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Favorite Comments of the Week

That’s right, it’s back bitches and you thought it was dead!

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Favorite Comment(s) of the Week

Lots of new people! Holy Shit!

Mallie said…
Bean Pole is LYING to you, it is not Went who wants the photos removed, it is Bean Pole! They just don’t have the guts and are hiding behind Wentworth Miller like the little girls they are! LMAO!They lied to the Korean fans about his arrival date and time too – it is obvious that they are very territorial over Wentworth especially for what they have paid for i.e. those photos. So, whilst Went is doing anything to do with PB, the company will guard all materials that come from that association with its life!But blame NOT on Wentworth, it is Bean Pole!

Like the little girls they are? That totally explains the ads they went with on their site which last time I checked, were no longer there…Odd.


shortstuff said…
ps: screw you, bean pole! *shaking fist heartily*
Nothing like a hearty fist shake to show people how pissed off you are. *joins in the fist shaking*


AJ said…
Dear Head Honchos at BPJ,
You’ve just made yourselves look even more ridiculous, as if the clothes you’re advertising hadn’t already gotten the job done. Congratufuckinglations, asshats.Sincerely,
AJ*gives the finger, and rolls out… cuz that’s how I do*

*fingering too* No wait…that wasn’t what I meant to do but since I mentioned it, how bout we show Bean Pole what a REAL ad looks like:

Bean Pole:0


Wentalivious said…
Maybe no one outside of Asia is supposed to know about the ads? I know celebs go over seas and rake in the cashola for quickie foreign commercials and advertisments, and hope no one over hear finds out so they can keep their “integrity” or something along those lines. Regardless, it ain’t worth the drama, so don’t stress it.Although this is very very sad and a little pathetic, I just thought of something: You were in contact with people who are in contact with Went. Went might have come to this site. Went may have read some of my comments.Oh my… *would be blushing (if a black girl could blush)*

If Went has been here I think he’d be the one blushing. I, would be laughing my ass off.


BB said…
Wenty if you are reading this I am now wearing the hugest scarf ever -turn you on? Thought so….
(I have to try just in case he is reading this)

AND said…
what the fuck?can you say bean pole has a pole up their asses?!i sure think so!

*sticks pole up own ass* Yes I realize very few people will get this joke but it was right there in front of me; I had to.

Vel got requests for Michael/T-bag and Michael/Mahone. The people have spoken.

silvia said…
Totally agree with the 2 comments above! xP
I’m not a slash fan but this one was pretty good!(WFW u’r my herO! LMAO this is a so-fantastic-that-i-came-here-everyday kind of site! i luv it – of course went has a lot to do with this love for the site, but your posts just kick ass!- LOL)cheers from portugal =P

So we’re all going to hell; Awesome! That’s where the party will be anyway and thank you so much!


sanjanjanja said…
Hey WFW, i’ve been coming for quite a while and secretly enjoying the pics and words of wisdom from the great Went guru. So, finally I’ve come up with a little homework for you and I’m really interested in what you and the other Wentlovers will say. I was thinking about movie roles for our dear Pretty, and wondering what he would say to an offer for an action movie. Beeing a sucker as I am for gorgeous men in black tie, I would’n mind seeing him as the next Bond, especially if we get to see him coming out of the ocean in his trunks as in Casino Royale. But since Dear Wentie is well packed as we all very well know, what do you say about a latex costume, along the lines of Spiderman or Superman? Can you imagine the ripe and ripped Mr Miller saving the world and coming to our rescue? Mmm… That would be a whole new dimension of Went-crazed lust.
Bond you say? That has been discussed. I even picked out a couple Bond girls:Perfection…
Mama Bear said…
Brava, bravissima ladies!!! Good show!!! Getting all those random people to join in on your quest was CLASSIC! It just goes to show you how Went makes the world go ’round!
*picturing Wentworth holding the world on his finger and spinning it like a basketball* Just think, he’d be fingering THE WORLD!


Krissie said…
That is the best part! So far.
What? That’s it? No more?
But… But… But…
*crying* I DON’T KNOW! *wailing*


emily said…
you blacked out the cats’ faces? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And now that the Gap and I are back together, I’m glad to see they provided you with some California Went sightings. Next time, I come with.
The blacked out cat faces were totally Nic’s idea, as was the sign. She was the brains of the operation. The things we find funny are frighteningly similar sometimes. Another little known fact: The “I’m shutting down the blog b/c Went didn’t show up to Paley” post was her idea too. We laughed ’til we cried when I posted it.


Julie said…
Wow, WFW (and Nic) you two are some cwaizy bitches!!!Lovely entertainment, you should write a book WITH PICTURES (and blanked out faces, of course!)Happy Birthday (A little late, excuse me!!)

Julie a.k.a. jailbait

P.S.: I was cracked in two, laughing my ass off!

