Prison Break Call Waiting Live-Blog

Here we go…

– Linc is having a look through Whistler’s bird book while someone with gloves on is ascending the stairs to his hotel room. Three guesses as to where old glovie is going. He slides something under Linc’s door and Linc yanks it open but the person is gone. They left pics of LJ and Sara holding a paper.

– Then, Sucre shows up and he’s crying. Awwwww. He’s begging for money and when he finds out about LJ and Sara he said he wants to help but Linc blows him off and he leaves.

– In Sona, they’re still fighting and Mahone still looks crazy as shit. Someone just died and Bellick got one shoe but not the other but at least he’s wearing clothes. Michael looks like he’s about to unscrew something from the wall but maybe it’s my imagination. He goes to see Lechero trying to befriend him but Lechero tells him they have no understanding. He’s the boss, plain and simple. Pretty, those good looks ain’t helpin’ you now. Went looks fucking hot! That water did him a world of good; It even cleaned away his bruises!

– Linc comes to visit Michael and brings Sara’s picture. It looks like she’s pointing to something in the paper but Mike needs it to be bigger to see it. He tells Linc he needs to talk to Sara and that he is having no success breaking out so Linc is going to have to rescue LJ and Sara.

– Linc is trying to talk Susan into a phone call between Mike and Sara but Susan isn’t cooperating. She’s flirting though. This could be hot.

– Whistler is grilling Mike wondering if he can trust him. Mike doesn’t trust him either.

– Mike is going to b-baller for help again and finds out there are no phones. What will he do now?

– Whistler’s girlfriend came to see him and is telling him about how she lost the book and who has it. On her way out, she signs out and sees Linc’s name and address next to Scofield’s name. I’m seeing a visit!

– Michael is sniffing around trying to get a hold of Lechero’s cell phone to talk to Sara and gets caught by his second in command. This isn’t going to be easy.

– Mahone is looking longingly at a prisoner shooting up. I’m afraid for him.

– Michael is losing it and then inspiration hits and he goes to T-bag for help. He tells him that he is going to help him get that cellphone or he’s going to tell the boys he’s a rapist and a pedophile and let the chips fall where they may. LOL, Mike and T-bag have still got it.

– Whistler wants his fucking book back and Mike says fuck your book, they took my Sara. Good scene!

– Lechero’s money is short and he’s on the phone with his man trying to straighten it out when his battery goes dead. Apparently, someone unplugged the charger. Nice T-bag. Now he’s just going to have to leave it on the charger.

– Mahone’s public defender comes to visit to let him know that he has a trial date next year. Mahone flips out and goes crazy on him, tries to get him to smuggle in his pills and then jumps around like a maniac and gets his ass shot at, lol.

– It’s time for Lechero’s barber appt and T-bag grabs the phone. Mike calls Linc right away. Linc is on his way to meet Susan and guess who’s trailing him?

– Bellick is trying to get the other shoe from the barber who stole the other one off the dead guy earlier but he has no luck. He’s even trying flirting. KILL. ME.

– Linc threatens Susan and Sara miraculously calls Lechero’s phone. They speak in some fucking codes and I don’t know what the hell is going on anymore. It’s so hard to pay attention; I’m tired. I know they are running out of time to get that phone back on the cradle though. Uh oh, Mike is about to get caught!

– T-bag is stalling so Mike can get away. Nice save! By the time Lechero walks away, he’s laughing. T-bag is such a fucking charmer. Lechero gets back and notices the phone is not on the cradle and hits redial. Oh shit. Lechero asks who is this but Linc doesn’t answer and hangs up. This isn’t good.

– Whistler’s gf catches up with Linc and Linc tells her that her boyfriend is trying to break out. But he told her he had a good lawyer! Why are all these women so stupid?

– Whistler is trying to make friends with Mahone trying to find out more about Mikey. Whistler is kid of hot; It’s the accent. Mahone is working him right back. Mahone knows something is up. Game on.

– Mike figures out that Sara’s code words meant she could see a statue of a saint and possibly a clock. Mike is angsty and Linc is at the statue frantic. Sara is taking off her shoe. She throws it out the window! Aaaaaaand commercial.

– Linc busts into the room and finds them and fights with one of the guys and sees LJ. LJ is yelling for him! SO FUCKING CLOSE! They usher LJ out the back door and into a van and speed away. GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!

– Susan gets a call that Linc made a move.

– Whistler is ready to talk. He explains how he got in this predicament. Whistler really was a fisherman. One day he took a man out on a boat, the next the company wants to know where he took the man. He fled to Panama, moved in with Sophia and then got in a bar fight and ended up in Sona. The company visited him, said they’d get him out and then they needed him to take them to where he took that man. The bird book has coordinates to help him retrace his steps. Mike doesn’t care. He’s only supposed to get him out, beyond that, he’s on his own.

