Going out of Business sex with Wentworth Miller

Time is running out! Went is going, going…

“Went has his eye on some woman, but he didn’t tell me who. He’s a traditionalist. He really wants to settle down, get married, have kids, all that kind of stuff.”

Almost gone! Went, you have my number and since the clock is ticking, you damn well better use it.

Now, who is Some Woman and where can I find her? *evil look in eye*



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46 responses to “Going out of Business sex with Wentworth Miller

  1. Let the teeth gnashing and hair pulling begin…*snicker*`

  2. AJ

    Some Woman, eh??…what an odd name.
    I just hope Some Woman is hot, cuz I really don’t feel like bitching about his newest conquest this go ’round.

    *waiting patiently for sex tape to leak to the press*

    But while I’m waiting, back to business:
    *whispering* Pssst! Hey, Went! Before you go settling down and…shit, how about a “BJ” for the road? *wink* Call me! 😉


    Whaaat?!?!!! I’m too young to die!… Someone please 911! *singing Wycliff and Mary.J’s song while feeling a heart attack comming on*

  4. Dani

    *singing* Aaaaaaaaleluuuiiiia!

    Let me hear you say – “bring on those WOMEN” yeaaah – they’re penis-less I say…..!!!


  5. *raises hand* SOME WOMAN OVER HERE!

  6. WFW

    *strangles Some Woman to death*

    We got her girls! As you were…

  7. At least I can now follow his every step and never leave his side.

  8. Erika

    The god damn stupid server crashed so I couldn’t go online for almost two days. When I finally do get back on, thought I should get some group therapy and visit WFW then BANG!!! I get hit by this? As heart breaking a the news may be, I think I’ll join Dani doing cart-wheels b/c it’s a woman.

  9. KiraAngelina

    How serious can this be, when he refused to tell her name….????
    I say: Relax!!!! She didn´t finished the goal by now!
    And in the meantime I´m sharpening my fingernails… and take a deep breath… and pray…. 🙂

  10. Bel

    Oh well. There’s always Michael Scofield.
    And Amaury.
    Or Alex.
    Hell, even T-Bag for all I care.

    *devious grin*

  11. brit bird

    **chants** Sex tape… Sex tape…..Sex tape

  12. I’ll believe it when I see it…

    The weather is great here in Denial, wish you were here!

  13. ilurvemv

    That quote came from an interview that Dom gave to OK! Weekly, not The Metro. Here is the original source of the quote:


    Maybe I’m in denial but this article seems off to me. It came from OK! Weekly which sounds like a gossip rag a la US Weekly (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

    Why is Dom commenting on Went’s personal life in an interview where he’s supposed to be discussing PB season 3? It’s odd that Dom would say anything about Went’s personal life anywhere – the cast knows and respects how Went keeps his private life to himself, and he’s going to ignore that by giving a throwaway line about “some woman”? I doubt that Went would be happy about Dom making a comment like that to the press, unless he is serious about finally coming clean about his relationship to the public (and I doubt that even more).

    The quote is weird: “has his eye on some woman”? That’s not how most people naturally talk. I would’ve thought he’d say “someone.” But that kind of ambiguous language would stir up more rumors. Wild speculation: he or someone else purposely tried to keep the word “woman” in that quote.

    Smells fishy to me. Or maybe I’m knee-deep in denial, the happy place. 🙂

  14. Betty Becker

    Hey, girls cool down!

    Honestly, do you really believe that he was the hole time a single? Sorry, I don’t believe that. Come on, he is a young, intelligent and very attractive man…..

    On the other side, I can’t understand why Dominic said this. He knows that Went wants to keep his private life private. Went will be very angry with his co-star for sure.

  15. ilurvemv

    Betty Becker, of course no one believes that Went has been single the whole time. But I do find it odd that Dom would make a comment like that to the press while he’s supposed to be talking about Prison Break.

    If he knows Went at all (and he should by now) he would know better than to say something like that to the press. Unless he didn’t say it and his words were twisted or taken out of context. Which is why I find this article a bit suspicious.

