Today in Not Gay Gay Gay

Wentworth Miller called me y’all! Yup, He said he’s sick of this shit.

WFW: So Went, I understand PH is at it again. How does that make you feel?

Went: I’m mad as fuck! He better hope I never run into his ass or I’m gonna karate chop him into oblivion.

WFW: Fuck? Wow, Went you’re hot when you’re mad.

Went: You’re hot all the time. What are you doing later?

WFW: You, sexy…

Went: *chuckles* But back to PH, Wentkorea, to use your phrasing, was a one time deal. I was there for BPJ only and I didn’t shoot a commercial for that. They snapped endless pictures of me while I was there, was this Luke person in any of them? Who the hell is he anyway? The French Cafe ads were shot in L.A and why the hell would I be nervous about reporters asking if I’m gay? I already answered the question!

WFW: *shakes head knowingly* I know Went, I know. It’s tiring isn’t it? I mean, here you already said you weren’t gay and yet people just won’t let it go.

Went: People need lives.

WFW: I know your time is limited; You have a Starbucks to get to, but before you go, is there anything you want your fans to know? Is there anything more we can do to support you?

Went: I want pussy and lots of it. If FOX advised me about anything, it was to NOT say that. Apparently, stating my sexual needs makes me appear less…nice.

WFW: Oh but it’s hot Went. You should do more of it. I can help you out you know.

Went: Anytime you want it baby.

WFW: *wet*

Will Went REALLY karate chop PH? Will Went start demanding pussy from passersby? Do people believe anything they read on the internet? Do you really give a shit?


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332 responses to “Today in Not Gay Gay Gay

  1. Bel

    Hey, if Went wants pussy I give a shit alright!

    *suddenly feels the urge to bend over*


  2. Mink

    LMFAO! Well at least something good has come out of this latest crap storm, WFW: this hilarious post.

    “I know your time is limited; You have a Starbucks to get to…”

    Probably my favourite of the many fabu snippets.

    Although “I want pussy and lots of it.” is in close competition. If WM actually ever does say that, I will die a happy woman. 😀

  3. CORY

    Why did he LIE about being gay? I used to like the guy, but his denial is such a blot on his copybook….WHY did he lie in this time and age?????

  4. Sprinkles

    Will Went start demanding pussy from passersby?

    You kill me WFW! Once again, you made me actually LOL!
    Thanks for this place! I LOVE IT!

  5. Giulia

    OMG I HATE PEREZ HILTON HE’S A FUCKING LIAR, HE MUST DIE ALONE OF A BAD DISEASE! I trust in Wenty when he said that he is not gay, and I trust in Dominic Purcell when he confimed what Wenty said.
    Dear Perez Hilton: VAFFANCULO!
    Btw I think that being gay is not a bad thing.

  6. miller_thriller

    “Was this Luke person in any of them? Who the hell is he anyway?”

    haha comedy! thers only room in town for one pretty and thats him!

    “Went: I want pussy and lots of it. If FOX advised me about anything, it was to NOT say that. Apparently, stating my sexual needs makes me appear less…nice.”

    oufff. i like upfront ‘less nice’ went! hes a bad boy, and hes gonna get spanked…

    and if he ever said “Anytime you want it baby” to me, i would wentgasm on the spot. Certified.

    WFW, you rock…


    WFW this post is as funny as fuck!!!
    One of my favourite past times would be after giving Wenty my pussy, we would jointly kick perez’s ass together Jackie Chan stylee, ahhhh good times. I nearly spat my coffe everywhere @ I know your time is limited; You have a Starbucks to get to!!!! AHAHAHAHAH
    And Cory dont be disheartened, it may not be true, but i too would be disappointed in him if he has been lying.


    guilia where the fuck have you been?

  9. Luci

    It’s not looking good for Went. If he does not address this rumor I think it’s safe to say that he play’s for the other team.

  10. Sprinkles

    He HAS addressed these rumors LUCI! Are you a Tard?! * meant in the nicest possible way*

  11. CORY

    I sincerely hope he addresses the rumor about McFarlane and him: it’s a serious accusation, involving TWO actors whose careers may suffer…But the real question is his denial.
    Speak up Went!

  12. Juma

    *waves at Went
    Over here Went!!
    You can demand my pussy anytime you want!


    Corey i have a strong feeling we will hear nothing from Went.


    Do you recall his stance on being called racist in college?

  15. Linds

    Went demanding pussy? From moi?? Please excuse me while I go find a block of ice to sit on. Bye.

  16. Giulia

    yes, I hope that PH will be judge by a court for these stupid and false things that he wrote on his blog! Btw WFW you are always the best!! 🙂

  17. AJ

    Well, I for one hope he’s lying in bed right now next to his boyfriend of 12 years, laughing his ass off at all of us. 🙂

    But on the off chance that he’s not…

    Went: I want pussy and lots of it. If FOX advised me about anything, it was to NOT say that. Apparently, stating my sexual needs makes me appear less…nice.

    *bends over and assumes the position*

  18. shelly

    WFW: I know your time is limited; You have a Starbucks to get to>>

    I laughed so hard at this, I think I’ve broken a rib. Hilarious, WFW.

  19. Mélissa

    Sorry if my English is not good!I read this blog very funny and I understand a lot(80%, maybe). But I worry about the gay problem of Wentworth: is it a real problem to be gay? He is an actor very beautiful but you are not his wife just married and discover he’s gay and your world crumbles? You will never go to bed with him! So it is not important to you! Right? If you are a héterosexual fan , you can always put him in your erotic dreams, it doesn’t matter if the real Wentworth person is homosexual! Keep cool!!

  20. WFW

    I understand you perfectly Melissa (thanks for reading) and WORD. It shouldn’t matter either way.


    i dont mind if went is gay/straight or into S&M or straight sex. He can do whatever he wants

  22. Mélissa

    Thak you,WFW, to write to me! I think you are wonderful!
    N.B.: the “YOU’ in my post is not to critic you(WFW) it is a général “you” for the girls so sad he is gay!!

  23. WFW

    Thanks Melissa and I think you mean so sad at the thought of his being gay. He said that he isn’t.

  24. Hey, Went, eat me.

  25. jacqueline

    if is looking for pussy , i’m looking for his cock lol LMAO HAHAHAHHA ..WFW you tell me your post awesome omg it’s too funny .And GUila i think i spelled it right Right on. FUCK PREZ HILTON AND HIS BULL SHIT. LETS FACE IT THE GUY LOVES WENTWORTH …HE PROBABLY RUBBING THE HOT DOG STICK RIGHT NOW WISHING THAT WWENTWORTH WAS ON IT. LOL

  26. Do you want to know the definition of ironic?
    My prison bitch name for today is “Ankle Grabber.”

    In light of Went’s new, vehement declaration for the love of random pussy, I have only this to say to him:

    “Pick me! Pick me!”

  27. cocot13

    Damn, where’s Beigette and Scarfaletta when you need them !

  28. notthedoctor

    I love it when Wentworth calls you WFW, you two always have the most entertaining/informative conversations!

    As for Went needing pussies, all I have to say is :

    All right, pussy, pussy, pussy! Come on in pussy lovers! Here at the Titty Twister we’re slashing pussy in half! Give us an offer on our vast selection of pussy, this is a pussy blow out! All right, we got white pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy, we got hot pussy, cold pussy, we got wet pussy, we got smelly pussy, we got hairy pussy, bloody pussy, we got snappin’ pussy, we got silk pussy, velvet pussy, Naugahyde pussy, we even got horse pussy, dog pussy, chicken pussy! Come on, you want pussy, come on in, pussy lovers! If we don’t got it, you don’t want it! Come on in, pussy lovers!

  29. Doc, in the name of all things holy, let’s hope that Went passes on the smelly variety! LMFAO!

    And just so you know (I once worked as a shit cleaner for a farm that raises animals specifically for festival petting zoos), horses, dogs, and chickens don’t have pussies…horses have “ring tossers,” dogs have “shag buckets,” and chickens have “clooters.” Really, Doc, you should brush up on your animal anatomy. *shaking head*

  30. Shorty

    I must say this makes me feel ill. I can only imagine how Went must feel about it all. I don’t believe a word of what Perez Hilton says. Imagine, getting up in the morning, turning on your puter and seeing all this crap about you on the internet. I feel bad for the poor guy, I really do. WHY do people insist he is gay? I just don’t get that! And if he said it wasn’t I just don’t think he’d lie about it, he just has way too much dignity to do that. He doesn’t deny his racial heritage so why denial his sexuality.

  31. ncshygirl

    PH is nothing but a fat, ugly, and jealous person. I like gay guys, but when they start stupid shit like this It can’t be nothing but jealously and ignorance. He could never have anyone like Went so all of the things that are posted is pure fantasy for a pathetic person. Oh and Went you can get all the pussy you want from me. I’ll be waiting for you.

  32. notthedoctor

    Attention pussy shoppers! Take advantage of our penny pussy sale! If you buy one piece of pussy at the regular price, you get another piece of pussy of equal or lesser value for only a penny! Try and beat pussy for a penny! If you can find cheaper pussy anywhere else, fuck it!

  33. Just wanted to pop in an let you know, As always WFW..great job.

    I come here to get my daily giggle 😀

  34. Sprinkles

    I’m with you Shorty!
    “He doesn’t deny his racial heritage so why denial his sexuality.”
    Exactly!!! 😉

  35. Giulia

    However this boy, Luke Mac Farlane is so cute, I mean… He’s so good looking, I find some pics of him!

  36. tia

    hey I just heard that Brett Ratner is directing a movie about Hugh Hefner and the rise of the Playboy dynasty, gay or not I would love to see Went as Hugh

  37. Skank

    If that Luke was in Korea maybe Wentworth wanted to say “HE could be here, you never know…” speaking about the ideal girlfiend!!!


  38. Pink Boxers

    Went=Hef? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Anyway, just dropped in to sing *It’s fun to play at the Y-M-C-A!!*

  39. Anonymous

    Not a single comment on PH’s site about this posting. Don’tcha love it!?

  40. Wowsers! Now that’s what I call a scoop! Leave it to my favourite W. Miller news hound [aka WFW] to report the real deal, y’all!

    Doc, Pussies 4 Sale?!? Hahahahahaha-haa!!! Though I’m with Mama Bear; I hope Went passes on the smelly variety Eeew!

    Speaking of whom, MB, chickens have clooters? That’s gold!

    And, finally, methinks me spots a troll a few posters back. No need to name names because that’s what it wants. Y’all just ignore it, please.

  41. anonymous

    There’s not a single comment on PH’s site because he had to change host because of all the trouble he’s in. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. What a nasty, nasty man.

    Anyway I think Went needs to address the rumours. Yeah I know he’s already done that and I believe him. But this time names have been named and careers are at stake. We don’t care, it doesn’t matter whether he is or isn’t but something really should be done about that PH. He goes too far.

  42. Anonymous

    PH has been pointing fingers and naming names forever. Went shouldn’t feel compelled to justify anything. When “you” play with shit … you just end-up stinky …what’s the point?!

  43. shelley

    When I first heard the gay rumblings, my stance was that he absolutely was NOT GAY! Now I just don’t know what to believe. I really enjoy PB, but honestly, if it turns out that Went is gay, the show will become harder for me to watch. When TR came out it also became harder for me to watch Greys just knowing that the character is so unbelievable. Of course I know that it’s all make believe anyway, but, does anyone else get what I’m saying? It is sad that if Went really is gay that he felt the need to lie about it, but after processing my feelings about the whole situation, I can see why he may feel like that. It sickens me now that someone else has been dragged into this mess. Went, I do love you and I guess I’ll have to switch up my fantasies to keep up with the rumor mill!!

  44. Shorty

    I’ve been watching all the gossip shows tonight, Access Hollywood, Exta, E News, and they have said NOTHING about this suppossed scoop. I’ve also noticed how only other bloggers have posted, nearly word for word, Perez’s exact “scoop.” Don’t you think that’s a little odd that none of the other entertainment forums that are more reputable haven’t said a word about this? Once again, leads me to believe that it’s all a fabrication by Perez.

  45. Too Fast For Love

    Haven’t posted before (but loving you WFW xx), but I just wanted to say PH has been on about Went being gay for ages now but has yet to post one shred of evidence apart from his “reliable sources” comments. Don’t you think that if he’s supposed to have been seeing this guy for six months there would be one pic of them together? Now I’m not expecting full guy-on-guy candids, but surely PH could come up with at least a pic of them in the same place at the same time!?! I know Went is private but that level of secrecy is good even for him, don’t you think?

    C’mon Perez, put up or shut up!

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  47. Anonymous

    Shelly, I am very sad for you. If the character is not believable that means the actor isn’t doing his/her job. My enjoyment of Grey’s hasn’t wavered at all. I even love Ugly Betty, and I don’t believe that Rebecca Romain is a transsexual.

  48. I agree, Too Fast For Love 7.52.

    Here where I live*, there was once murmurings about an Idol contestant’s preference before he was accidentally outed on radio by some dude. Long winded story short, he’s since ‘fessed up and explained why he felt he needed to lie about it [good for you, btw]. The point I’m making is, there was a pap pic of him and his b/friend before he was outed.

    Anyways, look, this is getting really silly, y’all! “W. Miller is gay”, then so what? That’s not a bad thing! There’s worse things he could do.

    … preferably, me. Hahaha? C’mon! That was a cheap laugh at my expense! How was that not funny?!?

    *Yeah, I live Down Under. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

  49. Too Fast For Love

    Oh I agree Miz Brisvegas, I don’t have a problem with whether Went prefers to shag men or women, my problem is with PH. If Went was a caner, falling out of clubs plastered every night with a Playboy wannabe hanging off his dick he would be getting made fun of along the same lines as Ms Spears, Lohan etc. But because he is quiet, keeps himself to himself, PH feels the need to start rumours, that’s what I object to.

  50. shelley

    Anonymous 8:07, don’t be sad for me! I as well enjoy the shows you mentioned, but you don’t think PB will go belly up fast if it turns out Went is gay? He, in my mind, is THE lead character. In TR’s case, he’s a part of a hugely successful cast of characters. Don’t you wonder just how many people would stop watching PB, or maybe even be moved to start watching it? The gay rumors becoming reality would have a HUGE impact. Maybe I’m just playing devils advocate, but in my mind I fully understand Went’s reasoning (if it’s true) to hide his sexual preference. Really though, either way I support Went and that’s what matters…

  51. Angel

    LMFAO! Thanks WFW. You are funny girl!!

  52. Jedi72

    When all is said and done, all of us will still love Went for being who he is, a great actor. Perez is just full of shit. He’s got a sick addiction to spreading rumors about people. I think was he teased too much or perhaps dropped on his head too much as a child? Too bad no one has had the balls to kick the crap out of him once and for all. Went, should you need me, call me, I’m available to open the can of whoop ass on Perez!!

  53. niknak

    OK, so I am not normally a fan of the “p” word, but I have to say that if Went is trolling for random pussy, and attacking passersby, can someone please point me in his direction??? He can call it what ever he wants!

    I still don’t see why the gay rumors exist. He flat out said he wasn’t. Until we see him on his knees in front of a tranny on Hollywood Blvd. can we please take the man’s word on his sexuality? He could be the only man in an all-girl orgy and people would still question him. I just want to know why. Is it because he’s smart, well spoken, mild mannered, he doesn’t exploit himself or whoever he’s dating, he isn’t chasing 22 year-old MTV reality show reject pussy?? So, he’s 35 and not married. Who cares? Maybe he has “days of the week” women, and they all know what a privilege it is to be with him so they only open their mouths when it is appropriate. (which would be while giving road head while he’s driving on those long trips back and forth from filming.)

