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The Return of the Interview

I will not even attempt to count the days/weeks/months it’s been since we got any new info about Went; I’ll just post what’s available now.

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Wentworth Miller makes me wet

Question: Sweet or salty?
Went: A little bit of both, like all Gemini I guess

This turns me on, so, so, much…For soooo many reasons. I’m going to let you all think about why.

Question: Is lying for the good cause acceptable?
Went: Honesty will always be preferable, but if a little distortion of the truth can spare somebody else’s feelings, it is probably acceptable.

What a diplomatic answer and true. Lie to me, I promise, I’ll believe.

Question: Your favorite room at home?
Went: The bedroom.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssss! I bet it is Went; I just bet it is.

For the rest of the interview, go here.

Thanks unkut and inexorabilis!

And thank you Went, I love you today.


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Wentworth Miller gets his own page

Well People, I yelled and you listened, Thank you kindly. Next year: THE COVER!

Thanks for the scan jedi!


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New Sky One Wentworth Miller Interview

Watch it here

Thanks mink!


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Breaking News: Wentworth Miller is an ass man

Breast? Thigh? Leg? No, we’re not talking about chicken; We’re talking about body parts and which one Went might prefer. It seems that Went was asked this very question to which he replied:

“I like my women to have this much ass.”

He went on to add, “And that’s just one ass cheek.”

WFW couldn’t be located for comment as she was sitting on a copy machine so that she could send Went samples…

Thanks maichan! I could look at this pic all day…

More interviews here and here.

Thanks satinfee!


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