Bean Pole isn’t happy with WFW

Recently I received an email asking me to remove the Bean Pole pics I was running.

bea pole to wfw Apr 20

This is to inform you that the photos you are running on your site,, of Wentworth Miller’s advertising campaign with Bean
Pole are in direct violation of copyright law. These photos are for
advertising purposes only and are being used without the consent of
Bean Pole or Mr. Miller. Unless the photos are pulled immediately
Bean Pole will have no choice but to take legal action against you.
Thank you.

I then replied, thinking that it was someone fucking with me.

Dear bea pole,

I’m sorry but it is going to take more than a vague email from a misspelled gmail account to get me to take down the pics. Excuse me if I don’t believe you are who you say you are. If in fact you have the authority to make such a request, I will of course comply but this email ain’t gonna do it.

So I thought that was the end of it. And then last night while I was asleep I got this:

[SAMSUNG Cheil Industries, BEANPOLE] Official Note for using Wentworth Miller photos

On your website there are series of photographs featuring Wentworth Miller that purport to be ‘Bean Pole Jeans Brochure’ and other advertising shots from Bean Pole Jeans. The pictures have been unlawfully procured and posted without the consent of either Mr. Miller or Bean Pole Jeans, Inc. Your posting of photos of Mr. Miller’s related to Bean Pole campaign is in direct violation of copyright law. We have already furnished you with notice that these pictures must be pulled immediately, and you have not been compliant. If they are not pulled from your website within the next twenty-four hours, we will be forced to resort to legal action. Thank you.


So I officially have until 10:37 p.m. tonight to take down the pics but which ones? I’m confused! Oh and word on the street is, it is Went and his agency that want the pics taken down…or at least that’s what Bean Pole is telling people. Does Went really secretly hate my guts? *organ playing* Is Bean Pole lying just to get people to take down the pics? Is this backlash for what was “done” to Amie? Is this why I’ve never received a thank you for the gift bag we sent him at Paley? Am I starting to get really pissed off at Wentworth Miller? Am I thinking of shutting down the blog? Am I just fucking with you? All important questions. Discuss while I take down all the lovely pics I spent so much time resizing for your enjoyment, but not yet! I have til 10:37 p.m. so I think I’ll do it at 10:36. Now go! Right click and save…while you still can!

Oh and Went, you know, one word from you could put our minds at ease. Say you love me, Went. Say you love us! We need to hear it.

P.S. I’m all bean poled out anyway.

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62 responses to “Bean Pole isn’t happy with WFW

  1. VanS

    That sucks!
    WFW u r not shuting down this blog…or else i’ll be forced to go there and make u bend over.
    Bean Pole can’t u just live WFW alone?
    God… she just made u a little free advertising and u go and sue her for that?!

    *Makes voodoo dolls for B. Pole….*evil giggle!. LMAO

  2. VanS

    Went u should come here and make a stand for WFW and defend her!
    Make Bean Pole to see who’s the MAN!
    Who else thinks like me?

    *raises hand!

  3. Emmanuela

    does Just Jared dot com have to take down their pics of wentworth miller in bean pole ad too? If not then they’re just targeting you and I wouldn’t do it.

  4. Wet For Went

    It’s not just me. I know I made it appear that way but they got to some Korean fans as well as Jared, lol. They aren’t targeting me but for the life of me I have no idea why they wouldn’t want the free publicity and by they I mean them all. *Off to track down offending pics for removal*

  5. Anonymous

    just for them being ridiculous…I will copy the pics off just jared and print my own copies…what a ridiculous thing on their part…I bet if you wrote a long letter here sugesting a boycott of Bean Pole- which is perfectlly legal to do…suddenly their attitude will change!

  6. Mallie

    Bean Pole is LYING to you, it is not Went who wants the photos removed, it is Bean Pole! They just don’t have the guts and are hiding behind Wentworth Miller like the little girls they are! LMAO!

