Went on SVU: Party in the Chatbox

Come one, Come all, Come big, Come small, just Cum to the chatbox on Wednesday September 23, 2009 at 9pm Eastern to celebrate Wentworth Blue-Steeling on the season premiere of a whole new show.  Since I’ll be in the studio with my favorite new artist, I’ll be in and out and will probably see it at 9pm Pacific with all the West Coasters when the cbox party will begin, again!  See you all there!


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7 responses to “Went on SVU: Party in the Chatbox

  1. Mama Bear

    I’ll SO be there! Can’t wait! Love and miss you! 🙂

  2. SavMed

    Look at that face. Something tells me acting hasn’t improved. I hope you’ll be able to hear him, too.

    *whispers* I’ll do my best to be there. */whisper*

  3. Jedi

    I will see all you lovely ladies there on Wednesday!!!

  4. LadyN

    I’ll be there and I won’t be square! (cuz I’m already kinda round :-/)

    LMAO@sm comment. Either that or he’s constipated. I’m rooting for constipation.

  5. Sea

    How did I miss this???

    I thought the blog was dead!

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