    Gay or not, he is still a fine actor, a sexy man, and incredibly intelligent. Whoever gets the pleasure to take him to bed, the backseat, in a restroom stall, on the hood of an ’83 Mercedes Benz, is a lucky son of a bitch (male or female).

    Isn’t it funny how Perez and pussy both start with a “p”? Coincidence? I think not.

  54. Lizzy

    I absolutely support Wentworth’s and anyone’s right to be straight, gay or asexual.
    I won’t from this point on engage in speculation on his sexuality. I am waiting patiently for the new season of Prison Break, that is all he owes the public, a good show.

  55. Anonymous

    if went is gay, the only person i want him to be with is Andeson Cooper
    WM + AC= hot & sexy

  56. bambam

    i don’t know if went is gay or not, but why is everyone acting like being gay is such a heinous thing? gay men fantasize constantly about straight (and married), can’t women fantasize about gay ones? and have you seen pictures of luke marcfarlane? imagining two such beatuiful men going at it ought to make everyone wet.

    as for whether or not it will make PB more “unbelievable” — it’s called “acting.” actors (straight and gay) have to constantly pretend that they’re in olve with all kinds of people for different roles. heath ledger and jake gyllenhaal aren’t gay in brokeback mountain but they played it convincingly. can’t it be the other way around? sorry to burst some of your bubbles but there are plenty of hot gay actors on tv and in movies playing straight roles even if none of us are any wiser.

    why can’t we all grow up about this stuff??

  57. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t be surprised if those rumors were true: I always thought Went was too feminine in his beauty, those incredibly voluptuous lips, his big eyes and a certain “je ne sais qoi”when he cries …Even when he tries to play nasty, it’s not in a manly way. I had that impression from the very start of PB and I was expecting some gay action in the script! I have no proof of his sexual orientation (and until we get pics, I won’t believe that PH bastard) but his femininity is obvious to me …

  58. anon

    Well if he wants to have a successful tv or especially film career he better get a beard soon fast quick and in a hurry like some other leading men in Hollywood have.I really hope he doesn’t think he can be like Kevin Spacey or Jodie Foster because unlike him they are not sex symbols so people don’t care that there gay because they have real talent.I know it shouldn’t matter what a actor’s sexual preference is but Hollywood is not as liberal as they claim and perception is everything. So basically if he wants to keep acting after PB he is going to have to play the game.

    That is if he really is gay.

  59. Anonymous

    He IS gay. And a LIAR.
    PH is a right asshole but he gives extensive details about the Miller/McFarlane story. If Wentworth doesn’t want to talk, McFarlane (openly gay as he is ) could deny it if it wasn’t true….
    Wentworth is a LIAR.

  60. Skank

    I was thinking…

    We had extensive details regarding Miller/Bice story as well (Anon 2:11)

    I don’t know if this story is true or not, anyway this Luke, who was not well known, now is very well known!!!

  61. yeah with a lot of fantasy somebody could invent a lot of false details…it’s not difficult…PH is a good liar!

  62. Mink

    “We had extensive details regarding Miller/Bice story as well (Anon 2:11)

    Excellent point, Skank! We most certainly did have lots and lots of detail re. the Went/Amie Bice ‘relationship’, and neither of them denied it publicly. But people still had plenty of doubts about the validity of that story.

    So why on earth should this be any different? Why should people believe this any more just because it isn’t denied? If they do, that will just be because they want to believe it.

    Anyway, we know for a fact from his behaviour as far back as the Sewickley cartoon drama that WM refuses to comment when people make incorrect assumptions about him, so I suspect that he’ll take the same tack now (although FWIW, I don’t necessarily think he should).

  63. anon

    I really love Went no matter what and it’s not about him being gay. That’s really not the issue. I’m just trying to say that IF he was (and that’s a big IF) then all that stuff about him preferring confident women, women with dark hair (ok forget about Amie), how he romances a girl etc etc would all be a fabrication for the sake of his career. For this reason I would be disappointed if it turns out to be true. And that’s also the reason why I still don’t believe it.

    And to those who say it doesn’t matter, well obviously it does matter, otherwise all the other Hollywood actors who have tried to conceal their sexuality wouldn’t be doing it. Shelly, does the fact that Dom Purcell is married with four kids effect your perception of him as a sexy guy or the main character? Heaps of Hollywood actors are married and lead very ordinary lives and are still convincing in the roles they play. The same should apply to a gay person playing a straight role.

    Whatever the truth may be, it’s these constant attempts at ‘outing’ him by that prick PH that are torture not only for him but for us. Went if you are gay…….I forgive you for deceiving us because I understand the reasons and if you’re not…….yay! That means we’ve still got a shot.

  64. Anonymous

    OK fot the gay thing: nobody chooses sexual orientation whatever bigots may say.
    But lying to the fans? Shame on him!

  65. anon

    According to Perez, Went and Luke have been seeing each other for 6 months. That’s about the same time that Went’s gay denial was published. Do we really believe that if they were seeing each other then that he would he be that brazen to not only think that he could hide the fact but openly deny being gay? Maybe a few years ago before the internet was so widespread but today ….. impossible. Somehow I find it extremely hard to accept that he hasn’t been truthful and in this case I believe the liar is PH.

  66. WFW I LOVE YOU! the minute i heard of PH i was like “uh-uh no he didnt! I need to check up on WFW pronto!” lol btw being gay is opk but if WM said he isnt, he isnt.

  67. Anonymous

    Why would Perez insist so much about Went’s gayness if it wasn’t true?

  68. anon

    [i]Why would Perez insist so much about Went’s gayness if it wasn’t true?[/i]

    Um..because that’s his job. Spreading gossip and innuendo and who cares who you hurt along the way.

  69. Anonymous

    But since months of gossip have brought no reactions from Went he would have dropped the subject, wouldn’t he?

  70. from:Why would Perez insist so much about Went’s gayness if it wasn’t true?

    Because PH is a crazy man, and maybe in his dirrrty fantasies he dreams a WM as a gay guy…. and because PH has nothing to do in his poor life except writing shit on his blog

  71. Mink

    “But since months of gossip have brought no reactions from Went he would have dropped the subject, wouldn’t he?”

    You mean apart from Went’s categorical denial?

    And it should be noted that months of gossip spreading from Perez have also brought nothing whatsoever in the way of proof of the rumours he insists on perpetuating. He keeps quoting ‘reliable sources’ but cannot apparently produce one single photograph or named source to back up the crap he insists on spouting.

    So why on earth isn’t that more suspicious than some random idea that WM, with no record of lying about anything, wouldn’t be telling the truth?

    People who want to believe PH believe him because they want to believe salacious rumours not because there’s any reason to believe a single word he says.

  72. cat'smeow

    PH, I don’t even want to say his name, is a low life dirty scumbag who lies and says evil things about people. He tries to ruin people’s lives and careers and he should be stopped. Went should sue that bastard and stop him from hurting other people.

  73. AJ

    God! How bored are we???

    It’s hilarious to me how ooooone comment from oooooone person can rehash a debate that was seemingly “settled” six months ago….

    Wentworth, this is what happens when you stay indoors and give us nothing to discuss. People make shit up about you, and that’s all we’re given to ramble on about. And to think, all you had to do was go to the movies and get photographed… *shaking head*

  74. AJ

    Seriously guys…

    We’ve all had this discussion before. If not here, someplace else. Why are we having it again?…because of some fucktard named “Mario the Schmuck’s” blog? It’s not reliable. Because “Just Jack” said so?… please. If/when Wentworth Miller releases a statement saying that he is gay, then that would be the appropriate time to have this discussion. Or am I the only one who’s tiring of this debate?

    Just me?….ok..carry on then…

  75. AJ, I’m right up there with you, woman! Next topic, please!

    Waking up this morning to 75 fucking comments that do not get us any closer to the truth has made me a little grouchy…grrrrrrrrr! Given the current state of emotions in here, I think I’m going to have to hibernate until the flurry of bullshit subsides.

    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again with a bit of twist: Even though my “gaydar” blips every so often for Went, there are only three ways I’ll actually believe he prefers men:

    (1) Confirmation from Went himself

    (2) News coverage in The New York Times

    (3) Doc getting a clear answer from reading Went’s poo

    Now since none of the above conditions are likely to happen, let’s stop chasing our tails and move on already!

    Grouchy Bear

  76. Sprinkles

    The boy CAN’T dress! Isn’t that proof enough???????
    How many gay men do you know that don’t match???? Erm…NONE!
    I am sooooo sick of this topic! Of course it is ok to be gay that is sooooo not the issue! He said it himself, he is NOT. He is not going to keep repeating himself. Just drop it! Just go on adoring him as usual!

  77. shelly

    I’d like to point out something that casts doubt on what Pisshead Hilton is saying: he says that Went has been dating this Luke guy for 6 months? So they’ve supposedly been together since January?

    How is that possible when both Luke and Went are working actors? Luke was on Brothers and Sisters, which I think films in LA. And of course Went was in Dallas at the time filming Prison Break…how could they have managed to see each other or spend any time together, when they don’t even live in the same city, WITHOUT BEING SEEN OR PHOTOGRAPHED for 6 whole months, when paps follow Went around in LA every time he’s flying in? Does Went have access to Wonder Woman’s invisible plane that he can jetset across the country and see anyone he wants without being pictured? If this story had even a grain of truth to it, I’m sure he would have been spotted with this guy by someone at some point while he was in LA. But no such spottings reported on the internet and certainly not a single picture of them together.

    PH is grasping at straws. He comes up with names of hot young actors rumored to be gay and puts them together and banks on their not saying anything because those actors, at least the ones who really are gay, don’t want to be outed this way. He knows Went will never say anything about it, so he keeps at it.

    (Btw I want to say that I am *not* the same shelley who said that I can’t watch WM play a straight actor.)

  78. anon

    And wasn’t it reported in the French papers that he’d been seeing Amie for around 2 months (and that was in April) and there were photos of him with Mariana in January right.

    There’s a lot about Perez’s stupid story that doesn’t make sense.

  79. Bluetoothfairy

    Went, you’ve come to the right place to get a lot of pussy. Look how many of us are open and ready for you! Knock yourself out! MUAH!


  80. Anonymous

    What about a denial from Fox on the “problems with Wentworth refusing a lot of PR because he’s nervous etc…”?

  81. cocot13

    The thing that really amazes me is that people are totally going on the word of a gossip blogger who is a known liar.Why do we believe this but don’t believe the Amie story.That had details, hell there was not only photographic evidence but fucking video of the two of them together. Went and Luke have probably never even met each other and everyone thinks there fucking because you know who says so. Come on !!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Anonymous

    “a gossip blogger who is a known liar”,
    He outed several actors, didn’t he? And he was right every time!

  83. Anonymous

    if Went deny, they call him liar
    if he doesn’t, they call him gay
    Went never wins
    poor Went

  84. AJ

    shelly said, “(Btw I want to say that I am *not* the same shelley who said that I can’t watch WM play a straight actor.)

    Thank God you said that, shelly. I really didn’t want to have to “hate” you after all the helpful advice you’ve given me on my headaches. Hahaha…

    MB said, “Waking up this morning to 75 fucking comments that do not get us any closer to the truth has made me a little grouchy…grrrrrrrrr! Given the current state of emotions in here, I think I’m going to have to hibernate until the flurry of bullshit subsides.”

    Agreed. I’m done commenting on this topic as well. Everyone’s talking in circles, and it’s making my head spin…. Don’t get me wrong…WFW, this post is hilarious, as always…but some of the “comments” in here are leaving me with a really sour taste in my mouth. So, unless I read something up in here that makes me feel as though I need to come in and throw a b.f., I’ll just be over here taking a nap…

    Carry on….

  85. Anonymous

    For God sake women! Look at him, admit he sucks cock once and for all, and your pussy offer would put him off!!
    Anyway, watch the news, you’ll soon have to lump it, the paps are at work to give you pics….

  86. namer

    Oh gosh, I feel so sorry for Wentworth – this story is now on every gossip site. Google both names – WM and LMcF and you see just how far and wide it has spread on tons of sites….oh no. Whether it’s true or not, people are gonna start believing it as it’s everywhere ….


    LOL LMAO Anonymous 12:52 pm wish Went could suck on his cock! Oooh boy you NASTY!!! btw i think Went will avoid being seen by the paps b’coz of the rumors. And if they had pics of him the i’m sure they would have been published by now. So anonymous, dude anonymous try again b’coy that was lame. WITH LUV FROM SOUTH AFRICA

  88. jan

    If he is gay, I’ll change sex. Nothing is easier. One operation more or less…

    Btw, some people here are so narrow-minded; it’s like they’ve dropped out of a cartoon…

    “He’s not gay because he can’t dress or cause he doesn’t like musicals”?!!!!? Is it really possible to be living in 21 century and say something like that?!

  89. shelly

    shelly said, “(Btw I want to say that I am *not* the same shelley who said that I can’t watch WM play a straight actor.)

    Thank God you said that, shelly. I really didn’t want to have to “hate” you after all the helpful advice you’ve given me on my headaches. Hahaha…>>

    Hope I didn’t confuse you AJ, or anyone else. The only comment I’d posted before was my amusement up above at WFW’s Starbucks joke, and then till the 10:04 comment yesterday. I’m not the one who wrote any of the other posts in between those two comments.

    The other shelley spells her name with an extra “e” but some people were omitting that when responding so I wanted to make it clear that I am NOT the same poster, nor did I ever say that I can’t watch WM playing a straight character. That’s utterly silly. Gay actors play straight all the time and vice versa – it’s what they’re paid to do.

    And the other shelley also seems to be a Grey’s fan and I can’t stand that show. But I digress.

  90. and at the end of all our comments, Wentworth remains for us the best actor in the world and a perfect and intelligent man, in general an amazing person and we will love him forever!!

  91. Jan it’s called sarcasm…….have you heard of it??????

  92. Anon

    First of all, it doesn’t really matter if Wentworth Miller is gay or straight.

    Second of all, how dare any of you say that he can’t be gay because he is masculine. Stop buying into stereotypes! Gay men aren’t all flamboyant.

    Third, he is an actor. He is supposed to play an uber masculine figure, and he does it well. He may be that way in real life, he may not be, either way he is ACTING!

    Fourth, hopefully with the recent string of coming out stories, he will not be afraid to come out if he is gay. Obviously he does a good job on the show regardless of his sexuality, and I hope other people can recognise that.

  93. anon

    a week ago on youtube someone posted that he lived with his boyfriend and he was feeling the pressure to come out,if you dont believe me just read the comments under UNCUT: Wentworth Miller Speaks

  94. Skank

    Anyway I think that he won’t say nothing at all, I mean public deny or confirmation, it’s not his style.
    Sooner or later someone during an interview will ask him if he is still single or if that rumour is true and Wentworth will tell what he has to tell.

  95. Skank

    And I want to add that is very ridiculous and sad that all that sites and media all around the world are reporting this rumour spread by just one “gossip blogger” (very very nice and gentle appellattion) who can’t provide a real source.

  96. Mink

    And I want to add that is very ridiculous and sad that all that sites and media all around the world are reporting this rumour spread by just one “gossip blogger”

    I think it’s worth pointing out that while far too many trashy gossip blogs/sites have picked up on this story, basically quoting PH word for word, the reliable media (i.e. any media or blogs who require a proper source for their stories) are NOT repeating this story. It is the scurrilous press only so far.

  97. Skank

    Mink, thanks for your clarification.
    Anyway I’m scared by the amount of trashy sites and media who are reporting this!

  98. and in Wikipedia too! today I edit the two pages of WM and LukeMF because somebody put that PH rumor on their wiki’s biographies!! Stupid people…

  99. TJ_Smartz

    Hey – has anyone seen PH’s site lately – if not go check out the Post “Joss Stone V The Queen of All Media – Its War”. F**king hilarious and Joss Stone is now my favorite goddess!!