    They lied to the Korean fans about his arrival date and time too – it is obvious that they are very territorial over Wentworth especially for what they have paid for i.e. those photos. So, whilst Went is doing anything to do with PB, the company will guard all materials that come from that association with its life!

    But blame NOT on Wentworth, it is Bean Pole!

  7. Wet For Went

    Thanks mallie! I feel better now.

  8. Krissie

    Hey, Bean Pole Jeans, your clothes sucks!
    We’ll rather have Went wearing something else *coughnothingcough* to stare at!

  9. Mallie

    You’re welcome WFW!

  10. shortstuff

    FUCK! i got here too late to save the pics! this is what i get for not checking here yesterday… shame on me. well at least the went rubiks cube is still there!

  11. shortstuff

    ps: screw you, bean pole! *shaking fist heartily*

  12. Anonymous

    Milano, 4th may 2007

    Dear Bean Pole,

    your clothes suck!
    Your model was great so you could do better.
    The pretty boy in the pictures was the best thing about your collection, I can’t understand why all these girls can’t have the pleasure to watch him anymore.
    I would be glad to receive a reply.

    Giorgio Armani

  13. Mama Bear

    Is Went feeling a little morning-after regret for being photographed in that ridiculous ensemble that included the pink-cuffed Parisian-style shirt and full-length tighty-whities?

    Is he ashamed about the goofy chicken-wire lean?

    Is he in agony over the painful-looking “Hark, who goes there?” pose?

    Is he lamenting the fact that he actually posed with a mattress-less bed frame and an oil drum?

    The thing about Went in Bean Pole attire is that while he may still look HOT in it, the attire still looks ridiculous, which by the way, I can say LEGALLY and without threat of litigation because I live in the United States of America where FREEDOM OF SPEECH reigns!!!

    WFW, you only did Went a favor by removing the silly BP pics anyway.

    As for BP itself, I am seriously questioning the intelligence of its marketing department for letting such massive amounts of free advertising, even at the risk of a little good-natured ribbing, go the way of the Dodo.

    All BP has done by attacking WFW in this manner is drawn negative attention to itself, which I guess is better than no attention, which is exactly what it was getting in America before Went became its poster boy.

    It is a sad, sad thing to see someone like WFW be crucified for keeping the Went-buzz going in a fresh and entertaining way. Are we to be relegated to reading simplistic “canned” interviews and “pre-approved” press releases? And are we expected to respond to these tepid tidbits with juvenile comments like “DaYuM! ThAt BoY iS tHe ShiZnIt! Sorry, fan or not, even I can’t summon up enough enthusiasm for that shit.

  14. AJ

    mb, MOTHER.FUCKING.WORD to your entire post.

    Dear Head Honchos at BPJ,
    You’ve just made yourselves look even more ridiculous, as if the clothes you’re advertising hadn’t already gotten the job done. Congratufuckinglations, asshats.


    *gives the finger, and rolls out… cuz that’s how I do*

  15. Belgian

    I don’t get it. At all. The pics are meant to make people buy the clothes, right? So the more people see the pics, the more chances this will happen. And now they want the people who want to see those pics the most, to NOT see them? Please some moron come explain this to me, because my highly schooled brain can’t understand.


  16. Anonymous

    Well said mama bear…bravo..

    In their minds does Bean Pole imagine thousands of guys are desperate to wear their crappy clothing line…HA!! We gave Bean Pole more attention than it deserved AND Wentworth’s team of people should realize his fans make him big…because so far the boy is still relatively a little league player in the entertainment biz. Don’t piss off your fans with some corporate company!

  17. emily

    what the flipping fuck?! Before this, if someone had said bean pole jeans to me, I would have said “don’t be gross. go away.” Remember what I said before about how I would buy Bean Pole clothing because I want to see Wentworth Miller naked? Well all that’s out the window. It didn’t make sense in the first place but I’m now revising my statement. BEAN POLE JEANS: YOU’VE JUST MOVED YOURSELF TO THE TOP OF MY LIST OF CLOTHING CHAINS TO BOYCOTT (or in your case DESTROY) And GAP? you’re officially off my list A. thanks to Bean Pole Jeans taking your place and B. because this came just in time for your 60% off sale.
    Kiss your short lived fame goodbye, Bean Pole. You are dead to me.

