Renewing Wentlust

I’ve been a tad negative lately (yeah, just a bit) so in the interest of trying desperately to hold on to the man we know and love but see far too little of (hey that rhymed), I updated my Flickr account last night with only the greatest Went pics of all time (see slideshow). If you think I left any out, link them in the comments. Enjoy!


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25 responses to “Renewing Wentlust

  1. AJ

    *sigh* Yup, still pretty… I feel like I haven’t seen him in ages, and that’s just wrong. 😦

    Anyhoo…some of my personal faves (by the way, I still don’t know how to link shit, so these may or may not be clickable): (AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

    and some baby Went for good measure:

  2. BB

    i will be able to regain the use of words shortly…….

  3. Hamanahamanahamana.

    *doing a wacky Three Stooges ground spin*

    WFW, how did your Flickr account NOT blow up?!

  4. Jen

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. That many pictures of him should come with some kind of hold on to your panties warning!! I know mine just blew off.

  5. It is impossible to tire from his face. It is the most beautiful face I have ever seen. *swoon*

  6. Pink Boxers

    That Italian Vogue shoot was the best hair. I wish he wears it like that all the time in the future. I’m sick of Prison Went.

  7. I can see that the square-head-haircut is the main idea of the slide show. God , I hate that hair! But I still love him! Luckily, there are clippers available. Buzz, baby, buzz!

  8. genpop40

    Aaarrrrgggghhhh! This is so frustrating, because I have a million pics of Went on my computer, but I have no idea how to get them from there to this thread. I’m a computer IDIOT!! Sigh….I’m gonna go mix myself a drink now.

  9. genpop40

    They are likable, AJ….beautiful choices!!!!

  10. evelyn

    *fans self again and again*

    some of my personal favorites:


  11. Laura

    Beautiful, just beautiful! I liked the Italian ones the best!

  12. genpop40

    “They are likable, AJ….beautiful choices!!!!”

    Um…yeah…I meant “linkable”…but I see that drink kicked in.

  13. Juma

    No words can describe this man… *sigh *faint

  14. Eeeep! *clutches chest and passes out, THUD!*

    Personal faves are the GQ photo shoot. I like the composition in these. I luv his stares in two of the shots!

    Lawdy, W. Miller! Can you say ‘Blue Steel’ slo-oh-oh-leee for me in that rich baritone voice of yours?

  15. Katjus

    And so seems to start another day of WentLusting for me… How many in a row mean u need to see a doctor..?

  16. Bel

    Seriously. I come here in the morning when I start work. So please, WFW could you include a warning next time. Such as: “.Those who do not wish to be wet in their office chairs all day should not open this link. WFW is not responible for damage to office equipment.”
    Thank you very much.

  17. Bel

    And: “If you wish to keep your ability to type, do not open.”

  18. WFW

    AJ, thanks for the suggestions. They reminded me of some pics I left out. I have added them in. Gangsta is fucking classic! How could I have forgotten how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo?

    Oh and for everyone whose panties evaporated, If I warned you in advance, where would be the fun in that?

    My fav shoot was D Mag (and probably always will be), followed by GQ and then Official Homies, I mean L’Officiel Hommes, lol.

    Oh Went, won’t you please do another shoot? For me? *pleading*

  19. AJ

    WFW said, “Gangsta is fucking classic! How could I have forgotten how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo?”

    LMAO, so true. It’s my favorite “Wentworf” picture. Although, my absolute fav Went photo would have to be “killing green eyes” (the first one). Everytime I look at it, I die a little inside, cuz I know I’ll never see those eyes up close and personal. 😦

    I’m a sad, sad person. Hahaha

  20. BB

    MMMM the one with the eyes closed it makes me want to plant a gentle kiss on those LUSCIOUS LIPS….

  21. Juma

    I cant get enough of him… each time I see this slide I think I’m gonna have a heart attack!!
    But what a way to go!

  22. BB

    I agree with MB Hamanahamanahamana…,
    and Went to me you will always look good, but damn, you have worn some bad clothes….
    It just confirms what ive always said, you would look good dresses in a bin bag

  23. nicbeast


  24. SavMed

    Oh AJ I so understand when you say:” I die a little inside cuz I know I’ll never see those eyes up close and personal.”

    Or when you realize you’ll never sit on that face… *sobbing*

    However, WentGangsta does cheer me up.

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