  16. LAgurl

    I agree with the lack of credibility of the ‘source’ here, I mean, OK mag? I know that sometimes the gossip mags can be telling the truth but this seems so random. “Some woman” is kind of rude way to speak about someone too, in my opinion. It all seems kind of …fake. Why would of all people his co-star rat him out like that?? *shrugs* Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  17. Betty Becker

    You are right. I don’t believe that Dom said something like that.

    I love this homepage, I really do! And I like Went a lot. However, sometimes I read some comments and I think what would Went thinking if he reads some comments?

    Don’t understand me wrong. I don’t want to show the finger on someone. But some comments are shocking me. And maybe he thinks the same.

    Maybe someone can understand me?

    Ah, because of his girlfriends. I like the fact that he’s living a low-key live. I don’t want him to show up in every gossip magazine like some other stars. After a while, it becomes embarrassing.

    I really wish that he finds or found a woman who makes him happy. And than he should showing her.

    By the way maybe I can organize this new magazine.

  18. Betty Becker, you know, for one brief moment in the early stages of my Wentlust, I asked the same question, but now that I’m a jaded old coot, I don’t care.

    We know from WFW’s signed “You Rock! Thanks and Love” photo that Went (and presumably his camp) has seen and likes this site. That being the case, at least you can rest assured that Went thinks WFW rocks…now as for the rest of us, I just hope he doesn’t think we’re as dumb as rocks.

  19. Betty Becker

    Hi Mama Bear!

    I don’t want that someone understands me wrong. You, the others and me are not dumb as rocks.

    I just wrote the last comments because this was what I felt. This is a public platform and everybody should say what he or she wants to say.
    That makes this homepage special!

  20. Giulia

    Thanks WFW for posted those quotes! You rock! 🙂 I hope he has finally found somebody who really loves&deserves him.

  21. This is a public platform and everybody should say what he or she wants to say.
    Actually, Betty, this is just one person’s blog. Just sayin’.

  22. Lilo

    Even if Dominic really did said it, he might have just been pulling their leg. I kind of get from his interviews that he’s a smartass and likes to stir shit up.

    At least I can hope, right?

  23. Somehow I don’t think Dom cares what Went or anyone thinks about what he says or does…presenting Exhibit A:

  24. Redlightmind

    I think Dom just likes to fuck with interviewers. If Went is into one woman, Dom knows who it is. He was probably just annoyed because they asked him about Wentworth…again! Besides, Dom knows I hate it when he refers to me as Some Woman…we don’t get along that well ; )

    No seriously, the first time we met, we fought about my picture taking abilities!

    I still remember Dom…watch your back!

  25. ilurvemv

    ROFL, MB. I remember that pic! That Dom is quite a character, isn’t he? 😉

    Seriously though *if* indeed Went did confide in Dom that he’s interested in someone, Dom should not have mentioned it. Forget the fact that he should know what insane fan frenzy that topic presents, it wasn’t right of him to disrespect Went’s wish to keep his life private. The paps who read this will probably have a field day hounding Went when he gets back to LA, trying to catch him w/the mysterious “some woman.” It’ll be Scarflottagate all over again and Went will become even more reclusive. Oy!

  26. MDM

    He was indeed rude to Redlightmind, but in his defense, the whore was taking forever to take our picture! Besides, my Aussie has never been accused of being Mr. Congeniality.

  27. Julie

    I wil not dive into this matter because we all know, and lived, the Went drought it has given us last time (remember when there was no sign of a living Wentworth on our planet earth when the whole beigette and scarfie thing was going on?He’s too of a private person to deal with these things).

    Oh and I highly doubt (as others do) Dom would have said that, but anyway, ‘some woman’ is soo vague it could be just a fling (Crossing her heart and hoping to die if it’s not!!LOL)

  28. shelley

    Ladies, ladies, I suggest we just take the remark for what it is (or what I think it is). It sounds to me like a smart ass comment. Anyway, if he’s dating someone, great, if not that’s really great! I’m actually just grateful for the news, it means he’s alive and well. Wishing you the best Went!

  29. ilurvemv

    It looks like it could very well be true. Check out comment #13 here:


    Unless the poster is making it up, but I don’t see why he would.

