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Wentworth Miller Comes Out


Well, well, well. Look what we have here

Congratulations Wentworth! It’s about fucking time.

I hope I helped prepare your flock for your love of cock.

All my love,


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To Live and Die in LA

I just touched down in LA and as I unpack at the LAX Radisson, I can’t help but think about Prison Break ending this Friday.  We knew it was coming, it needed to, and now the day is almost here.  I feel like I should do SOMETHING to say goodbye, like get drunk.  Where should Nic and I bid farewell to weekly Went?  Is anyone still watching?  Is anyone even reading this?

Probably not…LOL

UPDATE: Nic and I Lunched in Larchmont and Vibed in Venice but once again, Wentworth was nowhere to be found.  Never let it be said that we didn’t try and didn’t have a ball doing so, lol.

We THOUGHT we saw him at the Arclight:

Wentinator! So close…and yet so far.

This just in: Went and WFW REALLY ARE the same person; They both got fat.  Care to work off those pounds together Wentworth?

As we left The Arclight, there was a moment of silence for the end.

Prison Break was over, Wet for Went was over, and the next chapter of our lives would now begin.  Good luck with SVU Went and everything you do.

Love Always,

Nic & WFW


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And now it’s time to say goodbye to all my Went fan friends…

I bid you all a fond farewell, here goes:

AJ – The first one I say goodbye to is also probably the one I’ll see the most. You’re a smart, pretty, fun chick. Thanks for being my “online friend” when my real life friends drive me crazy. See you in Chi in November…probably before.
Bel – I’m sorry, *ahem*, Dr. Bel, My Belgian twin in name. Differences of opinion never seemed to stop us from getting along and although we don’t talk as much now as we used to, you are still in my thoughts.
Brit Bird – I don’t think you’ve ever come into the cbox unhappy. That is just not normal. Seek professional help you happy, happy bitch.
CT – I enjoyed our chats and I was always happy to see you in the cbox. Take care.
Fairy – The girl who can see colors and shapes in letters, that is a neat fucking trick! You and Pup should take it on the road. Boy do I miss you two in the cbox.
Fashion Police – Thank you for your wisdom and wit. It made me laugh on many-a-day.
Fever – We shall meet one day, I’m sure of it. Thanks for cheering me up on sad days and for the cybersex.
Geisha – It was great meeting you and thanks for listening to all my insane ramblings about a man who shall remain nameless. I’m sure neither one of us will ever forget him.
Jedi – Thanks for opening your home to a stranger. It was so nice meeting you and your family. See you in Chi in November. May the force be in you!
Julie/Jailbait – I never forgot you, you underage fool. Wait, you’re legal now! Have a good life and enjoy your youth. It’s over way too soon.
Karen – I found you by a Wentworth post and you’ve been here ever since. What luck! I wish you the best.
Kat – To someone who never lost her sense of humor no matter what. That is a rare quality, never lose it. It helps you through the toughest of times. You truly are a Queen.
Krissie – My love, my sister I never had. This isn’t goodbye and while I know I’m hardly ever online anymore, you are the only extra text charges on my phone bill every month. Thanks for being there for me, even way across the world. We’ll never be out of touch; I promise.
– Your love for The Wire made you cooler than you can ever imagine in my book. You have good taste.
Maichan – I’m gonna see your ass in Chi too so, not goodbye! You and your husband are a perfect match. I hope to be so lucky someday. I think you’re an awesome person and I’m glad to have met you.
Mama Bear – To a caring, supportive person who has always been greater to me than I probably deserve this is not goodbye either since all I have to do is call you…and save up a million dollars so I can come visit you in Hawaii!
Miller Thriller – When I said Ellen was dead to me, you immediately agreed and we plotted her death together and I love you for it. Those poems cracked my shit up. Good luck with the J2 blog and fandom (you too AJ). May you actually meet them.
Mink – What can I say? This isn’t goodbye for us either, just see you later. When I was new to the fandom and years behind you taught me what it was to be a truly educated Went fan and I don’t think anyone could have done it any better than you have.
Neri – To the only Christian I might let try and convert me…OK I lied, lol. Thanks for caring and nevermind the spelling; What’s important is the message.
Niknak – We had that surprise Dallas trip all planned out! Thank goddess you have a level head or we’d be Homeless in Dallas, or at least I would have! When I’m on the West Coast again, I will look you up.
Nic – I will definitely see you again, the only question is when. May all your dreams come true and if you don’t send back my god damned swim shoes from over a year ago I’m going to kill you.
NottheDoctor – To one of the only people who has ever called me sweet b/c she met “vacation me,” I’m so glad I got to meet you before you left this continent. I will never forget the concert and the fun we had. I hope to see you again someday when I return to the city that I loved so much as a teenager.
Pup – To the gay man that I cyberfucked hello, after that, anything I say would just seem like a cheesy line. How about we just have sex again?
Rosi – You are such a sweet girl and you shall now be on my holiday card list forever. Who knew there was a girl in Bulgaria in love with Hip Hop and R&B? You made the world smaller and your love for music is infectious. I’ll never forget you.
Savmed – Your boring stories were always funnier than you thought, lol. You have a comedic timing that one can see even over the internet. See you around the cbox.
Soiled Undies – LOVER! The person I started doing Prison Break recaps for, the South African who never let the mystery die. I wonder if you’ll ever tell me who you really are, lol. You know what? Maybe I don’t want to know…
Van – You are a ray of sunshine in a world full of clouds. Everything is brighter when you’re around. Hopefully we’ll meet one day.

To everyone I met in person: It was lovely to meet you, even if we no longer talk now. For everyone I did not list, I probably just couldn’t think of what to say. I didn’t forget you. Thanks for reading. You gave meaning to my life and allowed me to continue to blog, which I will probably now do forever in some way. Thank you. To those who loved the site but never said, thank you too. I could feel your energy…

For those who hated me and wished for my downfall, THE BLOG IS CLOSING; IT’S PARTY TIME!

To Wentworth: If ever you’re in Baltimore…

I haven’t decided if I will start another blog or not. If I do, I will post the info here in a new post once I’ve worked out the details.

We’ve had a good time, you and I. I wish you health and happiness. Goodbye.


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