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It’s time for a poll


Yes! How long has it been since we won something for our boy? I don’t even remember, so now is your chance to show the world that Went is “teh sex.” Vote here and here, vote often, get blisters, never give up! Thank you.

Thanks mink!


That’s right, Ultimate Hottie of ALL TIME goes to Wentworth Eye-fuck Miller.

You are all made of awesome. Went’s fan internet presence is second to none. I salute you.

Thanks PrimulaBlue!


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One Question

I know the future looks bleak on the Ellen front, but if I had made it and I could ask him one question, what would you want me to ask?


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Wentworth Miller up for 2007 Teen Choice Award

Yes! The media blitz is coming (according to anonymous sources, THANK GOD) and soon it’ll be Wentworth Miller everywhere and not a drop to drink. For now, we’ll start with some news, that isn’t really news considering the nom came over a week ago but let’s pretend it’s new. If you want to vote, go here (do you have to be teen to vote?).

And if you want to take a Teen Choice quiz over at People, guess who got the FIRST question? Awesome.

Last year’s Teen Choice Awards ensemble:

Went looked DAMN hot. What will he wear this year? Hmmmm…Need a date Went? I’m available hunny. Then later you can wear me…out.


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Wentworth Miller is beautiful

As if there was any doubt! People has named Wentworth Miller one of the Most Beautiful People. How about THE most beautiful person? I wonder if he cups everything the way he does his head…Mmmmm head.

Thanks Jared!

Oh and totally unrelated but this is also my 300th post! Holy Shit!


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How Much is Wentworth Miller Worth?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the piece of lint shaped like Wentworth Miller that sold for over $570 on ebay. Look, it’s even on the run! Somebody with a fantastic sense of humor and money to burn now owns this lovely piece of shit. It got me to thinking…How much is the real Wentworth Miller worth? Since google is my friend, I typed in “How much are you worth” and the first entry was this one. Now I took a few liberties and made quite a few things up (unfortunately I don’t know his penis size so I gave him 9 inches b/c I’m just nice like that) but by my calculations, Wentworth Miller is worth exactly $2,642,890.

Worth every penny…


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