Wentworth Miller: "No, I’m not Gay."

Speculation over.

When US television actor Wentworth Miller says he can’t be your friend, he wants you to know he means it.

The star of Prison Break has had a hard time since shooting to international stardom on the back of the popular television thriller, which hit Australian screens in 2006.
But it’s not personal, the 34-year-old insists – it’s just that people requesting his friendship on the popular online networking site, myspace.com, are being duped.

“I have people calling my agent asking which myspace page is mine and there are about a dozen,” Miller told AAP on a publicity trip to Australia in December.

“And the fact is I’ve never been on myspace. People posing as me is a little unsettling, a little frightening… it disturbs me on a profound level.”

It’s been a dizzying rise to the top for the young actor, who came into the series with just a few movie and television credits to his name.

Miller admits a small cameo role in two of Mariah Carey’s music video clips “did more for my career than anything I’d done up until that point”.

At that point, he had just completed the pilot for Prison Break, which was to catapult the star in the celebrity sphere – a place Miller is still coming to terms with.

“What happens to your identity, to the perception of who you are on this journey is a strange one,” he said while on his first visit down under.

“There’s this kind of star struck dynamic, I guess that’s why they invented that word to describe that moment when a fan comes running up to you and they’re so excited to see you.

“(But) inevitably there’s this moment, where the shoe drops and they realise they have no idea who you are.

“I guess it’s that strangeness, the identification with an actor, with a character, (and) the reality that you don’t really know them at all which is kind of hard to wrap your head around.”

And with the fan’s adoration, so too comes the media speculation, particularly around Miller’s sexuality, but the softly spoken actor was firm when setting the record straight.

“No, I’m not gay,” he said.

“I know these rumours are out there … I’m cool with the fact that they exist, I mean this is about fantasy.

“Certain people are going to have certain fantasies, if someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man or one of each that’s cool with me as long as you keep watching the show.”

That seems assured, with Australian audiences pining for the return of Prison Break, which ended season one with a dramatic cliffhanger on the Seven Network.

Foxtel is current playing series one over the summer.

Miller said there was still much to expect in season two, despite the inmates escaping and fulfilling the series’ title.

“The prison was central to the show, perhaps the most important character and if we leave that behind … the question is will (the fans) keep tuning in?” he said.

“But we also have storylines and relationship that I think people were willing to invest in, so people did care enough about us to follow us once we jumped over the wall.”

Miller said he was fond of his character, who he described as existing in the shades of grey.

“My character is a good man on a hero’s journey, but that requires him to get his hands dirty from time to time,” he said.

“The question becomes how far can he go before you lose sympathy in his cause entirely.”

But Miller doesn’t see himself playing a convict on the run forever and has plans to produce and direct his own movie – a love story with a Hitchcock twist.

“I’m now at the stage of my career where it’s not just about the parts that are out there, but it’s about generating your own parts,” he said.

“I want to write the words that come out of my mouth and I want to be in the editing room, and choosing how my story is going to get told.”

Coming from a family of academics, Miller said a career in the arts was never on the cards despite his early passion for acting.

After high school, Miller studied at Princeton, where he continued acting, but only as a hobby.

“At Princeton you take it seriously but then it stops as soon as you graduate,” he said.

“I graduated and abandoned any expectations I might have had about pursuing acting because it seemed scary and an unrealistic pipedream.”

But still in love with the world of acting, he moved to Los Angeles where he settled for behind-the-scenes jobs, with desks and steady paycheques to the relief of his family.

“The world of acting was so foreign to them, all they knew was that I wasn’t getting up at a respectable hour, I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have a steady source of income,” he said.

“Their fears sometimes fuelled my fears … but now that I’m enjoying some kind of success they’re free to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the ride along with me which is nice.”

Prison Break series one marathon is on FOX8, January 26 from 7am (AEDT). Series two begins on Seven early in 2007.


One word: Whoa. The title of that article is misleading. As all of you know I’m sure, Went has never been anything but gracious with his fans and grateful for his position. He IS enjoying fame just not every aspect of it which I’m sure we can understand. All you people that keep asking is that him on Myspace (although it was obvious enough to me that it wasn’t) It. Is. Not. Him. And another thing, Went, let me assure you that my interest in you has nothing to do with you being a star. If I saw you on the street, you wouldn’t even have to speak and I’d be on you. My adoration of you is based on what little personal information I have and not you being “that guy from Prison Break”…Got it? If someone wants to imagine you with a woman or a man or one of each? Went! Is that a shout out? LOL I should have known…Oh and thanks Wenty for the link in the chat box. *wink* Well I guess that officially makes all the Pick One’s from here on out all female but other than that I think the world continues to turn as it always did. Thoughts?


