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WFW and Wentworth Sittin in a Tree

I don’t know what to say. I made a big deal about not getting any response and then not only do I find out that he hadn’t gotten the gift bag until recently (thanks mysterious cbox stranger) but also, I rock. Nic, the pic, if you please…

HOLY SHIT! Wentworth Miller said I rock and he wrote love, LOVE! Do you see it? *pointing* L.O.V.E. [Fangirl meltdown in 5-4-3-2-]


I love you Went!

You are very welcome. Perhaps I should send an autographed picture of me back? AHAHAHAHAHAHA! *cackling* Or maybe I’ll give it to you in person one day…Oh, I’ll give it you alright.

Thanks Sam for passing this on. You didn’t have to do it but you did. Thank you.


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The Return of the Went

Continued from The Two Martinis and The Fellowship of the Pretty

WFW woke up on the morning of March 11th, her 28th birthday, not remembering exactly where she was…That is, until she heard Punkin screaming at the top of his lungs. “Ah yes, I’m at Nic’s,” she remembered, “and I want that god damned cat to SHUT THE FUCK UP!” (Nic: Amen to that! Try living with that bastard 24/7. It’s a good thing he is cute, or I’d have made a pair of slippers out of him LONG ago.)

Nic got up and tried to shut Punkin up by sitting on him but he is fat and squishy and kept getting away. WFW closed the door to her room but it was no use. Punkin’s voice ricocheted off of the ceiling and then the hardwood floor and back again. “This must be what Hell is like,” she thought (Nic: Actually hell is listening to Punkin yell in one ear and The Man snore in the other. THAT is HELL! You are lucky I didn’t get up and climb into bed with you!). WFW tried to go back to sleep but that was a bust too since her phone and laptop started ringing every few minutes with Happy Birthday phone calls, text messages and IMs (yes she sleeps with her laptop in bed with her, sound on). She rolled over and cried before she finally gave up, got up, took a shower, and threw on her sight seeing clothes to head to San Francisco.

And then there were three again but this time it was WFW, Nic and The Man.

The Fellowship had changed but the quest remained the same: Meet Wentworth Miller. Since he didn’t show up, they decided they would go and find him but where was he? Where?

They weren’t quite sure where to start looking but then The Man said “Let’s look over there,” for he is wise and a really good sport.

WFW and Nic were confused and asked “But why?” And then there it was…A sign!

“Oh Francis the Beige,” WFW and Nic said, “we shall follow your magic finger to the ends of the earth…” As it turned out, the finger was pointing to San Francisco. What a happy coincidence; That’s where they were going anyway!

Apparently, there are a lot of people in San Francisco. This was going to be harder than they thought.

Luckily, they visited on the one non-foggy day a year. Yay! Perhaps it was the Universe’s way of saying Happy Birthday or maybe it was Nic’s good weather voodoo. Either way, it was lovely. They drove up to “lookout point.”

They searched and searched for Went but he was nowhere to be found. Since there were lots of other people around, they decided to ask them if they had seen him. Most thought they were completely insane, but a couple of awesome guys wanted to know where he was too and joined the cause. (Nic: I’m still in the market to be a hag, so if any gay boys are in need please let me know)

The guy on the right never misses an episode of Prison Break and “just loves Wentworth Miller.” When WFW told him the name of the site, he said “Naughty girl…I love it!” (Went has some seriously rockin‘ fans).

Zooming in with their cameras from on high, they saw a rainbow flag. With tears in her eyes, WFW said, “Yes! We shall start there!” (WFW is a gay man…Inside.)

Castro aka Gaytown USA was as wonderful as one could imagine. Big butch men with tiny little dogs, a bar full of men in tiny little shorts, Femmes with huge german shepherds, butch couples hand in hand and thumpa thumpa pouring out of a club in the middle of the afternoon. It was like WFW had died and gone to gay heaven (Nic: Gay Heaven is decorated reeeeealy nice). But one important thing was missing, Went. Where the hell was he? (Nic: Hell? I thought we were in Gay Heaven…*confused* *shrugs*)

So they searched for him. They asked random strangers if they watched Prison Break and if they had seen Wentworth b/c clearly, he was hiding from them. Some found them amusing, some thought they were nuts and finally after finding no one walking the streets that knew who he was, they decided to check the bar with the men in tiny shorts. Nic was very excited to meet them “Gay boys in shorts! Gay boys in shorts! Weeee!” *jumping up and down clapping!*

[This is where their picture SHOULD be] Why oh why didn’t they get a picture of them? I’ll tell you why, b/c Nic was too busy staring at their eyelashes. What is it with her and shiny eyelashes?