Jailbait, is that you? Thanks for the belated happy birthday wishes!


rachhh said…
They saw the gate to Chinatown (and had they known of Went’s thing for Asian chicks, they totally would have ransacked the place as they now believe that is where he was hiding out getting massages with happy endings)he has a thing for asian chicks?? im asian! *hopes up high*btw wfw, love u to bits. thanks for my daily dosage of wentness!

Oh hell yeah he does! Wentkorea taught us so many things…Oh and I love you too.


Patty said…
You are so fucking entertaining!
I try my best…

As always everyone, thank you for your comments!


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Favorite Comment(s) of the Week

And here they are! On time again! Do I get a cookie?

Krissie said…

“I’m kind of old-fashioned when it comes to dating.”

Aaaah, but did he say anything about good old fucking?
I think you’re good, WFW. You’re not into classic dating anyway.

Hey, I resent that! I can do classic dating! He pays and I go home horny; Isn’t that how it’s done? I’ll just get someone to fill in for him while he does that pesky waiting for the 3rd date sex…Or is that too soon for the dating folk? Clearly, I am not familiar with this custom. I’m so confused…


shortstuff said…

so to recap:
dont get too pretty (already done, haha)
-cook for him (can be arranged)
-smile if i see him on the street (well maybe if u ever came to toronto..!)
dont slip him my number.. (then how are u supposed to call me??)

went… you are one interesting creature..

Interesting indeed. Now Went, what are you gonna do when I slip you my number anyway? Huh? What then? *pouting*


AJ said…

Why did I think this post was gonna be about slash when I read the title?

Anycrap, I don’t see Miller dating “textbook ugly” girls. Perhaps he was dating “cutesy” but not “gorgeous” girls back in the day, and his friends just thought he could do better?

You are probably right and you know, I think it’s high time we get more Slash and I know just which one I’m going to go with…


Wentalicious said…

How come no one knows how to cook anymore? I love a man who can throw it down in the kitchen, but lucky for Went, I am a mean cook. Maybe I can be “old fashioned” and win him through his stomach. I’ve heard him mention Sizzlers (which we don’t have in Canada), but if he’s only dining on chain restaurant food, then “I can’t lose!” Wentalicious.

Wentalicious: 1
WFW: 0
You win this round…*shaking fist*


SavMed said…

That is right! Brunettes with character!

See Went, there is a little thing called order in the Universe. You, being handsome and bright, need just the opposite! ME!

See, you may be walking around with a tall, gorgeous blonde, but you know, as well as I do, that you need a short, (probably) brunette weirdo.

You are beautiful, go out there and find me! For the sake of the equilibrium.

*holding fake microphone* Two steps forward, two steps back, we go together cuz opposites attract and you know, it ain’t fiction just a matter of fact, we go together cuz opp-o-sites attract.


Mama Bear said…

Wait just a damn minute, Emily…you mean the posts and the comments on this site are not to be taken seriously?!? Since when?! I come here for REAL news and REAL in-depth analysis of all things Went-related, and you burst my bubble like this?! *wailing*


Krissie said…

Mr Miller, are you going to visit every Asian country now? How about some European ones? Perhaps… I don’t know… from the top of my head… Croatia?!

Subtle Kris, very subtle.


brit bird said…

China – CHINA!!!! Went britain is your place of birth come home honey and I will cook you a lovely sunday roast with yorkshire pud and everything – No? Jellied eels? No? Bread and butter pudding spread all over my body – yes!!! Come to me pretty you just add the sauce……

Wentsauce on body…Sounds great.


tia said…

Those Asians sure do love them some Wentworth!

I think the feeling is mutual seeing as how the last time he was with them he had a hard on!

Oh tia, I didn’t forget and for those who didn’t see it, check it:

Is that the making of a stiffy I see? Why Wentworth! That’s not old-fashioned!


Mama Bear said…

Went, would you please kung pao me?


  • On Bean Poled (You know, one of those posts Bean Pole made me remove the pics from?)

soiled undies said…

I think some of you know EXACTLY how HANDY I am with a POLE!!!


Nuff said.

Yes, we know. WHIP! PLANK! POLE!


shortstuff said…

whoa whoa whoa lady, you are old enough to be my mother, but i have no problem knocking you out for touching went like that. dont even pretend like ure just doing your job… who do u think you are massaging wents shoulders?? huh? HUH? sneaky little whore..



twyla said…

Oh, ya’ll–forget about the old lady giving him a massage, I am too distracted by that look on his face–it is probably the same look he would get if i were able to properly “service” his pole!

*closing eyes, daydreaming of putting that look on his beautiful face*


Servicing his pole…What a lovely thought.


Krissie said…

Eat me, Went!
What was that? Why yes, you may use the chopsticks in any way you like!

Hmmmm, you’re freakier than I thought.


emily said…

nuh uh is that woman wearing a scarf??!?!?!

It’s a conspiracy!

As always, thanks for your comments!


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