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51 responses to “Wentworth Miller: "No, I’m not Gay."

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, too many thoughts!!! First, thanks Went for making it clear! We have waited for these words for a long time. You see your parents are not the only one who are “free to breathe a sigh of relief” LOL
    He’s never been to myspace…? Well that’s useful information also. Although he could have slipped in that he visits WFW sometimes…(A) Yeah, we hope….
    And Went’s own movie…. a love story…awww….. can’t wait.
    OK, have to sigh for a while now…

  2. Anonymous

    And you’re so right, WFW! That little of his personal information we have… That’s why we love him.

  3. mama bear

    Reasons why I love Went:

    He’s intelligent.

    He’s insightful.

    He’s self-deprecating.

    He’s ambitious without being cutthroat.

    He’s kind to strangers.

    He has a silky voice.

    He loves his Mom.

    He helps old ladies with their groceries.

    He likes Journey.

    He LOVES sweets.

    He wrote the book on class.

    He’s a gorgeous nerd.

    He has a great ass.

    Oh yeah, and it’s no surprise to me that he’s straight. I am surprised, however, that he actually commented on it! Thanks, Went, for putting that baby to bed…FINALLY!

  4. krissie

    Oh, man… Overload!
    First of all, did anyone really believe he himself had a myspace page? 😕 *rolls eyes*
    Second, I never believed he was gay anyway, but it’s good to hear that coming from him. Especially to have his blessing on various fantasies. lol
    Third, when did he say he’s not enjoying fame???? Journalists… *rolls eyes. again*

    But I’m actually focusing on this:

    People in studios, hear me out: Wentworth Miller, well educated, intelligent, witty and hot-as-hell man, is writing a script. A love story with a twist. With a role in it for him to play.
    I know a certain number of people that would pay to see it. And when I say “certain”, I mean “very large”. And when I say “would pay”, I mean “more then once”.
    Think about it.
    Thank you.

  5. trish_lx

    “Certain people are going to have certain fantasies, if someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man or one of each that’s cool with me as long as you keep watching the show.”

    OMG!!!!! Can you imagine being the reporter who listens to this and has to make notes or something?! If I heard him suggest a fantasy starring himself and any combination of males and females in that silky throaty sexy dirty voice of his I’d faint or colapse on the spot!

    Anyway, I adore him for all the little precious things he lets people know about himself and WANT him (badly) for those long hands, gorgeous limbs, piercing eyes, beautiful face and mainly for that voice… his voice makes me feel hot and dizzy and … (you know).

  6. Melissa

    Wenty, you are so much more than a mere “love story” writer, i am expecting you to pen the next Citizen Kane, boy! I expect nothing less from a Princeton grad.

  7. Anonymous

    Exactly, people!!!! Oh, I’ve finally found my soulmates.
    And to know that Went is cool with any kind of *cough*dirty*cough* fantasies as long as I just keep watching the show? *SIGH*. No longer feeling guilty about MY fantasies, LOL!

    PS: He’s just getting more perfect to me day by day. This is crazy!!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    “I know these rumours are out there … I’m cool with the fact that they exist, I mean this is about fantasy.”
    It takes a real man to be cool with gay rumors. A man who is really secure about his masculinity… that’s what I call sexy. YUM YUM

  9. Anonymous


    mama bear..yay! to you too :p

  10. mink

    You know that thing he does, WFW? When you don’t think you can fall in love with him any more but then find out you’re wrong? Well, he did it to me again. Not so much in coming out and saying this (although, I admit it, this is nice to know as far as I am personally concerned), but the way he said it, and that he is so confident in his masculinity that he hasn’t felt the need to jump all over these rumours before, and that he even threw in the permission to fantasise! LOL And, and, and… Oh, once again I am all lost for words. As mama bear said, he wrote the book on class. I am never getting over this boy, WFW. Never. And I don’t want to!

