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Wentcap: John Doe

Here it is, a month late, but here nonetheless. There weren’t very many good Went shots this episode but what I did get seemed to have a theme so I just went with it.

The Lord of the Rings Extravaganza: SmeaWent and Wentlum

We wants it. We neeeeeeeds it. Must…have…The Precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked! Tricksy! False!

No, Not master!

Yes Precious, false. They will cheat you, hurt you, lie…

Master’s my friend.

You don’t have any friends. Nobody likes you.

I’m not listening. I’m not listening.

You’re a liar and a thief.



Go Away.

Go Away? *mad cackling*

I hate you. I hate you.

And the Emmy goes to:

Best Imitation of Samwise Gamgee just after Frodo says: The ring is mine.



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Wentcap: Wentworth Miller Recap

For the last Wentcap of the year, Mr. Walking Sex himself gives us a facial…A lot of them.

Hot Like Fire

He’s SO hot that everything near him just spontaneously combusted.

Aww Baby, Are You OK?

Don’t worry, there is absolutely nothing you could do that would mess up that face. You even looked good as a dead guy. A bruise and a little blood are not going to spoil a thing.

Went is into Bondage

Apparently, he LIKES being handcuffed. Just look at that perfect look of contentment as he heads down the road all shackled and stuff. *Making mental note for our inevitable meeting*

Went and that Sexy Jawline

He is clenching that jaw…Again…

The Fuck Me Look is Only Half-way There

If you’re going to do it, you have to close your eyes AND throw your head back. Afterall, you invented the look. I shouldn’t have to tell you this Went.

In the words of Dany from WFT,
This next pic is Pure Charmed Happiness

His face is a thing of beauty. I just can’t get enough. In fact, Let’s see more:

That furrowed brow, that nose, the hint of ear, the scruff, those lashes, those lips (and they have the nerve to be slightly…open), the mole…*feeling faint*

Wenttongue Peepshow…Well sort of.

Apparently the word is out: We are always looking for Wenttongue. So this time he tried to hide it…Too bad he had an involuntary tongue spasm, Ha! Too bad for him but not for us: I see WENTTONGUE! Dom is desperately trying not to follow suit. He must have taken my threat seriously.

Went Behind Bars

Lock him up….Throw away the key…And spank him. Actually, scratch that, Let ME do it. Oh please let me. *drooling*

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

It’s Wents’ ridiculously perfect profile complete with eyes that look like they are the color of storm clouds. And why is it that even his NECK is beautiful…And why have I never noticed this before?

Oh Blue Steel How We Love Thee

And this is some incredibly Blue Steel behind even MORE steel. That’s got to be like a record or something.

Went is Quite Fit

He stops in the middle of filming Prison Break to do a pull-up. He is such a show off.

Bloody Hell

I believe it was Stacy who said she would like to lick this blood off of his head and while this statement is borderline psycho, somehow, it appeals to me. Blood looks so good on him that I think I may know what role I’d like to see Went take on next…I’d love to see Went in a vampire movie…Dripping with homoeroticism a la Interview with the Vampire…Writhing around on the floor shirtless and bleeding (Maybe outside of Red Lobster) after being bitten by some other gorgeous man, hmmm, Maybe Jake! I can see it now: Sex, murder, bloodlust, More Sex, naked Went, fangs, Even more Sex, mayhem, obsession, Still More Sex, naked Jake, cheesy bread…Did I mention sex? OK I see a slash opportunity here; Someone with skills, start writing!

Wentworth Miller IS Spiderman

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

He is flexible that one. *Making another mental note*

Am I the only one that hears Monks singing when I look at this picture?

He is truly The Chosen One. He travels with his own lighting provided from on high by the beautiful man gods.

Check it out…He’s looking RIGHT at me!

No Went. How many times do I have to tell you that we have to wait until AFTER they say “cut,” eventhough what we did last week was totally fun. *giggling* Oh OK, if you insist…

Uh Oh, We’re winding down and Went too is sad…

I don’t want it to end either but YOU are the one that said we needed to take a break from each other! I mean it’s not too intense for ME; You’re the one that needs “space.” *rolling eyes, pouting and crossing arms* What do you want from me? *hands on hips* Oh so NOW you want to take it back? Well it’s too damn late! *cries, Went hugs me* I hate it when we fight. Let’s make up…Say around…January 29th-ish…OK? I love you too. *kiss*

And the Emmy Goes To:

This perfect mix of both shock and horror. Outstanding Went! *Clapping* Oh Fuck it, just give the man an Oscar.