    And just to weigh in on the debate – to quote one of my favorite movies – I love Went “Come what may”!

  100. anon

    hey..all this gossip about went being gay is just to distract from the real truth….and that’s swc is NOT married and she’s having wents’ baby……oh yeah..

  101. Too Fast for Love

    We all know Went is a very smart guy right? He’s extremely quick witted and articulate thus good at answering questions in a way that answers the question without giving TMI… yes he said he wasn’t gay, that doesn’t rule out that he’s bi… maybe when he said all the stuff about what girls he likes he was being honest, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like boys too… sorry I’m just sort of thinking out loud as I read other people’s posts. (And if Perez said the sun was shining I’d still look out my window just to be sure)

  102. *stretches and yawns*

    So, what did I miss? Oh, I see the debate’s still on.

    *sighs and copies AJ napping*

    Wake me up when another W. Miller candid/interview/magazine spread hits, m’kay?

  103. niknak

    All this debate going on and all I can think of his how funny AJ was calling the idiot rat bastard, PH, a “fucktard”… LOL! Love it!

    and at the end of all our comments, Wentworth remains for us the best actor in the world

    Guilia, I hate to burst your bubble, but Went really isn’t that great of an actor. He plays brooding with a side of brooding very well, but that’s about it… but I will agree that we will still love him no matter who he wants to sleep with.

  104. anonymous

    I knew he was gay when I saw him carrying a copy of US Weekly with his mail last year

  105. shortstuff


    that is all i have to add to this post.

    oh, and wfw i love you.

    good day.

  106. liyah

    I have visited this sight many many times and this is my first posting. I mostly enjoy reading, but for some reason the endless discussion about this has forced me to wonder what the hell is wrong with me. I am so worried about the sexuality of a man I most likely will never meet because it kills my fantasies, which would never happen anyway. WOW – I need help (hehehe). Anyway, PH did make comments about Lance Bass, but Lance Bass’ boyfriend has come out saying that PH has lied about them even after the fact, saying they broke up when they did not, saying there was cheating… If a man who was supposedly and admittedly exposed by someone says that same someone has also lied, then I wonder why we pay attention. There are many outed gay people in this country who struggle just being who they are. If Perez Hilton is such a proud gay man, then why doesn’t he devote his energy to helping these people also feel proud of who they are? Who knows how many suicides could be prevented… Instead, he forces people out (yeah, a lot of times right, but not always) against their will – not everyone has it so easy when they come out. It disturbs me deeply that, and I firmly believe this is what PH does regularly, a person would fabricate stories just to confirm what he believes is true. The saddens me because I have been lied to before and I know that sinking feeling of thinking your whole life has come crashing down, all because of a small seed of doubt that was planted. Even if proven wrong, something is still permanently changed by a well told lie – I guess it is a hot topic for me. Ok, I’m off my soapbox. Thanks for listening

  107. Carmen

    Wentworth es un maricon, O.K. ! Por qué tantas mentidas? I’m very sad and disappointed of all the lying of this actor. We was sold the packaging of a beutiful romantic actor and all the girls in Spain and in the world believe him: and it’s not true! Shocking and very sad. Why not say, O.K., I am a homosexual at the start of first series ofPrison Break?It would have been alright, no problem!
    But the lies! I have no trust now… I don’t want to see the rest of Prison Beak because of the lies…

  108. anon

    “I’m very sad and disappointed of all the lying of this actor.”

    Nobody has said that Wentworth lied Carmen. On the other hand PH is a known liar. Have a little faith.

  109. Carmen

    “Nobody has said that Wentworth lied Carmen. On the other hand PH is a known liar. Have a little faith.” No es possible! This Peres Hilton gives the name of his boyfriend! If not true, the two actors can say it’s wrong, and they did not! And I read all the things that Wentworth say on his ideal woman (in the film about Korea) and in the papers! Why fear and lie like that?
    Can you explain? It’s like you buy a gold necklace and you find it’s not gold but cheap fake!

  110. yes he gives a name, i can do the same thing, lying is so easy, and PH knows it well!!

  111. Skank

    Carmen, just an advice… wait until the moment we can say FOR SURE that he lied, then you can feel sad and disappointed.
    At this moment I think that Wentworth deserves we believe what he said, if things will say something different everyone will be free to think worst things or to understand him.

  112. Skank

    Carmen, my opinion is that Perez needed to say a name this time. Too many times he has said these things without proving nothing and he couldn’t write a new shit about Wentworth without a linked name.

    I’m even upset with myself for speaking too much about this… I even don’t know how to call him to remain polite… “blogger” because it is just what he wants we do, speaking about him and check his site!

  113. outwiththeold

    Oh actors lie.

    Homophobic reaction in the USA forces them to. Don’t think it’s not possible an actor can turn round and lie to save their careers.

    Still, that doesn’t mean Perez is right. I don’t know about Wentworth. But just because he “said” it doesn’t mean it’s golddust. Rock Hudson lied, Lance Bass lied. George Michael lied for a long time. Sadly that’s the reality in a still homophobic country that lets relgious bigots call many of the shots, and money the rest of them.

    But that doesn’t make Perez a saint. He’s far from it. He’s just nasty.

    I think Luke and Went would be cute if they were a couple. Anyone would be cute with Wentworth.

  114. Anonymous

    This topic may be overdone but I am going to add my 2 cents anyway.

    Wentworth Miller is the best looking man I have ever seen, hands down.

    But his real appeal lies in his character and his admirable qualities – his approachability, humbleness, the air of dignity and reservation about him, his unpretentious nature, his articulate and educated conversations, I could go on and on.

    The point being that there is just so much to like about Wentworth, and his sexual orientation, whatever it may be, would have no impact on how much I like and admire this beautiful man.

    The one thing that would bother me, if he does in fact come out as gay at some stage, would be the disappointment that would ensue from having to accept that he lied in no uncertain terms, when directly stating that he is not gay, and going into detail about the kind of woman he likes to date.

    While there are surely many reasons an actor may choose to not come out of the closet publicly, I find myself hoping and praying that Went did not lie to his adoring fanbase, because that, and only that, is what will bring disappointment and disillusionment to those who support him on a public level.

    As for Perez Hilton, what a dickhead. That is all.

  115. ws

    Wentworth Earl Miller III is not gay cause I have inside info.

  116. Carmen

    Anonymous said:

    “The one thing that would bother me, if he does in fact come out as gay at some stage, would be the disappointment that would ensue from having to accept that he lied in no uncertain terms, when directly stating that he is not gay, and going into detail about the kind of woman he likes to date. ”


  117. anon

    ok,ws…and what would that be?

  118. *Yawning, stretching, and waking up from hibernation…refreshed enough to write an essay – sorry, Krissie, I warned you*

    Aren’t you all bored by now with this endless speculation about Went’s sexuality?

    For me, trying to pin down Went’s sexual orientation is as arbitrary as trying to figure out if he shits in the morning or shits at night. In both cases, it’s his choice and a private matter, so I seriously doubt he’ll open himself up for discourse.

    About this rising panic that Went will be deemed a liar if he is in fact proven to be gay alarms me on so many levels. If he’s gay and he lied about it, so what?! Is it really going to rock the world as a whole?

    FDR lied about his prior knowledge of the Japanese’s plans for the Pearl Harbor attack…now THAT had repercussions.

    Bill Clinton lied to the American public about his torrid affair with Monica Lewinski…now THAT had repercussions.

    Richard Nixon used wire tapping and intimidation to harass political opponents during the Watergate scandal…now THAT had repercussions.

    My point is that Went is just an actor…if it turns out that he chose to lie about his orientation to preserve the longevity of his career, I completely understand – I will not judge him or admire him any less for doing so. The world will continue spinning and his true fans will keep following his career.

    It’s evident by all this speculative mayhem that the true undercurrent of “The Biz” has serious repercussions for actors who openly reveal their homosexuality before the studio bosses are ready. Certainly, with the repressed, puritanical views of much of the American public – and the world as I’ve seen from many of the comments on this blog – “coming out” isn’t always lauded with fanfare. I mean, c’mon, it’s the year 2007, and the U.S. military still adheres to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy – if that’s not a broad statement on what the U.S. government and this country thinks about homosexuality, I don’t know what is!

    PH may think he’s doing celebrities a service by bringing them kicking and screaming to the top mic to come out of the closet, but what he’s really doing is turning an already resistant American and world culture completely off the lifestyle choice of homosexuality. Whatever strides gay activists have made thus far in evening up the playing field in terms of respect is being torn down by the likes of PH and his minion followers every time they set forth on their militant “outting” expeditions.

    I swear, by now, Went must surely feel like Gulliver and think that we’re all just a bunch of Yahoos. *shaking head*

  119. Annnnnon

    Mama Bear you are completely right but IF we will discover that he lied I think that some people have the “right” to feel disapponited. Obviously the repercussions would be less than zero but some persons don’t like to hear lies, nothing more.

    I was (“was” because my music taste changed with years) a big fan of Darren Hayes from Savage Garden, rumours about his sexuality were a lot and he even was married before. He always said his private life is private and people could think what they wanted, when he married again (and this time with a man!) I loved he didn’t lie to his fans, and just because I don’t like lies.

    I know it is off topic but I want to wish Darren Hayes the best for his life. Can I?

  120. lj

    Mama Bear, IF Went has lied about his sexuality and that’s a big IF then I think we all understand why he might have done so. But I think we have a right to be disappointed especially since he only stated he was NOT gay as recently as 6 months ago which incidently was around about the same time that Perez alleges that this relationship was meant to have started.

    I may be in denial but I still believe Went over that scumbag Perez. I just wish he’d end all this speculation which is all over the internet and make some statement one way or the other. Anything would be better than what we have now. IMO this story wont go away unless the story is addressed.

  121. Here’s some interesting reading if you have the time and inclination to understand why gay actors may choose to stay quiet or *gasp!* lie before they’re ready to come out of the closet:

    Note: These articles are from reputable news sources.

    This one was posted earlier this year, but it’s still relevant to the topic today:

    This one was posted today…very timely, wouldn’t you say?:

    lj, annnnnnon 9:11, and anyone else who feels the same way, I respect your “right” to be disappointed IF Went turns out to be gay and subsequently, as you’d put it, “a liar,” but I will reserve my ire for the likes of those who would seek to hatch the egg before it’s time.

  122. BRIT BIRD

    **claps at MB**

  123. Annnnnon

    I’m the first one to think that getting upset for something that for now is fantasy is quite stupid!

    I love Went acting and I’m sure that nothing can change my appreciation!
    A lie (and I’m speking in general) can be disappointing from a personal point of view but it has not to change the appeciation about an actor. At least this is my way of thinking.

    I’m sure there are a lot of good reasons to stay in tha closet for actors (and I’m still speaking in general) but maybe sometimes It would be better to deny to speak about the private life rather then telling something not true because your carrer could suffer even more if truth becomes public.

    Anyway I would like to see Wentworth in an European movie. Still off topic, sorry!

  124. johanna

    I’ll just go on record to say… If Went came out and said he’s gay,

    I’d shed a few tears….

    and STILL go ahead and drop the soap anyway.

  125. johanna, now THAT’S the spirit! LMAO!

  126. AJ

    *awakes momentarily from nap*

    Mama Bear,

    Have I told you lately that I love you? Have I told you there’s no one else above you? You fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness. You ease my troubles…..that’s what you do…

    and johanna, I think I wanna make out with you for saying that….. Thank you.

    *dozes back off*

  127. Awwww, AJ, I LOVE YOU TOO!

    *futttttttttttttttting for good measure…hehehe*

  128. AJ

    Back atcha, MB *pooooooooot*

    I know I said I was done with this, but apparently I’m incapable of shutting my fucking mouth. What can I say? I’m allergic to bullshit and ignorance. SO, if you’ll excuse me, I feel a sneeze coming on:

    You know what Went should do??? (I see you all leaning in closely, ears perked) Here’s what he should do…

    He should come out of the closet. Whether he’s gay, straight, or bi….doesn’t fucking matter. He should come out anyway….just tell everyone he’s flaming and proud. Now, clearly his career would be fucked. But since some of you don’t seem to give two shits about that, what difference does it make, right?

    If he is, in fact, truly gay…then he’ll be out, and free to date any man he wants. And we can all shut the fuck up and move on. Now, if he’s straight, he’ll ALSO be free to date whoever the fuck he wants… He can get as much pussy as he wants and never have to worry about the media or the fans questioning him about his relationships with women, cuz we’ll all be under the assumption that he’s gay gay gay. There will be no more “beigette incidents” or “scarfy incidents” cuz everyone will be convinced that they’re JUST FRIENDS!!! Why? Cuz he’s gay and he told us so! Bam!!!

    Fast forward to 5 years later, and we all find out that Wentworth is married to some hot brunette chick and they have 3 children. Of course, some fans will be disappointed by his deception, but DAMMIT, at least he’ll have his career back!!!!


  129. ilurvemv, formerly shelly

    Mama Bear, I loved your post, and I love you. Will you marry me? (Oops, I’m 27 and unattached and I proposed to another woman…I guess that makes me gay!) /sarcasm]

    Carmen, do you think Went and any other actor you like should have to make a sworn affidavit of their sexuality before you become a fan of theirs? That he should have announced his sexuality before Prison Break began? Whether or not he is gay, he didn’t ask any of us to be his fans – we VOLUNTEERED. We all can turn the channel, throw out our PB dvds, whatever if we feel so disappointed with him. He doesn’t “owe” us any statement on his personal life every time he begins a project IMO. Admittedly, I don’t think that keeping quiet on this particular matter has helped – unlike the Scarfetta incident, this wildfire seems to be growing and not dying. But that’s his choice to make.

    If at all he is gay and lied about it, he probably panicked when faced with the question outright. But I don’t think he did – he sounded perfectly honest to me. And even if he lied, so what? He’s human and he makes mistakes. Like there are any of us who can make the claim that we’ve never lied about anything.

    No matter how much silly fun we have, most all of us are grown-ups who are fantasizing, period. Went could be into men, women, or unicorns for all we know, and none of us are delusional enough to think we have a chance to be with him. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether he is gay or straight or bi as long as we get to keep enjoying his acting, humor, personality, smile, butt, whatever.

    I say he is either bi or straight. There have been far too many very sincere-sounding accounts of him liking girls. I could understand if he lied or made up one of those incidents, but ALL of them? That plus the fact that Dominic Purcell was very emphatic when he denied that Went is gay – so now both Went AND Dom are liars? My guess is that Went and one of his dates or girlfriends have socialized with Dom and/or the other PB cast sometime so he knows it’s not true. Rob Knepper has mentioned in interviews that the cast does stuff together outside of work.

    Whatever his sexuality is, he is still a human being, and all this isn’t just affecting him anymore, it’s affecting his family and his friends and possibly his career. What must his family and friends be dealing with now, fielding questions about all this? I wonder how his parents or sisters feel, having to see or read all this on the net or even been asked about it in person. I’ll bet it feels much worse than the explosion over Amie felt. Maybe even she’s having to field questions about this shit.

    I will admit that he hasn’t done everything right. His lack of promoting the show like his castmates, not doing dvd commentaries, not doing any projects other than ads have all come back to bite him in the ass a bit. But he’s learning how to be a celebrity and not just an actor so I’ll cut him some slack for now. But he still doesn’t deserve any of this IMO.

