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I pledge allegiance to Korea…The pics are pouring in. My favs so far:

Ass shots first because really, what else matters?

Oh baby…


Yup, he’s eye-fucking YOU. Yeah YOU in front! Be grateful!

The way his lips are wrapped around that bottle. OH GOD HELP ME!

Crotch Watch 2007. It leans to the right. You heard it here first.

What Watch Went?


*laughing with Wentworth*

Biker Wentworth

I love it when he talks with his hands.

Wentworth Miller, what are you up to? *grin*

Michael Scofield action figure?

Look at how he cradles her in his arms…YOU LUCKY FUCKING BITCH!

He’s ready for his close up…

Have you ever noticed how Liquid Sex comes out of that perfectly shaped head? And look! STUBBLE!

Work it baby!

Awww look how happy he is!

By request:

Went with gifts!

More happy Wentworth!

He blew kisses!

And are those tears I see in his eyes. *tearing up* That’s it! Consider this a marriage proposal. That’s right, I’m really doing it.

*kneeling and taking a deep breath*

Wentworth Miller, Will you marry me?

*looking up into those eyes*

One last look…Oh Wentworth, I love you! *sniff*


UPDATE: The videos are pouring in now and HE SANG! OMG, HE SANG! He sang and I yelled at the top of my lungs at 3 in the morning.

Went describes what he likes in a woman

31 minute video!

Went in Korea: The Highlights

Went on Korean TV. Best part: “Bad Girl.” Bad girl? Oh Went, you have NO idea…

Wentworth Miller shouts I love you in Korean to the crowd. Should I be jealous yet?


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It’s Liquid Sex Time!

Wentworth Miller is going to be on the Kyle and Jackie O show in Australia at 3:30 p.m. EST for a whole hour!

Listen Live Now!

If you missed it:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Download it and keep it forever!

The Interview

The unaired portion

Thanks mink and maichan!


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Liquid Sex

Can you handle even MORE Wentworth Miller? The time now where I am is 4:10 pm so in about 20 minutes he will be doing an interview for Nova 96.9 in Sydney. You can listen to it stream here or here or here. I apologize for the lateness with the info but I am still not even sure about the time difference going on. I think 20 minutes is right. Either way, start listening NOW!

Alright people, you can listen to it here if you missed it and if you want to keep it (which I know you do) hit Download File! Thanks Jared!

DAMMIT! Went is number 2 on again. VOTE PEOPLE VOTE!


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Because You Can Never Get Enough Wentworth Miller Audio Porn

Mink has done it again. Here is the Jackie & Bender interview. His laugh is so completely cute and he is so funny. I am so far gone for this man. This. Has. Got. To. Stop. *sigh*


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Wentworth Miller Audio Porn

Last night one of my favorite characters was killed off of The Wire and I was crying actual tears and yelled his name out when he went down like he was my family. I was seriously hurt…but then a light shined from above and in that light was a messenger with a Wentworth Miller radio interview that he gave in April on Z100. That messenger was Mink and she said, “I give you this audio porn to make you even more a fool for Wentworth Miller than you already are.” I, of course, accepted but I was in no way prepared for the affect it would have on me. This interview has made me so insanely happy I just had to share it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Mink! I. LOVE. YOU.


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