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Better Late Than Never

I have finally finished my binge-watch of every episode ever of Prison Break. It took longer than I expected lol. Party in the cbox every Tuesday night until Prison Break ends! I should probably also catch up on what else Wentworth is doing these days…But for now, let us just look at him. GOD I love this picture…




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Prison Break is coming back, so I am too!

It’s been a LOOOOONG time, friends. If you’re reading this, why? I haven’t posted in 4 years! But since you’re here, maybe you’ll want to join me for a Prison Break re-watch and live-tweet this weekend. I’ll start with Season 1 this evening and watch all 4 seasons before Prison Break’s return on 4/4/17 at 9:00 pm. And did I mention the cbox is back? Happy binge-watching!


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To Live and Die in LA

I just touched down in LA and as I unpack at the LAX Radisson, I can’t help but think about Prison Break ending this Friday.  We knew it was coming, it needed to, and now the day is almost here.  I feel like I should do SOMETHING to say goodbye, like get drunk.  Where should Nic and I bid farewell to weekly Went?  Is anyone still watching?  Is anyone even reading this?

Probably not…LOL

UPDATE: Nic and I Lunched in Larchmont and Vibed in Venice but once again, Wentworth was nowhere to be found.  Never let it be said that we didn’t try and didn’t have a ball doing so, lol.

We THOUGHT we saw him at the Arclight:

Wentinator! So close…and yet so far.

This just in: Went and WFW REALLY ARE the same person; They both got fat.  Care to work off those pounds together Wentworth?

As we left The Arclight, there was a moment of silence for the end.

Prison Break was over, Wet for Went was over, and the next chapter of our lives would now begin.  Good luck with SVU Went and everything you do.

Love Always,

Nic & WFW


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First Glimpses of Prison Break Season 4

That you saw like a year ago but I haven’t so…It’s new to me!

Sweet Jesus Wentworth. Mmmm mmmm mmmm…Yeah, I’d still hit that, til I knocked the bottom out of it! And now a trailer for Season 4 b/c I know you can’t wait for all of the non-tattooed, unrealistically chaste, goodness that it shall bring.

OK OK, that did look kind of good…

Thanks Wild child and Minkalicious!



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The return of the chick that doesn’t give head

It’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about b/c it might actually make the MiSa freaks TOO happy and since you simply NEED a place to talk Prison Break, you know that show that has lost its way (and this season, I will make no more excuses for it), here you go. Because this pic was the visual representation of my feelings about resurrecting the dead (no matter how beloved the character by some and here’s a rant that doesn’t belong: If you REALLY want to bring back a dead and beloved character, try KELLERMAN for fucks sake…), I decided to post it and open up the comments to Prison Break related musings.

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