They walked up to a group of them and asked, “Do you guys know who Wentworth Miller is?” The beautiful men in short shorts looked baffled, as if they had just asked them how to get a woman off. WFW asked in disbelief, “You don’t watch Prison Break?” and one replied “I watch Grey’s Anatomy…” and then another called out “Desperate Housewives…” and another shouted “Project Runway!” WFW looked on, amused but slightly in shock that these men had absolutely no idea who Wentworth Miller was. WFW and Nic thanked them for their time and left in search of someone in Castro who had heard of Went. After several more attempts, Nic and WFW were still unsuccessful. (Maichan told them later, that if only they had mentioned that he was the dude from the Mariah Carey videos, they may have found someone. Nic would have loved to have seen their faces when they googled him later and saw how fucking hot he was. WFW and Nic, spreading Wentlust all across the country). They decided to leave b/c while Castro was heaven, it was Wentless and what kind of heaven would that be?

They drove around town looking closely to make sure Went wasn’t walking the streets. They saw steep hills, pockets of shade made by buildings so tall they blotted out the sun, skinny tall houses

and cable cars (while Over My Head aka Cable Car actually played on the radio, knowing Nic, she planned that). They saw the gate to Chinatown (and had they known of Went’s thing for Asian chicks, they totally would have ransacked the place as they now believe that is where he was hiding out getting massages with happy endings),

Miller St. (They checked, he wasn’t there),

and then…WFW saw HIM! “It’s him! It’s him!” WFW screamed. “Follow that bus!” Nic shouted to The Man. The Man swerved through traffic, mowed down pedestrians and cut people off to catch it (That’s why Nic keeps The Man around) and then…*monks singing hallelujah*

They saw him…and he was fingering…He was beautiful! WFW and Nic drooled; The Man? Not so much…After Nic and WFW licked the side of the bus several times, they pressed on, in search of the REAL Went.

Next stop, The Pier, but first refreshment. They went to a coffee shop but WFW, remembering the horror that was the caramel dolce whatever-the-fuck she had in L.A., decided on a water…to be safe. They walked out…

But he wasn’t there either. DAMMIT! This was getting frustrating and just when their spirits were about to break, something interesting happened: Inanimate objects joined the search and asked the question everyone wanted to know “Where is Went?”

Went, the pirate wanted some of your booty. I know how you feel about pirates who are too forward, but I promised I’d pass that along.

Then two wonderful young ladies asked us what in the world we were doing and we told them “We’re looking for Went!” They joined the cause b/c dammit, they wanted to know where the hell he was too. And even though the girl on the right has only seen “a couple of episodes of Prison Break,” after the Castro fiasco, that was good enough.

Went, The police officer did indeed have a gun in his pocket but he would also have been happy to see you. Again, I’m only the messenger. Don’t shoot me. (Nic: You’re killing me! Pun intended.)

And then, like magic, there he was again! And so they did the only sane thing, they took fan pics with him. They figured, this might be the closest they ever get.

Look at him…Taunting us…”You can’t catch me I’m the gingerbr…uh…Gapworth man.”

Sneaky fucker. They decided to keep looking and so did everyone else.

Wentworth, when black people who are painted silver want to know where you are, you have arrived my friend.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you SKULLS!

but not on silk…WFW and Went are made for each other!

The sun was setting and still, no Wents.

Then they realized they never checked Alcatraz! Doh! Of course! That’s GOT to be where he is!

But since they couldn’t get across the water to take a look (Nic forgot to get tickets, she sucks), they could only assume he was hiding behind some rocks or something and it probably looked something like this:

“No one can see us! We’re invisible!”

As they walked away from the pier, there were shapes in the distance…

“Is that you Wentworth?”

