I’ve never started a popular blog like this, because I wouldn’t be able to keep it alive for as long as you have, WFW. Such dedication earns you a big deal of respect from me.

    The last two years have meant an important transition for me as well (not completely over yet) and coming here has kept me sane my keeping me insane. Thank you so very much for providing us crazy bitches with an escape, WFW.

    And thank you Krissie, MB, Fairy, Fever, AJ, MT, Jedi, Juma, Van, Kattie-Kat, Pup… you’ve helped me a great deal in refinding my carefree younger self… You all came along at about the right time. I appreciate all of you for various reasons, but here we go with the important specifics:

    Kris, you are a great friend. Honest, critical, but so very caring… I love you.

    MB, it was very nice having a friend to talk religion and ethics with, very refreshing 🙂 Hope you are well!

    Fever, I loved your naughty side and your candor. Hope you are well and thriving. Hope all your projects work out great.

    Fairy, smart, eloquent, and just as crazy as me about good writing mixed with fanficish squee-age… Plus, the eyes, woman, the eyes… 🙂

    Kattie-Kat, you were like the first sun of spring after a harsh winter. So much positivity against so much adversity… and example to all of us. I adore your funny bone. Hope you are great.

    Pup, just… *grabby hands*

    Vannie, imagine this: Captain Jack Sparrow, pirate Michael Scofield and you on a ship in the Pacific. Got it? I wish it all for you.

    All of you, you ROCK!

    xoxo Bel

  33. Bel

    And I second Fairy. Swallowing does not hurt.

  34. Velma

    Oh, no!! I will miss you…

    😦 😦 😦

  35. the Queenie aka Katjus

    Oh Mistress… *tear*
    I remeber when i found you. You had me in stitches in the back room of my lil´ shop and i was instantly hooked. I know i´ve been silent for a long time since my op but trust me i never did forget… 😉 I´ve been lurking about, checking up on you as much as for news on the Perfect One.
    As so many others i will miss your wit and your weird lil´ ways but i´m so very happy for you on all the positive changes you have made in your life and no doubt its been You who has made it all happen. I always knew you had it in you… My clever Mistress 😉

    I also want to thank all the beautiful people i have met through this place; i think too many to mention all together but esp. Belly-Bel-Bel who is also moving on & upwards towards the stars of which she is most definitelly one! Love ya!
    BB – we are still connected outside this place, thank gawd. Love ya & so happy we met!
    Vannie-Van-Van, my sweetie pea. I´ve been quiet since the operation, you are right but you shall hear from me soon enough to the point of boredom… *royal giggle*
    Niccie my sweetest sweet, *tit feel* you are special!! Never give up and never let go! I love ya! Ps. Keep dropping me lines through Love&Slaps! i love it! 😉 lol.
    Angel – been a while but lots of love! You are meant for great things, belive it! And you can always reach me through love&Slaps! babe. Love ya!!
    And CT, AJ, Fairy, MT, Jedi, Ju, LadyN, Krissie, Mama Bear (Grrrr!!), Doc and my forever babe MT – you were the sugar & spice of my life! Cheers ladies!!! Kiss!!
    I bid farewell and hope to meet you all sometime somewhere unexpected when i shout; Smile, you on candid camera… 😉 *snicker*

  36. GorillaB

    This blog is still the most creative Went fan blog on the net.
    May all your (Went) dreams come true.


  37. ivy

    😦 i will miss you wfw 😦

  38. shanti66

    WHY, oh why can’t the best things last long?????????????????
    And why, oh why have I discovered your blog so late?????????????
    My life will never be the same without you!
    I have already missed you in these past few months and it is going to be much worse, I fear.
    THANKS for introducing to me a total new way to be a fan and to have fun!!
    Best wishes for your new life, dear.

    … still hoping something happens to make you change your mind …

  39. Pup

    I was reading through the comments, and was forced to pause for 5 hilarious minutes after reading Fairy’s. She wished you “lots of luck,” and being the mind-in-gutter kind of doggy that I am, I read “lots of fuck.” Go figure.

    So yes, that’s what I wish you – lots and lots of fucking. Because you deserve it, and because you do it so well.

