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Woosah…It’s MiSa!

Sound the alarm! MiSa has entered the building. You MiSa freaks are nuts but this drawing is beautiful…



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Wentworth Miller Animation

Chris J sent me this great link to Hikki’s really cool Wentworth Miller animated gifs of him doing various things that were right up my alley…Such as: Swimming in his boxers, tucking his shirt in his pants, riding in the car with that eyes closed and head back come fuck me look he does so well, walking around in a towel…etc. They are all of Went and there are like 20 (maybe more, I didn’t actually count)! I posted my favorites here but there are lots more. Go check them out. Thanks Chris!

UPDATE: Keena called my attention to the fanfic that is also located at the link if you click on Prison Break and while I don’t have time to read it right this second because I’m still at work, she says it’s hot!


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Wentworth Miller IS James Bond

Here is a lovely manip of Went as James Bond made by catsbycat over at The Church.

I can just see Went saying: “Bond, James Bond, and yes, I’m going to need you to remove your panties at once….It’s a matter of National Security…”

Bond Bond and more Bond! Here is an awesome video made by azzurra13 at The Church. Aren’t they a talented bunch? I give you Prison Break: Casino Royale. I would definitely give him pussy galore…I mean, I could play Pussy Galore…no, I’m pretty sure I meant the first one.


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