  130. anonymous

    personally I have always felt that he was bisexual, people always seem to leave that possibility out of the equation when discussing sexuality, and the truth is human sexuality is not as black or white as people think, so if this rumor is true then he is into more of a dick sucking phase than a pussy eating one right

  131. anon

    i agree…i think he likes who he likes regardless of their sex and that’s the problem this nasty little man(PH) has-he can’t stand bi-sexuals.and maybe he got rejected by went too..

  132. Anonymous

    In any case, there is no need to make hasty conclusions, should wait a bit until the situation is clarified. Do not respond to the PH logical. Who is PH and who is WM?

  133. Occasionally I like to venture into the world of real news (when it isn’t saturated with Paris Hilton-release stories, that is).

    Today, for some reason, I’ve noticed that major reputable news sources have posted articles with gay themes (see my comment above). Here’s CNN.COM’s contribution to the mix:

    Ladies and gents, there really is a way that we can find out once and for all if Went is gay…according to this article, it’s all in the way he walks and/or appears to act! Apparently, if you observe someone closely enough, you can just tell that he/she is gay! If your “gaydar” hasn’t been calibrated in a while, you can practice a bit by viewing some footage that’s linked in the the article…I bet you’ll have fun guessing who’s gay or not – heck, there’s even an answer key!

    Forget the pictorial proof of Went kissing another man…we don’t need that. Let’s just analyze ad nauseum the endless amounts of footage we have of him walking to and fro, and I’m sure we’ll get our much-desired final answer.

    I tell ya, if it wasn’t for CNN’s compelling journalism, I think I would be like a ship without a sail. *rolling eyes*

    P.S. – ilurvemv, I accept your proposal because anyone who can picture Went with a unicorn is aces in my book! 😉

    AJ, your words move me to sneeze…*ACHOO!!!* 🙂 You rock, woman!

  134. Annnnnon

    The crew of Aeroflot is surely gay… have a look how they walk!!!

  135. tj_smartz

    WFW where are you??? I would kill for some new posts – surviving *barely* on the “Best of Went”. Wet for Went’s Wentworth Miller Masturbation Workout is the best damn health kick I have ever been on!!

  136. lj

    Mama Bear, I would be momentarily disappointed IF … but I don’t belive that’s going to happen. I’m a huge Went fan and nothing could make me love him any the less (or sit glued to the set when PB is on). I’m just sorry that he has to put up with all of this. He’s always shown himself to be a private guy and now look what’s happened. Maybe if he’d been a bit more open he wouldn’t have found himself the subject of so much press coverage based on one PH piece of b***sh*t. No one deserves to have their personal stuff the subject of so much speculation. Especially the nicest and hottest guy on the planet.

  137. VAYT

    If you’re honest with yourself, you always KNEW that he was gay! That CNN article is not as stupid as it seems. The Pretty! Whoever gave him this name in PB was aware his sex-appeal was gay orientated : those beautiful luscious feminine lips, those big eyes, his attitude in general… His voice may be manly, but there’s a feminine softness in it. And look how awkward he is in scenes involving a degree of physical violence…. As someone said, men are not usually that pretty!

  138. AJ 2.02, Bless you! *passes a tissue*

    Mama Bear, Fantastic article! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. FYI: I guessed the first one and the second one, the third one I thought “Gay”, and in all technicalities this should be “right” and I guessed the fourth one too!

    This means my ‘gaydar’ is in good working order, right? Right?

    Which means absolutely fuck all in the W. Miller Gay -VS- Straight debate! Is he? Isn’t he? *bites fingernails*

    Sheesh, people! Who the fuck really cares who he fucks for real?!?

    How about we all just go back to staring at all his photos and wait with baited breath for his next candid / interview / magazine spread? Or, better yet, another “phone interview” from WFW, or even another segment from Days of Our Wentworth? *promptly sits down and holds breath*

  139. 2007

    VAYT, my boyfriend is a classical dancer, in a certain way he is surely “feminine” but I can assure you that he is not into our bed. I’m a girl, before you ask!

  140. Mélissa

    It’s difficult for me to express my ideas in English but I really think the treatment of Wentworth is cruel from some people. He’s a human being and he wants to find love like we do, everyone ! It’s Nature that make him (maybe, we are not sure , homosexual), like Nature gives you blue eyes or skin colour. Why reject his (maybe) sexuality? I’m sure he is a good boy and the other actors in Prison Break like him and say he is a very nice person and respectable. We are fans of him and he’s beautiful and intelligent, we must stop think sex, sex, sex, all the time, and gay sex bad! I know gay friends and I love them with all my heart. Wentworth is lovely, and I hope he can live his sexual life in peace without crualty of Perez Hilton. If this man (P.H.) is a homo, he had suffering from other people in the past, why is he cruel now to others?

  141. Angel


    There are many “pretty” men in this world. Some are straight, some are gay, some are bi. I’m attracted to the “pretty” ones. Does that make me gay? No wait, I’m a woman who’s attracted to “pretty” men, am I a lesbian? If a “pretty” man finds me “pretty” does that make him a lesbian?

    We are all of us human beings. We are attracted to what we find attractive. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

  142. lj

    This whole discussion about being able to tell by looking at someone is ridiculous. People see what they want to see.

    “And look how awkward he is in scenes involving a degree of physical violence. ” Oh, come on VAYT. In the commentary for that PB scene where he punches Abruzzi right at the start of season 1 it was mentioned that Went knows all the boxing moves because of his role in The Human Stain. He’s good at that fighting stuff.

  143. Mink

    “Whoever gave him this name in PB was aware his sex-appeal was gay orientated : those beautiful luscious feminine lips, those big eyes, his attitude in general…”

    Okay, I think the person who posted this is just messin’ with us. Because to say that WM must be gay because he is so beautiful has got to be the silliest argument I’ve heard yet on the topic. In fact my eyes have roled so far back in my head that I may never be able to look fully forwards again.

    And yes, as alluded to by lj, anyone who thinks he looks awkward in scenes of physical violence hasn’t seen “The Human Stain”, where he plays a very talented boxer highly convincingly.

    I’m assuming that scenes in “PB” where he may look awkward (and actually, I don’t think that he usually does) are because he is acting the part of Michael Scofield, who probably would be uncomfortable with physical violence.

    And FWIW, I have a pretty accurate gaydar usually, and WM doesn’t ping mine at all. I see a softly spoken, highly educated and sensitive man, but nothing about him indicates ‘gay’. (Christ! I can’t believe I was actually driven to just make that point.)

  144. lj

    And just one more thing. This talk about him being so ‘pretty’ that he must be gay?

    Well yes he is beautiful but he’s also manly at the same time. That’s the attraction! I think SWC expressed it correctly when she said he appeals to everyone – both men and women.

  145. Carmen

    I looked in the dictionary for the word in English: INTEGRITY. Wentworth had give an image of nice man and we believed it. So, now he must show the integrity and say the truth. It is not a shame to be gay, but it is a shame to lie to the people who are your supporters and fans.
    Don’t you think, everybody?

  146. Jen

    I think we can stop beating – the damn horse is dead. Can we just get back to discussing Went’s totally sexiness??? He said he wasn’t gay, lets believe the man and stop speculating. Just because he keeps his private life private, does not mean he his hiding something. He has never given any of his fans a reason not to trust him!

  147. Carmen

    Jen, I don’t know much, but mi mama told me you
    must say the truth if you are in accusation. May be this gossip specialist tells lies, may be no. If I was accused , I would say something. In Spanish we say that the one who doesn’t respond to accusations is guilty. I like Wentworth, gay or not, but he must SAY something! He’s not the Queen of England, we are his fans and it’s not the subject of being gay (he has the right!) it is the subject of integrity: if you have integrity you don’t say “I’m not gay” and you don’t ask Dominic Purcell to lie for you. I think that all this is important, NOT being gay, as lots and lots of people are gay in this world. But, an actor is a role model, like Michael Scofield is a good character , positive. Can you believe an actor who say lies? Specially, if he present himself as a gentleman so nice?

  148. Anonymous

    How come he didn’t show up at the premiere of Transformers?
    Chicken? One point for PH ?

  149. Anonymous

    Amaury Nolasco looks very, very sexy on the IESB pics ! * drools*
    Lucky WFW who had the exorbitant privilege to hold him in her arms !!!

  150. Mink

    “…if you have integrity you don’t say “I’m not gay” and you don’t ask Dominic Purcell to lie for you”

    I’m sorry, but…holy shit! Where did this come from? Once again, the only person who has put out this rumour is someone with an agenda who is most likely lying. How come anyone is believing a muck spreading rumour monger over someone we know for a fact has integrity and no history of lying? I just don’t get it.

    And as for “asking Dominic Purcell to lie” for him? What the fuck? Why on earth would anyone make this assumption? There’s no reason whatsoever to believe that WM asked DP to do any such thing (in fact, I would bet my life on it he didn’t), or that DP lied at all (which I am quite sure he didn’t – when he said WM is not gay, I am 100% sure he believed that is the truth).

    “How come he didn’t show up at the premiere of Transformers? Chicken? One point for PH?”

    Um, because WM never goes to these kinds of things. Ever. There’s an argument to be made that it would be more chicken to suddenly start changing his habits now in reaction to the muck spreading. I actually think that to have gone may have been a good idea, but not to have gone is certainly not “chicken”.

    Jeeze! Where do these hysterical reactions come from? Honestly!

    Sorry, WFW, I know I shouldn’t still be responding to this nonsense, but – God help me! – I just can’t leave it. Because I just know that silly points unanswered will mean that some people won’t see the other POV. I know, I know, I’m banging my head against a fucking brick wall.

  151. anon 10:49 a.m. – what do you mean Went wasn’t there?! Due to all the recent scrutiny, I heard he chose to go as “Burger King”:

    Check out those fingers…those knuckles! That’s SO Went! And look at him macking with those hotties…he’s such a clever cat!

  152. Anonymous

    YUMMY! And look at his legs!!

  153. And the cute pointed ballet slippers too! You can just tell that his luscious, long toes are hiding in there!

  154. AJ

    Carmen said, “He’s not the Queen of England, we are his fans and it’s not the subject of being gay (he has the right!) it is the subject of integrity: if you have integrity you don’t say “I’m not gay” and you don’t ask Dominic Purcell to lie for you. I think that all this is important, NOT being gay, as lots and lots of people are gay in this world. But, an actor is a role model, like Michael Scofield is a good character , positive. Can you believe an actor who say lies?”

    *goin’ all “Sheneneh” for a moment*
    Hol’ up!…HOL’ UP! FIRST of all…these rumors started OVER a year ago, and he DID answer the damn question! How many times does he need to answer it??? If you don’t believe him, then that’s on you! What, is he supposed to come out with a statement every time “Fucknut” comes out with a new “he’s gay, he’s gay, and I’ve got no proof” claim? Spare me…aight…ai-iiiight… *end Sheneneh rant*

    And as for DP lying for Wentworth, no you did NOT just go there…. *pulling out my hair*

    Whatever happened to the good ‘ol days when we had worthwhile, meaningful debates…such as, “Can Wentworth Miller dance?”…. 😦 I miss those days…

  155. Emma

    Applause at italian gay site
    that has the honesty to doubt about the “integrity”of Perez Hilton and closes the article saying “dear Perez… nothing is more true than what a person wants to see” (I hope it does make sense in english as well).
    I’m very sensitive towards this issue because my brother is gay and I think that sometimes some trash gay sites contribute to give a negative and wrong image of the majority of gay community.

    Sorry for my english! CIAO!

  156. omg MB you find him! He is The King of Burger King! He’s doing too much advertisements in these period!! LOL! 🙂

  157. hey Emma I’m Italian too and your English is better than mine!! 🙂 Btw is a really serious site about gay’s life and they explain the situation well, I mean better than other gossip sites where they only report the PH words!

  158. Emma

    Ciao Giulia!
    Tonight, Rai 2 at 9:00 p.m “Ghost Wisperer”!!! It’s the episode with Wentworth! And it’s new in Italy.

    Forgive me for this personal message but, you know, a Went fan has to be informed!

  159. Anonymous

    “these rumors started OVER a year ago, and he DID answer the damn question! How many times does he need to answer it??? ”
    There’s a NAME now: Luke McFarlane. It’s a tad more serious, isn’t it?
    A “gentleman” like Went should at least clear the other guy’s name, don’t you think?

  160. yes WFW sorry for this OT but I’ve to say:
    tonight, Italia1 at 11 p.m. PrisonBreak season 1 come back with the first two episodes…
    So Wentworth in everywhere tonight!! 🙂

  161. ilurvemv

    Mama Bear, if you thought I loved you before, you have no idea how greatly my love has increased since reading your Burger King post. Thanks so much for making me laugh so hard after the awful day I’ve had IRL so far.

    AJ, I don’t blame you for going on a rant. I’m feeling pretty damn ranty at reading some of Carmen’s posts, but I’m afraid to start or I’ll never stop or say something I regret and WFW will have to ban me.

    There is not now, nor has there ever been any proof that either Went or his castmates have lied about his sexuality. And when you think about it, what makes you think Went would EVER selfishly burden his castmates like that, asking them to lie or cover for him and get them involved? That’s not like him at all, and do you really think his co-workers on PB would keep speaking of him as highly as they do if he ever put them up to such shenanigans?

    Anon 1:26, fyi, even one of the people who runs a Luke MacFarlane fansite does NOT think this rumor is true. And again, Went does not owe anyone a statement about the status of his private life unless maybe if it’s his family, friends, or pets. If Mr. MacFarlane wants to address this rumor, he can do it, too, anytime he chooses to.

    This topic comments box is worse than the damn mob – just when I think I’m out, it keeps pulling me back in!

    *praying that something else newsworthy, anything, finally ends this madness*
    Shouldn’t SWC have had her baby by now? That poor kid is going to be 20 pounds if she doesn’t give birth soon!

  162. AJ

    anon 1.26 said, “There’s a NAME now: Luke McFarlane. It’s a tad more serious, isn’t it?
    A “gentleman” like Went should at least clear the other guy’s name, don’t you think?

    NO!!!!!! I can go on Wentworth’s Wikipedia page RIGHT NOW, and write that he’s dating Jensen Ackles! That doesn’t make it fucking true, now does it???

    I am about to have a goddamn conniption fit…. *breathing in and out, slowly* 1…2…3…..4……
    Some of y’all are making my blood pressure go up….forreal… This is insane!

    WFW is there any way you can ban me from coming into just this thread? Cuz I really need to stop reading this nonsense. But it’s like a trainwreck…I just can’t look away no how matter how much I want to…

  163. Sweet, sweet AJ, you need a Whopper to soothe your nerves. I’m sure “The King,” er, Went will oblige. And WFW, if you want one too, I’ll ask him to hold the mayo…what?! what?!


  164. Jensen Ackles is so damn hot and now I’m having this dirrrty fantasy about Went+Jensen together… wow… Too hot thought for my mind! But please AJ don’t write that thing on Wikipedia, I have edited that page again this morning.

  165. AJ

    LOL Giulia, I would never…
    My point was, any asshat can go on some website and write something completely untrue in nature, and some gullible person is gonna believe it. And if Went has to defend himself every time his name’s thrown out there alongside someone else’s, then this whole fandom’s just gone to shit…

    He was specifically linked to Amy Bice a few months ago….did he make an official statement then about their relationship??? Hell NO! So, what makes anyone think that he would now??? It’s absurd. He shouldn’t have to…
    I’m sorry, I just can’t stand “fickle fucking fans”….

    MB, I’ll take my Whopper with EXTRA mayo, thanks! *smirk*

  166. If Wentworth is really gay, i swear i’ll fuck him so hard until he realise that being straight is so much more… OMG did i just that out loud?! Note to self: keep your thoughts to yourself

  167. XOX

    For those who are ready to believe PH… in his last post calls “Fat Cow” a pregnant woman. How can you believe thig disgusting man?