    See, it seems like it was only yesterday that Fairy got me to log on Wet for Went, go to the Cbox and lose my cyberspace virginity with none other than… *drumroll* WFW. Of course, this was more of an orgy, and I particularly remember something about Bel and licking and ears.

    So yes, every single time I logged on, I had a great fucking time. You gals and your great sense of humor, packed with all the sexual innuendos (and plain ol’ cyberfucking), usually made my day.

    Thank you, dearest WFW for creating this sanctuary of amazing humor, major Went-droolage, and incredibly intelligent, fun and horny people. Wanting to get into Wentworth’s pants paid off in so many more ways than I could have imagined.

    I love you and will miss the blog dearly, but I hope that whatever you may be doing with your life at the moment makes you happy. I wish you all the luck (and obviously fuck :D) in the world.

    *licks ear, like a good puppy should*

    Love you. ❤


  40. Linds

    This is so fucking depressing. WFW, I love you. I love your blog. Thank you for sharing your sense of humor, your love-teetering-on-the-edge-of-obsession with Went (it made me feel less weird about myself), and your blog. I still laugh out loud when I think of some of your posts. Thanks, Girl! Love, Linds

  41. Anonymous

    Thank you for the uniqueness of your blog!

    I wish you all the best, 🙂


  42. becca


  43. notthedoctor

    Seems like yesterday we were PLANning, PLOTting, SCHEMing to take over the Pretty… every night, together.
    What a crazy bunch we were but it was OUR crazy bunch.
    No need to mention the ORGYYYY(ies) or the sleepless nights, the Worthingtons, TWMS and the crowning of The Queen of all that is Wentlust.

    Sistahs and Sistahs (you all recognize yourselves!), it was an honor and a privilege to share the lust for WMIII with you.
    Never in my life did I suspect I would meet such wonderful, smart, generous, funny, witty, intelligent, fantastic, imaginative and artistic people like you in the web that is the Internet.

    This story shall the good man teach his son;
    And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by,
    From this day to the ending of the world,
    But we in it shall be remembered-
    We few, we happy few, we band of Sistahs;
    For she to-day that shares her lust with me
    Shall be my Sistah; be she ne’er so vile…

    On those Shakespearian words, I salute you Queen of WentlustQueen period.



  44. Fevah

    As I have spent the last few moments, staring at the cursor blinking oh so tragically at me in this goddamn text box… rushing me to make a decision to choose the words to express this… I find I am left with nothing. Except this:

    There once was a girl.
    Quite faded.
    Weathered and torn at every seam.
    Until she’d seen…
    A picture of a god.
    Perfectly prime roasted, and delectable…
    Juicy piece of beige and frappucino flavored peen, caramel mint chocolate chip, honey dip.
    So obscene.
    She could scream.
    And she would. Upon the calling of a sisterhood.
    Once born and rising from the skies in Wentworth Miller’s eyes.
    As she came upon a site called Wet for Went.
    And so she went for it and took a chance upon a dip in the pool of Hotel California.
    The temperature there, so scorching hot,
    she turned herself into a slut
    In heat.
    For meat.
    For cheeks.
    Belonging to someone Wet.
    And Wetly, did she? Definitely.
    Dubbed thee.
    Fell in love… Yes Love.
    With the Wettest.
    A beauty known as beast.
    Kept crushin’ on a Kutiepie.
    Bel just made me wanna die. It felt that good. Yes.
    That fucking good.
    To the doc, who restarted the beating of my heart, I love you. Thanks for nevah findin’ a cure so that THIS Fevah, could endure. 😉
    Rocked the hood… with my Jizzle, starting with A. My love will never go away, for you, sweet hottie.
    Ran away… with a shrew, by the name of SU. Got beaten too. 😉
    Dani knew… how to get your rocks off. Hollah babe, anytime you need me to knock your socks off.
    Vanny-boo, you know I’ll always love you.
    Maichan, a legend. A lesson or two, I’ve learned from you. Thank you boo!
    The Birdie, my girlie, oh Brit – baby you are my shit!
    Fairy, my sweet canary, your words – true song to my ears in all my freakiest years, I shall never forget you.
    M- to the-Tizzly, my girl so short was our time together. Let’s not make it forever, until we kick it again.
    To those I’ve missed, I didn’t forget. Just cannot find enough words to explain… you’ll always remain, in my heart.
    Thank you all, for saving a life. Because once upon a time, this one… might have been no longer.
    Your friendship, a savior.