Unfortunately, it was only Sealworth who performed for his audience in Went’s absence. Someone get that seal an agent!

They resigned themselves to the fact that they might never find him and so they celebrated WFW’s birthday the only way WFW knows how…With drinks.

You would think this would have fucked them up, but no my friends, for their burgers were so big, juicy and delicious that they soaked all that liquor up! They would have had another one of those huge drinks but the place only allowed you to order one. Stupid rules!

On the way out, this blonde chick in a bikini shouted out “WHERE IS WENT?”

We told her that even if we did find him, no way we were telling HER where he was. Little bitch…

The night was winding down and while passing a street vendor, WFW decided to get a portrait drawn. (She once had one that she got when she was in Paris; The artist was awesome and the drawing was lovely. Her stupid cleaning lady threw it out by mistake and for over 10 years she’s been trying to get a replacement.)

For just $10, you too, can be drawn as a Middle Eastern child with big hair.

In her defense though, the eyes are dead on.

Despite the setbacks, the hunt continued and more joined the search party.

Went, The fireman wanted me to tell you, he has a big hose and is not afraid to use it. Nic told him she likes to watch. I think you should go for it.

With heavy heart, Wentless and defeated, WFW and Nic gave up the search and decided they would show Went exactly what he missed out on by not showing up:

And so the story ends, Went returned to them…On the side of a bus and in a Gap window. It was his way of reminding us all that he is always with us, even when he doesn’t show up. And though WFW and Nic never found him, their love for him remains the same. The next day, Nic and The Man returned to The Shire and WFW sailed off to the Undying Lands. Nic had Punkin stowed away on the ship but WFW found him (he was yelling as usual) and threw him overboard; She can only assume he made it back to shore safely.

Upon hearing that a certain loud cat made an appearance on the blog, another cat demanded to be included.

But that, is another story…The End.


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The Two Martinis

Continued from The Fellowship of the Pretty

Security screamed out “Alright, this is the last picture folks!” and with that, WFW and Nic took the very last picture of the night. After everyone left the stage, they hung around for a bit in the lobby to take pictures and to make sure WFW didn’t see any more of her new boyfriend Amaury. Mmmmm Amaury. Their fellow parishioners hit the bathroom while they noticed Rockmond still there but they didn’t get to see him. After the excitement was over, they realized once again that Went did not show up and they knew what they must do…Go out and get very, very drunk.

Of course, one also needs food when one gets drunk or they’ll end up with a keyboard that no longer works (Don’t. Ask.) and so they went to Canter’s Deli (where they give you pickles as snacks) so they could get both.

The sadness sunk in for Nic and she looked miserable. WFW couldn’t look at her. They needed to be comforted and so they ordered comfort food, macaroni and cheese and an ice cream sundae, and shared. Along with the Apple Martini’s WFW had, and Nic’s Diet Coke it helped things alot. Not one to be defeated, WFW knew what must be done, they must go somewhere where the music is loud, the drinks are expensive and the men are gay. The maichans suggested: The Abbey.

The Abbey was actually, well, an abbey. The gate, the archway, the men…The maichans dropped WFW and Nic off but didn’t come in b/c they don’t club. Just out of the car, a cute little blond boy walked up to WFW and said “I love your hair!” *happy sigh* WFW was home. They walked over to the pretty boy ID checker (so many pretty boys EVERYWHERE) and gained entrance. Once inside Nic saw her Georgia (if you’ve read her story, this makes sense to you), but didn’t talk to him b/c he was making time with another cute boy. Nic and WFW went straight to the bar, getting smashed was necessary b/c Went did not show up. They tried to forget and ordered the biggest, most expensive Apple Martinis ever known to man (Nic would like to know how in a bar full of gay men she found the one straight one who proceeded to hit on her) and with their two Martini’s,

they danced their way to a booth to have a seat.

On their way there, Nic got delayed by two pretty gay boys who complimented her on her top and boobs; Nic was happy. WFW sat first, sipping her drink and scoping out the place. She hadn’t been seated for more than a few seconds before a girl came up to her and started dancing in her lap. “OK,” WFW said and accepted the lap dance and danced back while seated. Not 10 seconds behind WFW, Nic walked up to the booth to find some random woman giving WFW a lap dance. Nic quickly searched her memory banks to see if she recognized the woman. Once she was sure she did not, Nic, impressed with WFW’s speed at settling in, sat down and watched the show. When it was over, the girl got up and said “That was hot!” Well, WFW is kind of hot so…Time for more drinks!

