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Film Review: Stealth

You know I’m obsessed when I’m watching a movie for Wentworth Millers’ voice alone. No Wentface, only Millervoice because that is reason enough right? WRONG! I don’t even think I can devote a whole paragraph to the craptasticness that was Stealth. Wents’ voice was the best thing about the movie and for Sci-Fi that is a damn shame. Jamie Foxx being Jamie Foxx? Check. Jessica Biel being butch? Check. Cute guy with the nice eyes from Sweet Home Alabama whose name I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to look up being all cute and being a hero and stuff? Check. Explosions? Check. A.I.? Check. It was way too long and the action wasn’t even exciting but Wentworths’ computer voice was wonderful. He gets an A. The movie gets an F.


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