    Love to you all and for always,
    Your Feve

    PS – And bitches, don’t stop keepin’ in touch with me. You know how to find me!!!! And if you don’t? Email me: coraljade@comcast.net

    PPS – Wetly, you’re genius. You know this. Forget this? Come see me. I’ll make you remember. 😉

  45. niknak

    How many times can we say “end of an era”? Obviously not enough because it’s so true!!! You and the Church are the only WM sites I have ever visited. It’s so sad to see you go. Dammit Wentworth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WFW, you have been the comic source of the Wentworth fandom, and I wholly admire you for all of your work and dedication. Even when you were irritated or disappointed with OLP, you still solidered on. I truly believe that all of your hard work will be rewarded when you will be sitting somewhere someday, and that elusive creature will finally be in your marvelous presence.

    To everyone (because the list is too long), you have all been amazing! You are some funny, saucy, crazy, naughty bitches… and I love each and every one of you! WiP!

  46. Fevah

    PPPS – I absolutely must say… Jedi-babay… oh beautiful girl, I thoroughly enjoy you and miss you more than you’ll ever know. Don’t forget a ho! ‘K? K!

    Annnnnd… g’night.

  47. LadyN

    My DAMN shout out i wrote on Word doesn’t want to POST!!! WTF?!?!

  48. LadyN

    *clears throat*

    You guys have been amazing! I’ve learned more here than I have anywhere else online (sometimes even in RL and Google). Never met so many girls that were soo willing and proud to call themselves bitches and hos and keep it real…sooo touching. Never met sooo many damn funny ass girls anywhere, even in RL. Never met sooo many girls from different parts of the world. Even places I never knew existed, ie: Croatia, Yemen, Portugal and so on. (lol kidding…I totally knew Portugal. Just don’t ask me to point them out on a map. What?!)

    I gotta tell ya the truth though, I wasn’t coming back for Went. Yes, shocking, I know. It was because of all of you. Went was just a plus. A sexy plus. A very hot-sexy-steamy plus. A very hot-mothafukin’-steamy-sexy plussss….Mmmmm. Focus, N! *breathes*

  49. LadyN

    So yeah, like I was saying before this shit cut me off! WFW you’re the bomb. You’re a smart, caring, witty, hilariously-pee-in-my-panties funny gal. Don’t know if this will make sense but I’ll give it a go anyway. To me, you’re a great representation of what Salt and pepper were talking about in the “Let’s talk about sex” song. I understand it now and I thank you for that. Haysoose and I will always love ya! 😉 OH and Me, Beige and WT still have our Wentikon organized agenda in hand in case you’d like to give it a go. It’s brilliant! See ya at cbox

  50. LadyN

    Van (My accomplice. I’m a fan of you. My friend and companion)
    WT (My Sharmota, I love your brain and humor, I “lol” with you too much. You’re speshul in a slut kind of way)
    Krissie (I finally got a hug out of you! I get you. Your wit is freakish. Thanks for the spelling bees. My tutor and editor)

  51. LadyN

    Juma (I’ll buy you a danish, i promise!)
    SU (I’d like to borrow your sex life for a day!)
    MT (I forgive you for turning J2, but i understand, they’re hot!)
    AJ (I forgive you too! lol!)
    Jedi (My “cheers” homie! I miss that one inch glass! I’d love to do it again!)
    BB (Thanks for the laughs! Woot! You’re the best)
    Savmed (You crazy ho. Never met someone who’s as random as you and i love it!)