At some point that WFW does not remember b/c she was getting drunker by the minute sipping on her Vodka and cranberry (who even knows what number she was on by now), their fellow parishioners arrived, ordered drinks and took their seats. Nearby Nic noticed a cute little Latin boy dancing alone and smiled at him. He walked over to them and started dancing like his life depended on it and so WFW got her second lap dance of the evening. Fabulous! This one however didn’t just dance and run like the girl did, he stuck around to make sure everybody got some. Redlightmind got her groove on, Mickeydrewme wasn’t having it and said “If he is gay, what is the point?” Tuckoo gave Nic her very strong rum and coke after tasting it and deciding she wanted to keep her liver. Kellythern sipped her Pina Colada, head bobbing back and forth to the music, watching the Latin Lothario (LL) give them all lap dances. And then, it was her turn. As she had gone commando, just for Went (see Went, you missed a pretty blond girl with a cute southern accent and no panties, for shame), she spent the entire time making sure her dress stayed firmly in place. LL did such a good job entertaining everyone that when he came back to WFW for more (Nic: WFW was dancing with LL up against the booth wall, bent over the table, sitting down…Impressive), not only did she mock fuck him but she put some money in his underwear. “Go buy yourself something nice,” she said, or at least it sounds like something she would say. She doesn’t remember…DRUUUUUUUUUUUNK.

Caption: Gerardo of Rico Suave fame will be playing the part of LL for visual purposes only. There are no pics from The Abbey b/c what happens in L.A. stays in L.A.

When the bar closed (yes, they closed it down) they were on their way out when Nic got felt up by LL who said “I love your boobs and your junk in the trunk. You are so beautiful!” Nic was pleased. At this time, Nic and WFW remembered they didn’t have a ride home. In their infinite drunkness they followed their fellow parishioners to their cars even though they were going to take a cab. They were very drunk. They walked back across the street where two of the cutest boys ever hailed them a cab (Nic: I don’t care what you say; I choose to believe the one with the prettiest brown eyes was straight and batting his pretty little eyelashes at me because he was interested. You have your fantasies, I have mine..). During the cab ride home, Nic asked why she is not a fag hag when she is so obviously meant to be one. WFW laughed, sat back in the seat and enjoyed the way the cabbie whipped his turns and speedily got them back to the hotel.

Once in bed, one minute WFW was typing and the next she was passed out. Morning came and they got dressed and ready to head back up the coast to Nic’s place. Every time they saw a sign that said San Jose, they pointed and yelled. They’re geeks, very big geeks. They magically found the Denny’s and Burger King they searched for very easily, as well as free wireless in Santa Barbara (where they spent like 20 minutes held up in a parking lot on their laptops checking email, posting on message boards and chatting) and the beach.

While there they waded in the water,

took pictures,

and made their mark (Nic was the artist).

And then, they remembered that Went did not show up and they wondered, “Where is Went?”

A very important question, They decided that they should find out.

To be continued…


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The Fellowship of The Pretty

Long ago, in a land far far away, there were three girls on a quest for The Precious. Word came from the West of a festival in the City of Angels and so they decided to go on a journey, hoping to catch a glimpse of The Pretty. Nic came from northern California; She was the closest. Sam came from Seattle, still on the west coast and relatively close. WFW, however, came from Baltimore, Maryland…all the way across the fucking country, to see Went, who didn’t show up. The three had never met in person but Wentworth Miller brought them all together.

Before the Tears

Nic spent the day before making chocolate chip cookies for WFW’s birthday. She went to work, where at the evil castle, they tried to imprison her and force her into slavery. But, Nic is clever and cunning, or just sneaky, and when no one was looking, she tip-toed out the back door. Once free of her captors, she laughed manically and ran to her car where she created the beautiful, yellow “Wet for Went” sign, just in case she didn’t recognize the illustrious blogger. People waiting at the airport seemed to take issue with it. Nic giggled to herself.