  11. Wet For Went

    I have to say mink that I agree. How is it possible that I love him even MORE now? I have permission to fantasize? Oh thank you Went. I fucking love him. Marry Me Went. Today. And I think he doesn’t know the power of his own magnetism. We aren’t going “OMG it’s that guy from TV” when we meet him, we’re going “OMG it’s Wentworth Miller.” There IS a difference. He is all class. So…in…love…

  12. Anonymous

    ohhhh, so agreeing you all. hell, i’m just drunk, unable to type. love went.

  13. trish_lx

    Oh mink , it’s exactly like you put it… When I think I am sort of adjusting to loving him in a calmer steadier sort of way (wish I could explain myself better) he just throws in something like this and I feel like I am in a huge passion rollercoaster all over again!

  14. Stacy

    Can I just say IN YOUR FACE PEREZ? Went has completely done it again. He’s just proven that I’m never going to find a man I will be happy with because he just keeps setting the bar higher and higher for anyone that comes my way. To know that such a perfect man exists, one with all of the qualities in one person I thought impossible…wow.

  15. Wet For Went

    LOL, I was wondering when the “Take that Perez” comment was coming. Krissie got hers in, in the chat box this morning, LOL.

  16. Anonymous

    Mink, Trish_lx, yeah… Just like it’s meant to be… When I find myslf too lost, fallen in love with him, wake up in the morning and think: ok, i will get over it. he’s just a man. I don’t even know him. Turn on my computer. And there it is! Some kind of news or pic or whatever that makes me fall DEEEPLY in love with him AGAIN. It just has to be like that.

    same drunk anon. I know it’s a little early to be drunk but I’ve got some serious shit going on in my life.

  17. Anonymous

    What’s with the Perez? Have I missed sth?

  18. krissie

    STACY, I have to say, “Perez Hilton, IN YOUR FACE!” were my exact words too! lol

  19. mama bear

    anon 10:47 – Back in Oct. ’06, Perez posted on his site a huge, vandalized pic of Went with the headline “The Most Eligible Homo in Hollywood.”

  20. Wet For Went

    There is a link to Perez in this post.

  21. Anonymous

    thanks mama bear and wfw!

  22. Anonymous

    I guess most people are level-headed enough to know they’ll never even meet
    Wentworth! So let’s admire him from afar…

    I don’t want him to be my friend! I want him to be MY FANTASY!

  23. redlightmind

    Women of the world, REJOICE!!!!! Perez, kiss my ass! Nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to ruin my day today!

  24. mama bear

    After re-reading the article, I was curious about how many Went poseurs were actually on MySpace. If you search by Wentworth Miller, you’ll find 13,200 listings that either reference him on their pages and/or are trying to pass as him. What’s interesting is that the more prominent ones have deleted their accounts as of today. They must’ve been lurkers on your blog, WFW, and got scared off by the article! Great job! 🙂

  25. Anonymous

    actors lie all the time…..I put my money on Perez

  26. mama bear

    anon 2:32 – No fucking way. Perez’ “gaydar” is all sorts of whacked. Went isn’t lying…he has a lot more integrity than that. Don’t down our Precious! *huffing* 🙂

  27. tia

    if he’s telling the truth which I choose to believe he is than bravo to him not caring about what the Perez Hilton’s of the world think about him, and if he is lying than clearly he is at odds with his sexuality and knows that if he came out it would limit the kind of career that he wants, so that means that he will be needing a beard and because I want him to have a long and sucessful career I’m willing to take on that responsibility

  28. lita

    That title really slammed me. I kinda liked it when we were free to float between ideas of gay Went and straight Went. I wonder when he stated his… non-homosexuality. Yes, I totally agree, its not the acting and tv shows and shyt that makes him so hot. He just is.

  29. tia

    I cant believe this once sacred post has been soiled by Perez lovers eek

  30. babe1973

    Is it just me or did he seem pissed off? If so, I understand him. I think people need to be a little less freaky. I wouldn’t want anyone to start a myspace page with my name….Wentworth, I love because of who you are, not because of Michael. I am happy that he did make all this clear. People like perez hilton will need to erase some stuff on their blogs.

  31. Anonymous

    Sorry, but I don´t think it is over…

    Perez made a new entry with the following statement:

    “Miller dated one of our (male) friends before he became famous.
    They no longer talk.”

    Perez will NOT let up now.

  32. mama bear

    Perez’s friend stalking Went from afar does not a relationship make…tsk! tsk! I thought even Perez was above going there with the “I have a friend” business. HE HAS NOTHING.

