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Wentworth Miller is the most gorgeous man alive

Every now and then, a picture comes along that deserves its own post. This, is one of those times.

Went, if you don’t stop, I’m GOING to have a heart attack.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another one!

*shock and awe*


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Wentworth Miller: Sexiest Man Alive Part Deux

Check him out on the video and guess who else is on there? Amaury! SHOUT OUT TO AMAURY! Way to go baby!

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Renewing Wentlust

I’ve been a tad negative lately (yeah, just a bit) so in the interest of trying desperately to hold on to the man we know and love but see far too little of (hey that rhymed), I updated my Flickr account last night with only the greatest Went pics of all time (see slideshow). If you think I left any out, link them in the comments. Enjoy!


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