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Wentworth Miller’s hair wins something

That’s right, his hair. While we’re just picking things at random, might I suggest similar recognition for his adam’s apple, jawline, nose, forearms, back, ass, thighs, feet…Fuck it just give him the award for perfect everything and call it a day.

Thanks again jedi for doing my job for me, you J2 loving whore…


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Wentworth Miller talks Prison Break with TV Guide

And gives some sort of different answers!

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Wentworth Miller in German In Style

Of note: … (Went asked about being a sex symbol)

Went: My life wasn’t glamorous at all. Now, I get invited to a lot of
parties and women, I have never seen before, give me their phone number.

The interviewer (a man!) asks: Rumor has it you prefer men.

Went: I AM NOT GAY but this rumor is still around.
I would like to have a girlfriend and a family but I haven’t found the
right (female!) one yet.
So I concentrate on my job and enjoy every second on the set despite
long shooting days of 14 hours.

Thanks for the email Snowflake! More of the interview here.


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