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A song for Wentworth



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Wentworth Miller Takes the Transalpin Express

So I’m checking out Keena’s Myspace Page as I often do, looking for new tracks b/c I love her shit, and I find a new one called Transalpin Express and give it a listen. I hear a tone I recognize and I think to myself, Could it be? Why yes, yes it is. How many people’s voices can I recognize from a fraction of a syllable and based on tone alone? No one but him. Wentworth Miller has consumed me completely.


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Wentworth Miller: It’s Over Between Us

The first time, I chewed you out. The second, I refreshed your memory about our long distance rule. This time, It’s over. I’m sorry but I am ebaying my Paley tickets as we speak. Have a nice life.

I don’t know whether to thank you or not geniass

You know what? I’ve changed my mind. I forgive you Wentworth. Why can’t I ever stay mad at you?

Beigette, you however, I have some words for. I dedicate this song to you.


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