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A song for Wentworth



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Wentworth Miller Takes the Transalpin Express

So I’m checking out Keena’s Myspace Page as I often do, looking for new tracks b/c I love her shit, and I find a new one called Transalpin Express and give it a listen. I hear a tone I recognize and I think to myself, Could it be? Why yes, yes it is. How many people’s voices can I recognize from a fraction of a syllable and based on tone alone? No one but him. Wentworth Miller has consumed me completely.


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Wentworth Miller: It’s Over Between Us

The first time, I chewed you out. The second, I refreshed your memory about our long distance rule. This time, It’s over. I’m sorry but I am ebaying my Paley tickets as we speak. Have a nice life.

I don’t know whether to thank you or not geniass

You know what? I’ve changed my mind. I forgive you Wentworth. Why can’t I ever stay mad at you?

Beigette, you however, I have some words for. I dedicate this song to you.


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Happy Holidays Everybody!

Happy Winter Solstice! Happy Yule! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hannukah! And for you non-celebratory folk, Bah Humbug! And most of all: Merry Wentmas, everyone! Enjoy this lovely Wentmas card! I know that the 12 Days of Wentmas have come to an end but remember: Wentmas is every day of the year in our hearts…

Now that we’re all in the Holiday spirit, you may have noticed a DONATE button to your right, in the sidebar, under the Biography. If you REALLY love me, here are your instructions:

1. Click that button
2. Send me the gift that keeps on giving…Cold hard cash

OK OK, you have another option: You can just go ahead and continue exchanging Happy Holiday wishes with me and yourselves in the comments section of The 12 Days of Wentmas.

Since Went is probably on break now and lurking on this site jotting down information for the restraining order, he will be able to see your holiday wishes so let’s wish him a Happy Holidays in the comments section!

Happy Holidays Went! Too bad I’m not there with you; You could be my candy cane.

Don’t forget to Vote For Went!

A note from babe1973 (updated by me):

We really need to act fast for the votes. Somehow, [that guy whose name I refuse to display] is becoming unbeatable. I have been voting for the last hour and his votes are high 10,000 over our Pretty (I believe there is some major cheating going on, like a hitbot or something). Here is a technique for faster voting for IE users:

1 Go to tools-internet options-privacy-then block all cookies (drag the bar to the top).
2 Go to tools-internet options-advanced- under multimedia uncheck the box next to “show pictures.”
***Remember to change these settings back when you finish voting.***
After this all you have to do is click the vote button and F5 to refresh the page.
I voted 300 times just now. We all need to support our man. Let’s go for it.

Although I plan on taking a short break, when I’m online I will be hanging out here so if you want to tell me how your time with your family is slowly killing you inside, feel free to share there. Oh and one more thing: I know how much you guys love audio so here is my very favorite Christmas song. Enjoy your Holiday!

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I love Wentworth Miller but Keena fucking ROCKS!



Oh Lord, Oh Lord, I’m dead. No more posts ever. I just died.

Keena, my new favorite person in the whole wide world, has sent me a new Wentcum video WITH SOUND EFFECTS OF WENT GROANING AND MOANING AND SIGHING AND OH GOD…This is the Wentcum video to end all Wentcum videos. No more need be made, ever. This is the ultimate…fucking…masturbation..FUCK…just…watch


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