Oh Went, I hate to see you go

But I LOVE to watch you leave.


Went, you are either doing the robot here, posing for your very own action figure or your running style has significantly improved; I knew it was the suits’ fault! Whatever the reason for this most unusual stance, Kudos (like that Mink, LOL)! I like the pose. It works.

He takes one last look back at the fangirls and fanboys wailing in the distance…

Bye Went! Until next year! *waving*

And I will end with this pic because it is so freaking Wentilicious… I spotted it at The Church and the original came from Prison Break Online. This picture is so sexy for SO many reasons…And it may just help ease the pain of going so long without seeing Wentworth Miller’s face every week.


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Wentcap: Wentworth Miller Recap

I have seen the face of God and his name is Wentworth Miller.

Look at this absolutely beautiful nature shot and that lovely jaw clench. The clenched jaw is HOT. The flowers (that yellow hue that seems to illuminate the perfect one and give him an angelic glow) won’t even leave the shot because they too want to be close to Went. Freaking FLOWERS are drawn to him. He is a God among men. *bowing and worshipping in silent ecstasy*

Wentworth Miller Man Love

I could go all slashy with this, but I won’t because I think it’s Man Love: Two guys that clearly love each other but aren’t sexually attracted to each other. I think I just coined a phrase, or maybe I read it somewhere. Man Love is cute, like Went.

Went just found this blog and is visibly concerned.

Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere…

Oh. My. God.

“WFW! WHAT are you doing here and what are you doing to my?…Mmmm…nevermind. Keep doing it.”

Wents’ face when I’m done…
“What the hell just happened to me and why is it nighttime now? WFW, you are truly spectacular. Where in the world did I get this bruise on my face from? That was crazy good. You’re wild as hell girl, in fact, I’m a little afraid…”

Whose ass is that?

Why it’s Wentworth Millers’ ass! Running for it! The ass is running. Let’s see the ass standing still…


Ahhhh, there we go. The holy ass. It has such a lovely, plump roundness to it; I’d love to smack it and give him a 20.

I swear Went, you will get a tear out of me yet.

This is totally the face I’d be making if someone important to me died. The hair stroke was a nice touch. Well done Went!

Went is smiling: All is good with the world.

I know we LOVE to see him cry but happy Went makes me happy too. Somehow, when he’s smiling, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the world. Bluebirds sing, kittens play with balls of string, food has no calories, I have only happy memories, sex is plentiful, pics are Wentiful, money flows and life doesn’t blow.

Gratuitus Butt Shot!

Yes, it is a little blurry, but enjoy it Mink, cuz this one is for you. Check out how the hip leans to one side…GOOD GOD THAT HIP LEAN AND THAT HIGH ROUND ASS IN THE SAME SHOT…It should be illegal.

LOOK! It’s WENTTONGUE, and not only that, it’s Wenttongue to the third power at different intervals of exposure.

Wenttongue peek complete with Wentlash

Slightly more Wenttongue

Wenttongue peep show

Went, why do you DO this to me? It’s like you’re taunting me. “Here is my tongue. Study it. Worship it. Think of what I can do with it. Now realize that it will never touch you. Still, I command you to want the tongue. NEED the tongue. Be one with the tongue.” He is such a fucking tease.

I know that it is absolute blasphemy for me to post a pic of anyone other than Went in a Wentcap but the following people so blatantly ripped off the Wenttongue peep show that I had to express my displeasure by posting these most heinous violations. The Wenttongue peepshow is for Wentworth only. I’m talking to you Billy Boy

and you too Dom

Violations of the Wenttongue copyright will not be tolerated. You will be hearing from my lawyer. It was a nice try though…

Went freaks the hell out…And it was good.

He’s so upset that he is bending the rules of The Matrix. I can’t even do that shit and believe me I have been trying since 1999. He’s crazy talented.


Nuff Said.


That’s right, stick it out, so I can see it. Good boy…

Random Question: Have you ever watched Wents’ lips move in slow motion? I highly recommend it. Mmmm, Wentlips…Coming together…Moving apart…Showing Wenttongue and those perfect teeth…

And the Emmy goes to:

This completely brilliant facial expression and Adams apple jump. A pained look AND a tear brim? Dammit Went, if you were trying to make me cry, you fucking succeeded. *reaches for a tissue*


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