  168. anonymous

    if the rumor is true i don’t think it will last because Luke doesn’t look like he’s that good at Scrabble

  169. Anonymous

    Luke is cute and sexy or whatever, but he’s not a match for Went

  170. notthedoctor

    ME! ME! ME!
    I want a Whopper with extra mayo too.
    And I hear “Burger King” is making a “YOU ROCK!” Meal extra wet and a “…” Meal with extra Butter. Can you say Ecstatic Meal instead of Happy Meal. I wonder what’s the toy. YUMMY!
    what!? what!?

  171. Has anyone heard any comments from Luke, I mean has he addressed this rumour? ..has he responded to the claim he and Went are dating? Direct quotes please…

  172. liyah

    As far as integrity goes, I am not going to pretend what it is like to be gay and have to admit that to the world (and he does not really have to do anything because it is none of our business). Considering that it could ruin his career, maybe cause family problems, and who knows how many other personal issues just because everyone knows, then I think he is well within his rights to lie. Remember that we are asking for personal info that we do not have the right to demand. Either way, I will always be a fan… but I still don’t think he is gay. Maybe bi – but not gay.

  173. niknak

    I am with the rest of you who has no clue as to why we keep coming back to this particular thread to discuss a total non-issue. It’s like fucking Groundhog’s Day with this topic. Every time Perez runs out of something to say, he digs up this piece of crap again. Once he sees his shadow, it’s six more weeks of bullshit.

    Mink, like you, I have an impeccable gaydar. I haven’t been wrong once. And, like you, I have not even had a tingle from Went. If the gaydar can’t be trusted, maybe we should just all stick to the fact that Wentworth Miller said himself that he’s NOT GAY! Move over, hon, because I obviously enjoy banging my head against that brick wall with you.

    Integrity is not a word anyone should be using when asking why Went doesn’t defend himself against Perez Hilton. I think self-respect is probably what keeps Went’s mouth shut. As for Luke making a comment, maybe he is wishing it were true! Whatever the reason, I doubt ANYONE is lying for him or on his behalf. I also doubt he would make the statement that he wasn’t gay around the same time he starts dating a dude. Went is not one to kiss and tell which is the reason for his silence. I think he is not responding because whomever he’s fucking doesn’t deserve their name published to clear his. That’s integrity!

  174. Anonymous

    Why is it so important to know whether someone is gay or straight if it’s not a person you go out with?
    This funny blog is becoming not so funny now…
    Please, all of you, let’s change the subject, please, please, please * begs on two knees*

  175. shortstuff

    i was trying to refrain from commenting on this topic because the ignorance of some ppl jus makes my blood boil… but i HAD to address this:

    anon 7:20
    if the rumor is true i don’t think it will last because Luke doesn’t look like he’s that good at Scrabble


  176. Anon

    To all those doubters about Wentworth’s integrity – of course it’s only human to have these feelings, but just be aware that Perez’s site is unfiltered and not subject to the traditional checks and balances of mainstream media. And remember that just because something is on the internet does not make it fact. PH is a notorious gossip site and he has a reputation for being inaccurate. He sayes what he wants for the sake of getting hits on his site. He’s not the news. Can we really trust what’s being said?

    And – I know a lot of people are feeling bad about making comments because they feel it adds fuel to the fire. The nature of blogging is that if a blogger says something that’s completely outrageous, then another blogger will take them to task on it. So, people, I think it’s our duty as Went fans to challenge statements about him that we know to be untrue.

  177. Mink

    Re. that link posted above by From China, can I just clarify that in spite of what “China View” is stating, this story has not been reported by!

    This is the second time I’ve seen this attribution (and I’m sure there are others), and it is extremely annoying, as TMZ is actually a vaguely reliable source of celebrity news, and the story might actually have some validity if this site had posted it. Which it did NOT!

    That this story is now being attributed by some websites to TMZ rather than PH really does demonstrate the shoddy reporting standards on the web and the total unreliability of large amounts of what is posted.

    (BTW, how freaking annoying is it that when one searches ‘Wentworth Miller’ on, one also gets a bunch of results for ‘Sienna Miller’. Grrrr!!!)

  178. Anon

    I noticed that too, Mink. TMZ is now starting to be quoted as a source when there is absolutely nothing about WM on it. This is a real lesson to all of us about how inaccurate the web can be. It’s quite scary really. The concern is that the story is now EVERYWHERE. Oh, poor Went. For whatever reason, Perez was really out to get him.

  179. Is it really a surprise that the web is a cest pool of inaccurate information and goons like PH bask in it? For as far-reaching and potentially damaging as rumors can be on the web, nothing can be more damaging than having them recognized on a panel that’s presented on national and/or international television.

    I don’t know if this has any ounce of truth to it because I’ve scoured all the reliable news sources and came up with nothing, but many gossip and entertainment sites are now posting this horrifying rumor: PH will be guest hosting on “The View” later this month.

    This “article” was posted on June 21st and here it is June 29th, so it would appear that “later this month” would have to be today because “The View” doesn’t air on the weekends. I’m hoping that this rumor is just another PH delusion because the last thing that Went needs is for this harpy to give the gay rumor air time if in fact he is not gay.

    Mink, preach it, woman! Why in the world does Sienna Miller have more coverage than Went on TMZ? Talk about injustice!

    And Doc and anon 7:20, I love you both for trying to bring funny back!

  180. media

    Regarding “The View” I think that it would be even worst IF he is gay because that sort of forced coming out and the accusation of being a liar are not nice at all for him!

  181. AJ

    FINALLY! I wake up this morning to some comments that make SENSE. Bless you all….

    I was “this close” to pulling all my eyelashes out yesterday, cuz I couldn’t take the idiocy. But today…today, I feel like making out…

  182. Anon

    Mama Bear, with respect I disagree with your comment that “nothing can be more damaging than having them (rumours) recognized on a panel that’s presented on national and/or international television.” (Not to say this isn’t a frightening prospect …. but would ABC go there? Let’s not panic yet. ) The View isn’t broadcast widely overseas. The internet on the other hand is GLOBAL! And unfortunately I think most of the damage has already been done. It’s alreay out there.

  183. media

    I read some of the articles in some gay sites… I can’t choose if is more embarassing or more exciting reading Wentworth’s name near some many penis on the screen… some sites are very axplicit!

    Don’t get offendedm, I’m just kidding!

  184. AJ

    MB said, “entertainment sites are now posting this horrifying rumor: PH will be guest hosting on “The View” later this month.

    *sigh* Yet another reason to hate “The View”…

    Oh, and Mama, I forgot to thank you for the Whopper yesterday. Although, I must say…. I don’t think that was mayo. I think it was some sort of dill spread… Not complaining, though. It had a lovely aftertaste! *cackling*

  185. no word or direct quotes from the Luke camp…I mean as his nam was linked to Went…has anyone read or seen any comments from Luke saying this gossip is false?

  186. ilurvemv

    AJ and MB, I’m pretty sure that despicable asswipe (Pisshead Hilton, I mean) is only appearing on The Shrews (TM someone at TWOP) to talk about all the lawsuits his site is being threatened by. In fact, I don’t know how many of you know this but PH has been threatened by numerous lawsuits, from copyright infringement charges to other things. Some of the posters at IMDB are actually making intelligent posts there and speculating that this is Pisshead’s attempt to generate hits/$ for his site in order to keep it alive in the wake of his legal problems. Which makes sense when you think about it. PH probably sent some of his sorry excuse of human being cronies to get out and make random posts about Went being spotted with men as a pre-cursor, and then while that story is still fresh, makes up this Luke MacFarlane crap. LM is someone who’s relatively unknown to the biz himself and no one with the time or power to fight this rumor, plus he was seen w/TR Knight a while back so people were already speculating he was gay and that would make the rumor more credible in the minds of the people who thought Went was gay from the get-go (and all because he’s polite, well-mannered and single instead of being the typical Hollywood jerk who sleeps around…wtf?). PH knows, as well as we all do, that Went isn’t going to respond to it either beyond the denial he made when he appeared on the Kimmel show. Think about how much traffic the lowlife must get every time he brings up Went’s name.

    What I’ve been hearing almost from the start is that PH met Went once, even said himself that he didn’t get any gay vibe from Went, then for some reason, he got pissed off at Went and has some kind of ridiculous grudge against him ever since. No idea what happened or what caused it. Ever since then, he’s been out to get him by “outing” him.

    *sigh* Whatever happens, all I hope is that 1) Went is okay and not taking any of this shit personally and being more amused by it the way Hayden Christensen is and 2) that his career takes no significant hits, if at all any, from this.

  187. Mélissa

    I am so very sorry when I think of poor Wentworth. It is terrible what people say, here (but not only here, everywhere on the planet, now!). His parents and sisters must suffering a lot. And if it is true that he loves this actor, they must be very sad too and it can finish them. People are cruel in America (I don’t insult your country, but sometimes the press do not respect privacy like here). I hope they forget him a bit and occupy themselves just with the life of Paris Hilton who loves publicity. Wentworth wants just his life and feelings for himself, not for the gossip. If We were famous, we would not like to have our sex life on the internet! (Except if you are exhibitionist, and Went is not!). A lot of damage in made to this charming , polite and beautiful man. It must stop. very quickly and I don’t know how…We love you Went!

  188. Mélissa

    ilurvemv, it’s very interesting what you say on PH meeting Wentworth one day in the past (where did you read this information?): it can be a revenge, all this shit on him and jealousy from a gay man who is not handsome and who cannot get beautiful Went into his bed. He is making him pay and try to finis his career.In France went could go to justice and WIN (even if his was gay) for revealing his private life…

  189. ilurvemv

    Melissa, I’m pretty sure that PH has indeed at least met WM. I’ve never been to his site so I don’t know – it’s what I’ve heard from other onliners who’ve supposedly been there.

    And I don’t think it’s necessarily “revenge” in the classic sense, or that PH feels slighted because Went rebuffed him. At this point, more than anything I think PH is merely searching for whatever ammunition that will help his site get more attention, money, whatever he needs to keep it going.

  190. Mélissa

    “PH is merely searching for whatever ammunition that will help his site get more attention, money, whatever he needs to keep it going.”
    The money is always easy to get in this world when you want to hurt successful and famous people who seem perfect like Went. PH doesn’t need to worry, he’ll have “friends” ready to open the pocket for money… The human nature is very nasty sometimes. If Went was like Paris Hilton, P.H. would be all nice (I saw his site and Paris is always nicely treated, her!)

  191. AJ

    ilurvemv said “What I’ve been hearing almost from the start is that PH met Went once, even said himself that he didn’t get any gay vibe from Went, then for some reason, he got pissed off at Went and has some kind of ridiculous grudge against him ever since. No idea what happened or what caused it. Ever since then, he’s been out to get him by “outing” him.”

    I’ve heard that before, as well ilmv… Who knows what it’s all about. And I highly doubt that Perez has the balls to go on The View and drop Wentworth’s name, since he’s got no physical proof of anything. So, I’m really not concerned about that nonsense…

    and Melissa, I wouldn’t worry too badly about the impact that all this drama is having on Wentworth and those around him. I’m sure it’s affecting us way more than it’s affecting him. I doubt he’s sitting in front of his computer overanalyzing this shit to death like we are…
    Maybe it’s just me, but Wentworth strikes me as the type of person who….how should I word this… “doesn’t give a flying fuck” about what’s being said about him. Having said that, I’d be willing to bet that he’s just going about his normal day to day…not ironing his clothes, takin’ multiple trips to the local Starbucks, reading about himself in magazines, showing up at movie premiers as “The King”….you know, the usual. 😉

  192. Elise

    Mélissa, je vois que tu es une compatriote, bravo pour ta défense de Went!
    I feel quite confident that Went will prevail, even if he chooses silence: people will get tired of the rumours in a while! A new “scandal” about somebody else will surface, with juicier details ( what about Britney having a sex change, or Paris becoming a nun?)Went will be left to doing what he enjoys doing e.i. ACTING !And for our greatest pleasure…

  193. Elise

    Thanks for your humour, AJ, it cheers us up!
    Carry on the good fun work, after all it’s what this blog is for, isn’t it, WFW?

  194. Elise

    A Churchie has posted this link on the forum if you haven’t seen it. A good, trustworthy opinion on Went! And SO REFRESHING!!!!!!

  195. *slightly worried that Went may be angry at me for “outing” him as “The King”…biting fingernails*

    AJ, you make so much sense it’s crazy. And speaking of crazy, I’ll take a side of creamy cumin dressing on my Whopper today.

    *descending to the depths of Hell in a straight jacket*

    But before I go…

    Elise, thanks for the link to Kizzle’s provocative and enlightening account of Went’s “Wonder Years.” Forshizzle, she’s going to get a TON of views and comments from your plug. 🙂

  196. AJ

    Elise, thank you soooo much for linking that blog. That was a wonderful read. And you’re so right…it’s refreshing to see such an honest and trustworthy opinion of Wentworth in these “drama-filled” days of endless “is he or isn’t he” debate. That was much needed and very much appreciated! 🙂

  197. genpop40

    First of all, I love this site!! And this is my first time posting. I hate it that it’s on a topic like this, but I have a couple of things to throw into the mix here.

    PH claims to have gotten his info from a “reliable source” and a “mole inside Prison Break” but he never reveals his sources. He obviously has zero respect or care for the possible ruination of a career when he prints these gay rumors, so why is he so careful not to reveal his sources. He pretends that it’s to protect his source, but when has he ever cared about protecting anyone but himself. If he actually had a reliable source, it would be better for his self-serving ass to name that source. And whatever is best for PH, is what PH does. He has no source, guys. He probably thinks Went is gay, and is going on that. Plus, isn’t it a funny coincidence that when he needs hits on his site to make money for his legal bills, and to convince his provider to keep him, he uses the tried and true “Went is gay” story. It worked last time, and he knows that Wents got a huge female and a huge gay following guaranteeing a ginormous debate and lots of hits…and hits translate into money. I really don’t think he’s gay. He’s just a pawn in PH’s little “career”.

    But on a side note, if Went does turn out to be gay…way to go, Luke is HOT! Does anyone else think it’s unfair that the gay community is stealing all the hot men and we’re left with Donald Trump and Larry Freaking King?!

  198. Ciara

    genpop40-yes,it is so unfair!

    WFW, pleaaaase write a new post, so we can all just forget about this. there are just waaay to many cmnts related to this topic!

  199. ohohoh he lives! Someone saw him today at Starbucks…yes the same Starbucks as usual!! Thanks to Valgal from–beyond-hosts-a-swank+lowe-reunion-273788.php

  200. lj

    ilurvemv, I agree with absolutely everything you say. But, did Went ever say anything about his sexuality on the Kimmel show? If he did I must have missed it. I can’t even imagine how the topic came up in the Australian interview. How insensitive (although I’m glad he had the chance to refute the rumours).

    And poor WM again. He can’t even say a few words to the Starbucks person without it being overhead and reported on the web! He must be feeling hounded. No wonder he hates all this stuff. Hey defamer snitch…have a bit of respect and let Went go to his usual Starbucks in peace.

  201. Elise

    IN SHORTS!!! He was seen in SHORTS at Starbucks!! What are the paparazzis doing, for God’s sake?? The only pics we have of his legs are dark and blurry ones from PB….
    Lazy sods, missing such a scrumptious vision!!!!

  202. ilurvemv

    lj, you can rewatch the Kimmel interview here:

    I can’t remember everything that he said, but I’m pretty sure his denial of the gay rumor is in it.

    I find it a little strange that he keeps frequenting the same Starbucks location even though he’s seen the paps follow him there, and he likely knows that internet reports of him going there pop up every time he goes there. Then again, he has said that no matter where he goes nowadays, he always runs into fans, so he probably figures it’s just as well.

