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Wentworth Miller: We’re coming for you

Eight days until Paley Fest and…

Goodbye Row 9 Middle; Hello Row 2 Front.

That’s right, we have upgraded to the second fucking row. Went, we’re coming for you…

Mmmm Look, He’s waiting

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A Few Things…

First of all, I’m not sure how many of you know this, but I am notorious for editing entries after I’ve posted them and not saying anything. And now that I mention it, I’ve done it again. While I was capping my little heart out for the Wentcap and Wentcap Special Event, I added some caps to the Recap too. So if you already read it, go back and check out the pics.

Second, at long last I have added some Went pics to my ImageShack profile. There are over 50 in there now. I only used the ones that are official and of good quality and as usual, the ones that have a yellow border came from Jared. Some of the ones I’ve used on this blog are located there with their original dimensions (I have to scale all pictures down so that they look neat on the blog). There are no caps in there. My screen caps are in my password protected Photobucket album. A tip to those of you trying to click the pictures, it won’t work. What will however, is right-clicking and choosing Save As. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

Third, My Myspace friend list is almost nonexistent. Top friends are on a first come first serve basis. The chance to be in my top friends won’t be around forever so get in now while you still can! No this is not a shamless plug to get you to add me to your Myspace…OK yes it is…

Last, but defintiely not least, Wentworth…Miller…Porn. Yeah I said it, WENT PORN! If you have not watched the Wentcap Special Event Slideshow several dozen times by now, you must be dead. Although I am posting this after the Special Event, I changed the time so it would appear below it. I want that thing at the top for at least the rest of the day. I may be incapacitated and unable to post today due to the sheer sexiness and lust factor involved with this performance of a lifetime. There are no words. This is better than the Wet For Went blog mascot. OK I gotta go. I gotta close my door and watch it again…

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Dear USA Today

When my Wentworth Miller google alert sent me an email that his name was mentioned in a news story, I expected to read something about him…not just his name. Somehow, and for some reason that is a crime against humanity and a personal insult to me, you managed to write an entire article about Prison Break where you don’t talk about Went at all. I think you got the wrong memo. The rule is more Went good, less Went bad. It’s simple really. Think of it as no Went, no read. It’s been an adventure…

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