– T-bag is being ridiculed by Lechero’s boys but he is time enough for their asses and plants the seed of treachery in Lechero’s mind. They’re all against you, T-bag says and now all of a sudden T-bag is in charge of spying.

– Mahone confronts Mike. He wants to know what’s going on. Mahone threatens to kill Whistler and Bellick overhears it all while finally getting his hands on his new other shoe. I love how Mahone has it mostly figured out. He tells Mike he doesn’t seem very rattled by their current accommodations, almost like he isn’t going to be there long. Ahahahahahaha

– It’s time to chastize Linc for his little stunt. There’s something for him in the garage, Susan says, but what is it? Why does this feel like a Seven moment? Is there a head in that box? We don’t know cuz it went off! *shaking fist at PB* Whatever it is, Linc looks FREAKED. The End…Except for that Old Navy sweater commercial.

*singing* If you are chilly, here take my sweater, cuz I love the way you call me baby..*swaying*


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34 responses to “Prison Break Call Waiting Live-Blog

  1. cherry darling

    By some freaked out twist of fate, I was locked out of my apartment and I missed it! Thanks for the recap!!

  2. Fashion Police

    This is just too cool….Thanks

  3. Darci

    Thank you very much WfW. Please continue the good work.

  4. shortstuff

    dude, i LOVE that song in the old navy commercial! anyone know what its called? “cuz i-i-i-i… lo-o-o-ove.. the way you call me baby.. ” *swaying along* Dammit, now its stuck in my head!

    but yes, PB was awesome! whistler is pretty hot, and i loved the scene with him and mike and sara’s picture. now i think i finally understand what went meant when he talked about putting alpha dogs in a box and shaking it.. he only said it 7 million times.. oh, and when i saw that box, all i could think of was when abruzzi cut off mikes toes… 😥

  5. Simi

    Maybe one of the wet for wenters could win this!

    Prison Break Sweep Stakes


    * Round-trip transportation for 2 to Dallas, Texas
    * 3-day/2-night hotel accommodations
    * Exclusive tour of the set
    * Lunch with the creators of the show
    * $200 Spending Money

  6. Kelleymary

    ” Linc blows him off and he leaves.”

    Could it be, by any chances , something sexual? Prison Break becoming less P.C.?

    I get mixed up with all those English words that look the same: to blow off, to jerk off, a blowjob…..In French we have very different words each time, it’s hard to remember all the subtleties of your language..

    Ever made an embarrassing mistake?

  7. Kelleymary

    Ah, I knew I had seen it somewhere!

    Dictionary of sexual terms:

    “-Blow off:
    1. To achieve orgasm . See orgasm for synonyms.
    2. To ejaculate semen . See ejaculation for synonyms.

    3. To masturbate or to fellate until ejaculation . See masturbation-male for synonyms.

    4. To leave one’s lover without an explanation or goodbye note.

    5. To fart . See fart for synonyms. ”

    PB3 is becoming HOT at last!

    *rushes to download episode on the internet*

  8. shelley

    I’m guessing I’m the only one here that wasn’t thrilled with last nights show? I’m going to rent season 1 to relive the excitement. I sincerely hope it picks up steam…However, WFW you do a fine job recapping!

  9. Thanks for recapping, WFW!

  10. Great recap WFW. Thought the episode was really tense, lots of emotion from Mikey and all those close ups of his beautiful green eyes. Some great MiMa scenes – am I the only one that hopes its Sarah head in the box? or is that a little to drastic.

  11. WFW

    shortstuff, everytime that commercial comes on I close my eyes and smile and sing.

    simi, I’ll be entering everyday but there’s no guarantee you’ll meet any of the cast. I read the fine print.

    LOL kelleymary, blow off = ignore. I use the term a lot.

    shelley, it wasn’t fantastic but it didn’t suck. I thought it was pretty good.

    runaway, You are not, that’s exactly what I think it is and if it’s anything else I’m going to be disappointed.

  12. act

    Great recap WFW. A very good episode. I hope it’s not Sara’s head, but everything points to that conclusion. The Whistler and Sophia scences threw the fence are okay, but after season 1 with Michael and Sara there’s no comparison.

  13. When are you people going to realize that it’s… *switching to Southern drawl* “a bunny in the box?”

    Seriously, the head in the box thing is old…that was already done in the movie “Seven.” I bet Susan B. just had LJ’s foot chopped off or something like that.

    Sara can’t be dead…she still has to fall in love with Linc for saving her from captivity. This season it’s LiSa all the way! Didn’t you see how Linc caressed Sara’s picture ever so tenderly? It’s going to happen…I just know it!