    Prepare for the next internet meltdown. 😉

  30. HereKitty

    *joining Brit Bird* Sex tape… Sex tape…..Sex tape

    As for the comment on JJ’s site, I’ll believe it when I see photographic evidence. Which brings me back to joining Brit Bird … Sex tape .. sex tape .. sex tape!!

  31. AJ

    *fingers, toes, and eyes crossed hoping the rumor is true*

    Seriously, if we find out that Wentworth hasn’t had sex in, like, a year (not that we’d ever find out)…I think I might cry… forreal. That’s just wrong.

    And I’m hopping on the train with those who think that Dom doesn’t give a flying friggidy fuck what anyone thinks about his offhand remarks about Wentworth or anything else, for that matter. He strikes me as the “It is what it is…” type. 😉

  32. *late, as usual!*

    I saw sex and Wentworth Miller in the one sentence and I nearly collapsed!

    *gives Some Woman the eeee-vil eye!*

    Where’s the sex tape, already?!?

  33. Katjus

    Uh-Oh YumYum, u have really got us going now…! Get ur Aussie butt in gear and stop teasing us, mate! 😉 *giggle* I´d have to join the camp where YumYum has been in the business long enough to know not to let stuff like this just “slip” unless it was meant to. Plus the guy really seems like a major smartass anyway!! Give him a break.

    As i have said before, although i lovelovelove him and want him to myself, i only wish him the best and if it cant be me *wailing…* then i just hope its “some woman” (<- as the comment seems to suggest) with pure heart and rocking tits.

    PS. Mistress, what do you mean “going out of business”…? *scared*

  34. Katjus

    Oh and Mama Bear…
    Rocking choice of picture!! *cackle*

  35. Katjus

    Ok so. Reading back and realising i could have been clearer…

    “As i have said before, although i lovelovelove him and want him to myself, i only wish him the best and if it cant be me *wailing…* then i just hope its “some woman” (<- as the comment seems to suggest) with pure heart and rocking tits. ”
    This section is about The Perfect One and not YumYum although it might seem so. Lol. Buuuut… I do dig the Aussie too! 😉 *giggle*


    @ BB 4:18 pm & MB 4:26 pm…I’m sure if Went or anyone from his camp actually read this blog, they should have enough logic not to take most of what’s written in the comments literally or at least read the post with a huge dose of humor in mind.

  37. SavMed

    So Pretty has his mind set on “some woman”? Imagine if she is interested in him. Irony of life.
    We NEED that sex tape! So SomeWoman, do your best and provide us with some entertainment.

  38. SavMed

    *is NOT interested in him.

    is what I wanted to say.
    goddam illiterate idiot

  39. Laura

    I now really hate Dominic with a passion! I hated him anyway! He should respect Wentworth’s privacy. I think Dom is a smartass as well.

  40. notthedoctor

    Mama Bear said : “dumb as rocks”… Really MB???
    I beg your pardon but rocks are the smartest things ever created on Earth! they’re not even things they’re intelligent projectiles!!!
    that’s what they are and so much more!
    or else YOU ROCK wouldn’t make any sense… think about it Sistah.

    *storing rocks for future LYNCH of future late Ms. Miller.*

  41. I just don’t want it to be Scarfy Mcscarferson…if it is going to be a blonde it better be this blonde! 🙂

  42. ilurvemv

    Erm, I, er actually kinda sorta grew to like Scarfetta…*ducks heavy rocks, bricks, and anvils*

    *leaves to go to the ER*

  43. My humble apologies, Doc of Rocks, you are SO right. Rocks are beautiful, strong, and solid, thus Went’s emphatic use of “You Rock!” on WFW’s now infamous signed photo. Boil some wet noodles…you can whip me later. 😉

  44. A to the MEN ilurvemv…Scarfalotta danced a jig for Went, and anyone who can do that has my respect.

  45. Sassy

    I saw on another site that the quote is incorrect. Dom is actually supposed to have said in the original interview”If Went has his eye on some woman, he doesn’t really tell me who”. Those mags are so funny, you’ll read the same “exclusive interview” in 5 mags and they each just adjust edit to suit. Anyway come to think of it I’d rather Went had his eye on “some woman” than “some man”!

  46. LOL

    “some women” was luke macfarlane I guess

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