WFW didn’t sleep the night before. She doesn’t like to fly and wanted to be exhausted on the plane since she was flying without drugs. Her first stop was Houston and had she known that Went wasn’t going to show and was probably still in Dallas at the time, she may have blown off her connecting flight and gone Went hunting instead. Ahhh, hindsight. Her next stop was San Jose where Nic was waiting in the terminal with a sign; WFW was amused.

They took a picture of themselves to commemorate their first meeting…

WFW and Nic jumped into the SUV and headed to Mama Nic’s to pick up her Wentworth Miller sketches, for Went, who didn’t show up. She’s an artiste. WFW is looking at her sketch right now (YAY!). Then it was on to breakfast, Best Buy (where they got the best deal ever on 2GB SD cards), Starbucks and the liquor store before heading down to L.A. baby! They took the non-scenic route and sang all the way there listening to Nic’s iPod and the CDs WFW made for Went, who didn’t show up. Thirty minutes outside of L.A., Nic started whining about how she was tired of being in the car. WFW told her to suck it up and she did. When they finally got to L.A., it smelled like…L.A. and they headed for the Best Western Hollywood Hills.

When they arrived, Sam was sleeping as she had checked in first. WFW called mickeydrewme and redlightmind b/c she didn’t want to be in the hotel unless she was sleeping and they all went to Mel’s where they met kellythern and bradybunch. WFW’s caramel dolce whatever-the-fuck from earlier kept her quite acquainted with the porcelain god (Nic: Poor WFW). Good times. Suddenly, it was time for bed and the day they’d all been waiting for.


They awoke the next day to see 300 with maichan and mr. maichan, and it motherfucking rocked. (Nic: Can I get an Amen!!) Was there any doubt? While at The Grove they had lunch and ran into their fellow parishioners once again, this time joined by tuckoo, with Gap bags in hand displaying the visage of one Wentworth Miller. Although they all knew of the bags’ existence, They screamed when they saw them anyway b/c they’re geeks. After a quick chat, they broke company and The Went Trio and The maichans decided to go bum rush The Gap and get their own bags. They caused quite the commotion. One gap employee claimed Went as her own while Nic corrected her but they were all one-upped by the male employee that exclaimed “Oh no honey, he is mine!” The Fellowship told of their quest and how in a matter of hours, it would be complete, for then, they would see him.

Back at the hotel, it was time to get ready. WFW is low maintenance so she just changed her shirt while her girly girl companions got all, well, girly (Nic had to make sure the boobs were just right! Went is a boob man after all! Sammie of course had to get even more gorgeous. Perhaps WFW just didn’t care enough? No, that couldn’t have been it). They left WFW to drink and entertain the maichans. The time came to attend the blessed event and they were off.

They got there an hour early to watch the arrivals and no sooner did they enter before a woman said to WFW “You wore the shirt!” to which she replied, “I did.” The First Church of Wentworth Miller, uniting Went fans everywhere. The Fellowship called the security guys Secret Service and flirted with them; A couple of them were fucking hot and they loved the way they gave orders. They met some William Fitchner fans and shared their love of The Bill. He plays the hell out of Mahone.

Photographers asked what WFW’s shirt said so she read it out loud for them and one of them said “My name is Wentworth!” so she replied “I guess that means I’m wet for you too then.” He blushed. Photogs took pics of their shenanigans and they ended up on Wire Image and Getty (Page 2) (DAMN look at that ass). It’s party time wherever they go b/c that’s just how they roll. Just then, the cast started coming out of the glass door for snapshots with the MTR backdrop and to give little mini interviews. As they looked on, Amaury’s fine ass came walking out and for a moment, WFW considered running over and licking him but she decided against it as Secret Service was everywhere. Although, Nic would have run interference for WFW, since she had bail money. K.W. was there salivating in anticipation, like the rest of us, waiting for Went, who didn’t show up. Secret Service warned the crowd that it was showtime and so they went in and took their seats and realized that they were in the front row…THE FRONT ROW. Nic was sure she heard angel’s voices from on high when she saw the seats.

