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And the winners are…

Ha! You probably thought I forgot all about the Where’s Went contest, but I didn’t!

We have winners:
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Where’s Went?

What would a one year celebration be without a contest? A sentimental, sappy piece of crap is what and so, Wet For Went is having its very first contest. Remember this?

Well now it’s your turn. Went is missing again, so let’s find him. If you live in Paris, I want a Where’s Went pic in front of the Eiffel Tower. If you’re in London, I want one of those palace soldiers with the high hats that aren’t supposed to move or talk holding a Where’s Went sign! Perhaps I ask for too much, but you get the idea. You have until November 24th to email the pics to me. I will choose the five best entries and they will win…absolutely nothing. Haha! I’m kidding. Up for grabs is a Went mag. I have two L’Officiel Hommes, two German GQ Style and one D Mag (pics of Went and article only for D mag, not the whole thing). One of them can be yours if I like your pic. A celebrity holding the sign (say Jensen for example, just a thought *smirking*) is an automatic winner and if by some miracle you actually see Went in person and get a fan pic, and you’re holding the sign, well you’re standing next to Went you lucky fucking bitch and you ain’t gettin’ shit but I will damn sure post it.  Now, get your sign and get out there; Have fun!


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Wet For Went is One Year Old today!

In the beginning, there was Went…And it was good. I give you: Important days in Wet For Went history.

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