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Today in Not Gay Gay Gay

Wentworth Miller called me y’all! Yup, He said he’s sick of this shit.

WFW: So Went, I understand PH is at it again. How does that make you feel?

Went: I’m mad as fuck! He better hope I never run into his ass or I’m gonna karate chop him into oblivion.

WFW: Fuck? Wow, Went you’re hot when you’re mad.

Went: You’re hot all the time. What are you doing later?

WFW: You, sexy…

Went: *chuckles* But back to PH, Wentkorea, to use your phrasing, was a one time deal. I was there for BPJ only and I didn’t shoot a commercial for that. They snapped endless pictures of me while I was there, was this Luke person in any of them? Who the hell is he anyway? The French Cafe ads were shot in L.A and why the hell would I be nervous about reporters asking if I’m gay? I already answered the question!

WFW: *shakes head knowingly* I know Went, I know. It’s tiring isn’t it? I mean, here you already said you weren’t gay and yet people just won’t let it go.

Went: People need lives.

WFW: I know your time is limited; You have a Starbucks to get to, but before you go, is there anything you want your fans to know? Is there anything more we can do to support you?

Went: I want pussy and lots of it. If FOX advised me about anything, it was to NOT say that. Apparently, stating my sexual needs makes me appear less…nice.

WFW: Oh but it’s hot Went. You should do more of it. I can help you out you know.

Went: Anytime you want it baby.

WFW: *wet*

Will Went REALLY karate chop PH? Will Went start demanding pussy from passersby? Do people believe anything they read on the internet? Do you really give a shit?


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Days of our Wentworth

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He’s Alive! Alive!

And he looks cuuuuuuute!

Thanks geniass!

UPDATE: More here and HQ!

Thanks mink!


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