The Program

The pilot starts to play and as it does, Season One Wentworth shows his beautiful face. Mmmm, Wentworth will be coming out soon. They can hardly wait. The time comes to say a phrase that should definitely be on a T-shirt “Properly Propagated,” and so they all say it, all three times. They say it with him, for he is OLP. The Pretty, His Royal Gapness, The smartest and most beautiful con in all the land. His bucket hat runneth over with sexiness, he has the face of an angel and his lap would be anyone’s final destination. They swoon when he waves his weapon. The way he points and the way he shoots and Oh God the fingers…WFW blacks out and when she comes to she grins and says, “Welcome to Prisneyland fish.” The lights come up and although they were ushered into the theater before they actually saw Went come out, they have faith that he is there.

And now it’s time to introduce the cast and The Fellowship gives them a hearty welcome. Nic stealthily sits her camera on her knee and sets it up to take pictures without being caught. The whole cast is even better looking in person than on TV. Unbefuckinglievable! First out, Wade Williams who WFW giggles every time she sees b/c of his role as the scary but hilarious Priest on The Bernie Mac Show. Yay! Next is Rockmond Dunbar who WFW remembers from Soul Food, the series on Showtime. Yay again! Next out, Robert Knepper…Mmmm the Knep and he gives us all a lovely gesture to prove that he does have both hands in real life. They’re so glad he did b/c they really weren’t sure. MOTHERFUCKING YAY! Next, Holy shit look at that suit and those dimples…Visions of Cellie Sandwiches danced in their heads…It’s Amaury Nolasco and good fucking god does he look hot. YAY YAY YAY YAY, Can you do that walk out again? More Yay and WFW adds an “Ow!” to the end for effect. Oh yes, he deserves it. Nic joins WFW in the catcalls seriously thinking about revising her “Laminated List” and adding Amaury. Next out Sarah Wayne Callies looking pregnant only in the belly, glowing and looking beautiful. YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Next out is Dominic Purcell. He’s hot too but if he’s just come out, then they know who must be next. Squees are suppressed, eyes glaze over, hearts beat faster and he’s coming, he’s fucking coming! The next name is read and it’s…NOT HIM? WTF?

And so they have their first casualty: Sammie. May she rest in peace. We loved her, but she died that day of a broken heart. She made a beautiful corpse and she requested that she be buried with Wentworth Miller. Nic had a look of horror on her face as she realized what was happening and the color had drained from it. WFW felt her heart stop but kept smiling anyway. Wentworth Miller did not show up. The world has ended.

WFW pretends everything is OK; What else is she gonna do? Cry? She reaches over and rubs Sammie’s leg to try and stop the tears from coming. Went not being there was the elephant in the room and it threatened to sit on and suffocate everyone in the audience. They had lumps in their throats and they were in pain…but they had to press on. The moderator asked how each cast member got involved in the project.

Wade was looking for work but didn’t think his four year old would approve; His Agent made him go for it.

Rockmond was working on another show that didn’t go anywhere; The Prison Break Gods were happy as they wanted him for their own.

Robert’s wife told him he needed a job; His choices included Professor Rob, Ranger Rob and Actor Rob.

Amaury found out he was a favorite while taking a leak next to Paul Scheuring; Oh and he doesn’t like to read (which Dom pointed out, lol, Dom is a hot smart ass).

Sarah locked her keys in the car before her audition and afterwards called AAA to come help and had to watch all the execs she auditioned for walk out as she sat waiting for 4 hours; She probably got the job out of pity.

Dom was surfing and working on another show he’d like to forget; He was sure he got the part b/c he’s just cocky like that.

The Highlights

Robert and Amaury noticing WFW’s shirt and the look between them.

WFW catching Amaury looking at her. She then looked him in the eye and smirked and he smiled back.

Amaury saying fuck (Fuck is such a great word) and then covering his mouth in surprise and turning to Sarah’s belly and saying into it “Don’t say those words!” (Nic: Mmmmmm, Amaury saying fuck…)

Sarah explaining to the audience the reason Amaury was talking to her lap is because she is pregnant.

Real life prisoners got a hold of Wentworth Miller’s cell phone number and called him, repeatedly (Nic would like to sign up for con school).

There WILL be a season 3 and they’ll be shooting in Dallas, Florida and Louisiana.

