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Prison Break Season Three UK Trailer

From Sky TV: Holy Shit! Now THIS is a trailer!


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Wentworth Miller explains why he is a hermit

OK FINE! Went you have a point. *muttering* I still care what you’re up to…*slinking off*


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The Adventures of Cockeye

There once was an inmate named Michael
Not a bone in his body was spiteful
His bro was gonna die but he didn’t cry
He headed to the bank with his rifle (OK pistol) Continue reading


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Because He Needed the Money

I will be away for the weekend and I probably won’t be near my laptop much. If Went news breaks and I don’t post about it, I hope to have a very very good excuse. In the meantime, I leave you with yet another one of Went’s early roles that I never got around to posting. CAMP!

Be good


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Prison Break: Cheers!

CeruleanBlew made a Prison Break video using the Cheers theme and it is hilarious. Watch it over and over and over again and laugh your ass off like I did.

Thanks AJ!


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