  203. lj

    Nope, just listened to the Kimmel interview in the interest of research, but there’s nothing there about the rumor, ilurvemv. Unless you mean that bit about there not being enough in the budget for a giant tongue to put on the fake tatoo. 🙂

    And why shouldn’t he go to his local Starbucks? It’s obviously the closest to where he lives. It would be a shame if he has to change his routine just to avoid the paps and ‘fans’ who want to report to the gossip sites a conversation they eavesdropped on. I bet he’ll be looking at everyone with suspician now and becoming even more reclusive. Is no place sacred?

  204. shortstuff

    wfw, for the love of god, PLEASE post something new (went in shorts at starbuck perhaps??) so ppl can stop commenting on this godforsaken topic!! i dont know how much more of this i can take…

    hmm, jus thinking of those bare legs makes me salivate… dammit why didnt that girl take a pic!! thanks to a little invention called the cameraphone, she could have made all my dreams come true…. *sigh*

  205. ilurvemv

    Huh. Weird. I could’ve *sworn* that Kimmel asked him about it point blank in this interview and he denied it. Maybe that’s an edited interview? I don’t know, lj.

    I didn’t mean he shouldn’t go to his local Starbucks. I’m just surprised that he hasn’t been put off it given the recent pap encounter there. I’m glad he’s not letting any of the insanity keep him from living his life.

  206. Mink

    ilurvemv, Went didn’t mention anything about ‘gay’ rumours on Kimmel. Not in any version of the interview. I have no idea what you’re thinking of.

    The only time he’s ever mentioned it is in that Australian interview WFW linked. One time and one time only, clear and concise denial.

    And exactly lj, why on earth should he change his Starbucks, or any part of his routine, because of other people’s agenda? I would have always thought he would be strong enough not to do something like that, and I’m glad to see I was right.

  207. evelyn

    209 REPLIES to this post ????????
    Are we serious??? Jesus!!!

    How can he possibly prove that he is not gay??? It’s just his word against people who obviously hate him for some reason, or envy his good looks, or are jealous of his success, or I don’t know WHAT THE FUCK is their problem!!!
    Will it be enough if a reporter asks him again if he’s gay and his answer will still be “No”???…

    Note to Wentworth:
    Went darling, next time you decide to go for some coffee and comes to your attention that the paps are right behind you, grab the first chick you find in your way and fuck the shit out of her, right there in the middle of the street, in front of the cams!!! Maybe that will do!!!

    Wouldn’t that be a sight for sore eyes…???

    (Lucky bitch, whoever she will be…)

  208. skin&lips

    Have you ever seen this? Go to “R.I.P Joan of Arcadia”

    I know it’s OT so feel free to remove it. I have never seen it before but maybe it’s old for you

  209. ilurvemv

    Aaaaand, it’s official folks! I am now imagining interviews that never occurred and have lost my mind.

    Somebody please check me into Shady Pines. 😉

    (Really though I could’ve sworn that he denied it in some tv interview he did and it was this one…)

  210. Too Fast for Love

    In response to Evelyn “How can we prove that he is not gay”, you might be on to something there… he could “accidentally” release a Tommy Lee/ Pamela Anderson style tape! Not only would it disprove Perez once and for all, it would give us hours and hours (and hours) of viewing pleasure! Yay! Come on Went, get your camcorder out!

  211. amos

    I think he is gay. I like him. But the way he talks, his gestures…nothing wrong on being gay from my point of view but there is a risk for his career, loss of fans…so as he said before…he is sitting on the mountain of secrets…I hope he will be strong when his time will come I wish him a luck! I love him anyway!

  212. Anon

    WFW this isn’t about WM at all. It’s about PH who is responsible for this whole discussion. Please take this off if it’s not ok.

    To all those who have doubts about who to believe – Went or Perez. Have you seen this? It’s a charming trail of emails between PH and Jose Martinez, a publicist at Harrison & Shriftman, which handles various events including one to which Perez was apparently not invited. Don’t go there if you hate PH because this will make you hate him even more.

  213. Elise

    Are you DEAD, WFW? Did boredom kill you?
    If not, please get us out of this “gay-not-gay “quagmire….
    Your wit is badly needed !

  214. Realist

    “I notice Wentworth Miller of Prison Break (….)The actor cum barista says to him “you ready?” which I assume is a reference to production starting up again and he replies “I don’t have a choice”(

    Interesting, isn’t it?
    Wenty (who luuuuves acting) is suddenly torn apart, he doesn’t “have a choice”!
    Poor thing has to go to Dallas and leave Luke behind….

  215. shortstuff

    ok 2 things (because i jus cant seem to stay away for long…)

    Went darling, next time you decide to go for some coffee and comes to your attention that the paps are right behind you, grab the first chick you find in your way and fuck the shit out of her, right there in the middle of the street, in front of the cams!!!

    *runs to starbucks so i can be that girl!*

    Interesting, isn’t it? Wenty (who luuuuves acting) is suddenly torn apart, he doesn’t “have a choice”!

    that whole “you ready?” thing was total speculation on that persons part… they could have been talking about anything! “you ready to have your wisdom teeth pulled?” “you ready for your peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” “you ready for me to fuck you senseless?”

    jus saying.

    that is all. thank you.


  216. ws

    I tired of reading all this complete BS about Wentworth. I could go on and on about the reasons why I know why Went is not gay and the evidence to prove it (ie the boy said it with is own mouth and no not the one he said on record) but for now to Realist…..Shut the FUCK up…that real enough for you. If not I’d be glad to go into specifics.

  217. SAVMED

    1. WFW thank you so much for this hilarious post.
    2. Paris and Perez thank you for making me laugh AT you.
    3. The ultimate truth: Wentworth Earl Miller III is in fact…. oh I’ll keep that to myself.

    p.s. my computer is dead. WFW and the rest of you guys, i miss you so much!

  218. Anonymous


  219. Elise

    What are you L.A. girls doing? Or rather NOT doing?
    If I lived in you city, I would set residence in front of the Starbucks in question (trying to pass for a lost tourist or a prostitute plying her trade)UNTIL he comes for his daily shot of frappuccino, and I would take THE PHOTO!
    I would show YOU what a sister in common
    adoration of OLP can do for others….But you are SO selfish!

  220. Dannie

    Please Please find something, anything ,make something up, this isn’t fun anymore. Mama bear, AJ you guys are so on the money.WENT IS NOT GAY, WFW IS AWOL, somethings missing in my life, WFW it’s definately you! Where is that brillant mind and humour?

  221. cat'smeow

    At the moment, I choose to believe Went when he first denied being gay months ago. If and when this changes and I find out he lied, him being gay would not upset me as much as him lying. Went was marketed as a straight man and that is what attracted millions of women to him. I think it’s fair to say, if we had known from the start that Went were gay, we wouldn’t have been attracted to him in the first place. No matter how good looking a guy is, if they are gay they just don’t do it for me. It’s sad to say, but it’s true. I am a straight woman and I love straight men. That’s all there is to it.

    Went was marketed as a straight, single, extremely good looking, intelligent, well mannered, articulate young man. This is what women want. Not a lying gay man. It would hurt us that he LIED, not so much that he were gay.

    I totally understand that he may have lied so his career would not suffer. To me that is selfish and that is not the man who Went is. I hope I am right.

  222. AJ

    cat’smeow said, “Went was marketed as a straight man and that is what attracted millions of women to him. I think it’s fair to say, if we had known from the start that Went were gay, we wouldn’t have been attracted to him in the first place….
    It would hurt us that he LIED, not so much that he were gay.

    Uh….speak for yourself, sweetpea! I, for one, have absolutely no problem fantasizing about a gay man. Now, I realize it’s not for everyone, which is why I’m only including myself in that statement. However, I know for a fact that I’m not alone here. So be careful how you word your comments…. cuz “we” (meaning all straight female fans of his) would not have been disappointed. “You” and a handful of others would have. Not that it matters, cuz he’s not gay… or whatever…

    and as for this, “I totally understand that he may have lied so his career would not suffer. To me that is selfish and that is not the man who Went is. I hope I am right.

    It’s too bad you feel that way. Personally, I’d rather him be lying (for my own personal selfish reasons) so that I can not only continue to see him weekly on PB, but also to see him have a long successful film career after the show. What’s sad is that many gay men in Hollywood cannot have an A-list type of successful career. To borrow a phrase from Went, “That’s the nature of the beast.” We, as fans, bitch and moan all the time that we don’t see Wentworth do enough projects. All we see him in is PB. So, you need to ask yourself…”Would you like to see him in other things or not?” If the answer is yes, then you need to accept that there’s a possibility that a lie may have been told for the sake of longevity in the biz. It’s very common, and it’s really not a big deal. That’s Hollywood for ya’….so to those of you who are pissed about the alleged lying, do yourselves a favor, BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT! By the way, none of what I just said really matters anyway, cuz he said he’s not gay, and I choose to believe him. And if it’s proven otherwise, then I will STILL choose to believe IN him. Cuz that’s the type of fan I am…

    Seriously….the horse is dead, y’all…. and so are the cows and chickens. We’re runnin’ out of animals here. Let’s all just put the stick down, and back away. Please.

  223. AJ

    ….and WFW, take your time. I realize how difficult it must be to find the funny in all of this.

  224. Elise

    Hello, A.J. !
    You say:”H I, for one, have absolutely no problem fantasizing about a gay man.”
    It ‘s surprising for me, A.J. , could you explain, please (my question is serious!)? When I fantasize about a man, to make it work for me ,I must imagine that he is accessible and that he would want to have sex with me! Even if he is famous… (Otherwise , what is the point in fantasizing about this person?
    If this man can’t be attracted to me in the least ( because he is gay for example,) I wipe him out of my sexual world….

  225. genpop40

    Unofficial topic change….

    Do you realize that Went is probably on a plane right now, ’cause season 3 filming starts back tomorrow. I am SO EXCITED!!!!

  226. AJ

    Elise, the entire point of a “fantasy world” is to create a vision in your head that would most likely never happen in real life (especially when a celebrity is involved). You can fantasize about whatever you want. If you want to envision Wentworth with YOU in your fantasy, then envision him as a heterosexual male. It’s really not that difficult for me. A man’s sexual preference has NEVER had any impact on my ability to fantasize about him. It’s fantasy. It’s not real. It can be whatever you want it to be. On top of that, I’m not one to turn my nose up at the possiblity of slashy fantasies either. Haha. Obviously for those, I wouldn’t even be in the picture. And in the case of gay men, I’d go the slash route, anyhow… I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I rather enjoy it. 😉

    and on a sidenote… *doing cartwheels with genpop40* YAY!

  227. Gbaby

    For the haters/ jealous bitches (male and females) Went will always be gay no matter what he does. I think that is why he is not responding at all. He knows what he is, where is he coming from en where he is going.
    Smart and mature people recognize the trash blogger for what he is, a trash blogger. No talent, no wit, just leeching of other people fame and work.
    The real fans do not care about the preference of Went and if you do care, you are not really a fan.

    Can we move on? This subject is boring.

  228. Linds

    I choose to believe that there is balance in the world.

    Going on that assumption : since we have not seen hyde nor hair of Wentworth in a few weeks, thus giving our poor heroine WFW nothing to new to blog about, it only follows reason that come next week there will be an onslaught of new photos, interviews, and fan encounters with Went (since they begin filming season three this week). I am soooo excited!! Does anyone know where PB is filming?

    And WFW, give us a shout and let us know you’re alive, K? I’m starting to worry….

  229. Anonymous

    Linds wrote: Does anyone know where PB is filming?

    Nick Santora has said filming will continue in Dallas, TX.

    From Arcfire @ TWoP:
    The latest schedule shows 3AKJ01 shooting on July 5th, 3AKJ02 shooting on July 16th and 3AKJ03 shooting on July 25th. (They are working on a couple of Saturdays which is unusual.)

  230. cat'smeow

    Thanks Elise! At least one person agrees with me. I cannot fantasize about a guy knowing he wouldn’t get turned on by a woman. Gay men don’t do it for me, but I guess the majority is o.k. with that. I, and a few others, are the exception. Like I said, I don’t care what they look like, I am not attracted to gay men knowing women repulse them in bed. If you can do that, A.J., good for you and have fun. I’d rather have a straight man any day and know he’s really into me, and not really into another man’s hairy body instead!

  231. Lizzy

    Changing the subject!

    I was out at the Grove mall yesterday and a woman had a French PB shirt on and I commented that I love the show and her shirt and she said thanks, I do too! Of course I had to ask her where she got it from and she said she worked at Fox.
    I immediately freaked and started to ask about Went and she started laughing and said everyone always does.
    Basically she said he is :
    and a all around good guy. Totally down to earth and friendly.
    She said season 3 would be dark and wonderful, new cast members and they would be starting on the 5th, due to the rains in Texas. She was with a young girl who seemed bored so I was rushing the conversation along
    She was nice though, listening to me gush about Went. I never got her name directly or what she did though the young girl with her called her Aunty P. Later I ran into her inside the Gap and yes struck up more chat I asked her how could she work around such hot guys and she said working with Went was like having a hot family member! She works with international launches (ok makes sense, a french PB shirt!).
    I had to ask does she go to dallas often and she said yes as much as required. The show is an international hit, so it keeps her busy.
    So I had my PB run in, not with Went, but a nice woman who I almost begged for this shirt which has a hot picture of Went and Dominic on it, and France’s Most Wanted on the bottom.
    OK so I had to ask her was she aware of this site and she said yes she was and found it hilarious and she laughed!
    So WFW, people at FOX know of you and think you are hilarious!
    By this time, her very excited teen ran over with something she wanted to buy and I was embarassed by her rolling her eyes at me so I slunk away lol.

  232. ilurvemv

    *starting to understand why Went made the comment that he doesn’t owe fans any part of his private life*

    I got way beyond sounding like a broken record ages ago, but I don’t care:

    1. His sexuality does not affect whether I’m still a fan of PB
    2. Neither does it affect whether or not I’m a fan of his or watch him in anything else
    3. Neither does it affect anything else as far as I’m concerned
    4. Neither does it become anyone else’s business but his own and his family’s and friends’
    5. Neither does it matter to me when it comes to fantasizing because none of us have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting together w/him anyway; even if he were gay, it would make him no less unattainable than he is if he is straight
    6. WFW is probably away because she has better things to do than keep commenting on this idiocy
    7. How would you feel, whether you’re a celebrity or not, if all people cared about was not the quality of your work, but the status of your sexuality, and there were rumors running about it everywhere so rampantly that it was affecting not only your ability to live your life, but also affecting people close to you?
    8. I hope a house falls on Pisshead Hilton. And soon.

    I’ll add to that overreiterated list one last thing: just because we don’t see him dating or in a relationship doesn’t mean that’s he’s not in one. I continue to believe that he is in fact secretly dating someone, but would rather not let anyone know who she is (yes, she, because, he has DENIED BEING GAY and I believe him). I get the feeling that one of the reasons he isn’t commenting on this, aside from being beyond caring what anyone thinks of his private life, is because if he did refute the rumors by saying he is dating/in a relationship with a woman, everyone would suddenly want to know who she is and then it would be Amiegate all over again. He’d probably rather people falsely believe that he is gay than reveal who he is really dating/in love with/engaged to/married to, etc. For that matter, we never hear about Amaury’s girlfriends either. Does that mean he doesn’t date? No. Do any stupid rumors follow him around? No. Plenty of celebs refuse to comment on their personal lives (John Cusack, Beyonce) but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have them.

    Re: his comment to the Starbucks employee – I took that to mean that whether he likes it or not, his vacation is over, back to 16-hour grueling days of filming and that it was not a comment on his private life.