    Bel (Can I borrow your PHD for a day?! Despite your infections…. )
    Beige (We have unfinished business!)
    Sita (Mange takk! Ufda! lol I still hate cats)
    Lé (You’re my proof that shaving your legs gets you to Went!)
    Rosi (I miss ya! You have great taste in music)
    Maichan (I’m a fan of your work!)
    Not the Doc (Funny gal, thanks for the laughs)
    Queenie/Kat (Take care love!)
    Mink (Thanks for not banning me. You keep me on check *snort*)
    Nicbeast (I feel your pain. We will meet Went one day or give up, whichever comes first)

    Thanks for tolerating my misspelling disorder. I love you all like a fat kid loves cake! CAKE!! Cosomos sound GREAT…with weed filled muffins, though! whoop whoop!

    A gift for all of you! May it be in you…always!


  52. Mama Bear

    WFW, I knew there was something special about you almost two years ago when I first stumbled upon your blog, and my sentiments haven’t changed. You have such an amazing talent, and I’m so happy that you’ll be able to cultivate it through school and even greater life experiences beyond blogdom. I’m not going to say “good-bye” but only “farewell” because I know that we’re going to see your name in lights one day.

    To all the wonderful WFWers who have shared their laughter, anger, intellect, tears, and heart with me over the last couple of years, you’ve shown how very possible it is to have female friends with no other agenda (aside from our Went lust) than our shared womanhood in all of its dynamic glory. You ladies rock, and I hope that we will always keep in touch: anne.eliot@hotmail.com

    A hui hou…”Until we meet again.”

  53. shortstuff

    well well wfw, it seems that as soon as you announce that you are quitting your blog, news breaks that went will be making an ever so rare appearance at ComicCon…


    — Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell and Sarah Wayne Callies will bang the drum for “Prison Break.”

    see, all you needed to do all along was play hard to get… went likes that 😉

  54. Erika

    Goodbye and good luck with the rest of your future ventures.

  55. Bel

    If anyone wants to contact me, I’m over at

  56. Jedi

    Well, I guess I’ll leave my email too in case any of you still want to correspond: jedi72@rogers.com

    Its been fun ladies! See you on the darkside, wink wink.

  57. Beige

    Thanks to Pup, for putting it so perfectly.

  58. Julie

    WFW and fellow bloggers,

    Don’t know if y’all remember but it’s me Julie a.k.a. jailbird (if I remember correctly)!
    Well I’m all grown up now and legal so no need for the nickname anymore but I just wanted to post my last comment on this awesome blog!

    WFW, you’ve been a devoted Went fan for almost two years and you kinda made me loose my virginity in a way (LOL), I thank you for all the laughs and witty words, they truly helped me grow up!

    I also want to thank the oldies like Krissie, Nicbeast, Mamabear, … and whoever I may have forgotten. You guys helped me through my Went obsession and were always there to fantasize!!

    I really don’t know what to say because this just seems unreal, but I guess it’s for the best and I wish you a very happy and prosperous life, WFW!!

    Lots of tears,

  59. Julie

    Okay, one last edit :
    I realise it’s more than 2 years, if I remember it all began in 2005, right??

    I forgot to mention SU and notthedoc between my list of the ‘oldies’.

    And I also want to make a special shout out to a very special person to me : Krissie : You’ve made me want to study English!!! (I’m going to university next year)
    I thank you for that, and I know it may sound weird, and maybe you don’t even know why, but I’ve always admired your knowledge of English as a non-English person, and you’ve made me want to strive being perfect in my English!!


  60. shelley

    Awwww, WFW! I knew in my heart the end was near. I’d like to both congratulate you and wish you all the best with your new endeavors. Thanks for being so welcoming here at your blog. You’ll never really know but this website was kind of a salvation for me. I discovered you shortly after having my 2nd child and this was the perfect “getaway”. Thanks to Mamabear also, you as well made me feel welcome and included. WFW you are to this day, one of the funniest people I don’t know! Best of luck to everyone here…

  61. Linda279

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!why???why????thats it …..i am close to tears !!!!but i understand u ….u have to move on with ur own life..i’ll miss this page…..have fun … i feel like a part off me is dead …!!!!!: (((((….

