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Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

In what is definitely my favorite pick yet, Our very own Stacy runs down a list of things Went and/or Michael may need for Christmas and she selflessly offers her tongue and her hand. *clapping* Awesome Stacy, and I offer mine too but I have to add one more thing…Oh please Went, pound me into oblivion!!! I would like to offer up the joy between my legs as gift number three. A wise woman with my three gifts: It’s totally Christmassy! Also, I am so glad that I am not the only one that was having a MiSu fantasy moment during the scene that shows his need for the gift of lube. I had wonderful dreams that night…Mmmmmm. Great Post Stacy!


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Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

Today’s pick asks to receive Wentworth Miller for Christmas. Can you imagine it? Went, laying on your bed when you get home, with a big red bow tied around him…guess where? Can you see it? Of course in my apartment he would already be dead from all the cat hair but maybe he could meet me at a hotel or something instead. OK, got side-tracked, back to the post, this blogger doesn’t like Prison Break (what is wrong with these people) but loves Wentworth Miller. My favorite quote:

Oh can I make Wentworth Miller my New Year’s wish as well, please, Santa?

Does Santa reign over New Years as well? Seriously? This is news to me. You mean to tell me that ALL THIS TIME I should have been putting my New Year’s Resolutions into those letters to the North Pole? No wonder I could never stick to any of them! Let that be a lesson to us all. This year, send your New Year’s Resolutions to Santa and maybe you really will get Wentworth Miller…and a job that pays you more money, and you’ll exercise more, and stop fucking up your money and be more of a whore. Yes, you heard me right, be MORE of a whore. You only live once…


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Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

My latest pick is from a fan in Singapore who doesn’t know how to follow directions but who I love just the same. A snippet:

Instead of commenting at WetForWent, I’ll put 5 headlines that I’ll love to see in my inbox.

1) Wentworth Miller Coming To Singapore.
2) Wentworth Miller Will Give You First Hand Information About Him, His Life And PrisonBreak.
3) Wentworth Miller Will Be Spending A Day With You.
4) Wentworth Miller Will Sign An Autograph For You, Take A Picture With You, Kiss You For 5 Minutes & Give You A Free PrisonBreak Season 2 DVD.
5) Wentworth Miller Tells You In The Face That He Loves You.

HAHAHA. I think I’ll faint into his arms if all these headlines come true! But well of course, I hope it’d happen someday.

Here’s 1 headline that owner of WentForWent typed :
2. Wentworth Miller to Star in New Movie

I hope for that to happen too. Who wants to just watch Wentworth Miller in PrisonBreak?

Firstly, my directions were to do these IN THE COMMENTS so 50 lashes for you but #4 is both sweet AND practical…I mean, who the hell wants to have to PAY for their Prison Break DVD? Shit, I want a free one too. #5 had me saying awwwwwwww. I wonder if Went finds it as amazing as I do that he has fans in so many places. I mean Singapore? Wow.

And Went: You…In a movie…NOW! Do it for the fans.


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Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

The title of my latest pick is I Have a Seriously Dirty Crush on Wentworth Miller…That in and of itself just BEGGED me to read it. My favorite bit:

I don’t really care what Mr. Miller is like in real life at all. BECAUSE IT DOESN’T FRACKING MATTER!!! No, really it doesn’t! I am not pining to try and meet the guy and make him fall desperately in love with me

Use of the word FRACK is humorous because despite the fact that I do not watch Battlestar Galactica, I still know what it means and I can’t quite remember how that info made its way into my brain. A person in Wentlust that doesn’t want to absorb every single piece of Went info available everywhere on the planet? BLASPHEMY! And while I think that said blogger was secretly trying to kill me with the black background and red type, as well as the fact that she expressed that she wouldn’t even watch Prison Break if it weren’t for Wentworth Miller (I happen to like Prison Break), her declaration of him being the most beautiful man she’s ever seen saved it.


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Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

My latest pick for blog post highlight that I forgot to post yesterday is about a daydream this blogger has when she gets writers block. She used the pic below (It’s in my Imageshack) and I have extracted the relevant bits from her page since her writing is extremely cerebral in its verbiage; The mark of a highly educated young lady who is blogging the way she talks. In other words, no shits or fucks to speak of so knowing how all of you love those words so much, I’ll save you the trouble of clicking the link just this once because I feel your pain.

It’s at times like these when I find myself returning to my idle dalliance of choice: Wentworth Miller. But even my lurid fantasies of our reading to each other in bed as Went takes industrial strength Benadryl and Chester, Jude or Scratch snuggles next to his Nicorette patch can’t be sustained for long.

Ah a Went that could stand to be around my cat and doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke…Ideal. So beautiful in its simplicity. Yes, she is a writer alright. Except, she forgot to add the part where we lock eyes while in bed and decide to fuck each others brains out. That’s how MY fantasy ends…damn the books.


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