    So in conclusion, I’ll just say this: LET THIS MADNESS END ALREADY AND MOVE ONTO SOMETHING ELSE!

  233. tj_smartz

    AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Am hung over, tired and feeling fluey – haven’t been online all weekend. Hoped for some shits and giggles from the wonderfully talented and funny WFW and still this is here!! Nothing new!! And like an idiot I had to read the new posts. I MISS WFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *lamenting loss of WFW*

  234. tj_smartz

    All AJ’s talk of Went slash has got me all hot and bothered – will take myself off to the realm of fantasy for a little while – hopefully that will make me feel better till WFW posts again. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Went slash!!!

  235. amos

    Went is human being…that must be enough! Let`s stop all this!!!

  236. beverley

    If went is gay and hes denying it he must be ashamed of himself and his beau .Gay men dont do it for me God made adam and eve not adam and steve its not natural find a women went pls.

  237. cherish

    All this talk about went being gay will stop when its proven or he gets a woman.

  238. Laura

    A poem:
    Perez Hilton
    Should be sent to
    for saying that
    Wentworth Miller
    is gay.
    We all know he has
    looks that are
    so killer,
    but, Went said “No”

    I’m getting tired of this subject as well!

  239. SAROCK

    Oooh just SHUT! THE! FUCK! UP! All of you haters and those of you who have a problem with him IF he’s gay. I suggest that get off this blog and go log on to Perez Hilton because it’s clear that you don’t belong here. I’ve a 6 year old brother who have mo

  240. jailbird

    Doc…your earlier comments about pussy had me laughing so hard I was crying….still really funny 🙂

  241. Too Fast For Love

    Ilurvemv I agree entirely with your post. Can’t really add anything except… No 8… I feel the poor house would come off worse in that encounter

  242. genpop40

    I guess this is the real fan shakedown. Good fucking ridance to anyone who was only here ’cause he was cute and a good fantasy. More elbow room for me.

  243. AJ

    cat’smeow said, “Like I said, I don’t care what they look like, I am not attracted to gay men knowing women repulse them in bed. If you can do that, A.J., good for you and have fun. I’d rather have a straight man any day and know he’s really into me, and not really into another man’s hairy body instead!

    YAY! A tangent (the levels of social acceptability of slashy fantasies in regards to people we’ll never meet). Hooray!

    Seriously, sweetie…gay or straight, Wentworth Miller’s not into you, or me for that matter. If you were talking about a man you actually knew in real life, I guess I’d have an easier time seeing your point. But, uh….you don’t know him. None of us do. All we know about Wentworth is what he chooses to reveal to us. The rest is left up to the imagination, which is why I said earlier… you can make him whatever you want him to be in your own mind. Gay, straight, whatever. It doesn’t matter, cuz you don’t know the real him anyway, and ya probably never will (I know, it saddens me too).

    No, I’m not gay,” he said.

    “I know these rumours are out there … I’m cool with the fact that they exist, I mean this is about fantasy.

    “Certain people are going to have certain fantasies, if someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man or one of each that’s cool with me as long as you keep watching the show.”

  244. AJ

    ^See, he’s already given us permission to fantasize about him however we please. 😉

    (sorry, clicked submit before I was done)

  245. Elise

    A.J.:”Seriously, sweetie…gay or straight, Wentworth Miller’s not into you, or me for that matter”…
    Maybe, A.J., as far as W.Miller is concerned (being discreet and well brought up as he is). But, depending on where you live, some stars are accessible, believe me! I worked in St Tropez for a while just after my baccalauréat (high school exams) and there are more stars in St Trop’ than sheep on a New Zealand farm! I worked in a chic restaurant and I got “seriously” chatted up by one or two known people (one French singer -too old for me- and one comedian, quite dishy). I certainly wasn’t going to say yes (I have my own self-respect!) but I was sincerely flattered and I admit I boasted a bit about those proposals with my friends afterwards…
    All this to say that no man is inaccessible, if you are not too ugly and you are in the right place at the right time. That’s why my fantasies, like Cat’Smeow’s, must be within the realm of possible!
    Congratulations to you A.J., I you can fantasize on anybody, anytime… It’s a gift, such imagination ,and I wish I could do the same, because you must never get bored in life!

  246. shortstuff

    genpop40, i think i love you.

  247. Anonymous

    When, or if, WM wants to come out, he will do it after season 3 of Prison Break has aired on tv. You wont see his face on the cover of OUT-magazine, but he will adress the issue for sure. I´m sure he then hopes for understanding and support from his fans.


    I have been on the perez hilton website and told him to prove hes gay or shut up im not a perez fan and im not stupid enough to think il ever meet wentworth either.

  249. liyah

    Just thought you guys would want to know, a gay man gave me my first orgasm… and many more to follow before he admitted to being gay. Would I take it back? Hell no! Wonder where he is now… Went isn’t gay and who cares because we all love him anyway.

  250. Katjus

    Jesus. Come on people…!

  251. genpop40

    lol…I love you too, shortstuff!!!!

    WFW, come back to us….snaps fingers like Sarah at Went when he said “lust”….

  252. Elise

    WFW followed my advice and set camp in front of the Starbucks in Larchmont ! Went saw her offering pussy…He was knocked off his arse and they’re busy now breaking the springs of Went’s bed in his apartment.
    At least , this is one of the possible explanations of WFW’s disappearance… and the only pleasant one!

  253. cat'smeow

    When you look on the scumbag, loser, asswipe PH’s site, you’ll see that he calls other “straight” actors gay also. Jesse Metcalf and Ryan Seacrest are a couple I remember off the top of my head. I don’t know why we’re wasting our breath on this whole thing. That lowlife wants Went soooo bad and wishes that he were gay so he can get with him. That’s why he keeps trying to out him. Believe me you fat fuck, even if Went were gay, he would not touch you with a 10 foot pole. You are not in Went’s league. He has class and you are a two bit loser who makes money off of ruining people’s lives, reputations, and careers. Get a real job you no talent asshole.

    Sorry everyone for the foul language, but that dickhead brings it out in me!

  254. I’ll be the first to admit that the gay debate is really tiresome, but after reading through all the comments here and on other sites and boards, I find the differing reactions to this recent rumbling to be very enlightening. in my observations, I’m sadly reminded of how catty and ridiculously territorial women (and men) can be when they’re fixated on a man, but on a more positive note, I’m definitely realizing how eclectic and participatory Wentworth Miller’s fan base really is.

    Some fans are comprised of a contingent of well-meaning, highly integrated intellectuals, while others hail from a pit of malice where they foolishly believe that hating on Went is on par with supporting him. Even more fans congregate in a lusty, hot- blooded chat box to discuss their many sexual Went fantasies, while others cling to the hope and belief that Went is straight so that their heterosexual fantasies can continue. And I must not forget the MiSas and the WeSas of the world, who are surely gouging their eyes out and slicing themselves up with butter knives over the final realization that Went IS.NOT.IN.LOVE. with SWC or vice versa.

    No matter where they come from or what they believe, it’s clear that Went’s fans will never let the final curtain draw on his career just because some ill-intentioned puppet master wants to orchestrate that outcome. Knowing this makes me happy, and I’m sure, in some strange, yet comforting way, it probably does the same for Went too. Well, here’s to hoping anyway…

  255. Anonymous

    YES, but WHERE IS WFW???????????????????

  256. cat'smeow

    Well put Mama Bear! There is a really large range of Went fans out there. We are all crazy bitches, female and male, when it comes to our boy. Let’s all calm down now and just enjoy Went for his acting. They start filming Prison Break today, I believe in Dallas, so maybe we’ll be seeing some promos on the telly soon.

    We all love Went for various reasons, so let’s all try to enjoy this breathtakingly beautiful man and please lighten up! Went is a laid back kind of guy, so why are we getting out panties in a bunch, when he’s obviously not worried about the whole PH thing anyway. If he’s ignoring it, let’s try to do the same. Don’t give PH the satisfaction. I had never even heard of him before reading this site, so don’t give him any more publicity.

  257. cat'smeow

    And another thing, for God’s sake, don’t go on PH’s site anymore. Let’s all band together and ban PH’s site from now on. Can we do that ladies?!!!!

  258. I miss Went’s face………….waaaa waaa. 😦

  259. Fear not, faithful readers, WFW is doing historical research on the strange phenomenon of afros in Victoria era society:

  260. evelyn


    You crack me up, girl!!!

  261. lj

    I think Went fans are confused and concerned right now Mama Bear (and by the way the ones who are hating on Went are NOT fans.) He’s already said he’s not gay but we have this unscrupulous gossip blogger PH spreading a different story with not one shred of evidence. Now even credible media outlets, in China and Scandinavia according to some fan sites, are repeating the PH rumour and incorrectly quoting TMZ as the source as though it’s fact. There’s something on my google alerts almost every day. It doesn’t matter what we say on this blog – the rumour mill is gaining momentum regardless. And even some of Went’s fans are doubting him. I’m sure this is just what PH intended – to attract people to his site irrespective of who he harmed along the way. And the big fear for me is that Went’s career is going to be affected by this.

    If the rumour persists and gains speed so that the public think of him as gay (even when he said he’s not) – then all of Went’s hard work to establish himself in the movie/tv business and his chances of being cast as a leading man are damaged. At first I thought he should say something then I thought that he should say nothing and now I’m back to thinking he needs to say something before it becomes accepted as fact. Ohh – I don’t know what he should do, I’m confused.

  262. lj

    Oh. I spent so long writing my post that a whole bunch of messages has popped up telling us to lighten up. Oops……. I’m always a bit behind.

    But seriously Cat’s, the whole point is that most people haven’t heard of PH and now the story is being picked up by the news media and is everywhere. Sure we question everything PH says but the average person will just accept the story which has been reproduced word for word in other media as ‘truth’.

  263. AJ

    cat’smeow said, “Well put Mama Bear! There is a really large range of Went fans out there. We are all crazy bitches, female and male, when it comes to our boy. Let’s all calm down now and just enjoy Went for his acting. They start filming Prison Break today, I believe in Dallas, so maybe we’ll be seeing some promos on the telly soon.”

    Here, here!

    and Mama Bear said, “Fear not, faithful readers, WFW is doing historical research on the strange phenomenon of afros in Victoria era society:

    AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s effing awesome!

  264. WFW

    I have been sort of absent as of late, mostly b/c the debate is still going (it got old quick) and also b/c I haven’t been online as much, real life and all. I know that this too shall pass so I’m just waiting it out, like Went probably is.

    I don’t really know what else to say on the subject. The regulars and perhaps even some of the new people know how I feel. I believe sexuality is fluid and people usually fall in the spectrum rather than at one end or the other but I digress. It upsets me that some people’s opinion of him would change if he were gay. It doesn’t even have to be true to hurt me. I just don’t know what to say to that. It makes me want to cry.

    Whatever he is, I can imagine him with me, another woman, another man, EVERYONE AT ONCE! It doesn’t matter, shouldn’t matter. My fantasies have absolutely NOTHING to do with reality and shit, have you SEEN some gay men? The last time I went to a gay bar, I asked for pity hugs from these two FINE ASS men I saw b/c I would never ever get any…GOD they were hot. What he does with his dick means nothing to any of us b/c it will never be in any of us, except in our dreams. I think everyone should act accordingly.

    He said he wasn’t gay, he didn’t have to say anything at all but he did so really, the “is he or isn’t he” is a moot point. Could he be lying? Sure. If he did, so what? Nothing he does in his private life changes anything about the show, his future work, what draws us to him, or, at least, my love for him and for those of you who it would affect…You need more to do.

    Lizzy, that was a lovely story. Thank you for sharing it!

  265. Dani

    If this conversation were true than I’d be meeowing all the way to the kitty-bank……….
    pussy-a-plenty over here..

  266. AJ

    Lizzy AWESOME story, yo! It’s always good to hear stories like that from fellow Went fans. 😉

  267. Lizzy, how does it feel knowing that you’re going to make a ton of fans squeeeeeeeee upon reading about your account (myself included)? THANK YOU so much for sharing!

  268. cat'smeow

    Hey lj, how’s my pal from Oz?!!!! Could you believe we’re still talking about this gay shit. What’s it been, a week now? This shit has got to stop. We need a new pic of Went and then we can drool over him again, and forget the stupid rumors. I agree what you said, that most people will believe the story and that’s the sad truth of it. I hope this all goes away real soon. Went is a good guy and doesn’t deserve this. I want my Wentypoo!!!

  269. AJ

    WFW said, “Whatever he is, I can imagine him with me, another woman, another man, EVERYONE AT ONCE! It doesn’t matter, shouldn’t matter. My fantasies have absolutely NOTHING to do with reality and shit, have you SEEN some gay men?”

    I absolutely agree with this. For those of you who stated that your fantasies need to be within the realm of possiblity, that makse zero sense to me. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying it makes no sense to me.


    1. Imagination unrestricted by reality
    2. Fiction with a large amount of imagination in it.
    3. An imaginary (especially not realistic) scene, story
    4. Imagery that is more or less coherent, as in dreams and daydreams, yet unrestricted by reality

    I don’t know what some of you are doing, but it doesn’t sound like “fantasizing” to me. Just sayin’

  270. Thomas Pirovano

    Its okay and cool!

  271. Mink

    Lizzy, could you just post a physical description of the woman you ran into at the mall (indeed, great story BTW)? We think we might know who she is, but if you can tell us what she looked like, that would confirm it for us one way or the other. Thanks!

  272. cat'smeow

    THIS MADNESS HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!! DAMN YOU JACK, You started this first and then that asswipe, PH. Notice it’s always the men who interfere while we woman are admiring our man, Went, who is breathtakingly beautiful. These men cannot handle the competition. Face it men, Went has it all. Behave like him and maybe you’ll get somewhere.

  273. WFW

    OK let’s not go man bashing. I have male readers too and a couple shit stirrers do not an entire sex make.

  274. genpop40

    Who is Jack? I thought PH started all this the first time too?

  275. WFW

    PH started it, yes. Jack started the conversation again mere days before PH posted about Went again. Coincidence?

  276. cat'smeow

    No man bashing here, I love men. I just can’t stand Jack, PH and the others who put down Went because he’s a nice guy who is intelligent, soft-spoken, well mannered, gentlemanly, handsome and kind. They mistake this for being gay and that’s not right. Not all men are rough, tough, macho men. I would prefer a nerd like Went any day than a bad boy. I’ve had those and it got me nowhere real fast!!!!

  277. cat'smeow

    Hey genpop40! We were all sitting here peacefully admiring our Wenty when WFW posted the pics of him quietly strolling from Starbucks the other day. Everything was pleasant, and everyone was thrilled to see that Wenty was indeed alive and well! When all of a sudden, this guy “Jack” appears here bashing our Wenty and bringing up the gay thing yet again. Soon we realized that he was stirring us up for PH’s news. So Jack ruined our beautiful day and then PH dropped the bomb! Damn them both!!!

  278. genpop40

    Thanks for filling me in. PH is just the socially inept, acne-ridden kid in school who feels the need to lash out at the popular kids out of his own self-hatred…and Jack is his little sidekick. Imagine how inadequate Jack-off must feel in order to allow himself to become PH’s bitch….its sad really.

  279. anonymous

    But what if it turns out that Jack and Perez were right?

  280. genpop40

    Jack, is that you? Its not so much what they say as the obvious malice that’s behind it that makes us hate them.

  281. Anonymous

    I’m actually starting to believe that WM is gay. PH would have been sued already(by FOX at least, since WM is one of their moneymakers at the moment) if the story was a total lie. I think the gossip is based on a fact, so there’s nothing the two(Luke and Went) can do except to wait for things to calm down. It’s going to be a long wait for fangirls to hear the thruth from Went. He should give his fans something on this subject. Right now.