  62. Linda279

    but thanks 4 all!!!!!!had fun !!!: )

  63. Rosi

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh…While i was reading the post my tears start running…its sad,because i never though i would say Good Bye to this site….This site changed my life.WFW and the girls helped me in very difficult period in my life.
    Every new post was new experience for me.Because WFW is the Greatest!!!
    The site and it’s owner are phenomenon.Because of the cbox and the things happened in there lol most of you know what i am talking about 😉
    I can say that EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU ARE THE BEST!!!People from all over the world can talk free like best friends.And WFW if there was an award for COOLEST PERSON IN THE OWRLD you Deserve it.You unite us,you are the reason for me became more open,you encouraged me to express myself.And i respect your decision to say Basta.May your life be what you want it to be.May all of your dreams come true.I will always keep you in my heart and you shall be not forgotten.Just know that one bulgarian girl have much love and respect for you.And one day if the fortune give me opportunity to travel i will meet you,because i dont forget the good people.Thank you for being so kind to me and letting me be part of the WETFORWENT GANG :)It was great adventure and experience.God bless You.
    Girls!!Dear,Sweet,Beautiful bitches lol.I Adore you.Vannie,Juma,Aniela,Sita,SavMed,Fairy,Mt,BB,MamaBear,Maichan,Pup,Cookie,Angie,Neri,Krissie,AJ ,Notthedoctor,Nic,Jedi,Angel,Bel,Zena -You Rock.


  64. Rosi


  65. wow, long time no talk.
    then i come back to find out WFW is leaving.
    awh, i am going to miss coming here.
    i am sure all of us + wentworth are heartbroken.

    we are all going to miss you WFW.

  66. Krissie

    OMG Julie!!!! Aww baby, you’ve made me cry and I’m so honoured, I can’t even tell you.
    Well, good luck with your studies and hopefully we’ll see each other around the world wide web.
    Much love,

  67. SavMed

    WFW, thank you. I mean it THANK YOU!
    If you are ever in Croatia and you need a place to crash…

    Thank you everyone who chatted with me when I needed someone to talk to, laughed with me, made me happy when I was feeling sad.

    I will always remember this place as a place where incredibly witty, intelligent, eloquent, educated people shared their downright vulgar fantasies of fornication.
    *sighs* My kinda place.

    *hugs WFW*

  68. WM

    Many thanks to you all.

  69. sarah

    So sad, i found your blog later than everyone else here, but, the times i have come to this site always brings a smile to my face.

    I have to say my favourite of all time is the Korea modelling tips, which me laugh till i wet myself.

    WFW- good luck in everything you set out to achieve, and i am glad that your life has changed for the better, onwards and upwards, as they say.

    To everyone here, i have never been a part of the running dialogues and friendships between the regulars that visit, but i would like to say i have enjoyed everyone’s comments and opinions.

    The internet is a huge place, but it’s being made a smaller and sadder place with your absence.

    All the best. xxxx

  70. Snowflake

    Thanks for the laughs!!
    I always had an awesome time here!!

    WFW you rock!!!

  71. fuushi

    I am lost for words. You all described it so perfectly and I will be missing you so much!
    *breack into tears*
    Where else con I meet up with you??
    Thanks for all the good times!

  72. BB

    OMG OMG, I knew this was coming and i fully understand. WFW is now in LURVE and has no time for us…… lol for serious im glad you sorted your shit out. I will miss you guys more than you know i have made friends with people i have never met from all over the world, and i have to thank WFW for this. I think i have most of your email addresses so keep in touch my wonderful friends!!!!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of being here.
    loves ya

  73. LadyN

    *sniff* this is soo sad….

  74. LadyN

    ….and look even WM came by… *waves to WM* This was all for you, hun. Now it’s all done. *tears*

  75. lolita

    well, this was the best thing….your site was all a fan of wm would want. i loved him on prison break, but i loved him more right here. you were the salt and the pepper, i lurked here for 2 years and i will miss u. good luck with everything and hope u have a f…..g good time! thank you! P.S i think u have the qualities a journalist must have, don’t spoil them. u are too good.

  76. Twinkie76

    I’m going to miss you WFW 😦 Take Care girl and I really hope you get to meet Went soon. (I know you will) 🙂

  77. Went-Two-Three

    Thank you, WFW, for making my days Wentier! I wouln’t have made it through all those Wentless days without you.
    You cracked my shit up countless times, your sense of humour is unique! I enjoyed the ride you took us all to. I’ll miss you.
    I wish you all the best. I sincerely do think that you’ll meet the Pretty one day.