  18. twyla


    *holding up picket sign, walking around the world*

    i mean, once we saw the unicorns and figured out that 13 year old girls had probably come up with the advertising campaign, little did we know they were running the company, too! that is the only explanation i can come up with about why they wouldn’t want a little free publicity. who names their company BEAN POLE anyway???

  19. SpoinK

    i’m with Vans *raising hand*

    Bean pole sucks… their clothes suck… everyone just loves the ads because of the model!

    are they stupid? i mean, why are they bothered that WFW posted the photos?? it’s GOOD, FREE publicity…

    now WFW is mad at bean pole and that’s BAD publicity… LMAO everyone’s planning boycotts already!
    Thank god I saved all the pictures! =P


  20. sweetbaby_10002000

    OMg u serious …i would think that bean pole would be happy that your adveristing over here in north amercia .Bean Pole: i just like to say shame on you also …WFW is an amazing website that did nothing but say good things about Bean pole..Hell it made me what to order some things from the bean pole things.After this forget about it ..this is bull shit…and WFW i feel for you ….If anything they(bean pole) should be happy that your adversiting for them.

  21. Wentasy_baybi

    Wow gurl!!! That is fucked! Was it really Went that wanted the pics off your site? I’m not quite sure about that, cuz frankly I don’t think Went really gives a flying fuck. We are like his fans.It’s probably Bean Pole, but hey, you never know. If it is you Wentworth, then you should’ve had the courage yourself to email WFW. Don’t be a coward, and 2nd of all… BP Jeans you suck if it is you!!! OMG! I just thought of something WFW!!! If you don’t remover the pictures, they might sue you, but there’s a chance you’ll meet Wentworth… in court, but hey, it’s better then nothing.LMAO! Just playin’!

  22. Wentasy_baybi

    Okay! I am positive that Wentworth did not ask for the pics to be taken off this site. I don’t think he’s that type of guy. We are his fans and for one he wants a large fanbase, so by asking for the pics to be removed on a fansite dedicated to him, he knows that he would lose fans out there, and I don’t think he wants that, considering he is basically where he is because of us. So yeah. I’m sure it ain’t him. It’s Bean Pole covering themselves and being cowards. First of all Bean Pole, don’t put Went in this if it was you guys who did this on your own, which I’m sure it is. You guys are just prolly pist off, cuz we don’t recognize the clothes, we just recognize the man wearing your So if that’s the case, next time, pick a much less attractive celebrity to model for your clothes, and your clothes just might get recognized.


    So yeah… Sue Bean Pole Went. They are practically blaming you!

  23. Wentalivious

    Maybe no one outside of Asia is supposed to know about the ads? I know celebs go over seas and rake in the cashola for quickie foreign commercials and advertisments, and hope no one over hear finds out so they can keep their “integrity” or something along those lines. Regardless, it ain’t worth the drama, so don’t stress it.

    Although this is very very sad and a little pathetic, I just thought of something: You were in contact with people who are in contact with Went. Went might have come to this site. Went may have read some of my comments.

    Oh my… *would be blushing (if a black girl could blush)*

  24. Emmanuela

    I don’t think they even have Wentworth featured on anymore i checked and i can’t seem to find him. What have they done to him??

  25. Anonymous

    What the frack man? Big brother is putting the kaibosh on WFW and fan’s love for The Man? What the crap is happening to the world right now? Am I dreaming? Am I even still on the planet Earth? WFW, there ain’t no way in HELL you’re packing up and leaving us…it just can’t be done. Don’t let this silly little snafu get you all crazed. It’ll all gonna be okay…step away from the big DELETE THE BLOG button, because before you know it, Went will send you a token of appreciation for this world among worlds you’ve created here.