  282. *squees!*

    Lizzy, you’re my newest BFF!!! Thank you so much for sharing that story! Thank you! Thank you!

    See people? Dreams do come true!

    *grabs a bottle of sleeping tablets and a hot photo of Went, … thinks for a second and grabs a couple more*

    Excuse me for a few hours, m’kay?

  283. Mink

    FFS! Another Anonymous (4.15) shit stirrer! PH has spread rumours, many of them undoubtedly false, about many, many people. Just because they haven’t all sued, does that make all that crap true?

    To sue for defamation, you have to prove loss of revenue or damages, and that is notoriously difficult to prove. I mean, in this case, any suit would basically be saying that to be accused of being ‘gay’ is defamatory and would lead to loss of earnings, which is not only difficult to prove (even though we all know it’s true in the ‘real world’), but also has a whiff of homophobia.

    One doesn’t sue just because something is a lie, which is what you are implying.

    Also, if you knew anything at all about WM, you would know that to sue in a situation like this would be the last resort as far as he would be concerned. And Fox are hardly going to go to this trouble and expense while “Prison Break” is a huge hit around the world, and they have no reason to do so. I suspect they would drop WM before they would sue on his behalf.

    I’m sorry, but I’m sick of this. Please take your doubts, innuendo, lack of Wentworth knowledge and your ‘advice’ for WM and shove them where the sun don’t shine. Thanks!

  284. *sniffing around and wincing*

    I smell lurking harpies and psychotic cooters.

    *going back to hibernate and cover myself over with leaves*

  285. Anonymous

    How many of us “know” Wentworth? Aren’t we just debating over a celebrity?

  286. Anonymous

    This is like a comedy. In the words of Joan Cusack: “IS EVERYBODY GAY!!” Who cares.

  287. cat'smeow

    Went probably wouldn’t sue anyway, he can’t be bothered. Somewhere in Europe they put his face on a billboard advertising for prostate cancer. He heard about it, but said he couldn’t be bothered to take the time to sue. So I can’t see him taking the time for this incident either. He chooses to just ignore it, so I suggest we do the same.

  288. cat'smeow

    Today, July 2nd they started filming Prison Break in Dallas!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!! Now maybe we’ll see some promos, pics, videos, anything with Went will do!!!!

  289. anonymous

    If the man didn’t care that the students of Princeton thought he was a racist do you really thinks he cares that people think he is gay?

  290. MrsWM

    Who cares?
    I’m with you cat’smeow… only have a couple more months to go and then….*swoon*…PB 3 will be on air and we will have hours and hours with OLP….*DRIBBLES – wipes chin and falls to floor with overwhelming joy*

  291. AJ

    Ah, Mink, always the voice of reason. I lurve you…

    *sniffing around with MB*
    Y’all smell that?…what…what is that??? Wait! I know what it is….I’d recognize that smell anywhere! Tis’ BULL.SHIT. And it’s coming from anon 2.26’s and anon 4.15’s direction. They must be butt-buddies or something. Ugh, back to the bridge with you two!

    *passes out from the stench*

  292. Elise

    ” When all of a sudden, this guy “Jack” appears here bashing our Wenty and bringing up the gay thing yet again. Soon we realized that he was stirring us up for PH’s news. So Jack ruined our beautiful day and then PH dropped the bomb! Damn them both!!!”(CAT’SMEOW).
    I agree with you, I think also that it may not be a coincidence! Is “Jack”, actually PH? Or one of his direct friends? I read his posts again: he says he lives in California, works in the film industry…He admits he knew that PH was about to release his crap…
    The only thing in Jack’s favour is that he speaks nicely about Went and says that everybody likes him. So WHY speak about Went’s sexual orientation (after years of silence)? He seems to say that he wanted to defuse PH’s bomb ? In what way is it possible by saying that Went is gay ,too?
    There are more mysteries in heaven and earth……

    I’m glad you’re back, dear WFW! Come on, tell us the truth, you were with Went all this time, ironing his shirts for him and packing his case for Dallas!

  293. cat'smeow

    Thanks alot, Elise. And I agree with you and genpop40 that “Jack” is PH’s bitch! Jack claims he’s a straight man. Yeah right, not if you’re PH’s bitch, you aint!!!

    I must admit, Jack did speak nicely about Went regardless of the gay accusations. So I don’t think he is PH. The loser, PH has it out for Went. I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard PH made a play at Went once and received a firm “No”. Can anyone confirm this? Since then he is relentless in ruining Went’s reputation. This evil man has got to be stopped!

  294. lj

    “And I agree with you and genpop40 that “Jack” is PH’s bitch! Jack claims he’s a straight man. Yeah right, not if you’re PH’s bitch, you aint!!!”

    Hiya Cat’s. Yep, I agree with you (as usual)!! I’m thinking the same thing. His story about posting on this blog because he wanted to “help all the people who fight for the right to be recognised and accepted for their true sexual orientation” is just too dam stupid for words. And he sounds gay. I can tell by his writing style (lol).

    “I must admit, Jack did speak nicely about Went regardless of the gay accusations. So I don’t think he is PH. ”

    Well he may not be PH but he probably said a few nice things about Went just to give his story more credibility.Well I’m not buying it. If he really wanted to support WM he wouldn’t have come up with all this stuff. I’m betting he and PH are in cahoots.

  295. cat'smeow

    Hey lj, my buddy from Oz!! I missed you!! How’s it going in the land down under?

    Yeah, PH & Jack may very well be one in the same, or Jack someone else. But either way, in definately in cahoots. Now, I’ve heard more than once that Went dismissed PH at some party and now PH has a vendetta against him. If this is true, that fat bastard has got to go. We must band together and stop this no good scum of the Earth!!!!

  296. iZaClown

    WOO-HOO! I’m the 300th comment on this post!
    And do I have anything important to contribute? Not at all, but then again, I’m just following suit with many of the recent comments here. Doh!

  297. cat'smeow

    CONGRATS iZaClown on being the 300th poster with nuttin’ to say!!! He, he, only kidding!!!

  298. vas

    PH has still the same old pix of went and luke something and nothing new… poor perez! shame shame shame! you are not a good gossip blogger! shame shame shame!

  299. lj

    Oh Cat’s – you are hilarious. Not sure about the rejection story. I’ve heard it too. But it’s a good theory and would explain A LOT! But I have heard (don’t ask me where, I can’t remember) that Perez has met Went and said that he didn’t get any gay vibe.

    And see, I have no qualms about spreading unverified information either.

  300. Laura

    Then, why did he start this crap?!

  301. AJ

    300+ comments on a moot topic!!!

    *squatting in chair, kickin’ legs in the air, Molly Shannon style*

    …I LOVE IT!!!!

  302. genpop40

    Laura, I’ll tell you why I think he started it. Went has a huge gay following and a huge female following. It’s not really in Went’s best interest to say anything about his sexuality, since anything he says will alienate half his fanbase, and by alienating his fanbase he hurts his friends on PB as well as himself…but I digress. I have a few friends with websites (and correct me if I’m wrong, WFW, ’cause you ought to know). They make money by getting hits on their sites. Hits equal cash…the more traffic on the site, the more the payoff. Since Wentworth has such a huge, rabid following from both gay men who hope he’s gay and straight women hoping he’s not, it would mean instant contraversy to bring up the gay issue. Contraversy, combined with his rabid fanbase and you’ve got a LOT of traffic on your site, whether it’s true or not. Like Went said, he’s got a loyal fanbase. Then he sends in the pot-stirrers to keep us stirred up for as long as he can…he’s an evil genius really, although more evil than genius. I gotta give him props because he knows how to manipulate. We can fight back best by ignoring it, and never ever for any reason whatsoever going to his site. If any of us visit his site we’ll just be another one of the well meaning fans coming to Went’s defense, but making that fucknut more money in the process.

  303. Anonymous

    MTVUK, MTVEurope and MTVFrance are already telling news about Wentworth being gay, alltough they add a little “it hasn’t been confirmed yet”-thing in the end. So lets not let out a sigh of relief just yet. Hopefully next week we have something new to talk about.

  304. Mink

    “MTVUK, MTVEurope and MTVFrance are already telling news about Wentworth being gay, alltough they add a little “it hasn’t been confirmed yet”-thing in the end.”

    They add a little “it hasn’t been confirmed yet” thing at the end? Well, that’s fucking good of them! No mention of not only has it not been confirmed but that WM himself has said he’s not gay then?

    Seriously…WHAT. THE. FUCK? Has the world gone stark, staring mad??? All this on the word of one totally unreliable gossip monger with no proof whatsoever and an evident grudge? I am seriously now having trouble believing this. Are WM’s ‘people’ completely asleep at the wheel?

    *mind boggling*

  305. genpop40

    I dunno. None of their websites have a word about it…even the forums.

  306. Anonymous

    Let’s just kill this rumour and not talk about it anymore. Boooring.

  307. Vera

    Ok, I made it through half of the discussion but at this point I think I must say something. To the spanish girl and her Wentworth-lying-to-his-fans thing: I’m sure you don’t go around telling people ‘hi, my name is such and such and oh, by the way, I’m hetero’. Why should anyone feel obliged to disclose their personal life to people they don’t know? Fans? I mean, get a grip guys, no one has any obligation towards anyone unless we choose to and apart from close relatives and loved ones, the rest of the world is purely non important. So, if WM decides he does not want to disclose his personal life, I for one, am 100% behind his decision. Do any of you guys say upon introducing yourselfs to anyone which gender do you prefer best in bed? I mean, c’mon, this is just pure and simple stupidity, not to say the least. His life is his alone. And everybody should just stay out of the business. And that goes for all you guys so interested if he is gay or bi or hetero or into dead bodies or dogs or cats or cows or whatever he chooses to do with his sex life.

    For those who say he is gay, well good for you who can, without sleeping with someone or be under their beds, know for a fact that someone is gay just ’cause they talk low key or don’t punch the right way or wear hats or are fashion freaks or not or read such and such newspaper or watch Oprah or cry or laugh or breath or live! Really glad you have such insight into peoples’ lifes. I, for one, don’t have such abilities, but I can read and write all by myself! Amazing ability wouldn’t you say so?

    Just drop the subject and leave the guy alone. If he’s lying about his sex life, who cares? It’s his business and his alone…tough on you poor saps who think he has to take into consideration your opinion. FYI: he doesn’t. So get a life and don’t over do it on internet gossip. And keep your noses out of everyone else’s life. Be it a public figure or not. Pay better attention to your own lives, which you obviously don’t seem to have.

  308. anonymous

    go Vera, go Vera !!!

  309. clock

    everything is so boring now… now we are fighting between us, who is disappointed against who says “pay attentiona at your life and not wentworth’s one”.
    At this point the score is:

    Idiot PH 1
    The rest of the world 0

    Winner: WM who says nothing at all


    I think wentworth should say hes gay if he is, he should tell people the truth because its his decision to put himself in the spotlight otherwise we wouldnt know who he was, people are naturally curious.Is he ashamed of GAYS or something.

  311. Saffy

    Vera: in the words of David Cassidy and the Partridge Family, circa 1970: ‘I think I love you’.

  312. Vera

    Thank you Saffy. In my own words, circa 2007: I love you too. Maybe now we can give these obnoxious people some other subject to discuss: weather you and I are gay. Actually, only thing I’m going to reveal is that I have green skin and my spaceship is hoovering next to my window…hey, why not start the rumor about WM being an alien trying to phone home or something?

  313. Anonymous

    “Our incredibly, oh-so-trustworthy sources told ‘us’ that Saffy and the droolworthy Vera have been an item for several months now. They might even OHMYGOD shack up together!! And a Fux source, who obviously didn’t value their job told ‘us’ that “Saffy is bloody terrified of giving interviews in case some reporter asks if she’s into green skin.” OK it was the toilet cleaner at Fux but still……….a source is a source.

  314. Saffy

    Oops its late here in London. I didn’t mean to be anonymous for my Vera/Saffy impeccable sources story!

  315. Vera

    Hey, toilet cleaners are known for their fantastic insight into…well, peoples’ crap…you sure it wasn’t the toilet itself who disclosed the info? It’s the kind of thing a toilet would do…no, wait, I know, the toilet cleaner was the source but the toilet itself blogged it…

  316. audrey

    To all you Went doubters I found this on another Wentworth Miller fan board.

    “I belong to the Luke MacFarlane yahoo group. Luke was filming ‘Iron Road’ in China from mid-April till early June, followed by 2 weeks filming in Canada, for the same project. He only got back to LA on 20th June. The latest candids of Went that have surfaced were taken in Larchmont Village on 15th June:

    Prior to that, there have been numerous sightings of Wentworth throughout May, all in LA, including at Borders, swimming at the Y, and near Pinkberry in Larchmont. He was also pictured at the Arclight on 18th April with the slightly older lady.

    Wentworth finished filming PB in Dallas on 15th March. He’d been living there since June 2006. A photo of him on his road trip back to LA was taken by a fan at a gas station in remote Texas on the 16th. He flew out to Korea on the 21st March and spent just 2 days there. Luke was added to the cast of ‘Supreme Courtships’ on 20th March and thereafter, spent most of the rest of that month plus part of April filming that ultimately failed pilot. As they reportedly only started dating around early January (according to PH’s ‘source’), during which time Went was living in Dallas, I find it VERY strange that this relationship was able to blossom to a point where they could actually consider moving in together. Oh and Luke was in a brief Theatre producton in LA in February.

    I call bull on PH’s ‘source’. ”

    Me too!

  317. anon

    Luke was added to the cast of ‘Supreme Courtships’ on 20th March…

    He flew out to Korea on the 21st March and spent just 2 days there…

  318. Mink

    audrey, thank you! And same to the original Yahoo group poster, whomever they might be.

    Poor PH, sometimes those pesky facts will just go and get in the way of a great big steaming pile of bullshit.

  319. AJ

    YES!!!!! The facts begin to roll in….
    *kisses audrey full on the mouth*
    Thank you for finding and reposting this info. And thank you original yahoo poster. While many of us didn’t need to see any factual evidence at all to KNOW that PH is a liar, there are plenty of doubters up in here who did need to see it. So, sad as it may be, factual info was needed. Alright, nay-sayers….happy now? Do we all finally get that “naming names” doesn’t mean jack shit if you’re already a liar?

  320. Saffy

    I was the poster from Luke’s yahoo board. I put the post up on IMDB (a board that I don’t really like to post on) when someone else said that the reason we hadn’t seen candid pics of Went lately must be because he has been devoting himself to his new relationship. I couldn’t let that one pass!

  321. audrey

    You are welcome. It’s my good deed for the day.

    AJ if you kissed me on the mouth that would really give the rumor mongers something to talk about (lol).

  322. audrey

    And thanks Saffy!!


    Thanks Saffy for the info xxx

  324. cocot13

    Saffy I saw that on Imbd and what you should do is start a new thread there with that info to make sure everyone can see it and shut the fuck up!

  325. anon

    Well damn, have they ever even met?

  326. genpop40

    Maybe, but there are zero pictures of them together..he’s not even in the background of any photos, and believe me I’ve been looking. There are zero little cute Amy Bice-like videos of them together either. And he took his roadtrip alone. The paps clearly know where he lives since they follow him home from his Starbucks runs, and even camped out all night to see if Amy stayed all night. And still no evidence they have even ever met. I hate like hell that there are so people in this world willing to believe everything they hear.

  327. lj

    OK. Case closed.

    We now know the whole story was a fabrication by PH to generate hits to his site.

    Back to regular programming.

    But seriously, how powerful is the internet. To generate that number of news stories across the globe based on one piece of crap published on a disreputable gossip site. Scary ?