    Take care ladies!

  78. gypsiee

    And so it ends…… seconding so many here, the end of an era.

    So thank you for officially hooking me onto Wentlust, unceremoniously uncensored, unabashed, unashamed and gloriously wicked Wentlust.. …… like I’ve said before, and will continue to for some time, your wit is unparalled and it will be genuinely, genuinely missed. It made many a memorable laughable (and by that I mean frenzied, aching, tearing-up, guffawing laughter- I could have been fired damn it!) moment and I really will miss it.

    To everyone here ….. thanks for making my days so incredibly wentilicious even with the notable absence of said wentiliciousness in my bed.
    It was an honour meeting so many incredibly intelligent, imaginative, eloquently snarky, humourously crazy yet witty women. Small world. Big heart.

    You will be missed.

    ***Gaah, tearing up while bidding dramatic farewell, imagining a reunion already. ****

  79. There once was a girl named WetForWent,
    In her cbox many days i spent,
    Writing porny poems and skipping class,
    Lusting over Wentworth’s freaking OBSCENE ass.

    WFW entertained us like nobody else could,
    If Went was reading, you know he got wood.
    She gave us her time, she gave us a place,
    Alls she ever wanted was to sit on Went’s face.

    But Wentworth Miller is nowhere to be seen,
    Alls thats left is false memories of his peen,
    So this UH-MAZING blog has had to shut,
    Just when WFW was taking it up the butt.

    You’ve missed out Went, it is your loss,
    You’ll have to settle for a one handed toss,
    But WetForWent before i go,
    I want to thank you for this amazing show.

    You brought me so many amazing new mates,
    Some who charge very reasonable rates (*cough*AJ*cough*),
    You all are all amazing, you really are,
    I hope each and everyone of you goes far.

    Jedi, Maichan, BB and Kris,
    I’ll see you at the blog, you can call me Miss 😉
    Vanny, Juma, SavMed, Rosi-pie,
    I love you all, i hope this isn’t goodbye!

    Neri, Katjus, MamaBear, and Bel,
    Keep being amazing, i know you’ll do well!
    Puppy and Fairy, where are you?
    Know that i love you, and i’ll miss you too!

    AJ my hooker, I love you ho,
    There’s nobody else i’d rather know,
    I thank WFW for bringing me you,
    You’re my SSS, and you brought me J2.

    Saving the best until the very end,
    WetForWent you are a true friend,
    I’ve blown up the box, been banned and ran wild,
    I’ve been a pain in the ass, and thats putting it mild,

    But you were always amazing, and you still are,
    I’ll miss you, i thank you, you are a real star.
    Hopefully in Chi-Town we’ll meet and we’ll rock,
    Over some DSL’s and a Padacock.

    This won’t be the end, keep in touch,
    Like everyone else, i’ma miss you so much.

  80. Bexyboo

    Wishing you all the best in your new life – and I’m very pleased you’re going onto new exciting things… I will still miss this blog LOADS though!!! You really have made me laugh so much with your comments and humour – and I’ll never forget it.
    Loadsa Love
    Bex x x x x

  81. ladiuvernuà

    this is sad.
    really sad.
    I never posted much, because I felt as an intruder in such a compact group.
    But I love(d) it here.
    I had such good laughs.
    I’m going to miss it. A lot.

    WFW, do not despair.
    You’ll meet him. Someday. It happened to me.
    IT . WILL . HAPPEN . TO . YOU.
    I promise!

    take good care.

  82. ady

    Hi, I’m so sorry that you quit because I just found my way here.
    I have a question and I don’t know where to aks.
    I donated for the charity thing today (1th of July), is this still going to be counted in?
    Because I just heard about it today and I would be said if it would not be counted.

  83. Jen

    Oh how you will be missed. Thanks for spending your time gathering Went news so I didn’t have to search all over the internet daily and for making me laugh countless times. I hope your life goes well and that one day you will finally get to meet Went. Thanks for everything!

  84. For the love of went

    I am deeply saddened by this.Nevertheless,thank you WFW for the good times. The site made me laugh a lot even when i was down.All the best in your endevours.with love.Cheers!

