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Wentworth Miller Charity Project Final Total Announcement

Wentworth Miller Charity Project

Final Total

We’re pleased to announce that the final total raised by fans was a fantastic $13,526*. With the addition of the $5,000 donated by Wentworth, this project raised a grand total of $18,526 for needy children around the world.

On being advised of the final total, Wentworth sent the following message for his fans:

I’d like to thank the fans for their generosity, and I’d also like to thank all the people who worked so hard to put this project together.

The results have been truly remarkable, and we should all be very proud of what’s been accomplished here.

Thank you for your participation.

Yours sincerely,

Wentworth Miller

We also received warm thanks from UNICEF:

We were honored when UNICEF was selected as the beneficiary of the Wentworth Miller Fans for Charity project, and are most grateful for the fans’ outpouring of support. Your generosity is helping UNICEF save children’s lives around the world. Thank you.

Alisa Aydin, Director, Interactive Marketing, UNICEF USA

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this effort, and to those who donated so generously.

*A full announcement providing full disclosure on the amounts donated by country is available at the project LiveJournal site.

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Wentworth Miller Fans For Charity Final Week

Wentworth Miller Fans For Charity – Final Week

A reminder that there is now just about a week left of the charity project to raise funds for UNICEF. All donations must be made by the end of Monday, 30th June in order to be counted towards the final total. Anyone who would like to make a contribution should go to the project donation page to do so.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. There have been thousands of dollars raised for a very worthwhile cause.

As soon as the project closes, the organizers will pull together the numbers for the final total, and announce it shortly thereafter. In the meantime, updates and information will continue to be posted at the LiveJournal site, and any questions or comments can be left there, as well as at the affiliated websites.

Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard on making this project a success.

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Wentworth Fans For Charity Project Update

Charity Project Update – May 22, 2008

We are pleased to announce that the amount raised by the project during April was $5,450. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who donated. This money will help save a lot of young lives.

Wentworth has also made his promised donation of $5,000, and of course we would like to extend our thanks to him for this.

For anyone who wishes to make their donation in time for Wentworth’s birthday, remember that you have until June 2nd to do so. Please go to the main project website to donate. Anyone who wishes to leave a birthday message for Wentworth as part of their donation can do so at either the LiveJournal or MySpace sites, or at any of the affiliated sites offering this service. We will make sure that these messages are passed on to him.

Also, a reminder that the LJ and MySpace sites have updates posted on an ongoing basis.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the project so far. Let’s keep up the momentum and make this project the greatest possible success.

***UPDATE: A Happy Birthday blog post for Wentworth can now be found on the UNICEF U.S. website.  Thanks Alisa!


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Wentworth Miller Fans For Charity


The participants in the project, Wentworth Fans For Charity, would like to invite all of Wentworth’s fans to join them in raising money in Wentworth’s name for the children’s charity, UNICEF.

The project was conceived as a way for Wentworth’s fans to show their appreciation and support for their favorite actor by donating to a favored charity nominated by him.

While expressing his deep appreciation for the offer, in response to the suggestion, Wentworth advised that rather than him nominating a charity of his choice, he would like the fans to select the charity, and he would make a generous donation to that cause along with them. View Wentworth’s letter.

The charity which was chosen is one which is not only an eminently worthwhile cause, but also, due to its vast international reach, is one which hopefully will appeal to the greatest majority of Wentworth’s fans around the world. UNICEF’s goals for children are broad and all-encompassing. Their mission is to advocate for the protection of children’s rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. UNICEF is guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child and strives to establish children’s rights as enduring ethical principles and international standards of behavior towards children. More information on the organization can be found at

Wentworth has also sent a message for fans with regard to this project:

“It’s my privilege to be a part of the entertainment business, an industry that has reached out to and touched the lives of billions of people around the world. It gives me tremendous pleasure to think that many of those same people have been motivated to reach out to others in turn.

This charitable effort was conceived, organized and executed by a group of generous fans willing to donate their time and energies to a worthy cause. I’m honored to participate in this process, and I thank you for doing the same.” – Wentworth Miller

This project will run from 1st April, 2008 until the 30th June, 2008, so that anyone who wishes to make a donation to this cause in lieu of a birthday gift to Wentworth may do so. At the project close, donations from around the world will be tallied, and the amount raised will be published on the various supporting websites and be communicated to Wentworth with our best wishes.

Full details about how to make a donation can be found at the project website. Please click on the link for your country, or, if your country is not listed, please click here.

Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard in organizing this project, thus helping to raise money for this very worthy cause. We hope that all Wentworth’s fans will give their consideration to making a donation, and will enjoy making a contribution.

Full details on the project can be found at

If you would like to leave a message for Wentworth in relation to this project, you can leave it in the comments and all relevant messages will be collated and forwarded to him by the project organizers, via his representation, at the project close. Please mark any messages you wish to be conveyed to him, “Message For Wentworth.”

Please do be sure to use the links provided at the project website in order to make your donation, or the amount will not be counted towards the final tally for the project.

And of course, feel free to repost the announcement and the project website links to any other boards you frequent. Obviously the more we spread the word, the better for the success of the project.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the organization of this project. It’s been a real team effort, and we all hope that Wentworth’s fans will unite to ensure that this project is a success.

***UPDATE: A blog post about the project can now be found on the UNICEF U.S. website. Thanks Alisa!


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