  26. cocot13

    look at it like this WFW, a major company knows about you and your site, YOU HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!!!

  27. Anonymous

    Dear WFW,
    Please, give us the email address of those morons at BPJeans! We will give them a piece of our mind (but will remain POLITE, it’s essential, of course!) How stupid can people be! DOWN with Bean Pole Jeans, they are BADLY CUT anyway!!

    We love you WFW! YOU are becoming famous!

  28. britbird

    WFW – bigger picture!!!! If went did request the pictures to be removed then went knows about you!!!! YAY!!! (btw I dont ever think he would do that) BP- YOU ARE STUPID? YOU NEED ALL THE FREE PUBLICITY FOR YOUR CRAP CLOTHES….. *** joins Twyla in her world protest with a very large banner…..

  29. miz brisvegas

    Bummed out! Dickheads from the BPJ marketing department obviously need to go back to uni and re-do Marketing 101: Why Free Advertising Is Good. Or at least pick up a copy of Marketing For Dummies.

    Hey, WFW, this might sound like a stupid question …

    … but, will the stuff I ordered from that catalogue arrive soon?

    Smile, darl! As the rest of the people here are saying, at the very least, BPJ knows of your site and maybe so does W. Miler. Wow! Can y’all just imagine?!?


  30. Anonymous

    If I remember correctly, Wentworth has said “I don’t have time or money, or be not interested in that kind of thing (suing)” when was asked about Chinese prostate-problem ad which is using GQ’s photo.
    So, it’s definitely not request from Mr. Miller!

    Hey BP, do not dragged Went into your problem. Your action was shame to all Asian WM fans. Thank you! Kamsa Hamnida!! Whatever!!!

  31. Anonymous

    I found this in
    Wentworth Miller Calender 2008
    Oops, is this also violation of copyright law???

  32. Tiny Dancer

    Hey, good for you WFW for only taking the pics down at the last minute! That was funny!
    It’s possible W did want the photos removed himself, after all, who really wants pics of themselves eating , getting a massage, or unposed photos that they don’t like all over the net? The BPJ photographer may have sneakily taken these pics of him without him realising. The out-take photos had to be put on the net by the photographer or BPJ themselves;who else would have had the photos? I can understand W wanting them taken down; he agreed to do a photoshoot for advertistment purposes, and would not have expected loads of photos of him off guard to be made public. I think it’s fair-do’s, but a shame nonetheless!

  33. niknak

    BJP, your clothes with their horrible cut nearly cost me my future children. You should be happy anyone even saw your stupid clothes since many of us had never even heard of your lame ass company!!

    WFW, no deleting your blog. Don’t let the man get you down. You do this for your love of Went, not crappy Asian clothing. I doubt he even knows what’s going on.

    As for his lack of return response on his Paley Prize Pack, something he got even though he didn’t even show up(!!!), I would call his agent or publicist or mother and let them know this lack of gratitude is not acceptable and either to send a thank you card or send back your gift!

    Now, last but not least, Wentlivious, black girls can blush. I’ve seen it! So blush away!!

    I will now end my rant. Thank you for listening.

  34. notthedoctor

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Morons, I say, BP Koreans are MORONS!
    Marketing pros? NO, MORONS!
    Advertising geniuses? NO, MORONS!
    Fashionmongers??? NO, MORONS!!!

    Oh, and when told about the news Mr. T said : “I PITY THE FOOLS!”.

    Mr. T said it all!

    … and MORONS!

    PS: Krissie? Can I borrow your TORCH to burn that BP house down to the ground?

  35. Krissie

    *hands TORCH to Doc*
    Anytime, Sistah Doc, AAANYTIME…

    (OT: must share: Word verification for this comment is PMSSU. Get it? PMS SU! That must be fun! LMAO!)