  85. WOW, I can’t believe your leaving! I will forever miss your sense of humor.
    Your one wicked girl!
    But what I am going to miss most are the songs!!
    Maybe you can sing one final song before you go?
    I always loved them, they made me laugh so much 🙂
    Best of luck to you WFW you will definitly be very missed!!

  86. sueli

    Although bittersweet, I’m glad to read the news of the exciting changes on a personal front.

    Good luck and best wishes to you, WFW.

  87. Fashion Police

    Post a picture so we can see what you look like….I’m a little choked up girl!!

    We’ll miss ya like crazy 🙂

  88. jailbird

    I was the first to sing your prasies on JJ …remember!!!….and I’m so proud of the work you have done for all the Wentworth Miller fans. You’re going out STRONG!!

  89. shortstuff

    ohh, now i get it!

    you finally met went, he fell in love with you, and you’re running off to korea to get married… and of course you’ve gotta quit the blog cuz went isnt too keen on you spilling his personal life all over the net…

    i see how things roll wfw… keeping went all to yourself at the expense of your beloved fans.. its ok tho, i understand… it is went, after all…


  90. ady

    LOL shortsuff’s comment is too good!
    In the last view days I read a lot of your blogs and it made me almost cry that you’re leaving.
    Their brilliant. YOU are brilliant.
    Take care and all the best for your future!

  91. Van

    Man, it hurts to see this site going down…snif snif SNIF SNIF…. *sigh*
    It is a torture towards the end…the mother fucking END!


    miss you WFW 😦

  92. Juma

    *losing the pose* *crying*

    Buhuhuhuhuhuuhu! I’m really, really sad. Deep down I’m still hoping WFW keeps the blog open and post time to time.
    Are you listening WFW!? *begin’* please, please!

  93. touched

    there was a girl who went all aquiver,
    for a lad named wentworth miller
    now she packs up her blog and panties that get,
    with apt regularity wet for went.

    You will be missed.

  94. The Queenie aka Katjus

    If i wasnt (sort of) crying, this comments section would make me laugh. Lol.
    To anyone not aware of whats going on this must look like Mistress might have gone & died or maybe gotten very ill with something very mysterious & foreign.

    I´ve tried to make a graceful exit but sod that… I´m sat here where it all begun for me year and half ago eating chocolate, to stop the pain, leafing through my favorites from the archives. The Masturbation workout, the first letter to Went… The Crotch Shot!! Remeber that?? How are we to keep the Crotch Watch going now?! *chocolately gasp*

    *more chocolate* I´ll make it. We´ll make it. It´ll be ok. Of course it will. It must… *yet more chocolate & a real life tear*

  95. Beige

    Keep sane.
    Keep cool.
    Join the Crotch Watch. http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x301/rockcrawlerdude916/girls_gun_bow_gif02.gif

    It’s a luv thing.







    WFW 4 EVER!!!!





    Now who’s technosavy and can find and post that song?


    Who knew there were multiple versions?

    Anyway to Lover;

    Baby, please don’t go!

    P.S. Praise Jesus for YouTube!

  99. Thanks for all the funny posts you made in these years… We laughed so much!! We will miss you WFW!! 😦

  100. Went-Two-Three

    I still don’t know, how I’ll get my daily quick fix of Wentworth, when WFW will no longer provide me with all these beautiful pics of the Pretty. *Sigh*

    It used to be so nice to read this blog and realize that I’m clearly not the only one who seems to be out of her mind for desiring Mr. Miller.

    I.Will.Miss.This.Blog.And.I.Hate.To.See.You.Go, WFW!

  101. ilurvemv

    So once again I’m very late to the party. That’s what I get when I don’t keep up with things.

    I can’t say I’m completely surprised because you did mention several times before how you were going to shut down the site one day. But I still feel shocked reading the goodbye.

    Best of luck to you, WFW, and to anyone and everyone else who came here.

    If you’re still reading the comments, can I ask what you’re going to study?

    One day when you do finally get to meet Went, I hope you can revive the blog and post about it for old time’s sake.

  102. LadyN

    AWwwww MT! *sobs then wails* WHY GOD?! WHY?!?!?

