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Bean Pole Part Deux

We haven’t bean poled in a while…

The latest ad:

Thanks ring!

UPDATE: Feast your eyes… Continue reading


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Wentworth Miller Magazine Madness

The scans of Korea’s Cosmopolitan May issue, Ecole’s May issue and Ceci’s May issue are in, thanks to ring for posting (original source: pilyuki from dcinside). And now for some pic spam.

I can’t breathe let alone comment. I am going to need some time alone with these…

*having multiple, simultaneous, explosive orgasms* I. think. I. might. die.

UPDATE: Kor in the comments section posted this link. Some of the pics are new! Check it out! My favorite from the new batch:


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Wentworth Miller’s Bean Pole Jeans Brochure

This post makes even less sense with no photos; You can thank Bean Pole for that.

The 2007 edition of Wentworth Miller is now on display in a showroom near you. For those of you that can’t make it into your dealership, here is a handy brochure that will highlight all of the great features of each model.


Let’s start with the Extreme model (our most popular and expensive) in white (it also comes in black). As you can see, the killing green eyes and perfect jawline handle very well and will make those long rides to the country all the more enjoyable. (Wentworth Miller Extreme available to qualified buyers only; Limit one per customer).


The Assless model features double the leg room and two extra cup holders. ($5000 rebate, All must go).


The Official Homies model is one of a kind as you start with a blank stare and add all of the amenities yourself! (Features gold hood ornament, Not available to U.S. residents).


The Wentworth Miller Sport comes with a cargo rack on the roof and fold down rear seats. (Balls included).


This one is a special treat: The Premium Blue Steel model. It features chrome wheels, gear shift and accents. (Limited Edition, certain restrictions apply)


The Utility hatch back model comes with more trunk room, seat position memory and extra wide arm rests. (See dealer for financing).


The Unfluffed model (our most economical, save for the Assless), is a perfect choice for your very first vehicle. (Air conditioning available).

Thanks ring!


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More Wentworth Miller Bean Pole Jeans Ads

Pics removed at Bean Pole’s request…Maybe cuz the ads were awful.

is BACK baby with new pics! Mmmmm sleeveless…

[really hot photo of Went in a sleeveless shirt holding a ball, in my Imageshack]

Let’s see that bigger…Mmmm mmmm good.

Thanks ring!

UPDATE: We have Ads! But, what’s with the designs? Me no likee.

[ad in white shirt]

The last Wenticorn.

[ad in sleevless shirt]

Hey flying man! You’re not slick. Step away from the Precious, slowly now, and no one gets hurt. I’m seeing a theme here…What’s with the wedding rings?

[ad in polo shirt]

Is Zeus there holding a flaccid penis? Love the skull. Someone should really put that on a silk scarf.

[ad in striped shirt with pink on the sleeves]

A Went by any other name would look as sweet. And look! MORE skulls!

[ad with ass shot]

Mmmm an old favorite with the added bonus of a dragon and ass-worshipping cherubs. Fabulous.


Ads with the designs removed.

Thanks baaca and angelicus!

UPDATE #2: TV Ad alert! TV Ad alert! Squeeee! Word is the man in the TV ad with his back to the camera is NOT Wentworth Miller. Damn fine stand-in I’d say!

Thanks Anon 10:44!

UPDATE #3: Go to Bean Pole’s Site and click jeans…Guess who pops up? Heeeeeee! Click on Go Event to see the ads and your cursor actually makes him move (and unfortunately, all of the crap floating around him as well but what’re gonna do)! The event, so to speak, is actually a contest. You enter the name of the jeans that Went is advertising, your name, address, and phone number and a winner will be chosen at random and sent a pair of the jeans and a Prison Break DVD.

Thanks pandacakes!


[ad from bean pole’s site]

And a close up…

[close up of that hot ass, in my Imageshack]


Thanks brookeonline and FleshCartoon!

UPDATE #5: Oops, I never posted this next one did I? Well here you go.

[pic of Went in plaid shirt]

UPDATE #6: Wentworth Miller is on the cover of the Korean Cosmopolitan Magazine’s May 2007 Issue.

cover source

inside page source

Thanks geniass and Joey!

UPDATE #7: Holy Shit look at him…

[smoking fucking hot pic of Went in white shirt, seated]

Mmmmmm Wentworth….

[pic of Went in awful shirt that in this pic doesn’t look so awful]

You know, from this angle, the shirt actually looks better. Or is it that Went is so fine?

Thanks again ring!


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Wentworth Miller’s Modeling Tips

Hi, I’m Wentworth Miller. When I’m not on the run, I wear Gap khakis and more recently, Bean Pole Jeans. You too can be a model. Let me show you how…

First, a little thing I like to call, the stretch and sigh. It helps me get prepared.

Annnnnnnd I’m ready. Shoot!

Hey! How’d that get in there?

I call this next one: Sparkle Motion

And now we wait…

I wonder what WFW is doing right now? Probably posting pictures of my ass…

See…OK, Wardrobe change!

Now…What’s my motivation?

OK, ready again. Shoot!


One day, when you get REALLY good, you’ll get shoe tie-ers. They’re like fluffers but for models. They really do it for me.

Wanna come tie my shoes again?

It’s cold as hell in here.

Doesn’t Bean Pole make jackets?

Oh are we ready?

Game face baby!

OK, how’d that last one turn out? Holy shit! I am hot!

Come and get it…

My god look at this shirt…

Someone remind me not to go to WFW’s site when I get home. She’s gonna tear me a new one for this.

Modeling is hard work; I need a nap.

She’s cute; Did she come with the set?

These pants are OBVIOUSLY not made for men who are as well endowed as I am. *chuckle*

Diva fits are always fun. I like to have one every now and again to balance out my good guy image. Observe:

I can’t work like this!

I’m leaving.

But before I go:

Yeah, that’s for you.


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