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Prison Break Fire/Water Live-Blog

And away we go…or not.

Dear Prison Break writers,

I told you that Season 2 sucked and it sort of did for the most part. It had its moments but I was mostly rolling my eyes and just kind of doing the hanging in there thing for Went alone and though Went is my main reason for watching, THIS episode has made me a believer in the THE SHOW again. Now don’t make me regret swinging from your nuts and keep up the good work. Good show!

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Wentworth Miller on Watch with Kristin

K.W. is at it again! Watch it here.

UPDATE: Looks like there was more to that Interview.  Watch it here.

Thanks mickeydrewme!


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Wentworth Miller in German In Style

Of note: … (Went asked about being a sex symbol)

Went: My life wasn’t glamorous at all. Now, I get invited to a lot of
parties and women, I have never seen before, give me their phone number.

The interviewer (a man!) asks: Rumor has it you prefer men.

Went: I AM NOT GAY but this rumor is still around.
I would like to have a girlfriend and a family but I haven’t found the
right (female!) one yet.
So I concentrate on my job and enjoy every second on the set despite
long shooting days of 14 hours.

Thanks for the email Snowflake! More of the interview here.


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