Today in People I Hate: A Went Sandwich

You Aussie fans are showing the fuck off. We NEVER get this many pics of him at home. What the hell?


Is this a Went Sandwich? He agreed to this?!!! Good Fucking Lord I hate you people. I really really do…with a passion. The love is gone. It’s gone! Girl in the skirt, is your boob touching his chest? Is it? *eyes crossing, madness setting in* Hey guy, you enjoying this? What is this a double date and Oh. My. Fucking. God. Girl in the striped shirt, GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY MAN’S CROTCH! I see that lean in! AHHHHHHHHH! I’m going to buy a gun and shoot you all. That’s right, I’m blowing up Australia. I can’t take anymore of this shit! *has a heart attack and hits the floor*

source by way of tellyfan from The Church


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13 responses to “Today in People I Hate: A Went Sandwich

  1. Anonymous

    WFW -))))))))))))))

    I’ve been waiting for those comments for ages -)))))))))))))

    from now on you are forbidden to go to sleep !!

    love ya

  2. Anonymous

    First wait until Went comes back- then blow up Australia. We don’t want to lose the only exemplar of perfection, do we?

    And I see they’re kind of following my suggestion- making a group photo. Only now I see it was a bad idea. Girls all over him. Touching him. Smelling him. Etc.

    Jealousy is making me speechless again. Fuck this happens every day!!!

  3. Anonymous

    He must have heard me cause those are new clothes…I think??

  4. Wet For Went

    LOL, Lenka. I know. I forbid MYSELF to sleep from now on.

    You’re right anon 9:32. Went must get out safely and then…I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger lucky fans….*HEAD EXPLODING*

    Not sure about the clothes being new. I don’t think so.

  5. Anonymous

    I never believed this there’s-a-heaven-up-in-the-sky crap. And I was right! It’s DOWN UNDER!

  6. mink

    *wipes tears* LMFAO, WFW! Oh, how I do love the way you say stuff the rest of us are thinking but dare not utter. I know, this Oz shit is all Just. Too. Much. Is it not? LOL

    Oh, and definitely not new clothes. All seen before.

  7. Anonymous

    LOL, you can totally see Went turning his head away from the girl in stripes, cause she’s leaning in too aggressively:D And it would be interesting to see the picture from behind- like where are the girls’ hands..Went’s other hand…? Though I know it would make me jealous…

  8. dawn

    WFW, it does look like they are all over him. Trying to be all cool about him, but yep, that lean in…just imagine them breathing in his scent, hearing his low, beautiful voice…touching him!!! Im usually a person who’s all ‘good for you’ and that, but Im starting to get kind of over that when it comes to Wenty. I’m learning how to be jealous, and it isn’t hard, lol.

  9. babe1973

    This is soooo getting on my nerves. I better never meet those people, or I will not be in control of my actions. Lol.

  10. notthedoctor

    WfW!!! ROFLOL!!!
    and dawn, i used to be like you but with all those Aussies throwing those disgustingly lustful pictures of Went at us!!! now i’m green with jealousy, really really green, The Hulk looks pastel compared to me!

  11. Wet For Went

    anon 10:21, oh yes, in more ways than one.

    mink, Fan. Pic. Overload. I’m starting to short circuit.

    just imagine them breathing in his scent, hearing his low, beautiful voice…touching him!!!
    dawn, seriously, are you trying to kill me?

  12. soiled undies

    Nevermind those lucky bitches!, what ya’ll should be concentrating on is THAT SPACE BETWEEN HIS LEGS!

    *SO sexy I’m melting*

    That’s where I wanna put my hand….before sliding it up and grabbing his…

  13. Wet For Went

    Yes, yes, yes su! Excuse me for a moment…

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