The tattoo IS coming back (on Monday to be exact), and when the question was asked, WFW made a rather orgasmic noise that she didn’t intend to make out loud which prompted Amaury to say “Clean up on aisle 4.”

Sarah stopping mid sentence to say “Oh you don’t care about the tattoo, you just want to see Wentworth Miller with his shirt off,” and The Fellowship yelling out “Yes, that’s exactly what we want,” in response.

Sarah giving the what about me face after Paul mentioned one of the key parts of the show’s appeal being the hunky guys and WFW and company yelling out “Oh you’re hot too! Sarah!” and clapping.

Rob being T-bag for a moment to say a line that was directed at Michael that didn’t get into one of the first season episodes, “I’m gonna light up that leather donut boy.” WFW is so sorry that didn’t make it in and she’s strangely turned on.

WFW telling Amaury she wanted a picture and him saying “Oh she wants a picture; OK let’s take this picture right now.” Then when he was taking too long, WFW hurried him and he said “Oh you’re only into Wentworth anyway,” to which she replied “But you’re my #2!”

Sarah telling the story of her morning sickness before the shooting of the kissing scene on the train and WFW saying out loud “I could tell,” before realizing that she said it. Ooops! It was a compliment though. We all know they could have done better. Nic smacked WFW and told her “Shhhhh!! That’s not very nice!” WFW making the what did I do face.

WFW telling Amaury to take a pic with her “hot friend Sammie.”

WFW asking Amaury what he was doing after and him saying “I don’t know,” and then remembering, turning back around and saying “Oh yeah, we’re going to dinner.” Fooking Security rushed him off before a location could be obtained. Mmmmm Amaury. WFW considered cheating on Went. Afterall, he cheats on her ALL the time. It’s only fair…

Pam finding WFW, putting pinky cuffs in her hand and agreeing to take Went’s gift bag to him.

His gift bag included: An engraved iPod Shuffle and some CDs (he needs all the help he can get, he likes the Scissor Sisters *making gagging noises* Nic likes them too, but she’s a freak),

CD #1

CD #2

CD #3

a Starbucks gift card, a WFW T-shirt and bracelet, two beanies knitted by Nic, two sketches drawn by Nic Mother, and a shorty of Cutty. It’s just not a gift bag without the liquor. Too bad we didn’t know about His Royal Hotness being a no show ahead of time; We could have bought larger bottles to assuage our sorrows. *Sigh*

WFW got a pic with Robert Knepper!

And who could forget that hot hot hot Amaury…Although while getting the Amaury pic, SOMEONE jumped up onto the stage and weaseled their way in and fucking took over. *rolling eyes*

For notes that will make you feel like you were there, go here. For some reason, she found it amusing that Went wasn’t there.; She’s lucky her notes are good…

Let’s have a bit more Amaury…

WFW is seriously crushin’ on Amaury, in case you couldn’t tell. I guess that’s what happens…when Went doesn’t show up (Yes, it had to be said, AGAIN).

*whispering very softly* Went, I forgive you.

To be continued…


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The Cry Heard Round the World

I’m sure you all know by now that Wentworth Miller was not at Paley. He and Bill Fitchner (who also wasn’t there and I was looking forward to meeting) must still be shooting and since they’re down to the wire, I can’t get mad about that. I mean, we want our Prison Break right? Don’t cry for us though, we still had an an awesome time. Turns out second row of the front left orchestra was FRONT ROW and in my Wet For Went tank, let’s just say I was noticed (I may even end up on the some website somewhere as multiple photographers took my picture, lol). Everyone was funny and entertaining and we got definite confirmation that there WILL be a Season 3 (YAY!). Amaury was looking DAMN HOT, Sara looked absolutely beautiful, Robert was super nice as was Wade, Rockmond was fine as hell and Dom was well, Dom; It was still a really good night and we got pictures and we have tales but we’ll save that for when I have more time. For now, enjoy this lovely pic Nic took (she was the photographer), I have to shower and check out of the Best Western Hollywood Hills so we can head back up the coast for Part Two of my California adventure. It’s amazing what a few Apple Martini’s, an ice cream sundae and a a few lap dances from both men and women can cure. Gay Bars make life worth living. More later. Wentworth Miller: We still love you!


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