  36. Anonymous

    I love you,and thanks for the blog.

  37. Anonymous

    notthedoctor – what? – You mean BJP are the same moron’s who choose a great model in the shape of WM?

  38. Anonymous

    They remove the pic from Justjared too.

  39. AJ

    niknak said: “BPJ, your clothes with their horrible cut nearly cost me my future children.”

    You wouldn’t be referring to the full length tighty whities that were hugging Miller’s balls so tightly that his sperm were gagging, would you?

    *shakes head at BPJ* Awful.

    and as for this: “Now, last but not least, Wentlivious, black girls can blush. I’ve seen it! So blush away!!”

    100% true. I can recall many occasions when I’ve turned beet-fucking-red after embarrasing myself in public, as I tend to do on a regular basis. It does happen. ;o)

  40. Wentalicious

    Lol, ok, ok, let me reiterate then:

    If *this* black girl could blush she would be right now…

    Better? I don’t blush. Well, I sometimes *wear* blush, but that ain’t the same thing… ahem… now to take the attention away from myself…

    Down with Bean Pole! Ya! Ya! Down with Bean Pole! Bean Pole, boo! Boo! Bad Bean Pole! Bad, bad, bad! Down, down down! Hate, hate, hate! Bean Pole, Bean Pole, Bean Pole! Booooooooo!


  41. Anonymous

    I’m wentworth miller’s Korean fan.
    Very Poor Samsung Cheil…
    I’d like NOT to blame on Bean Pole.

    A lot of TOUGH comments in this site..
    I was terribly SHOCKED!!

  42. BB

    Wenty if you are reading this I am now wearing the hugest scarf ever -turn you on? Thought so….
    (I have to try just in case he is reading this)

  43. Alosia

    I think, if the photos have been published, you can put in your webpage. It isn´t violation of copyright.

    Also You can send mail to Mr Miller to ask a authorization.

  44. Angel

    I’m getting the same horribly spelled emails at prisonbreak-online telling me take the pictures down. Bad spelling and grammar make me twitch. But somehow, they don’t really prompt me do anything. I’ll take them down if I get an official C&D, but I have to wonder who the Korean fan patrol is who’s sending the initial emails.

  45. Jan

    awww i never had the chance to save those pics :~( WFW, please dont take down the blog!

  46. Anonymous

    Dear Bean Pole Jeans:

    Marketing 101: Why Free Advertising Is Good

    1st lesson: Because its publicity
    2nd lesson: Because it’s FREE
    3rd lesson: Advertising is a good thing when you want people to talk about your products
    4th lesson: When it’s free, it means that you don’t have to pay for it, and still get the beneficts

    Can you understand that? No? Really? Just read it again!… Nothing? OMFG… I quit! No more teaching for me!

    Classe’s dismissed!

  47. miz brisvegas

    To Anon 1.52, Glad to hear from a Went fan from Korea.

    Uh, just so we’re clear: BPJ demanded the pics of W. Miller to be taken away from a site that’s devoted to W. Miller. It wasn’t like WFW was earning mucho dineros [lots of American dollars] everytime someone looked at the pictures, which by the way were there purely for the enjoyment of delirious fans [ie., me and you to name a few]. So in short, WFW was actually helping BPJ by advertising their wares FREELY.

    As for the ‘tough’ comments, well, darl, what can I say? We’re all kick ass chicks when it comes to defending a site we’ve all grown to love! Understand, though that 99.9% of all the threats are said in humour. As for the .1% … well, don’t say we didn’t warn BPJ.


    what the fuck?

    can you say bean pole has a pole up their asses?!

    i sure think so!

  49. Anonymous

    WFW is an amazing website, telling only good things about Wentworth Miller and all what is surrounding himself. BPJ was one of this things (I repeat WAS) This trademark is totally unknown in the world and they should be happy that their pictures are being showed through the whole world.
    WFW you are fantastic!!! So, please don’t feel down and much less thinking of closing the blog. PLS NEVER leave ussss.