    I love how T-Bag went all Iago-like with Lechero…he’s such a clever Trevor.

    This was a good stepping stone episode to hopefully more exciting ones! I can’t wait until next Monday!

  14. cocot13

    When I saw that box I imediately thought of the ending of the movie “Seven” with Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in the box.

    sorry if I just spoiled the ending for those of you who haven’t seen it

  15. Wendola

    It’s actually spelled Sofia… not Sophia.

  16. LAgurl

    I am SOOOOOO sad about SWC, I LOVED the MiSa chemistry. I hate that whole body double and voice over sh*t. I was so disappointed about her departure.

  17. Charlie B

    OMG i love that Old Navy commercial. i shit you not; i’ve been singing that all freaking day!

  18. lulaby

    I can’t believe Sarah is not comming back!!
    And that Fox asked her to leave! OMG!!!
    what about MiSa??
    Is michael going to fall in love with someone else? that’d be just ridiculous

    Pb without Sara won’t be the same thing..
    I’m totally disappointed!
    They have to ask her back!!!!!!!!!

  19. kalypso

    I loved that episode I mean the season is just starting…hopefully it’ll only get better! Loved Went’s acting in that episode too….damn the Emmys! FOX actually hasn’t confirmed anyhting about Sara yet and board posters have said that interview (French mag.) where Sara says FOX fired her may actually be fake.

    BTW: Old Navy song…Ingrid Michaelson The Way I Am….it’s a great song…I sway too!!!

  20. shortstuff

    YAY! thank you kalypso! *goes to download it now*

  21. shortstuff

    ha found it! love it! and i realize she also sings ‘keep breathing’, which was at the end of greys anatomy season 3.. *officially in love*

  22. Man I love web streaming. I can watch the show in one window & scroll down your recap in another window at the same time. I just feel so techie.

    But yeah…my money’s on a Seven homage. Head-in-a-box…not to be confused with Dick-in-a-box.

    Poor Sara.

  23. crazyforwent

    I think it’s Sara’s head and, I’ve heard at the end of “Heroes”, they also said the exact same thing about the box! Freeeeeeaaaaaaakyyyyyyyyy!
    And, Simi, I’ve entered that contest too.

  24. Anonymous

    i’m not a MiSa fan, but LiSa? ewww

  25. kalypso

    Yeah I loved Keep Breathing when it was on Grey’s…I think it’s a very powerful song!!!
    I don’t know if it’s Sara’s head….I mean doesn’t the company figure that if they kill Sara that would kind of kill Michael’s motivation for getting Whistler out. If they kill LJ that would kill Linc’s motivation on the outsife to help with getting Whistler out. However, now that I think about it…it could be Sara’s head (would make sense if SWC is actually leaving the show) and now Linc knows that Sara is dead….will he tell Michael or not. Does he want Michael to be focused on getting Whistler out (and saving LJ) so he won’t tell Michael…it could be the ultimate test b/w these 2 brothers.
    BTW, someone on an imdb board said it could be Veronica’s head since her body was never found and this way the company can kind of tell Linc…see this is what we can do if you want to mess with us.

  26. shortstuff

    i have been listening to that song ALL DAY.

    and have i mentioned that fox fucking blows for making their contest available to U.S. residents only?! *very angry* 😡

  27. Kelleymary

    I live in Switzerland and I watch PB3 on line on, it’s free.

  28. ?

    no they cant have fired sara, noooooo.

  29. Rose

    I so loved the bit when Sucre half rips off Linc’s shirt! *high-five* woo hoo
    Oh and when T-Bag calls Mike Pretty am I the only one that loves it, in a scary way.
    Susan’s a bitch dog face (am i too harsh?) i don’t like her.
    I can’t believe Bellick was coming on to fake boobie boy, NASTY.

    Mmmm Pretty!

  30. Dani

    LOL – before seeing the box, I thought they may have packaged a couple of Sarah’s whole fingernails for Linc. PB meets SAW.

  31. Rose

    It turned me on when Mahone said to Whistler about Michael

    “he’ll Screw you 3 ways to Sunday”

    I had to Picture Went Screwing me three ways…*moaning*

    Oh what a great way to get to the weekend!


    My favorite is when Mahone is pressing his hot, sweaty body against Michael ‘s! His arms are blocking him against the wall ,and on the pic (see Church) Michael’s mouth is touching Mahone’s hair!
    *oh, to be Fitchner!*

  33. Rose

    I haven’t seen it yet that’s next episode but i saw the pic It’s hot it should be the next spoiler.

    oh god wentworth’s face expression is so hot!
    I need a moment. *fainting*

  34. miha

    i’m totaly disapointed 😦

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