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Wentworth Miller is the most gorgeous man alive

Every now and then, a picture comes along that deserves its own post. This, is one of those times.

Went, if you don’t stop, I’m GOING to have a heart attack.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another one!

*shock and awe*


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Wentworth Miller: Sexiest Man Alive Part Deux

Check him out on the video and guess who else is on there? Amaury! SHOUT OUT TO AMAURY! Way to go baby!

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Renewing Wentlust

I’ve been a tad negative lately (yeah, just a bit) so in the interest of trying desperately to hold on to the man we know and love but see far too little of (hey that rhymed), I updated my Flickr account last night with only the greatest Went pics of all time (see slideshow). If you think I left any out, link them in the comments. Enjoy!


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Word Association

You know, I’ve been thinking: This lack of Went is making me depressed. Perhaps I need to see a shrink…Nah fuck that. I’ll shrink myself. Maybe word association would help! What’s the first word that pops into your head when you see these pictures?

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Wentworth Miller’s Bean Pole Jeans Brochure

This post makes even less sense with no photos; You can thank Bean Pole for that.

The 2007 edition of Wentworth Miller is now on display in a showroom near you. For those of you that can’t make it into your dealership, here is a handy brochure that will highlight all of the great features of each model.


Let’s start with the Extreme model (our most popular and expensive) in white (it also comes in black). As you can see, the killing green eyes and perfect jawline handle very well and will make those long rides to the country all the more enjoyable. (Wentworth Miller Extreme available to qualified buyers only; Limit one per customer).


The Assless model features double the leg room and two extra cup holders. ($5000 rebate, All must go).


The Official Homies model is one of a kind as you start with a blank stare and add all of the amenities yourself! (Features gold hood ornament, Not available to U.S. residents).


The Wentworth Miller Sport comes with a cargo rack on the roof and fold down rear seats. (Balls included).


This one is a special treat: The Premium Blue Steel model. It features chrome wheels, gear shift and accents. (Limited Edition, certain restrictions apply)


The Utility hatch back model comes with more trunk room, seat position memory and extra wide arm rests. (See dealer for financing).


The Unfluffed model (our most economical, save for the Assless), is a perfect choice for your very first vehicle. (Air conditioning available).

Thanks ring!


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