  50. Anonymous

    ALOSIA, you’re probably right! It would be worth confirming with someone who knows about copyright laws in Korea or the US….
    But I really think our dear WFW should WRITE DIRECTLY to Mr MILLER in PERSON (Please do it, WFW, I beg you!!!)and ask for his permission in that matter… . Suppose he has FAILED (until now!) reading your delicious blog ( being too busy SHAGGING Scarfaletta *shudder*)
    Wouldn’t your request be a subtle way to attract his attention?

  51. linds

    Girl, DRAMA!! I know it’s in your nature to buck the system (I get it – we share this trait which is one of the many reasons I love you) but don’t get brought up on charges – not even Wentworth Miller is worth it! You should contact justjared and ask him if he’s received similar requests from Samsung. But on a sidenote, are they deficient??? I have two words for you Samsung : FREE. PUBLICITY. (Here’s three more : for ugly clothes).

  52. Wet For Went

    I won’t get brought up on charges…I don’t think. I am NOT taking down scans from a magazine that was available for sale. I have only taken down anything that was a promo shot or a behind the scenes shot. I’m also not taking down screencaps of videos that aired. I have spoken with Jared and he got the same request. It’s all silly as hell but whatevs! (Did I just say whatevs? Wentasy_Baybi, consider yourself banned.) I would also like to add that I make absolutely no money off of this blog so why I would have to remove the images is beyond me. As the email reply I tried to send was returned undeliverable, I guess I’ll never know what the hell Bean Pole is on about. Anyone that missed the pics, they are still available; All you have to do is ask.

  53. Anonymous

    What about writing to HIM about the problem, WFW ?????


  54. Wet For Went

    I doubt he knows nor cares and besides, anything I write to HIM may never be read or acknowledged.

  55. Anonymous

    Everybody, take it easy~~~
    (Sorry, I can’t English very well.)

    There was some trouble in Korea.
    Recently, BEAN POLE campaign photos were uploaded on the internet, Just Jared (the title is behind scenes). The photos were not official photos of BEAN POLE campaign. The problem is that the photos are original photos of BEAN POLE campaign. One staff related BEAN POLE campaign was spread it on the internet by mistake. One Korean fan sent also photos to Jared by mistake. Wentworth’s agency found the photos on the internet, Just Jared. After then, the Korean fan got a same warning mail by BEAN POLE. The photos were also spreaded on the internet in Korea. We thought that Wentworth was damaged by the photos (UNOFFICIAL PHOTOS). We didn’t want to be damaged to Wentworth by the photos. So, Korean fans started to inform to Wentworth’s fans (Korean and foreign fans) that you should take photos down as soon as possible.
    If you take down the photos, you don’t need to to be concerned about it any more.

  56. Krissie

    (Did I just say whatevs? Wentasy_Baybi, consider yourself banned.)

    Mistress, I bow to thee!!!!

  57. Wentasy_baybi

    Whatevz!!! Whatevz!!! Whatevz!!! Whatevz!!! Whatevz!!!

    Contagious isn’t it?LMAO!

    4 Real? Am I really banned? That’s so not fair. Like OMG! I can’t believe it! It totally isn’t my fault I like talk like that. It’s how we talk up here in LA, well my frendz anyway, so like geez!

    Haha… okay I over did it, but seriously am I banned?

  58. emily

    oh dear god….

  59. Wentasy_baybi

    Oh Pulease emily… I’m obviously just kidding.

  60. Wentworth's Wife

    OMG!!! How freakin’ retarded can you get?
    I don’t blame Went for this little upheaval, I blame beanpole for their blatant disregard for our *ahem* appreciation of this wonderful guy. Ladies and gentlemen, I propose that we boycott beanpole and swear never to purchase their tatty, sweatshop-manufactured clothes… ever!

  61. Armani has always been a favorite designer of mine. It seems the best ones always come from Italy!

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