Went on SVU: Party in the Chatbox

Come one, Come all, Come big, Come small, just Cum to the chatbox on Wednesday September 23, 2009 at 9pm Eastern to celebrate Wentworth Blue-Steeling on the season premiere of a whole new show.  Since I’ll be in the studio with my favorite new artist, I’ll be in and out and will probably see it at 9pm Pacific with all the West Coasters when the cbox party will begin, again!  See you all there!


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To Live and Die in LA

I just touched down in LA and as I unpack at the LAX Radisson, I can’t help but think about Prison Break ending this Friday.  We knew it was coming, it needed to, and now the day is almost here.  I feel like I should do SOMETHING to say goodbye, like get drunk.  Where should Nic and I bid farewell to weekly Went?  Is anyone still watching?  Is anyone even reading this?

Probably not…LOL

UPDATE: Nic and I Lunched in Larchmont and Vibed in Venice but once again, Wentworth was nowhere to be found.  Never let it be said that we didn’t try and didn’t have a ball doing so, lol.

We THOUGHT we saw him at the Arclight:

Wentinator! So close…and yet so far.

This just in: Went and WFW REALLY ARE the same person; They both got fat.  Care to work off those pounds together Wentworth?

As we left The Arclight, there was a moment of silence for the end.

Prison Break was over, Wet for Went was over, and the next chapter of our lives would now begin.  Good luck with SVU Went and everything you do.

Love Always,

Nic & WFW


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Wentworth Miller Charity Project Final Total Announcement

Wentworth Miller Charity Project

Final Total

We’re pleased to announce that the final total raised by fans was a fantastic $13,526*. With the addition of the $5,000 donated by Wentworth, this project raised a grand total of $18,526 for needy children around the world.

On being advised of the final total, Wentworth sent the following message for his fans:

I’d like to thank the fans for their generosity, and I’d also like to thank all the people who worked so hard to put this project together.

The results have been truly remarkable, and we should all be very proud of what’s been accomplished here.

Thank you for your participation.

Yours sincerely,

Wentworth Miller

We also received warm thanks from UNICEF:

We were honored when UNICEF was selected as the beneficiary of the Wentworth Miller Fans for Charity project, and are most grateful for the fans’ outpouring of support. Your generosity is helping UNICEF save children’s lives around the world. Thank you.

Alisa Aydin, Director, Interactive Marketing, UNICEF USA

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this effort, and to those who donated so generously.

*A full announcement providing full disclosure on the amounts donated by country is available at the project LiveJournal site.

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