    OK – enough with Perez, shall we? He has his own blog to pollute with his shit. I come to WFW because it’s all about The Pretty.

  33. Anonymous

    i think the reaction in this thread is EXACTLY why wentworth miller’s sexuality SHOULD be unrelated to his career. love him for his acting, love him for his presence, but his sexuality? that’s his business. and if he lied here to protect his career and his choices, i’d totally understand it because ppl are totally judging him on the basis of his sexuality. whatever, you keep going wentworth, you’re awesome no matter how you choose to lead your personal life! thanks for showing a new kind of man on tv – smart and sensitive and sweet!

  34. Anonymous

    I agree with Amy!

  35. babe1973

    AMY YOU ROCK. Finally I am not the only reasonable one here. Who cares what he does in his bed!!! That’s not our business.
    Oh and I read someone who said that he is a liar because he said he would NOT date an actress, and now he is with Mariana…… Well if being “woman no2” on a TV show makes you an actress, well I am a star because I have been on a lot of TV news. LOL.

  36. tia

    babe1973 take a chill pill please it was just JOKES DAMN!!!!!!!!

  37. Anonymous

    your all gonna look like fools when you find out Perez is right.

    WFW: For accepting what someone says about their OWN sexuality? I’d hardly call that foolish. Just sayin…

  38. Anonymous

    I smell a gay….love perez!!

    WFW: Perez? Is it really you? Come to talk to little old me? Well thanks…I guess…

  39. Anonymous

    I still say he’s bi

    WFW: And you may well be correct. All he stated is that he is NOT gay but I’m thinking that ambiguity was not what he was going for with that statement…

  40. cocot13

    WFW please get these Perez groupies off here I mean why do they come here they clearly dont like or respect Wentworth if they did they would not care who or what he FUCKED!

  41. Anonymous

    So Perez has a ‘friend’ who supposedly dated WM?

    What does he mean by ‘dated’ anyway?

    Let’s think about this. I would not be at all surprised if this ‘friend’ had a terrible crush on WM and thought they were ‘dating’ because they may have hung out a bit. Wentworth probably thought they were just acquaintances. The minute he realised that this ‘friend’ had designs on him the friendship probably petered out. Unrequited.

    If they assumed WM were gay it would be an easy mistake to make.
    You know, call someone up invite them to meet for a coffee or whatever…
    I had it happen with a friend years ago and I was completely blind to it until they freaked out (in a weird way) when I could not meet up with them one day. The penny dropped and I felt mortified that they were viewing things in a non-platonic way. Oops!
    WE don’t talk any more either.

  42. Anonymous

    It’s me again – anon from the last comment. Just to say, WM had no NEED to say this. There was no imperative. He could have just carried on ignoring the comments and watched his career soar as many other celebrities do. But why ignore, or back away from a direct question? What’s wrong with the truth?
    So kudos go to the forthright Aussies for just asking THE question. And kudos to WM for just answering it.
    It certainly wouldn’t happen in America where the internet ‘media’ prefer to foster rumour and speculation without ever wanting or seeking an honest answer from the person involved.

  43. mbnd

    there is a anon leaving alot of comments on this blog lately….Could it be u Perez? Are u still wishing this god like man is Gay? Give it up.
    The only person looking like a fool is the foolish person who keeps leaving these * still wishing & hoping * he is gay crap.
    Reading his interview I felt bad for the guy he even sounded to me a bit pissed but then again If the table was turned so would I. Leave the guy alone.

  44. Anonymous

    where was this article from?
    pelase respond to elena_giggles@hotmail.com

    Thank you

  45. Sal

    I’d love ur show ever since i started watching it. Ur a great actor and keep up da good work man.. lates

  46. Sal


  47. chelsie loka

    Fooo wtf wentworth is a fineass nigggga
    Buut if he’s gay he’s gay leave it be nigggga

  48. he is so fuckin gay guys…i have fucked him a couple of times….i dont remember how many..i m a big fucker…first hand..to shut up dina…..dina is also gay she has relationship with lia from larissa

  49. Pingback: Wet For Went is One Year Old today! « Wet For Went

  50. mic

    shut uo he is not gay u ur

  51. Oh well, if being a gay man makes him happy so be it. But if he says he not we should trust what he says.

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