  103. Went

    There’s only so much you can do. I’m a workaholic too and that’s where all of my time and energy goes. Everything else gets to come second.
    I found your blog very impressive and I really admire it. I really have an appreciation for how lucky I am. If you’re at a party and there are two people across the room talking about you, naturally you’re curious as to what they are going to say, but there’s chance that you might overhear something negative, so I hane not read all the blogs. Also there is some awkwardness because on the one hand they know your face as well as they know their neighbours’ face, but they also realise when you are standing in front of them that you have nothing in common. So in that awkward moment it’s up to me to step into the breach, extend my hand and smooth things out. So here I am extending my hand and saying goodbye.
    Ps. You’re a very pretty girl.

    Goodluck and Thank you!

  104. Charlie B

    sorry to see you go! i’ll miss you!

  105. Seza

    Sad to see you go. It has been fun, we have celebrated good time and bad. thanks for the memories. Good luck for your future endevours.

  106. BJones

    Too bad. I really loved reading all your poems, stories, fantasies etc. about Wenty. Now everytime I see Wentworth I’ll remember this site. Good luck, WFW!

  107. MrsMiller

    WFW- girl I just want to thank you from the bottom of my Oh so dirty heart for the hours of fun, laughing ’til I peed myself sometimes, droolable pics and all the other mischief you unleased by starting this site. I came across you about a month after you started and lurked for a long time before adding in comments and chatting.
    I am going to miss you terribly but all good things come to an end and I wish you all the best for your new adventure. You’ll be welcome anytime in my corner of the world.
    To all those other Wentaholics, that’s Mamabear, Nic, LadyN, Juma and co – Thanx for making me feel not so bad about being a dirty whore…

    Finally to the bitch that stole my name… **&&juhuhh££

    Have faith

  108. noelanimahana

    NOOOOOOO you are leaving?? My friend just told me today. You are such a talented writer, I will miss reading your hilarious takes on wentness but I wish you all the very best in all of your endeavors!

    and please come on our GBAD show! I’m sure the ladies would love to hear about your experiences writing for this blog the past two years.


  109. Chainjix

    While I still can leave a comment, and while there might be people not getting google alerts and so, here’s somethin’ about the Pretty:


    Lover, Krissie, Doc, Nic, Mama Bear, Fevah, LadyN, Van, Wtr, Dani……..sistAHS! eVERYBODY!!! WFWERS!






    Oh Lover, where else can I be forever 18 and type in ALL CAPS!!!!





  111. Van

    Well because there are still people commenting here I decided to leave this link:


  112. Amanda(blueeyedgirl)

    I’m so sad that this will be it. I love reading your blog and seeing pics and commentary on beautiful Went. I’m so sorry it’s coming to an end. I can’t wait for your next blog. I bet it’s even bigger and better. I just hope it’s something I know something about. 😀

  113. ady

    There’s going to be a new blog????

    Van, that video is so fantastic!
    I want a high quality version!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Van

    Hey Ady! I don’t have a high quality version. 😦
    I hope we get to see more pics from CITY!

    To have the HIGH QUALITY VERSION I had to have the REAL WENT! AHahahahhah

  115. Van

    But I have this one here!
    It’s the TV ADs for CITY….

    The almost kissing parts are killing me softly here!

  116. Anastasia

    Oh,why should you close the blog WFW….
    I had so much fun reading your Went news…..
    Well,I hope u will make another so creative some day…!
    I wil always be on the hunt 4 pics of dear Went!!!
    Nevertheless,wish u best of luck!!!
    I loved your site as much as Went (well,almost…)!!!
    P.S:sorry for my poor english,I’m greek…

  117. Wentalicious

    Awww, WFW I am sorry to see you go! Your blog is hilarious and I’ve turned it on to people who aren’t even big Wenty fans, lol. I think you an I have a lot in common (fierce, fab, black, female writers with wicked senses of humour, ahem… if I do say so myself!), so it was a pleasure to enjoy and be part of your online voice.

    Best of luck in all your future projects girl!

  118. I’ll miss you, good luck

  119. Cris

    Love you, Went. Be good!

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